For Old Times’ Sake…

Again I got this from Facebook. If you enjoyed your high school years, you’ll do it. If you did not enjoy, you’ll still do it. If you have nothing else to do, you’ll do it. If you’re here to read the questions/answers and pretend to hate to do it, deep down you’ll still do it.

1) Which school did you go to?

Beatty Secondary School. Non Vi Sed Arte is the motto: Not with force but with skill. I think in my life post-secondary school, I’ve got by with a lot of skills… With words especially and sometimes actions… Heh… Nak hidup katakan… 😛

2) What classes were you in?

1E2, 2E2, 3E5 & 4E5… Till today I don’t understand why 1E1 and 2E1 were an all-girls class and those doing Design & Technology during upper secondary were classified as the “pariahs” of the Express stream, judging by the class number…

3) What was/were your favourite lesson(s)?

Malay!!! Cos I get to joke around with Cikgu and see the other gals who were not in my class. Kata Pencinta Wanita??? 😛 

4) If you could remember, what time was your recess?

Sec 1 & 2, I was in the afternoon session so our recess times were either at 3:20pm-3:40pm or 3:55pm-4:15pm. During sec 3 & 4, our recess times were either at 9:45am-10:05am or 10:20am-10:40am. Correct me if I’m wrong whichever ex-schoolmate who is reading this. 20 minutes of recess time was too bloody short!!!

5) List down your favourite food/snacks.

I think I seldom eat at the canteen because mum always packed something for me to eat. If I did eat at the canteen, then maybe the mee rebus or mee goreng were my favourites. 

6) Did you have a nickname way back in high school?

I remembered the mean girls in my batch calling me “Humpty-Dumpty“. One of my classmates in upper secondary, a guy, called me “Yan Dao” (handsome). I dunno what else they called me back then. 

7) How did you wear your socks? 

Above the ankles, just before the start of my calves. Yah it was that high cos I needed to protect myself when playing football even if I wasn’t wearing any protective guards.

8) Have you been suspended due to the way you put on your uniform?

No… Don’t think I was ever suspended for any wrongdoing except for being part of the school’s hockey team that fought with Victoria School in one of our inter-school tournament games. It was the national zone quarter-final round and we didn’t take losing kindly, especially when the Victoria boys were no angels themselves.

9) Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance?

Other than to tuck in my shirt or cut my hair cos it was getting longer than allowed, I think I was generally ok back then. 

10) Who did you look up to when you were in high school?

I’d have to say Reza, Azhar & Latif, cos I think without their influences, I would not be able to observe my daily responsibilities religiously. I think peer influence plays a huge role in shaping one’s self as you grow older and I am thankful I had them to guide me from being the notorious prankster to one who is able to balance life. 

11) Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class.

In sec 4, Cikgu separated my seat from the guys and I was made to sit in front of my wife cos I could not stop passing notes / moving over to the gals’ side to talk to them / attract her attention.

12) How many times did you skip class? What were you doing?

I don’t recall skipping any of my classes. It helped that my circle of friends were the goody-two-shoes kind who would sit through a boring session of Chemistry or even Maths… I started skipping classes when I was in polytechnic and one can find me playing football at the Astroturf pitch or the basketball courts.

13) Give one scene where you escaped from being caught / punished.

Errrrr… I think it was during my technical class… The workshop faces (yes it is still there now…) the football field and whenever the teacher wasn’t looking, I would go out and have a kickabout, even to the extent of playing all by myself. I was reprimanded but never punished cos my teacher knew how madly in love I was, and still am, with football.

14) Did you vandalize any school property?

Oh hell yeah!!! Writing on tables were norms…

15) Did you ever make any teacher upset?

Yes… I made my English teacher upset cos I refused to take part in the inter-class debating competition. But I relented, only to make a fool of myself during the competition proper cos I went unprepared.

16) Who was your favourite teacher?

I think Cikgu Hamzah was my fave teacher even if he had subjected me to humiliation by asking me to change seats during Malay class in sec 4. Through him, I learnt quite a lot of things about life and religion in particular cos we always have an impromptu “lepak” session after school if he’s not pre-occupied with work. 

17) Describe your Discipline Master / Mistress.

From Sec 1-3, I think we had Mrs Tan (something something… I can’t recall her name)??? I kinda forgot her name but my elder sis seemed to be her pet. She doesn’t need a microphone to speak and when she stared at you, you’ll feel as though she could see through every nook and cranny in you. She brought fear wherever she went.

18) Who was the funniest/weirdest/loudest teacher?

It had to be Mr. Tan Eng Guan, our Maths teacher in sec 3 and 4. He has such a comical face and a funny style of delivery that we would always poke fun at him during his classes, especially the way he speaks English. We’re very mean, I know… 

19) Were you popular back then?

That depends on how you look at things. For the first three years, people knew me as “Farah‘s  brother”, a tag I was extremely uncomfortable with because my elder sis made a name for herself as a prefect who was strict and quite serious, dilligent even, whereas I was the exact opposite. But I think in terms of popularity, I guess you could say I was quite a character in school who was able to forge a link between the guys and gals in my batch as well as the link between my batch and our juniors / seniors. In that respect I think I was popular. It helped that being the Tok Juara performing in the Dikir Barat performance during Perjumpaan Hari Raya helped me to score some brownie points. Hahahah…

20) Were you in a big group of boys/girls or small ones?

Normally I’m with the three guys that I mentioned earlier: Reza, Latif & Azhar

21) Who were your best friends? 

The three guys again… I think we were very tight like brothers, even though I’m always the butt of their jokes… 

22) Did you and your friends have nicknames?

I remembered we gave ourselves names related to wrestlers but I can’t recall now who was who. But the names were parodies of wrestlers’ names like “The Overtaker” and “The Repeat Man“. Oh wait, I think my nickname was “Flesh“, because not only was I fleshy, I was also fast for someone who is plump.

23) What were your favourite memories of you and your friends?

One that still sticks in my head were the times we went up to the rooftop of the old MUIS building before our Friday prayers. We were joined by other boys from the other levels and you know what we did??? We did the Kallang Wave whilst facing our classrooms (our school is situated behind the building) and our classmates / schoolmates were seen and heard roaring with laughter at our antics.

24) What type of CCA were you in?

