Misteri Jam 12 Outing…

I’m simply blown away by the five-fold jump I received in my blog statistics last night after I had published the previous entry and KC had talked about it on air during his Misteri Jam 12 programme. I think the last time my blog stats surpassed 1000 unique hits was after Norfasarie‘s wedding, which was like more than six months ago. At the time of typing this, the number has since surpassed last night’s hits and who knows I might even hit the 2k barrier once the night is over.


Zan Sofiyan with the opening speech and short recital of prayers before embarking on the tour.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to come into my humble abode just to see that “sensational” photograph I took the other night. It goes to show how popular this Misteri Jam 12 programme is to listeners and also for those who have an interest in anything related to the supernatural. But before I move on, let me just say that this blog of mine is still an entertainment-slanted blog rather than a supernatural one. So for those who anticipate more of such photographs or stories to be shared, I have to disappoint you and say that it all depends on my “luck” in being at the right place, at the right time again. And thank you again to KC for sharing the photographs with the listeners. Long may you continue to succeed being the host of the programme.


KC relating his own experiences…

Ok so now on to the outing. This outing which was held on the night of 26 January 2009 between 10:30pm to 3:00am the following day, was not organised by Pusat Rawatan Darul ‘Ilaaj as I had mentioned in the previous entry and was corrected by one of the visitors of this blog. It’s still a mystery to me as to who were the actual organisers but it was hosted by KC and ably assisted by Warna 94.2FM‘s Zan Sofiyan and Encik Kadir, one of the programme’s avid followers who is quite skilled in treating people through traditional and religious means. Pusat Rawatan Darul ‘Ilaaj was only the place to go to to make payment for the outing, sort of like the go-between party.


This shot was taken before our grand old lady decided to make her appearance in the previous entry…

This was an educational trip, rather than a ghost hunting trip. I think the rightful intentions of going on such a trip could not have been stressed upon and drummed into our heads more than ever, even before we had embarked on it and printed on the programme guide we received when we made the payment. It was also stressed upon as a reminder the moment we boarded the bus that would take us all to the places that we were supposed to go to that night. I was instantly reminded of all those outings I had gone to when my SFOGS.com team organised them all those years ago. It is extremely important to go with the right intentions and not wished upon seeing the unseen as what a lot of people love to do. These “things” can somehow sense our intentions and would set about on disturbing us if we’re not careful. I was just fortunate that I was in the right company of people who were willing to share their experiences and the things to do and not to do to avoid being disturbed by all unseen forces around us.


This abandoned housing estate needs no introduction…

One of the most important aspects I learnt during the trip was the kind of knowledge that we set upon learning, especially with regards to the unseen and religion. Yes certain things we learn might have Arabic characters and words you normally hear from the holy book, but it is best that we learn the actual meanings as well so that it would not turn detrimental against us in future. Cos too many people have received and learnt blindly and regretted later on. It’s difficult for me to explain in detail but I hope you know what I mean. Another interesting thing I learnt that night was how we could gauge the direction of Kiblat just by looking at the stars in the sky.


Queueing up for our refreshments…

If you were to look up into the night sky, you would be able to see three stars (known as Orion’s Belt) aligning in a straight line and a further distance away, there would be the brightest star in the sky known as the Sirius. So when you join these stars together, you would get your direction of Kiblat. This was especially useful during the ancient times and if you’re travelling at night without a compass. Such knowledge made me feel so small when I think about the wonders of God‘s creation. HE had created all these things for us to learn and be thankful to HIM and there are so many more things that HE had created in this world for us to appreciate. I am nothing but a speck of dust in HIS eyes.


No prizes for guessing where this is…

There are so many other things that I learnt that night about the supernatural world and how the olden people had mixed tradition with religion and this was an absolute no-no. One that stood out was the fact that some of us, in our haste to relieve ourselves in the open, we would say, “Tumpang datuk nenek, cucu tumpang kencing“, instead of the mandatory “‘A’udzubillahi minassyaithanirrajim“. Since the beginning of time when Adam was created, the djinns had already promised to bring upon the downfall of mankind and drag them into the gates of Hell and they would never prostrate out of respect as we’re only made from Earth and them from Fire. By saying that mantra of yore, we’re actually referring ourselves as part of their family of Hell-dwellers and this is definitely wrong. So for those of you who know of people who still do these kind of things, it’s time we return back to the rightful path. I am merely sharing what I know and it would not hurt if you would share it with people you know as well.


