Advanced Celebrations…

Yesterday, the family got together over at my parents’ place for an advanced birthday celebration for Syahindah Adawiyah and my aunt Zalekha (my mother’s eldest sibling). For those not in the know, Syahindah‘s birthday is tomorrow, 1st December, whilst her grandaunt’s is today. It was also a small gathering for my mother’s siblings since my uncle Ismail (my mum’s youngest sibling) and wife, came all the way down from Perth for a short holiday. Their return to our shores was kept strictly under wraps and meant to surprise the rest. They had arrived on Friday night and this was a meeting that was way overdue since they did not return to celebrate Hari Raya with us. The gathering was informed to the rest at the pretense of celebrating my daughter’s birthday as well as my aunt Zalekha.


The two birthday gals…


The big surprise from Perth…

The gathering was meant to be held at about 5pm. Our two mystery guests had remained on the second level of my parent’s place, waiting for the rest to arrive. Little did the rest expect the two mystery guests to turn up out of the blue shortly after they arrived, and what a scene it was as gasps and looks of bewilderment were etched on their faces. But it was definitely a scene to behold and savour. I’m sure everyone of you have gone through such moments especially when it comes to family reunions. We’ve not met them for almost a year now, in fact the last time they came over was before I shifted to my current place. We were definitely chuffed to have the whole family reunite again for such a special occasion. Ok, we did not get the full numbers due to various reasons, but almost everyone was there which was already good enough.


After a short recital of thanksgiving prayers by the father of the birthday girl, we had our cake cutting ceremony. Syahindah is so into the Dora cartoon series that buying a cake for her with the said character was ultimately inevitable. Actually she had wanted a Mickey Mouse cake but the place where we ordered the cake from does not make them. Neither did she want a 3D-styled cake with a Care Bear theme when we showed the catalogue to her. So Princess Dora it was, a chocolate sponge cake with blueberry fillings.


I was actually more interested with the sumptuous spread that my mum painstakingly made, my favourite combination of rice with sambal goreng, rendang ayam, rendang daging and bergedil. Mum-in-law chipped in as well, making roti kirai gulung, with the curry, meat and potato already added as fillings. Gosh I’m drooling as I am typing this, thinking about the spread we had just now. Have nothing much to say except to let the photographs do the talking…






The two upcoming birthday boy and gal, Eshaan (9th) and my younger sister, Nurul (7th)…


P.S. Thank you to everyone for making the event a memorable one, to my two mothers for the lovely food, and to everyone else for the lovely gifts showered upon Syahindah


Later on in the evening, we went to another birthday celebration, that of 2-year old Md Ammar Dhani over at nearby Punggol. By the time we arrived, the barbeque had stopped and we were already full, but I still managed to stuff myself with the barbequed stingray and chicken wing. Spent the time talking to my good friend, Latiff, the birthday boy’s father, and the hot topic was naturally on ghosts and his experiences over at his work place.


I’ve been hooked on Misteri Jam 12 ever since I started to listen to it during this past Ramadhan. Kinda makes me rekindle the days when I was the Head Public Relations of the now-defunct listening to all the stories every week nights. Was hoping if we could all make a comeback once again, but time and personal commitments seem to be the strongest barriers for all of us who used to be in the executive committee…

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