Lower sec – NCC Land, Football & Hockey 

Upper Sec – NCC Land till end of sec 3. We were barred from representing school in football and hockey in sec 3 and by the time we were in sec 4, our teacher was afraid to resurrect the team in fear that history would repeat itself. I was also Treasurer of my Malay LDDS, the only guy in the ExCo…

25) What did you have to bring to your CCA?

The stupid uniform that was meant to be starched before every session. I actually dreaded going after awhile. A wonder how I forced myself to go till the end of Sec 3. 

26) What did your CCA required you to do?

For NCC Land, it was more like pre-NS. And to think before I joined, I was so interested with military stuff and jet fighters. After that, I totally hated it!!! For Malay LDDS, my job was to look after accounts and balance. Funny they gave me that role since I had no accounting background.

27) Got injured?

Yeah, I was punched in the eye by that stupid classmate who called me “Yan Dao“. Didn’t know what came into him that day. He was the kind that loved to play pranks on others but cannot take one himself. 

28) Are you in good terms with your last crush?

I think whichever crushes I had in secondary school, I’m still on good terms with them… All I can say is, they missed out on being with a great guy like me 😛

29) Did you ever had a relationship with anyone in your high school?

Yes and she is now my wife. But we only hooked up two years after graduation… 

30) Have you ever made out in school?

I knew some who did, but unfortunately not in my case… Hahahah… 

31) How did high school changed you?

Never to trust people so easily and to do my research before jumping the gun. Can you imagine I was conned into saying something in Hokkien and ended up I was the one who lost face after declaring that I have no “grass” growing in the nether regions in front of my class and schoolmates???

32) Sing one verse of your school song.

I can only remember “Non Vi Sed Arte – Not With Force But With Skill“… Funny I can still remember my primary school song better than my secondary school’s.

33) What was your favourite question?

Cher… How to do this???” 

34) Who/what will you remember from your high school?

Whatever sweet and sour incidents that had happened throughout my four years…  And of coz I remembered most of the people I had rubbed shoulders with back then…

35) Any memories you will not forget.

I think singing in front of 300-500 odd people during assembly was an experience in itself for me to gain my confidence in performing. It helped that our Dikir Barat performance was in Malay, so basically most of them did not understand what I was singing… Hahahahah… 

Now let me know about YOURS!!!~

Official Opening of The Fan Club…


First and foremost, apologies in advance for not updating my blog for more than a week. Was just too lazy to update and just typing this out in bits and pieces. I wonder if some or any of you had expected me to review “Bersama Anuar Zain” showcase at Grand Hyatt Hotel‘s Grand Ballroom instead of this event which I will be focussing on in this entry??? Cos there were some people who did say, be it through comments in my blog or messages left in my Facebook, that they would be seeing me at Anuar‘s showcase, even though I made no promises nor said anything about going in the first place. Maybe the impression that I would have gone was based on the review I did when Anuar last did his first solo concert here on 8 November 2008 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Apologies if some of you had expected to see me there.


So why did I choose not to go to Anuar‘s showcase since I’m after all quite the big fan of his??? Firstly I felt that the gap between that concert and last Saturday‘s showcase was a bit too close to each other, even though some of you might counter back and say it was four months ago and four months is long enough to make one crave to watch another stellar performance by the great man himself. But I was sceptical. The decision to do another showcase just four months after the concert seemed kinda odd. I felt there was every possibility that it would just be a repeat of the concert with a few tweaks and elements changed. And since he has no new album between the four months gap, all the more that I felt that he might be repeating some, if not most, of the songs he sang that November night.


I’ve got to admit, being one of my greater influences in music and especially my love for the R&B genre, the temptation was there to watch Anuar perform once again, but no way was I gonna fork out close to $500 (for me and the wife) just to sit so close to the front. Not wanting to sound as though we’re rich or some high class society people, but we both love to watch concerts / showcases and sit somewhere near the front, our way of supporting and appreciating good entertainment, knowing we would be reciprocated with a quality performance in return by whoever it was / is performing. The credit crunch these days meant I had to tighten my belt in this instance and perhaps sacrifice certain things that I like. And this year itself, I had to sacrifice quite a few things and be more stringent with the performances that I want to watch / had attended / had to forgo.


KC welcoming the early birds into the event venue…

Not even the decision to slash the cheapest ticket on offer ($128) to $88 two days before the event proper could sway me into turning back on my decision. So rather than sit at the back and paying less, I chose not to go. Anyway, by then I had made up my mind to attend the Official Launch of The Fan Club. Instead of watching “Lelaki Ini” (Anuar Zain), I chose to watch “Lelaki Baru” (Zaibaktian) & “Lelaki Setia” (Zynal) instead. For $10, I think I got more value-for-money watching seven of our local acts who actually need more of our support than someone who is already established and well respected on both sides of the Causeway. But the wifey sure put me in a spot when she asked, “What if it was Siti who was performing???” Hahahaha… I’m sure most of you would know the answer to that!!!


KC giving the audience an explaination on what the website is all about…

Now that I’ve explained my non-attendance at Grand Hyatt Hotel‘s Grand Ballroom in four paragraphs (hahahah), I can now talk about the launch of The Fan Club proper. So some of you might be wondering, what in the world is The Fan Club??? For those who have been living on a different planet and do not read the local Malay papers, nor listen to local Malay radio stations, The Fan Club is an initiative product by DJ KC of RIA 89.7FM and Zan Sofiyan of Warna 94.2FM to unite all fan clubs of local artistes under one roof and in turn ignite more support for our local acts. This collaborative effort aims to transcend whatever barriers, boundaries, differences and rivalries that may occur as a result of different interests and support for the various local acts in our small music industry. It has an official website which you can go to just by clicking here.


The Fan Club is officially launched!!!

Being the first of its kind in SingaporeThe Fan Club will also act as a base and focal point for information on local artistes as well as an interactive medium for all the various local fan club members to meet and exchange ideas, news and views of their respective idols. The website will be a main source for news and latest happenings on our local artistes, a good way to know when they will make their next appearance outdoors, on television, on radio and even in the print media. Ok some of you might counter back and say that a similar kind of website has been around for about five years now but that website does not act as a focal point for the various fan clubs in Singapore to converge even though its aim is to support local acts as well. Anyway the latter have since expanded their range of support to regional acts as well from what I observed. Apologies in advance if my observation is incorrect.


