Didicazli’s Diari Cinta Album Launch…


I’m not in the mood to type a lengthy review nor entry this time as I’m feeling under the weather. As such, I’ll just let the few photographs I took do the talking. This album launch was held earlier today at the Darul Ma’wa Children’s Home and was the secondary event to the annual Ma’wa Idol competition being held at the venue. Finally, the long-awaited album is launched. Congratulations to Didicazli on the birth of his full album. Just in time to be included for consideration at AnugeraHitz.sg, since the closing date of submission is this Wednesday, 31st December 2008






A shot of the people in attendance. The front row included Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, Mr Zainul Abideen Rashid, Fiza O of RIA 89.7FM, and Didicazli‘s parents amongst others…


There was also a games segment whilst awaiting for the results of the Ma’wa Idol to be announced. Contestants were supposed to enact a scene from a Bollywood movie and dance to the Hindi song being played in the background. The female contestants have to don on a sari while the male contestants had to wear a George Bush mask and sunglasses. Here, my good friend Latiff a.k.a. The Rock (cos he looks a bit like the famous wrestler) a.k.a. Penyu (cos he resembles one as well :P) shows you how he looked like when he donned on the mask and sunglasses.


That’s him unmasked…

And for laughs, here’s what he and all the others had to do during their segment. Enjoy!!!