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I’m facing a bout of writer’s block at the moment. But as I progress and type this entry, I hope everything will fall into place and at the same time, break the dam and let the thoughts flow. Before I move on, let me just take this opportunity to thank two parties that mattered most, firstly, Siti Zalinah Adam, for kindly inviting me and the wife to the event and for providing an excellent warm service for me with regards to moving around and getting good shots of the artistes during the reception. Oh and not to mention for providing the winners’ list as well, even though I have already noted them down myself. Secondly I would like to say thank you to my outfit sponsor, Jatt’s Collezione, for the nice getup that made me looked a little slimmer than I actually am. At least I wasn’t too overdressed last night like some events I attended in the past. Hahahah…


Dalina Jaapar interviewing (from left) Rita Zahara, Sharon Ismail & Ariati Tyeb Papar…

Before I embarked on typing this entry, I took the time to surf around to see what was the general consensus of the watching audience, be it live, at home or via web streaming. And I have to say and agree with majority, if not all of them, that Pesta Perdana 10 was an event that somehow failed to live up to expectations, being a prestigious event that our local entertainment industry look forward to year in and out. Ok, maybe in this case, once every two years. Why??? There were quite a few factors which I’m sure for those who watched, would have taken note of. And me being there live at the Mediacorp TV Theatre where it was held, could see and hear the endless grouses around me. And these grouses came from people who have been in the industry long enough to know what they were talking about. Me??? I’m just a novice who is reviewing this based on what I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears.


Wifey along with Manja Style Award winner Fiza O (left) and Nity Baizura (right)…

The good thing about being invited to such an event was that for once, I did not have to miss my evening responsibilities, as I had all the time to arrive at the Caldecott Broadcast Centre before the stipulated time that was stated on our invitation cards. When we arrived at the reception lobby, I wasn’t expecting a line to be formed just to wait for our cue to enter the building. But I thought ok, maybe they just needed us to enter in batches. But as time ticked by, the queue became longer and longer right up to the entrance of the lobby. All the invitees (artistes, media people, award nominees etc) could be seen getting impatient but to their credit, they killed time by chatting with one another and taking photographs of each other. I also took the time to exchange pleasantries with people I know. Had there been normal fans at the reception area, I can bet that all hell would break loose with them clamouring to take photographs. For the record, we waited close to half an hour before we were allowed into the building.


The man needs no introduction…

As we entered the lobby of the building where the auditorium was situated, we had to form rows again as Suria staff on hand, had to confirm our attendance and informed us of where we were to be seated in the auditorium. Precious minutes were wasted again so to speak. What made it worse there was that there were only two lifts going down to the auditorium at B3, and only one was in operation!!! As it was getting too crowded at the lobby with people forming rows or waiting for their turn to enter the lifts, some wise heads managed to open the doors to the staircase and that was when everyone started to move. The moment we entered the staircase, our sense of smell was severely challenged with the intoxicating smell of cigarette smoke. It was definitely a great way to minimise waiting time by going down the stairs but one had to “embrace and inhale it all in“, in the words of celebrity lawyer, Rudy Marican, who was walking in front of us.


The talented siblings, Habriyah and Hasif

The moment we stepped into the auditorium, it was exactly 8.30pm and the show had begun. I dunno why, but I wasn’t quite interested at looking at what was happening on stage. I was more mesmerised by the amount of vacant seats on the lower tiers where we were supposed to be seated and wondering why it was conspicuously “empty” on certain sections. Surely I thought that I cannot be considered “an early bird”??? In the end, we were all allowed to move in and sit when the show went into its first interval. The ushers were unsure of where our seats were supposed to be at so they said we could sit anywhere we liked. I had half the mind to sit at the lower tiers where the nominees were seated but I thought sitting with people from the industry whom I have known for years was more appropriate. So we ended up plonking ourselves in the same section as veterans in the industry. Good thing too since it was an opportunity to listen to their off-the-cuff remarks as the show progressed.


Mawar Berduri of Ahli Fiqir…

Ok I will not relate everything that went on on stage because I’m sure most of you who had watched it would know who were the winners, the movers and shakers as well as seen for yourselves the major cock-ups that happened. Before I start talking about the negatives, I will highlight the positives in that personally I enjoyed the little skits, the performances (even though some were lip-synched) and most notably the antics of Najip Ali & Nuraliza Osman when they presented the awards and also when Suhaimi Yusof, Jack Neo & Vadi came up to present as well. I think these more established hosts (i.e. Najip & Suhaimi in particular) livened up the show that was close to being a drab affair no thanks to a weary and tired-looking host in Aaron Aziz. Also, I felt that this year, all the winners were justified and not as questionable as in years past.