Introducing Faizal Isa…

The Fan Club website is not just an entity in the cyberworld but exists physically as well. Having clinched the rights to use a karaoke centre at Perkampungan Melayu Geylang Serai, members who have signed up in The Fan Club‘s website will be able to use the venue for various activities like birthday parties, reunions and other kinds of small functions for their respective fan clubs or even their own personal events from 1pm onwards daily. For more information, one just needs to pick up the phone, dial 81515191 and speak to Mr. Khamis on how to go about booking the place. The place is also most likely to be the place for exclusive showcases of local artistes to be held specially for members of the website. To date, they have gotten the agreement of a few fan clubs like Didifiers (fans of Didicazli), Sleeqaholics (fans of Sleeq) amongst others, to join in making the initiative a success.


Addy posing for the camera…

In conjunction with the official launch of The Fan Club and its website, a showcase at the said venue at Perkampungan Melayu Geylang Serai, was put together to celebrate its launch and a number of local acts came together to lend their support and perform. From the original list of Didicazli, Sleeq, B8, Zaibaktian and Addy Cradle, Zynal (M. Nasir‘s younger brother) and Faizal Isa, a new face in the scene, were added to grace the occasion. The showcase was hosted by none other than KC himself. Originally, Zan Sofiyan was supposed to co-host along with KC, or at least be there to oversee the smoothness of the event, but more pressing commitments with his day job as a producer-presenter with Warna 94.2FM meant that he had to skip the showcase and launch altogether.


Didicazli chilling out in the dressing room before going on stage…

The show was meant to start at 2pm and end at 5pm, with the start of the performances slated at 2.30pm. The first twenty minutes was more or less an introductory “lecture” on what The Fan Club is all about as well as a guided tour around its online portal and what registered members would be able to do in there. It kinda reminded me of Facebook but the design layout is more like a YouTube profile. I think my only grouse on the site is that when it comes to uploading photographs, you need to upload it one by one as compared to Facebook or Multiply where one is able to upload a lot of photographs from a folder. It’s fine if you have the patience to upload tons of photograph. Me being the naturally impatient creature that I am, don’t have all day and cannot sit through doing it.


B8 all smiles before their showcase…

Surprisingly enough, the performances began about 5-10 minutes earlier than expected but not before we had a rousing start to the showcase with confetti being shot into the air to signal the official launch of The Fan Club and its online portal. I think this is the first time I’ve been to a show that started way ahead of schedule. First up was Faizal Isa. This guy is quite a familiar face having entered several singing competitions before this. It’s difficult to gauge his potential and showmanship based on the one song he sang that day – Ello‘s “Pergi Untuk Kembali” – but his presence would already add on to the list of heart-throbs that girls cannot get enough of. Being relatively new, it was only natural that he came off a bit shy but with more such appearances, he will gain the experience and the know-how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. For now, I will reserve more of my comments on him till I’ve seen more of what he is capable of doing but initial signs look quite promising.


Faizal Isa showing us his potential…

Addy Cradle was next and he obviously charmed the audience not only with his awe-inspiring play of the guitar, but I’m sure some of the ladies in the audience were also smittened whenever this guy smiled. A pity due to work commitments, Addy only performed one song, “Purnama“, taken from his latest solo offering released last year entitled “Divine“. In case music lovers out there would like to get a hold of his album, it is being sold at Gramophone, Muzika Records and FGM. Zynal, the younger brother of music legend M. Nasir took centrestage afterwards singing “Lelaki Setia” and his performance was ably assisted by B8‘s Fuzzley who did the rap portion of the song. This guy is very much talented like his elder brother and it’s just a pity that he has to live in the shadows of his more famous sibling.


This is Zynal for the uninitiated…

Zaibaktian and his group of sessionists came on stage right after Zynal and they wowed the audience with three songs, “Dunia Yang Fana“, “Taman Cinta” and of course not forgetting the haunting hit single “Lelaki Baru“. It’s really good to hear his songs being performed live even before he has released his full album. I for one cannot wait for it to be released because from what I’ve heard so far, or seen from the various clips of his performances on YouTube or Facebook, the songs are top notch and it’s gonna be worth the money spent. Already “Dunia Yang Fana” brings with it a spiritual message and reminder of who we are and the journey that we are leading to. I dunno why but the lyrics made me feel quite humbled somewhat. Whoever that says music and entertainment does not bring with it some form of message and advice needs to get their heads fixed. And you don’t need a nasyid song to drum some effect into you.


Zaibaktian certainly enjoyed himself performing for the audience…

The boys from B8 were next to perform, singing their hit song “Bidadari Hatiku“, which I found out rather belatedly that it was a song composed by KC himself, and a new single called “Kau Selingkuh“. I’m not sure why the energy level of the audience suddenly dipped during B8‘s performance. Was it because they were expecting the bigger names on the slated list to perform or B8‘s songs need to have that wee bit of oomph to get the crowd going, rather than sing sappy tunes all the way??? Maybe the latest single , which is of a mid-tempo range, needs to grow a bit more on them cos I observed and found that the audience was kinda bored (based on facial expressions) during B8‘s performance. The only thing I could second guess was they cannot wait for Sleeq and Didicazli to appear on stage. That was to be expected somewhat since the majority of the audience were teenage girls.


B8 performing “Kau Selingkuh“…

Well they didn’t have to wait long actually cos Sleeq came on shortly after with “Pilihan Aku” and “Cun Saja“, which of course brought the house down with screams of frenzy coming from the young ladies on the floor. Sleeq have grown in stature from the first time I watched them at Imran Ajmain‘s single launch of “Sudah Tu Sudah” back in 2006. There is a lot of confidence in them, a kind of swagger that knows they are in control of the crowd and having them under their thumbs. However, a kind advice I would like to pass to the boys is to improve on their Malay vocabulary seeing that their medium is our mother tongue. It would serve them well to communicate to the audience especially when addressing the older generation. I dunno whether to be horrified or amused when Syarif was unsure of the meaning of the word “Sepupu” when referring to Alyph, who is most definitely his cousin by virtue of their mums being sisters. For his sake, I hope he was joking.


Sleeq being slick as always…

Just before crowd favourite Didicazli came on, his mother was called upon to come on stage so that everyone could sing her a birthday song. Her birthday happened to be on 8th March, the following day. The sweet lady was all surprised and blushing as everyone honoured her with the customary birthday song ala Ismet Ulam Raja style. Then it was her son’s turn to take centrestage. Here’s a guy who doesn’t need to make a lot of effort or showmanship when he’s on stage. His mere presence and voice alone had the audience eating out of his hand. As a guy, it is difficult for me to see how the ladies could go ga-ga over him but I do appreciate that he backs it up with his laid back style and infectious vocals. Well if you ask me, the same could be said of Anuar Zain and a few other male singers out there. But till now I am still intrigued at why the male singers tend to get a lot of attention on this side of the Causeway as compared to the female singers???


