Hazards of Blogging…

I still need to slap myself a few times sometimes when I look at my blog statistics for the past three days and see that the visitorship had jumped from five-fold to eleven-fold its regular number of daily hits. I really did not expect that entry I did on Tuesday to gain so much attention and curiosity from people out there. I guess it clearly shows that when it comes to the topic of the supernatural world, it becomes a sort of phenomenon that our inquisitive minds would love to have a peek, hear or listen about the unseen and the mystery. So long as curiosity does not kill the cat, then perhaps there’s no harm in immersing one’s self into it, but please if you wanna do so, do it with extreme caution.

Thank you yet again to you people out there who have entered this domain of mine just to take a look at the photograph I took the other night and of course to those who regularly drop by from time to time. Remember, it is not concrete that the circled “being” in the photograph was really “her”. It could be something else, especially if you were to go there in the day to have a clearer view of the place. But of course when it’s a mystery how come it appeared just like that when you did not physically see it then, you can’t help thinking whether you had hit the jackpot or not. It’s still a hypothesis to me and whatever your guess is to that “thing” or “being”, it is as good as mine.


I think for those who have been blogging for about five years or more, you’d come to study the traits of fellow bloggers just by reading their entries. You’ll know how happy, angry or sad they are just by the emotions they exude. But the blogging world is sometimes not a good gauge of one’s personal character, no matter how much you think that whatever that is being written is the holy truth. For one, sometimes the entries can be a bit exaggerated. One’s words or emotions can sometimes be misconstrued in a negative light. And of course, there will be the ones with low self-esteem who use the blogging world as a facade to cover up their own insecurities.

I’ve had my fair share of detractors in the blogging world – those that do not agree with my views, those that think that I’m a hypocrite just because I have my own set of principles that do not match theirs, those that think that just because I have friends in the entertainment scene means I’m quite the pompous, arrogant bastard and the list goes on. I am not the kind to retaliate on a confrontational basis to these kind of people. They can make their own personal judgements based on how they perceived my words and actions. The fact remains, only my circle of friends and family members know who and what the real me is like. I can go on and on defending myself in my entries against these numbskulls but more often than not, I’ve regarded them as nothing more than a chicken’s anus.

Then there are those that form vicious judgments about you and spread lies to their own cliques. Yes, the blogging world is filled with cliques. One group will tend to think they’re more glamourous than the other. Another will think they’re more politically correct than the other. I have been to a function organised by one of my fellow bloggers before whereby one of the guests, also a blogger, had asked the host as to why certain people were invited. Like hello, where’s the respect towards the host??? It is one’s prerogative to invite who they think should be invited and not these particular outsiders to dictate who should and should not come. I’m just glad that all these while, I’ve been a one man army. Whoever I make friends with in the blogging world, I do so without prejudice, even if that person comes with extra baggages and warnings about their respective characters.

Another case in point, word has it that I’m quite arrogant just because I have friends in the entertainment scene. In the process, when others see me during functions, have always had a queer and weird look at me, and avoid being near me like as though I was the plague. It is funny and even more amusing to learn that our dear storyteller have not even met me in person nor bothered to get to know me personally to be spreading these untruths. I do make friends with many others outside the entertainment and media industry, just that when it comes to making friends on the Net, I have my own set of criterias which I’ve set upon myself, knowing the scourge and the filth that the Net brings with it. Our dear rumour-monger is a living example of such scourge and filth.

Anyway, there is nothing special nor something to be proud about to be in association with famous personalities. I still see them as normal human beings and I’m sure off screen and off stage, they are just like you and me who lead normal lives and wanting their own privacies. I’ve been fortunate to have gotten to know them through what I do, which is giving my honest opinions on the scene in this domain of mine. Some I’ve known even before they became a somebody and there’s quite a few of them I can list down, which of course I don’t see the need to. The fact is, I am not guaranteed to enter Paradise just because I know famous personalities. So what do you gain out of doing this???

I just hope that for you people out there who blog and bitch, please do so with a bit of personal moral responsibility. It is one thing to bitch about the person you know on a personal basis, not that I condone this action anyway. But it kinda makes you look extremely stupid, sick and demented when you go round spreading untruths on people you have not even get to know personally nor met them before. And for that, I really pity people like you for having a sad and insecure life…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

3 thoughts on “Hazards of Blogging…”

  1. well done!!!! yer the talk of the town beb! i mean u got banged! (ouch!!..) like, what.. 10 or 11 fold , u r the gentelman’s choice 4 the night! u hit something big n right there, i dontno..may b u ought 2 continue/stay with that trend/formula a bit more ..who knows u,ll b bigger than BIG THROAT!! beb..he,he,he i mean… in a good way !!!!
    but on a slight worrying note, u sound a tad unhappy 2nite but whatever it is forget abboutiiit..
    u gottit right did nothing wrong!!!! good night!

    1. Hahahah if I were to continue this trend, nampak gayanya kena jadi full time blogger lah… Tapi siapa yg nak bayar gaji??? Heheheh…
      I sound a tad unhappy but I’m still in a chilling mood dude…
      Good nite to you… 🙂

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