The Problem With Assuming…

It’s been awhile, a long long while since I last had problems with any of my fellow RIA listeners. For those of you who have been following my blog since it was hosted by Blogger, you would recall how my first two years of blogging were filled with entries of angst and counter-attacks towards the hypocrisy of my fellow listeners, that is, being nice in front of me but using the sms medium to shoot back at me with cowardice and fictitious nicks. Ever since I made peace with several individuals and chose to ignore several more who I deemed non-substantial in my life, I’ve enjoyed considerable amount of peace on the airwaves for almost two years now. But the peace was broken this past Thursday morning when someone tried to upset the applecart.

The morning show on Thursday had a discussion topic on whether the latest news on most people’s favourite Datin Sri was true or just an0ther rumour / gossip that just wouldn’t go away. Yours truly called in and gave my views, in that I deemed it as just another rumour and possible news to spice up the release of her latest album “Lentera Timur“. And when asked what were my personal thoughts if those rumours were true, I couldn’t resist but joked that if I was still single, I would be waiting, but of course I added on and said that being married now to a lovely wife, all I can do is to pray for her happiness.

Not long after that came a reply from someone by the nick “gebu“. In his or her retort and this I copied and pasted from RIA‘s SMS Bulletin, it said, gebu sudhlh PM jgn macam iye2. Yg lu dgn siapa d APM? Perempuan yg cantik lentuK kepala dibahu u siapa. Pasl Siti, rasa da mual, loyah dgn gosip murahan.For the benefit of those who do not understand Malay, basically it is translated as “Please PM don’t try to act as a know-all. Who were you with during APM (referring to APM2008 in Kuala Lumpur)? Who was the pretty lady who rested her head on your shoulders? With regards to Siti, it’s getting nauseous with all these cheap gossips.”

For that person’s information and to whoever who had attended the event and wondered aloud who was I with that night, I believe a little refreshing of the mind is in store. To quote what I typed in my APM2008 review, I said, “Even though I had won two tickets from the radio phone-in contest organised by RIA 89.7FM, I gave both away eventually when KRU Singapore (Jihan & Janna) offered to have me seated amongst the bevy of artistes in attendance together with them. In a way, I was a KRU Music Group staff for the day. I mean, who would be dumb enough not to be seated near the industry bigwigs when you are presented with the golden opportunity right??? Or so I thought…” before adding on in the following paragraph that “We (me, Janna and her two cousins, Jihan was already with the other artistes under KRU’s stable) left the official hotel (Impiana-KLCC) of APM2008 where we were putting up…”

Yes, I was seated with Janna who is now in-charge of looking after our local group Sleeq that night, but we were also with her two cousins. And since I just got to know her cousins that night, it doesn’t make sense to sit with them and be all buddy-like, even though it has to be said as the night went on, I thoroughly enjoyed their company as well. I think in any similar situations in life, you would prefer to sit with people you have known for awhile and feel at ease to talk to. If this person was trying to stir the hornets’ nest, I believe he or she has not succeeded. Cos the wife knew who I was out with that night as I had informed her way beforehand.

As to the part of resting her head on my shoulders, I challenge that person who came up with that sms to come up with a photograph of that particular scene in action. The only thing I remembered was we put our heads nearer to listen to the other speak as the audio that invigorated the auditorium had drowned our voices. We were mindful of who we are, treating the event with some respect, unlike some people in the audience who raised their voices for no rhyme or reason or in the heat of being immersed with what was happening on stage. Besides, wouldn’t it be dumb of me to shoot myself on the foot doing things like that, bearing in mind that there were familiar faces amongst the audience???

If my first entry of the year had been planned a long time but was only published recently, this current one can also be classified under the same group as the former. Why??? Because I’ve long heard about the rumours from fellow listener friends who were there at the event and had come up to me personally to ask who was I with that night and if the wife had known. However, it is already nine months on from the event and I don’t understand why it had to be highlighted on national radio only now. I dunno if this was some form of a sick joke or trying to embarrass me publicly but I took the allegations seriously and am considering legal actions for slander. It could be anyone from the audience who has an axe to grind with me or just out for some mischief. It could also be someone I know, knowing full well how the listeners just love to change their nicknames to attack their own friends. 

It’s a good thing that the wife was ok with it because of the trust she has on me, knowing I wouldn’t be so stupid as to jeopardise my reputation so blatantly and I for one would not want to abuse that trust simply due to the fact that I love her with all my heart. Granted perhaps I’ve made a mistake in allowing myself to be scrutinised in such a way that people would have thought that I was having a scandal of sorts but the fact remains, I was in a group of five and I wasn’t the only guy. So please, “Mr / Miss Gebu” do yourself a favour, if you wanna pry into other people’s lives, do jolly well get your facts right, or at least have the guts to come up to them and ask. Your sms made you look stupid and when the legal letter comes at your doorstep, you’ll know it doesn’t pay to waste 30 cents worth of sms just to humiliate others on national radio. No wonder a good friend loves to say “Assumptions is the mother of all fuck ups!!!