Nick Mikhail looking suave

Right, so now I’m pulling out my knives to dissect some of the things that went wrong. I hope that whatever criticisms I dish out henchforth would be taken with pinches of salt; not to paint an extremely bad picture but for the necessary parties to take them up and improve on future productions. I have to apologise to Aaron Aziz, extremely nice and charming person that he is, but I have to be fair and professional and say the choice of making him the host, in front of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore, was an extremely wrong one. I dunno if it was cold feet that he was suffering from, but reliable sources had informed me that it was more due to a lack of rehearsals and training on his part. Now I’m not gonna take everything I heard at face value and believe everything, but indeed the soul of such a prestigious event lie in how the host carries the show for 2-3 hours, even if it means he has to ad-lib or add certain things not written in the script when things go unexpectedly wrong, which is to be expected in a live event.


Joe Lazarie, he is well known in the theatre circle…

I agree it is not an easy task and I cannot put the sole blame on Aaron himself. I think he tried his best but his best just was not enough. An event touted as huge as this needed someone with character, expertise and most importantly, experience, in this line. Aaron is known as an actor and acting is what he does best, bless him. As the night went on, I wondered what is the point of finding new talents in hosting, in shows like Juara, Anugerah Skrin and such, when you don’t tap their talents or groom them to host big shows like these??? The least we could have was an experienced host who is able to carry the show single handedly on his / her shoulders like Suhaimi or Najip. It’s not about the looks, but how that person can bring life out of an awards show which is typically draggy in nature and awards shows are almost always notoriously known as such. Looks play a part I agree, but I think the watching audience at home are also concerned about how well the host entice eyes to be glued to the google box with his nonchalance and antics.


Suzairhe reminds me of Usher

Not even having a partner would have improved the show. If you are good, you can singlehandedly do it alone. Sometimes having too many cooks could also spoil the broth. I think I was not the only one in the audience who squirmed whenever Aaron tripped on his lines or sounded as though he was blabbering and trying to find the right words to use. Cos clearly I think the script was lost in his head as shown by certain segments of the show whereby he had to refer to his cue cards in front of the watching audience. That is a cardinal sin to make and somehow the word “prestigious” seemed to have escaped my mind to describe the event that was unfolding in front of my eyes. I think the main fault lies not with Aaron, but to whoever that was that chose him above more experienced people. This kind of mistake should never happen again. If this had happened in Malaysia or Indonesia, you can expect and guaran-damn-tee the media scribes to have a field day.


The comeback kid with the best quote of the night, Shahrin Azhar

I was actually surprised to read the programme notes that the event was supposed to be a 2-hour affair. When I realised that fact upon reading it (since it was written at the back of the programme) at about 10:10pm during one of the commercial breaks, I was left wondering if we would ever finish the show on time or at the most before 11pm because we were only halfway there. I think we all know by now that an awards presentation show can never end within the stipulated time of 2 hours especially when you know you have a grand total of 27 awards to give away plus the amount of time it takes for the winners to get onto the stage to receive their awards and how long they take to give their speeches. A dry run or numerous rehearsals beforehand would have given you an indication of how long the programme would stretch.


My mentor, Abg Keatar along with Encik JA Halim and wife…

Which brings me to the following. I think the idea of limiting one’s winning / acceptance speech to thirty seconds is a great idea. However with such novelty, there should be a certain degree of leeway towards certain individuals. When you have veteran people in the industry winning for the first time in 40 years of toil, sweat, blood and tears to the profession they love so much, thirty seconds is scant respect one could accord to them to say their piece. They have after all earned it and might never earn it again in future or take up another few years before they can receive it again (touch wood). The least we could do is allow them the time to say something a bit more and perhaps share valuable advice to the younger generation who have just stepped into the scene. Since it is afterall the norm for the veterans to pass advice whenever they give an acceptance speech. I’m sure when the rehearsals and dry runs were made, the people in charge of the audio and sound system would have an idea on who were slated to win. Even if they did not, it’s up to their disgression to gauge how long before they start to prompt the winners that time is up on the actual day. And thirty seconds is just too short for these worthy winners.


