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Out Now On DVD…


This movie is out now on DVD at good retail outlets. For those who did not manage to catch it at the theatres when it was being screened, here’s your chance to watch it from the comfort of your own homes. This DVD comes with bonus features not seen during the movie, like behind-the-scenes happenings as well as a surprise birthday bash for the “Crazy Horse” in the movie.

Saw in a recent Multiply entry belonging to a fellow contact that this movie is apparently not out in the theatres yet, as mentioned by one of her contacts. For that ill-informed person, I hope she sees this entry and see from the promotional poster that this movie was indeed “IN CINEMAS 21st AUGUST“… And please don’t give stupid reasons like local productions aren’t worth watching at the cinemas. It’s people like you who’re killing your own industry… Hmmmpphhh!!!


2 responses

  1. hi bro, i bought the dvd a week ago and just watched it this weekend. crazy horse jatt’s debut performance was very promising. i could see his moustache quivering with excitement when uncle choo let him play in the finals. cedebah jatt!

    Saturday, 22 November 2008 at 21:16

  2. LOL… That scene was inspired by years of watching WWE… The man himself admitted to it… Hahahaha…

    Sunday, 23 November 2008 at 20:19

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