Didi with “Rela Setia“…


The audience waited the whole day for this particular performance…

The day did not end with just Didi performing “Rela Setia“, a personal favourite of mine, and his new single “Menyayangimu“. If history was created that day to celebrate the launch of the Fan Club, another history was also made when Sleeq came back on stage to sing the massive hit single “Impianku” with Didicazli, live for the very first time. It has been difficult to get them together to perform the song at outdoor performances before this, especially when those who had attended Didi‘s album launch a few months ago had expected them to do so. I guess it was a moment to savour for the watching audience seeing them sing the song in the flesh. I reckoned the anticipation reached its maximum point when the list of performers slated to perform that day had both on the list. Oh how the audience sang from start till end.


The finale…

The show wrapped up when all the performers, sans Addy Cradle who had left by then, came back on stage to perform Lovehunters‘ “Ku Ukir Namamu“. Even KC joined in the singing when at first he was just standing by the side of the stage, preferring to let the others have their limelight. Event wasn’t exactly over after that, as there was still the matter of having the autograph signing session which of course whetted the appetites of the young ladies in attendance. More of such events are scheduled in the near future and with it adds another outlet for you to lend your support for local acts. More information will be made available at the official website of The Fan Club


Autograph signing session about to get underway…

Clothes & The Lack Of It…

It’s exactly a week since Pesta Perdana 10 and people are still discussing about the outfits being worn by some of the female artistes. The discussions, rants and complaints have even made its way into the Forum section of Berita Harian this past Wednesday though only two letters were published. I even had visitors to this blog asking why I did not make a mention about it??? I even had people using my blog as a platform to have their own tirade with each other with regards to giving advice and stuff. You guys can check out my Pesta Perdana 10 Review and read the comments cos I won’t be glorifying any of them here.

I have to apologise and say that I am not in the right position to comment on their dressing even if I myself felt a little uncomfortable seeing some of them during the post-event reception. In fact I don’t think I need to sound any displeasure, bang my head against the wall out of frustration or start to be all preachy, even if I know and some of you who know me well know that I am capable of doing that, simply because the community is always the first to bay for blood when it comes to things like these. I believe that each individual who was brave enough to show that wee bit of skin that night are mature and wise enough to know that they are being scrutinised by a very sensitive community, and this is magnified by how many times they appear on the television screens or through having their photographs published by online citizens.

With every Pesta Perdana event, there will always be complaints coming from the general public on the outfits of our female artistes and it’s becoming like a broken record already. Personally I felt this year there was a slight improvement in that at least it was not as bad as the previous edition whereby I thought there were more who preferred to show some skin. I think with each passing edition, stylists and outfitters must be scratching their heads on what to let the artistes wear for the event, and having to minimise public anger to go along with it. From the way I look at it, I think the community expects our artistes to cover up like a certain Dato’ across the Causeway, but we also have to remember that even she herself had been criticised time and time again for her fashion sense, even if her image had always been covered up prior to fashionising the way she covers her head now.

But when I look at the amount of abuse being directed at the female artistes, another question comes to mind. How come a one off event, that happens just once every two years, that is being glorified and given huge attention, can spark so much anger when in actual fact we see so many of our teenage girls, ladies, mothers, even grandmothers showing their skin, flaunt their assets, show off their figure in daring outfits or even the normal mini skirts on a daily basis as we move around the country and these people get away scot-free with murder??? Then there’s also the matter of seeing such unwanted scenes during Ramadhan at the bazaars around the country. Shouldn’t they too be deserving of such rants and complaints as well??? Look I’m not condoning what the artistes wore that night or what some of you might accuse me of favouritism towards friends / acquaintances in the industry, but I think we should start to look at things in a bigger picture than just scrutinise and magnify the actions of a small minority of our community, especially in an event as rare as that.

Yes these artistes are supposed to be role models that people look up to but I’m sure that sometimes the clothes does not make the person. It is one thing to rant and complain but I believe there should also be a way to address it without sounding too emotional, too sensitive and filled with vile and anger, common traits that define us as a community. Being confrontational does not solve the case, in fact I think it might even breed a kind of rebellion in future. This is not to say you can’t give advice, you most definitely can, cos I know you are doing your job and upholding your responsibility as a fellow Muslim but there is a way to voice your grievances without making the other party or even those who digress angry.

Speaking of which, someone commented in that review and it made me quite angry seeing a particular phrase that some of our people love to use out of convenience. I personally hate the phrase and idea of “Your grave you answer, my grave I answer“. To me, whoever that says it needs to go back to religious class and learn that being a Muslim will tell you that your responsibility is to remind and give advice to one another. Our religion is beautiful enough to showcase that we are a kind and sharing lot; that at the end of time, all of us would like to taste the sweetness of Paradise. That accursed phrase only smacks of selfishness and highlights one’s arrogance and apparent bravery in facing the Hereafter as though Paradise is guaranteed for him or her. I don’t think I need to delve further on this topic as this is not meant to be a Forum Perdana. For those of you who are wise enough to see the rationale, I’m sure you would agree and understand what I mean…

Festival Melayu Ada: Zaibaktian & Friends…


I took a break from typing out my previous entry on Pesta Perdana 10 to attend this event, albeit for about two hours or so last Sunday, 1st March 2009, at Bussorah Street. I had intended to come to support my relative, Ard (he of Bhumiband fame), who was one of the slated performers. For the uninitiated, and this I quote from the information given through its event promotion in Facebook, “Melayu Ada is a festival that celebrates Malay music and poetry. It hopes to be a platform especially for budding and aspiring talents who wish to showcase their unreleased works and/or works in progress. The festival also acts as a sharing and interaction ground amongst musicians, writers and enthusiasts alike. A chill-out Sunday that is not only filled with camaraderie, but also a worthwhile interchange of ideas and experiences across individuals, including established artistes. Festival Melayu Ada: Zaibaktian & Friends on 1st of March is a free music showcase by aspiring upcoming/established independent music acts in Singapore‘s Malay music industry.