No one can deny Hasnul Rahmat‘s pedigree…

Speaking of which, why in the world was Fiza O the only person not accorded the chance to say something for winning Manja’s Style Award??? Because for those of you who could recall watching the show, the moment they shooed her off the stage before she could walk over to the rostrum, they were waiting for Aaron to come back to introduce the next segment. And the poor guy who had been involved in an acting skit along with Zamberi Abdul Fatah, Suhaillah Salam and Haizad Imran shortly before the earlier award presentation, had to rush back and could be heard panting in front of the screen and buttoning his jacket whilst speaking to the audience. That’s a major boo-boo really. At least if Fiza was allowed to say a few words, they could have avoided such an embarrassing situation and adding on to Aaron‘s woes. And all this being done right in front of the President??? My goodness!!! TV production has never gone to this level!!!


I think some of us missed watching Rita Zahara read the news on Suria

Another thing that I, along with the majority of the audience, were not happy about was the presence of Xiang Yun, who gave away the Best Actor and Actress awards with Sharon Ismail. Pray tell me what her appearance could do, or be of distinct significance to the show??? I hope I don’t sound racist, but her presence and constant communicating in Mandarin left many in a quandary, to the point one member of the audience quipped loudly that this was Suria and not Channel 8. There was a stark difference to how welcomed her presence and Jack Neo‘s was. Jack was embraced by the audience because he not only spoke in English which was understood by many, but he also took the time and made the effort to speak in Malay, even if his pronunciation left us in stitches. But take nothing away from the guy, he showed great courage and determination to respect the event but sad to say, Xiang Yun was irrelevant to the show. The least the producers could do was pick a Malaysian-born Channel 8 actor or actress who could speak the language (Apple Hong comes to mind) and not make the audience cringed and wondered what was being said. Anyway I wonder if any of our entertainers, no matter in which field they excel in, get to present an award in Channel 8 shows like Star Awards.


Suhaillah Salam still looks gorgeous as ever. Must be the London air…

It was quite amusing to hear the acceptance speech when the previous Pesta Perdana was the Most Popular Programme, based on the number of viewership it garnered back in 2007. They were hoping to snare another one in the next edition of Pesta Perdana but judging by the reactions I read online so far, I wonder if watching from start till end is the main criteria or whether switching off halfway is still considered as watching throughout. The online hacks generally said the show sucked, of which the majority was attributed to Aaron‘s questionable presentation style while some complained about whether certain winners were worthy. All I can counter them is that winning is not about whether the person or the programme is popular in their eyes, but how good they were in the eyes of the judging panel, of which I have no qualms, as the winners all deserved them and I think the people around me also agreed, since they know and have all the experience to go along with whatever decisions that were made to present the award to the worthy. And it was heartening to see at times they stood up to give their fellow colleagues a standing ovation even if they were sitting quite far from one another.


When two cousins meet… Noor Atika & wifey…

Maybe another suggestion that can be pondered upon is to open up organising such big events like Salam Lebaran and even Pesta Perdana to other production houses. Some of these companies might have their own ways in going about doing them, perhaps they could inject and infuse other creative elements. Not that Eaglevision is not doing a good job at it but I think it would be fair to move around so that we do not get almost similar or repackaged products year in and out. The other production houses have shown their worth through the quality programmes that they are able to churn out and win for that matter. I’m sure given the opportunity, they would be able to do a good job as well. Eaglevision under Suria‘s banner could assist in various ways. In a small country like us, I think competitiveness just to gain ratings in this small industry should not be a hindrance for them to want to work together. Who knows, a working synergy might just improve things as we go along. Now that’s an experiment that I’m willing to see, not an experiment on an inexperienced host on a big stage.


I think no one can begrudge this win cos Wahyu‘s stock rose after Jeritan Sepi 3

I think I enjoyed the last event of the day the most, which was the reception afterwards. Not only was it an opportunity to snap photographs of the artistes in their finest regalia, it was a great time to meet old friends in the industry and created windows of opportunity to get acquainted to new ones. A pity that I could not get a lot of photographs as some were either too busy or I did not want to disturb their privacies either tucking into the scrumptious spread or chatting away with their fellow colleagues. Zalinah was such a dear at allowing me into the photography area to get good shots but not many artistes went in there to have their shots taken. I thought I was more fortunate getting them to pose for me while I moved around the reception area. I really cannot thank her enough.