The team behind the success of this outing…

That night we visited about four places and passed by another four, which I will not go into much detail, but nonetheless was a good package for a four hour trip. There was also a short break in between for us to consume some refreshments. I thought the trip as a whole was a throwback to my days as a member of SFOGS.com, with added knowledge from our Islamic point of view. I learnt quite a lot in just one night alone and hope that I would learn more when these kind of trips are being organised again. And I would for sure share what I have learnt with you as knowledge is meant to be shared by one and all for the betterment of our community.


A group photo before we all made our respective way home…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

28 thoughts on “Misteri Jam 12 Outing…”

  1. Yo Bro!…how have u been?

    hmmm…macam ku kenal tempat tempat ni…tapi di mana ya?… 😛
    It sure reminds me during our SFOGs days…

    1. Hello bro, I’ve been good… What about yourself???
      I miss the good ol’ days and given the chance I would love for the website to be resurrected again.
      I think we all need to meet up and discuss if this thing is to be done all over again.
      I’m sure time has wisened us to not do things in a haste and myself being a cooler head than before *winks*

  2. Hi….If you dont mind can you like give me the name of the places that you all went on that night please? Will wait for your reply.


  3. Hi Saudara Pujangga Malam. Ernie nak tengok gambar yang dimaksudkan oleh KC dalam Misteri Jam12. Boleh tak Pujangga Malam email Ernie.. Terima Kasih. ( Gambar yang dimaksudkan ialah gambar wanita yang apabila ditenung lama ia akan tersenyum. )

    1. Hi Ernie,
      I sendiri takde gambar tu dan tak berniat utk minta gambar tu dari KC. It’s quite risky lah. I myself tak tgk dan most probably tak nak tgk gambar tu. Minta maaf byk2 cos I cannot help you there…

  4. bro, i dah lama betol tak masuk this website! i just heard abt it dalam misteri jam 12 (baru je tadi). this entry reminds me a lot abt SFOGS!! those were the days…………….. thank u for bringing back the memories. haha!!

  5. hi bro, tanks for sharing all those pics. I am one of MJ12 fans. On weekdaes tak ada erti kalau tak dgr MJ12. All those pics really menyeramkan. Keep up bro.

    1. Hi snfie, my pleasure… Memang betul, tak ada erti mlm2 wkdays kalau tak dgr… Heheheh…

      MAT, Memang best tapi tujuan pergi outing bukan nak cari hantu sepertimana ramai orang sangkakan. Kita pegi kerana nak tgk tempat2 yg org lain pernah ceritakan di radio. Sambil tu, kita timba ilmu dengan apa yang disampaikan oleh pihak penganjur. Kalau nak ikut, teruskan mendengar MJ 12 tiap malam. Cos saya pun tak pasti bila pihak penganjur akan buat rombongan lagi…

  6. Mat setuju dengan apa yang pujanggamalam katakan. Bukan semua orang cari hantu ataupun cuba ‘menyeru’ untuk hantu keluar kalau kita pergi ke tempat2 macam tu. Ada yang cuma nak tengok dan mengenali sahaja tempat yang pernah orang ceritakan lagipun Mat rasa walaupun Singapura ni kecil tak ramai yang sudah pergi ke semua sudut pulau kita ini. Tapi malangnya masih ada stigma yang kuat untuk rombongan seperti yang sedemikian iaitu hanya untuk mencari hantu/penyakit sahaja. Kepada yang masih percaya kepada stigma itu ingatlah bahawa dalam setandan pisang tidak semuanya busuk.

  7. Assaalamualaikum Pujangga malam, u boleh down load gambar pengantin seram dan gambar yg tersenyum bila ditenong lama2 kat ur website? saya teringin nak lihat saya cari dah berapa hari di laman yg KC sebut tapi tak dapat. Please tolong saya,
    Saya sangat sangat mengharap.
    Terima kaseh.

  8. Correction

    it was written:

    “Encik Kadir, one of the programme’s avid followers who is quite skilled in treating people through traditional and religious means.”

    I need to clarify here that Encik Kadir only runs the administration of Pusat Rawatan Darul ‘Ilaaj and does not treat people.

    1. Awak tak percaya itu terpulang pada awak. Kalau gambar2 yang telah disertakan bukan bukti bahawa mereka berdua mengikuti rombongan ini, awak boleh bertanya pada Zan atau KC sendiri kalau awak berjumpa dengan mereka. Outing ini bukanlah dikelolakan oleh pihak RIA, jadi sesiapa yang pihak penganjur undang, adalah hak mereka. Tahun baru Hijrah baru berlalu, tahun Masihi baru saja tukar ganti, tapi pemikiran cetek org2 seperti awak ini masih lagi berleluasa. Sedih kan? 🙂

      1. Salam.Semoga kerja yg baik dapat munafa’at pada semua asalkan menjaga Aqidah kita sebagai orang Islam.

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