Tengku Nur Lela doing her sound check…

In truth, I had only planned to come and watch Ard in action as well as buy his EP album which has just been released, that too if the timing of his performance coincided with my free time on Sunday. Sundays are afterall always spent with family or attending weddings / functions followed by my dose of football in the evening along with my neighbourhood friends. Knowing from Ard‘s Facebook status that his alloted time of performance was supposed to be at 12:10pm, I thought it was just the perfect time for me to see him perform since the last time I saw him in action was when he performed with BhumiBand. I had afterall made plans with the wife to bring the family to visit my parents in the evening prior to football.


Zaibaktian doing his own sound check…

I arrived at Bussorah Street at around 12:10pm, just right for me to watch Ard perform. Or so I thought. When I reached the venue, Hajjah Esah Cafe, they were still doing sound checks with Tengku Nur Lela, an up-and-coming singer under the tutelage of Yazri of Merah fame, followed by Zaibaktian himself. I took some positives out of it in that it was an opportunity to see the other acts, instead of seeing the negativity that the show which was slated to start at 11am, only started one and a half hours later. And so, the show kicked off at 12:30pm with Tengku Nur Lela singing Rossa‘s first hit single “Tegar” and a single she has recorded waiting to be heard on local radio entitled “Cinta Saat Akhir“. For a newbie, I thought she was quite cool and even though my ears detected her single has some similarities to Saida‘s “Sedalamnya Cinta“, the vocal execution made me fall in love with the song and can’t wait to hear it on radio. I think it should be out soon within the next few weeks.


Zaibaktian, the host, interviewing Tengku Nur Lela

Next up was Hirman Rasid. From what I found out about him on Wikipedia, “Hirman Rasid or better known as Hirman is a 26 year old Singaporean indie-folk singer. Other than singing or composing, Hirman is active in poetry and is recognized as a rare talent in this day and age. Hirman has stated a few inspirations leading up to his compositions such as Radiohead, Coldplay and many British indie bands. A few of Hirman‘s favourite artistes are Sarah Bareilles, Brett Anderson, Kasabian, Coldplay, Radiohead. Hirman sports a bald-head and wears specs. He is currently working at Bread n Butter located at Wisma Atria. Hirman lives in the north-eastern side of Singapore (Sengkang).” Ahhh… My fellow kampung boy… Interesting… Even more interesting was his performance because it really reminded me of watching Art Fazil or even Mohd Khair Mohd Yassin, both of Rausyanfikir fame. The beauty of his performance lies in the lyrics that he sang. And poetry being made into music is meant to challenge your mind into deciphering what it means. This guy addresses spirituality in a very relaxed manner without being preachy. He is in the process of completing an album in the folk genre.


This is Hirman performing his first song “Landasan“…

By then I came to realise that each performer was given two to three songs to perform. Which I think was an extremely good enough introduction to their abilities, even if some of them were singing cover songs. I think if I was 10 years younger, I would have jumped at the chance of performing as well since this showcase is opened to talents who want their voices to be heard, but it’s ok, I’m happy just being a blogger and watching people with much refined singing ability than I do, strut their stuff. The days of yearning to perform on the big stage is somehow gone and will never happen again since my wedding performance. Hirman then made way for another lady, going by the stage name “Diana Nightingale“. I’ve seen Diana around when I was studying in Temasek Polytechnic more than a decade ago, but back then I think she was one of the last persons I could imagine performing since she did not come across as someone who would be interested in performing on the big stage. But looks can be deceiving and this lady can sure sing and play the guitar as well. Singing three songs (the last being Republik‘s “Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu“), she gave a good account of herself, charting some life experiences along the way through the first two songs that she sang; her influence in music as well as sharing a woman’s emotions. I think ladies out there can somehow get acquainted to her songs as she is quite the songwriter who pens songs based on how women out there feel.


Diana singing Republik‘s “Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu“…

When Diana‘s slot ended at about 1:10pm, there was a break in respect of Zuhur which was due at 1:19pm. I dunno if the decision to have a break was because of the event venue’s close proximity to the Sultan Mosque and since the call for prayer could be heard from where we were, but I think for the benefit of doubt, I have to take my hat off to the organisers for respecting the prayer timing and at the same time, for encouraging those watching to observe their responsibilities during the break. I think this is sorely lacking in our community nowadays when it comes to organising entertainment-slanted programmes. Unless the show is organised by mosques or Muslim organisations, sometimes there are no breaks in respect of prayer timings or even providing a place to observe our responsibilities. I’m sure we all want the best of both worlds, here and the HereAfter, and together we should encourage one another to embrace both. I was extremely impressed with this, even if it meant I had to wait a little longer to watch Ard.


Yunos Erksan with his Mariam trilogy…

The show resumed five minutes before 2pm with Yunos Erksan taking centrestage with a trilogy of songs dedicated to someone named Mariam. This guy’s voice actually made my hair stood. It was loud, rich and what some might term as “creamy”. It had all the right essence of a rockstar in the making, even if his songs came across as ballads. He could switch from Malay to English with ease cos when he did a short sound check in English prior to performing, you cannot detect any Malay accent in him. Listening to him sing felt as though I was listening to a real professional who’s been around for ages. God knows how a talent like this is still stuck underground when he should already be established by now. Hopefully this particular gig would open doors for him, not only him but the others who needed it to kickstart their respective careers in this small industry of ours.


Ard being interviewed by Zaibaktian…

Ard came on shortly afterwards. I noticed that by the time Ard performed, the crowd had swelled and were quite into his performance. Local bands Raven and Cucu Dato’ Merah were also seen arriving around the same time from opposite directions. Ard sang three songs, “Asik-Asik“, “Hanya Kamu” and “Aku Akan Hilang“. The latter two songs have been included in  his newly released single album entitled “Aku, Dia & Gitar“. There’s nothing much to comment about Ard‘s singing except that watching him sing is akin to watching those black singers who sing jazzy tunes, along with facial expressions. I thought “Hanya Kamu” would have been a more appropriate song to introduce to the radio listeners than “Aku Akan Hilang” because personally I felt that it had a more spiritual message to it to go along with its melodious tune, but I’m sure he has a certain strategy in going about introducing his songs to listeners. Really loved his performance, he really has a distinct showmanship and it helps that he has been around for some time to know how to whip up the crowd’s interest.


