More Misteri Jam 12 Sightings…

Last night, me and a few friends went for some reconnaisance activities of the supernatural kind around Singapore. Amongst the places that we went to was a famous park. Me being snap-happy, went on a snapping spree and at one of the locations, an old fort, we stopped for awhile to look at its surroundings. One such photo, when I enhanced it with lighting gave me goosebumps. Let’s look at the original photo first:


Innocent isn’t it???

Now let’s look at the following photo after I had enhanced it with lighting:


I tried zooming the above photo using Photoshop and yes it does look like there is a shape of a head down to the neck but it had no face!!! At first I thought it was moisture on my camera lens but you could see from the photograph the difference between the moisture on the lens and whatever it was out there. As for the part of the photo which I had marked to the right, it looked as though there were two heads conjoined like Siamese twins. It could just be plain vegetation or figments of my imagination but it does bring some aura of mystery to it…

We then went to an abandoned colonial house nearby on its own on top of a hill. We managed to get inside after some ingenuity by the guys and I began snapping away. Without enhancing the following photo, I could see as though there was a head sticking out from the window. When I enhanced it with lighting, the photo became blurred and proved inconclusive. Can you make out what it is???


Whatever it was out there, it could just be my own imaginations running wild and perhaps just part of the surroundings. But I cannot help but think what if it was really something that was unseen by the naked eye and physically there without us realising of their physical existence at that point of time??? Was it the guardians of the place??? Wallahu’alam bissawab…