25 Random Things…

I’ve been tagged… Well, at least that’s what a few contacts in my Facebook have done… But I’ll be the nice guy here (like I never was :p) and not continue the game by tagging another 25 people in my list who most probably would have gotten the same thing. This is just for the fun of it and something to add on to my blog posts. Apologies if some of these sound like a broken record or you have heard it from me before. Here goes:

1) I’ve always had that performing bug in me since young. Mum sent me for auditions in 1983 to join that year’s Bengkel Kanak-Kanak TV SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) intake, but I was rejected. I guess I wasn’t polished enough to warrant the selectors’ attention.

2) I only attended one year of kindergarten. Not many people can claim to have achieved that feat. Not that I was gifted, but because my birthday gave me the opportunity to either join those who were born in the 1978 group or the 1979 one.

3) I was the first student emcee / MC (Master of Ceremony) during my kindergarten’s (Boon Teck CC, now known as Toa Payoh East CC) speech day back in 1984, a feat made known to me by my teacher, Ms Shereen Maidin, back then and in her words, I was “the most bubbly and talented” kid they’ve come across. Wonder how is she and the two girlfriends (Haslina & Mazlinda) I had then :P. Yes from young I’ve already showed my fondness for the fairer gender. No wonder my old friend Fadhilah Samsudin calls me “Pencinta Wanita“. Maybe that’s why God granted me two daughters as well 🙂

4) I was a constant fixture on stage during my primary school’s speech days, performing between primaries 2-5, mostly playing the lead roles. We performed a dance item in Primary 2, a fashion show on Malay costumes in Primary 3, a silat item in Primary 4 where I had the best fight sequence, and being the Tukang Karut in a Dikir Barat performance in Primary 5. Cikgu told me to rest in Primary 6 as people have gotten sick of seeing my face on stage on an annual basis… Hahahah…

5) I was also a constant prize winner during my primary school’s speech days, winning First in Malay in primaries 1, 3, 5 and 6. The rest of the years I did not get first, I came in either second or third. Little wonder, I was always the one representing my school in Malay language competitions.

6) I wrote my first love letter to a crush in Primary 2, earning a rebuke from my Malay teacher and in the process being called “Romeo“.

7) I fell from grace as a prefect in primary 6 when I got into a fight in the school bus. With a girl!!! Ok I won’t go into embarrassing details…

8) I was part of the hockey team in secondary school who were all banned from representing school again in all sports competitions for two years. Our crime??? Fighting with Victoria School on the pitch and off it afterwards. But I was an innocent party… Ok lah I was not, I also hurled vulgarities at them but that was it. It was a team punishment and no matter how severe / light our actions were, everybody took the rap and same punishment.

9) I started off playing football as a central defender in Primary 4 but obviously as someone who craves glory and loves the adulation that comes with it, I play the game as a striker socially and because of my cute body size, I play in goal during competitions and this has been happening since Secondary 1. You can say I’m quite the master of the penalty area. Ok I’m blowing my trumpet here but you’ll catch my drift no less. Hahahah…

10) I dunno how to eat most fruits. I only know how to eat apples, pears, oranges, bananas and water melons. But I do drink mango juice, lychee, longan and honeydew juice. I dunno how to eat durians, in fact I feel nauseous when I come close to it, but I do eat durian ice-cream. It’s been awhile since I ate it anyway.

11) I dunno how to eat chocolates, sweets and candies. But I’m still a Humpty-Dumpty. I also dunno how to eat most Malay kuihs. God knows the shape of my body if I were to know how to eat all those pleasures.

12) I don’t drink hot drinks like coffee, tea, Ovaltine, Milo and what-have-yous from Starbucks and Coffee Bean, even if they are in chilled format. Plain water is what I drink but I also have a sweet tooth when it comes to soft drinks, 7-11‘s Coca-Cola Slurpee being my ultimate vice. And funnily enough, I love coffee cake and must eat them during my birthday.

13) I love eggs and can just eat it with bread or rice if there’s nothing else I like. Maybe that’s why my body resembles one. :p Oh and I’m a bergedil lover as well. It’s like my own personal sambal belacan.

14) I once played football with Indra Sahdan in late June 1997 with the Alamak Chatters team and he made me look good in that game by creating two goals for me. For the record, I scored four that day, one of the most memorable games I’ve played in, simply because of my feat and scoring them with my head, my right foot and twice with my left foot, which is my weaker foot. In football terms, that’s what you call a perfect hat-trick.

15) I entered Kriatif 97, a talent show organised by RIA 89.7FM with cousin Ezaad and old buddy Nizam, impersonating KRU. But I entered not to win, but to share the same stage as an up-and-coming Siti Nurhaliza. As luck / fate would have it, I not only achieved my dreams of sharing the same stage as her but we won the Impersonation CategoryYusry as well. Believe it or not, yours truly was *gasp* Yusry!!! Go on… Have a laugh!!!

16) I spent two years chasing after my wife, trying to convince her that I’m the one. Few idiots / guys would want to wait this long for a girl. At the same time, someone else had already given me positive reactions but I guess when you’re fated to be together, you’ll eventually have to make the right choice and the rest as they say, is history.

17) In the past when I liked a particular girl, I would stalk her to see where she lived or look up the phone books and do a trial and error on the households having a similar name to her dad’s (if I dunno the name of her grandfather). Sicko!!!

18) For those of you who don’t already know, I treated my whole wedding like a concert. If I am not able to live my dream as a recording artiste and hold big concerts, the least I could do was jazz my big day up and wow my guests with my unorthodox methods. I’m sure those who attended my wedding dinner would never forget that. I still don’t believe till this day that I had the audacity to pull it off myself…

19) I cannot shut my mouth up from singing nor listen to music on a daily basis. Surprisingly when I went for Umrah in 2006, I could live without them for almost two weeks and I did not even miss them at all.

20) I would love to migrate and live in Madinah Al-Munawarrah. That city and the Prophet‘s (May Peace Be Forever Be Upon Him) mosque (Masjid An-Nabawi) gave me a sense of calm and tranquility when I was there twice (1992 and 2006). And I hope to return again and again in years to come.

21) I only eat at eateries / restaurants that have a Halal certificate or guaranteed to serve Halal food when you know their chefs / cooks are Muslims. I cringe whenever I see fellow Muslims eating at places like Fish & Co, Subway, Sakae Sushi, Manhattan Fish Market, Pastamania (prior to it being Halal) and the likes. For the fish eateries, do you know that alcohol / wine is used in some of their menus??? The restaurateurs might not admit it but that’s the fact and I even had a non-Muslim colleague who bothered to do the research on his own. For a non-Muslim to do that, I felt ashamed that sometimes we take things for granted just because there is “No Pork No Lard“.

22) I have every single album and singles released by KRU in my CD collection and I’m quite the boy-bander, with *NSYNC, Blue and 5ive being my favourites in that order after KRU. Go on and cringe!!!

23) I’m still very much a boy at heart, as I still collect authentic M.A.S.K. toys, taking them out once in awhile and reliving my childhood, complete with make-believe sound effects.

24) I hate women drivers!!! Enough said…

25) After being Head Public Relations of SFOGS.com (Singapore’s First Online Ghost Stories) circa 20022004, I am now the co-admin of the official blog of Misteri Jam 12 and assisting DJ KC to upload new entries for you to read daily.

Right, that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed reading 25 random things about me, which is also kinda like my life story in a nutshell.