Ard performing “Hanya Kamu“…

By the time Ard‘s slot ended at about 2.30pm, I could not stay on as I had promised in my Facebook status that my Pesta Perdana 10 review would be up by 4pm and I still had some editing to do before I could post it up. Though I had planned on staying to watch Tengku Adil, I had to take my leave and hope that some day I could catch him in action. Fortunately clips of his performances that day could be found on YouTube, so I guess that’s quite a consolation. Before I left, I managed to get hold of Ard‘s EP album, which to me should not be sold at $6 but at least $10 since the album has about six songs in it and good ones I must say. Really, I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality. That’s the least I could do to support local talents. Even though we’re related, I told him before I do not want any complimentary copies, I want to buy it and pay for his hard work in producing the album. I think it’s high time we start paying for the hard work of our local talents, rather than wait for it to be uploaded and for us to download for free.


Ard ending his performance with “Aku Akan Hilang“…

Even though I did not stay on to watch Fyno (of Cucu Dato’ Merah fame), Raven, Samsuri, Rowell Sakti and Zaibaktian himself, I believe the event itself was a resounding success. This was quite evident by the presence of several local artistes like Fauzie Laily and Wahyu Rahman amongst others.  Not even the heavy downpour shortly after I left could dampen the spirits of those in attendance, as seen by their finale video, which Zaibaktian had uploaded in his Facebook profile. This event promised and delivered beyond expectations, even if there was no stage and they had to make do with a humble venue. But I have great belief that subsequent events would be even greater than this. A pity that the slated emcee for the event, Ashmie (of Yazid Pakai Lampin fame) was not able to make it at the last moment as he was involved in an accident whilst on the way to the event venue. Here’s wishing Ashmie a speedy recovery!!!


Tengku Adil performing “Jauh“…

Did I just say subsequent events in the last paragraph??? Yes, Zaibaktian who took over emcee duties that day had announced that last Sunday‘s event was the first of a quadrilogy and the next event is slated for 29th March 2009. The event venue will be confirmed soon and God willing if there is nothing on on that day, I would be lending my support. For those of you who are interested to perform in upcoming Festival Melayu Ada events, please feel free to contact Zaibaktian through Facebook or his email address: All types of performers are very much welcomed, whether you are established or not. This would be a great platform for you to showcase your abilities. Who knows, for those of you who need an avenue to be heard, this could be the one for you. Congratulations to all who made it happened that day. You definitely showed that we do have great talents waiting to be tapped. Hope you guys enjoy this rousing finale by the artistes who performed on that day, an encore of Zaibaktian‘s “Lelaki Baru“… 

Video courtesy of Zaibaktian… Thanks bro…!!!

Pesta Perdana 10 Review…


I’m facing a bout of writer’s block at the moment. But as I progress and type this entry, I hope everything will fall into place and at the same time, break the dam and let the thoughts flow. Before I move on, let me just take this opportunity to thank two parties that mattered most, firstly, Siti Zalinah Adam, for kindly inviting me and the wife to the event and for providing an excellent warm service for me with regards to moving around and getting good shots of the artistes during the reception. Oh and not to mention for providing the winners’ list as well, even though I have already noted them down myself. Secondly I would like to say thank you to my outfit sponsor, Jatt’s Collezione, for the nice getup that made me looked a little slimmer than I actually am. At least I wasn’t too overdressed last night like some events I attended in the past. Hahahah…


Dalina Jaapar interviewing (from left) Rita Zahara, Sharon Ismail & Ariati Tyeb Papar…

Before I embarked on typing this entry, I took the time to surf around to see what was the general consensus of the watching audience, be it live, at home or via web streaming. And I have to say and agree with majority, if not all of them, that Pesta Perdana 10 was an event that somehow failed to live up to expectations, being a prestigious event that our local entertainment industry look forward to year in and out. Ok, maybe in this case, once every two years. Why??? There were quite a few factors which I’m sure for those who watched, would have taken note of. And me being there live at the Mediacorp TV Theatre where it was held, could see and hear the endless grouses around me. And these grouses came from people who have been in the industry long enough to know what they were talking about. Me??? I’m just a novice who is reviewing this based on what I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears.


Wifey along with Manja Style Award winner Fiza O (left) and Nity Baizura (right)…

The good thing about being invited to such an event was that for once, I did not have to miss my evening responsibilities, as I had all the time to arrive at the Caldecott Broadcast Centre before the stipulated time that was stated on our invitation cards. When we arrived at the reception lobby, I wasn’t expecting a line to be formed just to wait for our cue to enter the building. But I thought ok, maybe they just needed us to enter in batches. But as time ticked by, the queue became longer and longer right up to the entrance of the lobby. All the invitees (artistes, media people, award nominees etc) could be seen getting impatient but to their credit, they killed time by chatting with one another and taking photographs of each other. I also took the time to exchange pleasantries with people I know. Had there been normal fans at the reception area, I can bet that all hell would break loose with them clamouring to take photographs. For the record, we waited close to half an hour before we were allowed into the building.


The man needs no introduction…

As we entered the lobby of the building where the auditorium was situated, we had to form rows again as Suria staff on hand, had to confirm our attendance and informed us of where we were to be seated in the auditorium. Precious minutes were wasted again so to speak. What made it worse there was that there were only two lifts going down to the auditorium at B3, and only one was in operation!!! As it was getting too crowded at the lobby with people forming rows or waiting for their turn to enter the lifts, some wise heads managed to open the doors to the staircase and that was when everyone started to move. The moment we entered the staircase, our sense of smell was severely challenged with the intoxicating smell of cigarette smoke. It was definitely a great way to minimise waiting time by going down the stairs but one had to “embrace and inhale it all in“, in the words of celebrity lawyer, Rudy Marican, who was walking in front of us.


The talented siblings, Habriyah and Hasif

The moment we stepped into the auditorium, it was exactly 8.30pm and the show had begun. I dunno why, but I wasn’t quite interested at looking at what was happening on stage. I was more mesmerised by the amount of vacant seats on the lower tiers where we were supposed to be seated and wondering why it was conspicuously “empty” on certain sections. Surely I thought that I cannot be considered “an early bird”??? In the end, we were all allowed to move in and sit when the show went into its first interval. The ushers were unsure of where our seats were supposed to be at so they said we could sit anywhere we liked. I had half the mind to sit at the lower tiers where the nominees were seated but I thought sitting with people from the industry whom I have known for years was more appropriate. So we ended up plonking ourselves in the same section as veterans in the industry. Good thing too since it was an opportunity to listen to their off-the-cuff remarks as the show progressed.


