Sickly Raya So Far…

A week of Raya has gone… How time flies… I hope that this past week has been good for most of you. The same could not be said for yours truly and family. After being in the pink of health for the whole of Ramadhan, the body finally gave in to fatigue on the second day of Raya and I was down with flu for a good 3-4 days henceforth. The wife on the other hand sprained her back whilst praying, while Syadiyah Asyura caught the flu bug from her father. So basically we were grounded over the weekend, when we had planned to go visiting on Saturday. But even in our sickness and pain, we still managed to visit our relatives in Johor on Friday.

Not only that, the computer at home chose to self-destruct itself and so I am unable to upload any Raya photos in this entry. We were also unable to take a proper family photograph together as the wife’s tailor chose to do the disappearing act on us. Her baju kurung which was meant to be completed last Monday (29 Sep 2008), dragged on till I had to make a call on the eve of Raya to the tailor. She said the one who was tasked to do the alterations was hospitalised and so she promised to send them first thing to my home on the morning of Hari Raya. By noon, there was no sign of her and our calls were not picked up. Subsequent calls made were greeted by the voice messaging system and this has been going on to the point I am typing this entry. I am bloody pissed off. At least if she said she cannot complete in time, I can understand, but she made a promise to send them over and she chose not to pick up my calls or switched off her handphone. What does it say about her integrity??? This is why I hate to support our community in business sense when they are so incompetent but as always, they crave for our support. I’m so tempted to name her and where her shop is located but I’m not so mean as to destroy her rice bowl. But this is for sure the first and the last I’m going to her to have my wife’s and daughters’ clothes tailored by her.

For friends and family expecting an open house from me, I’m sorry I’m not holding one cos I do not like the idea of people coming and I am unable to entertain them all at one go. I love that bit of personal touch where I can devote all my attention to my guests, chat and serve them, so whoever wants to come or you’re in the Sengkang vicinity, you are more than welcome to do so. Just give us a buzz in advance. We’d love to have you over.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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