Hyrul Anuar’s Single Promo…

Earlier today, I brought my family to the Singapore Expo Hall 6 to attend the promotion of Hyrul Anuar‘s long-awaited single album. Ok, it’s not exactly a full album like Didicazli‘s that was released a few weeks ago, but nonetheless it is still welcomed by many in the industry having seen him reached greater heights in his night of glory back in 2005, and subsequently his quest to paint more colours in our small local music industry. 


It’s been a long time, too long a time for someone like Hyrul Anuar to release this long-anticipated album, no thanks to his national service commitments. Looking at his plight as well as previous Anugerah winners before him, you would think that people like Aliff Aziz should count their lucky stars that there are better avenues now to spread their wings and strike while the iron is still hot.


It is a good thing that his presence all these while has not been forgotten, what with all the new and upcoming stars waiting by the sidelines to announce their presence in the music industry. I’m just happy for this young man that his patience and faith has been rewarded by the release of this album. I feel that it’s ok and never wrong if it’s not a full album. Even a single or an EP would suffice just to test the market as well as to prove that he has not disappeared.


Up and coming stars should release singles the moment they win / get booted out from a competition. By then people would have sat up and taken notice of their respective pedigrees. Above all, it would be a statement of intent that they were in the competition seriously and not for fun. God knows how many times I’ve heard contestants saying they only entered them “for fun“. If it’s just for fun, then please don’t waste your time cos it does not show your sincerity towards the people you are performing to.


The event itself was a very simple affair. I think it was just about 15-20 minutes long, with Hyrul singing 3 songs – “Pertama“, “Asal Kau Bahagia” and “Tanda Kasih“. In between, he took great pains to thank his management team, the people who have worked hard behind the scenes for his album as well as the members of his Hyrulites fan club. He also shared with the audience how he was inspired to pen the latter song.

To Hyrul, congratulations once again for the release of this single album. Hopefully 2009 will see your stars finally shine brightly on you and may you achieve all the success you have patiently been waiting and working for…


P.S. On a side note, I was just amazed at the number of familiar people I met at the exhibition hall just now, especially those I’ve not met in a long, long while. I’m thankful that God had chose this day for a reunion of sorts with some of my ex-poly mates and those who had worked hard to make our wedding a resounding success… Oh and from a distance, we also saw a celebrity couple that is due to walk down the aisle in less than a fortnight. May their union be blessed by Allah Almighty and be much better than their previous experiences… 

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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