Mawar Berduri of Ahli Fiqir…

Ok I will not relate everything that went on on stage because I’m sure most of you who had watched it would know who were the winners, the movers and shakers as well as seen for yourselves the major cock-ups that happened. Before I start talking about the negatives, I will highlight the positives in that personally I enjoyed the little skits, the performances (even though some were lip-synched) and most notably the antics of Najip Ali & Nuraliza Osman when they presented the awards and also when Suhaimi Yusof, Jack Neo & Vadi came up to present as well. I think these more established hosts (i.e. Najip & Suhaimi in particular) livened up the show that was close to being a drab affair no thanks to a weary and tired-looking host in Aaron Aziz. Also, I felt that this year, all the winners were justified and not as questionable as in years past.


Nick Mikhail looking suave

Right, so now I’m pulling out my knives to dissect some of the things that went wrong. I hope that whatever criticisms I dish out henchforth would be taken with pinches of salt; not to paint an extremely bad picture but for the necessary parties to take them up and improve on future productions. I have to apologise to Aaron Aziz, extremely nice and charming person that he is, but I have to be fair and professional and say the choice of making him the host, in front of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore, was an extremely wrong one. I dunno if it was cold feet that he was suffering from, but reliable sources had informed me that it was more due to a lack of rehearsals and training on his part. Now I’m not gonna take everything I heard at face value and believe everything, but indeed the soul of such a prestigious event lie in how the host carries the show for 2-3 hours, even if it means he has to ad-lib or add certain things not written in the script when things go unexpectedly wrong, which is to be expected in a live event.


Joe Lazarie, he is well known in the theatre circle…

I agree it is not an easy task and I cannot put the sole blame on Aaron himself. I think he tried his best but his best just was not enough. An event touted as huge as this needed someone with character, expertise and most importantly, experience, in this line. Aaron is known as an actor and acting is what he does best, bless him. As the night went on, I wondered what is the point of finding new talents in hosting, in shows like Juara, Anugerah Skrin and such, when you don’t tap their talents or groom them to host big shows like these??? The least we could have was an experienced host who is able to carry the show single handedly on his / her shoulders like Suhaimi or Najip. It’s not about the looks, but how that person can bring life out of an awards show which is typically draggy in nature and awards shows are almost always notoriously known as such. Looks play a part I agree, but I think the watching audience at home are also concerned about how well the host entice eyes to be glued to the google box with his nonchalance and antics.


Suzairhe reminds me of Usher

Not even having a partner would have improved the show. If you are good, you can singlehandedly do it alone. Sometimes having too many cooks could also spoil the broth. I think I was not the only one in the audience who squirmed whenever Aaron tripped on his lines or sounded as though he was blabbering and trying to find the right words to use. Cos clearly I think the script was lost in his head as shown by certain segments of the show whereby he had to refer to his cue cards in front of the watching audience. That is a cardinal sin to make and somehow the word “prestigious” seemed to have escaped my mind to describe the event that was unfolding in front of my eyes. I think the main fault lies not with Aaron, but to whoever that was that chose him above more experienced people. This kind of mistake should never happen again. If this had happened in Malaysia or Indonesia, you can expect and guaran-damn-tee the media scribes to have a field day.


The comeback kid with the best quote of the night, Shahrin Azhar

I was actually surprised to read the programme notes that the event was supposed to be a 2-hour affair. When I realised that fact upon reading it (since it was written at the back of the programme) at about 10:10pm during one of the commercial breaks, I was left wondering if we would ever finish the show on time or at the most before 11pm because we were only halfway there. I think we all know by now that an awards presentation show can never end within the stipulated time of 2 hours especially when you know you have a grand total of 27 awards to give away plus the amount of time it takes for the winners to get onto the stage to receive their awards and how long they take to give their speeches. A dry run or numerous rehearsals beforehand would have given you an indication of how long the programme would stretch.


My mentor, Abg Keatar along with Encik JA Halim and wife…

Which brings me to the following. I think the idea of limiting one’s winning / acceptance speech to thirty seconds is a great idea. However with such novelty, there should be a certain degree of leeway towards certain individuals. When you have veteran people in the industry winning for the first time in 40 years of toil, sweat, blood and tears to the profession they love so much, thirty seconds is scant respect one could accord to them to say their piece. They have after all earned it and might never earn it again in future or take up another few years before they can receive it again (touch wood). The least we could do is allow them the time to say something a bit more and perhaps share valuable advice to the younger generation who have just stepped into the scene. Since it is afterall the norm for the veterans to pass advice whenever they give an acceptance speech. I’m sure when the rehearsals and dry runs were made, the people in charge of the audio and sound system would have an idea on who were slated to win. Even if they did not, it’s up to their disgression to gauge how long before they start to prompt the winners that time is up on the actual day. And thirty seconds is just too short for these worthy winners.


No one can deny Hasnul Rahmat‘s pedigree…

Speaking of which, why in the world was Fiza O the only person not accorded the chance to say something for winning Manja’s Style Award??? Because for those of you who could recall watching the show, the moment they shooed her off the stage before she could walk over to the rostrum, they were waiting for Aaron to come back to introduce the next segment. And the poor guy who had been involved in an acting skit along with Zamberi Abdul Fatah, Suhaillah Salam and Haizad Imran shortly before the earlier award presentation, had to rush back and could be heard panting in front of the screen and buttoning his jacket whilst speaking to the audience. That’s a major boo-boo really. At least if Fiza was allowed to say a few words, they could have avoided such an embarrassing situation and adding on to Aaron‘s woes. And all this being done right in front of the President??? My goodness!!! TV production has never gone to this level!!!


I think some of us missed watching Rita Zahara read the news on Suria

Another thing that I, along with the majority of the audience, were not happy about was the presence of Xiang Yun, who gave away the Best Actor and Actress awards with Sharon Ismail. Pray tell me what her appearance could do, or be of distinct significance to the show??? I hope I don’t sound racist, but her presence and constant communicating in Mandarin left many in a quandary, to the point one member of the audience quipped loudly that this was Suria and not Channel 8. There was a stark difference to how welcomed her presence and Jack Neo‘s was. Jack was embraced by the audience because he not only spoke in English which was understood by many, but he also took the time and made the effort to speak in Malay, even if his pronunciation left us in stitches. But take nothing away from the guy, he showed great courage and determination to respect the event but sad to say, Xiang Yun was irrelevant to the show. The least the producers could do was pick a Malaysian-born Channel 8 actor or actress who could speak the language (Apple Hong comes to mind) and not make the audience cringed and wondered what was being said. Anyway I wonder if any of our entertainers, no matter in which field they excel in, get to present an award in Channel 8 shows like Star Awards.


Suhaillah Salam still looks gorgeous as ever. Must be the London air…

It was quite amusing to hear the acceptance speech when the previous Pesta Perdana was the Most Popular Programme, based on the number of viewership it garnered back in 2007. They were hoping to snare another one in the next edition of Pesta Perdana but judging by the reactions I read online so far, I wonder if watching from start till end is the main criteria or whether switching off halfway is still considered as watching throughout. The online hacks generally said the show sucked, of which the majority was attributed to Aaron‘s questionable presentation style while some complained about whether certain winners were worthy. All I can counter them is that winning is not about whether the person or the programme is popular in their eyes, but how good they were in the eyes of the judging panel, of which I have no qualms, as the winners all deserved them and I think the people around me also agreed, since they know and have all the experience to go along with whatever decisions that were made to present the award to the worthy. And it was heartening to see at times they stood up to give their fellow colleagues a standing ovation even if they were sitting quite far from one another.


When two cousins meet… Noor Atika & wifey…

Maybe another suggestion that can be pondered upon is to open up organising such big events like Salam Lebaran and even Pesta Perdana to other production houses. Some of these companies might have their own ways in going about doing them, perhaps they could inject and infuse other creative elements. Not that Eaglevision is not doing a good job at it but I think it would be fair to move around so that we do not get almost similar or repackaged products year in and out. The other production houses have shown their worth through the quality programmes that they are able to churn out and win for that matter. I’m sure given the opportunity, they would be able to do a good job as well. Eaglevision under Suria‘s banner could assist in various ways. In a small country like us, I think competitiveness just to gain ratings in this small industry should not be a hindrance for them to want to work together. Who knows, a working synergy might just improve things as we go along. Now that’s an experiment that I’m willing to see, not an experiment on an inexperienced host on a big stage.


I think no one can begrudge this win cos Wahyu‘s stock rose after Jeritan Sepi 3

I think I enjoyed the last event of the day the most, which was the reception afterwards. Not only was it an opportunity to snap photographs of the artistes in their finest regalia, it was a great time to meet old friends in the industry and created windows of opportunity to get acquainted to new ones. A pity that I could not get a lot of photographs as some were either too busy or I did not want to disturb their privacies either tucking into the scrumptious spread or chatting away with their fellow colleagues. Zalinah was such a dear at allowing me into the photography area to get good shots but not many artistes went in there to have their shots taken. I thought I was more fortunate getting them to pose for me while I moved around the reception area. I really cannot thank her enough.


The glamour couples of 2008: Norfasarie & Baihakki, Nurul Aini & Sofian

I think the most humbling experience I had whilst meeting everyone, was my conversation with Rafaat Hamzah. I have always admired his brutal honesty, not to mention his talents, and during Anugerah Skrin when he was one of the judges, and gave some damning verdicts on some of the contestants. I agreed with most, if not all of his comments back then, even when most people wrote in forums, complaining on national radio and such saying that he was too strict and uptight, even too honest for his own good. But I felt to progress one needs that kick up the backside to improve and to me he was a shining light in that programme. Anyway, whilst talking to him, he told me that he follows this blog regularly. I was quite embarrassed upon hearing it, afraid somewhat that I might have said some wrong things, but he reassured me that he likes reading what I type and to continue doing what I do best. That’s an encouragement coming from someone who shares my trait in being brutally honest in life.


Another couple who got hitched in 2008, Yusmaini & Eka Mairina

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the photos I’ve taken as well as this review. For the record and before I end, below is the roll of honour at this year’s Pesta Perdana 10:

Hasnul Rahmat Cinta Hati – Media Reel


Rahimah Yusof – Projek Cerpen: Natasha Arina – ThreeG Karma


Just loved their Sleeq-ed performance that night…


JA Halim – 1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Mastura Ahmad MANdai UNITED – Timor TV


Azhar Nor Lesta came with his nephew…


M Ramlee – Zero Downpayment – Eaglevision Productions


Hasif Md Nasir – 1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Syah Iskandar looking cool in this outfit…


Suhaimi Yusof – Pesta Perdana 9 – Eaglevision Productions


Nur Habriyah Md Nasir Kerana Fateha Telemovie – Eaglevision Productions


Faizal (of Kadir & Kadir fame) and Ashmie… Just received news that Ashmie was involved in an accident earlier today. Get well soon & speedy recovery bro!!!


1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Yazid Pakai Lampin – Qaboom Communications


Eligible bachelors all around (from left): Shahril Wahid, Effandy Idris, Eddy Sali & Wan Mohd Arshad


Anugerah Band 2008 – Eaglevision Productions


Sinar Lebaran 2007 Eaglevision Productions


Fauzie Laily still looking upbeat despite not winning the Most Popular Male award… At least his latest single has climbed up the local charts…


Mentari Sr 1 – Qaboom Communications


Ekstra! – Dua M


Marina Yusoff… Still looking beautiful as ever…


1988…Segaris Sinar – Sanif Olek – Shortman Films


Sinar Lebaran 2008 – Amirudin Abbas, Neng Hayati & Zaharian Osman – Eaglevision Productions


This is Nadiah Mohd of Rahsia Perkahwinan 2 fame…


MANdai UNITED – Timor TV Art Team – Timor TV


1988…Segaris Sinar – Seri Wahyuni Jaes – Shortman Films


A very loving couple: Kak Yana & Abg Suhaimi Yusof


Jalan Sr 2 – Idzwan Othman – Oak 3 Films


SEKSa – Screenbox Creative Post – Screenbox


Maiya Rahman has taken great pains to assert herself in the industry. Hopefully she can break the monopoly of male singers…


MANdai UNITED – Timor TV Art Team – Timor TV


Kerana Fateha – Rintihan Hati – Composer: Mayuni Omar – Lyricist: Amanah Mustafi – Artiste: Hariani Hassan Bakri – Eaglevision Productions


Our old friend, Fadhilah Samsudin


Pesta Perdana 9


Suhaimi Yusof Code: L5


Sani Hussin – One actor that can bring any role you give to him and he will do it with ease…


Wahyu Rahman – Code: W5

Credits to Suria for the information given above…


And that’s Sani‘s sister, Rosita… I think they should start giving her meatier roles other than those in comedies cos she has the potential…