The glamour couples of 2008: Norfasarie & Baihakki, Nurul Aini & Sofian

I think the most humbling experience I had whilst meeting everyone, was my conversation with Rafaat Hamzah. I have always admired his brutal honesty, not to mention his talents, and during Anugerah Skrin when he was one of the judges, and gave some damning verdicts on some of the contestants. I agreed with most, if not all of his comments back then, even when most people wrote in forums, complaining on national radio and such saying that he was too strict and uptight, even too honest for his own good. But I felt to progress one needs that kick up the backside to improve and to me he was a shining light in that programme. Anyway, whilst talking to him, he told me that he follows this blog regularly. I was quite embarrassed upon hearing it, afraid somewhat that I might have said some wrong things, but he reassured me that he likes reading what I type and to continue doing what I do best. That’s an encouragement coming from someone who shares my trait in being brutally honest in life.


Another couple who got hitched in 2008, Yusmaini & Eka Mairina

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the photos I’ve taken as well as this review. For the record and before I end, below is the roll of honour at this year’s Pesta Perdana 10:

Hasnul Rahmat Cinta Hati – Media Reel


Rahimah Yusof – Projek Cerpen: Natasha Arina – ThreeG Karma


Just loved their Sleeq-ed performance that night…


JA Halim – 1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Mastura Ahmad MANdai UNITED – Timor TV


Azhar Nor Lesta came with his nephew…


M Ramlee – Zero Downpayment – Eaglevision Productions


Hasif Md Nasir – 1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Syah Iskandar looking cool in this outfit…


Suhaimi Yusof – Pesta Perdana 9 – Eaglevision Productions


Nur Habriyah Md Nasir Kerana Fateha Telemovie – Eaglevision Productions


Faizal (of Kadir & Kadir fame) and Ashmie… Just received news that Ashmie was involved in an accident earlier today. Get well soon & speedy recovery bro!!!


1988…Segaris Sinar – Shortman Films


Yazid Pakai Lampin – Qaboom Communications


Eligible bachelors all around (from left): Shahril Wahid, Effandy Idris, Eddy Sali & Wan Mohd Arshad


Anugerah Band 2008 – Eaglevision Productions


Sinar Lebaran 2007 Eaglevision Productions


Fauzie Laily still looking upbeat despite not winning the Most Popular Male award… At least his latest single has climbed up the local charts…


Mentari Sr 1 – Qaboom Communications


Ekstra! – Dua M


Marina Yusoff… Still looking beautiful as ever…


1988…Segaris Sinar – Sanif Olek – Shortman Films


Sinar Lebaran 2008 – Amirudin Abbas, Neng Hayati & Zaharian Osman – Eaglevision Productions


This is Nadiah Mohd of Rahsia Perkahwinan 2 fame…


MANdai UNITED – Timor TV Art Team – Timor TV


1988…Segaris Sinar – Seri Wahyuni Jaes – Shortman Films


A very loving couple: Kak Yana & Abg Suhaimi Yusof


Jalan Sr 2 – Idzwan Othman – Oak 3 Films


SEKSa – Screenbox Creative Post – Screenbox


Maiya Rahman has taken great pains to assert herself in the industry. Hopefully she can break the monopoly of male singers…


MANdai UNITED – Timor TV Art Team – Timor TV


Kerana Fateha – Rintihan Hati – Composer: Mayuni Omar – Lyricist: Amanah Mustafi – Artiste: Hariani Hassan Bakri – Eaglevision Productions


Our old friend, Fadhilah Samsudin


Pesta Perdana 9


Suhaimi Yusof Code: L5


Sani Hussin – One actor that can bring any role you give to him and he will do it with ease…


Wahyu Rahman – Code: W5

Credits to Suria for the information given above…


And that’s Sani‘s sister, Rosita… I think they should start giving her meatier roles other than those in comedies cos she has the potential…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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  1. WOW! u are actually so hardworking to put it all up and post everything up based on teh pesta perdana 10 eh?:) im seriously impressed:) what do you in life btw? working where?

  2. My sentiments exactly ! Regarding Xiang Yun, my sisters said that perhaps she was not fluent enough to speak in English but to me it just showed a lack of respect for the audience. The only time she made an attempt to communicate with the audience was to talk about her heroic husband.

    Perhaps you are too gentlemanly to comment on the ladies’ dressing but I got the impression that with such a glamorous event they felt entitled to reveal a little more than what’s generally considered modest in our community.

    1. Actually if I were to compare Pesta Perdana 9 and Pesta Perdana 10, I think the former had more female artistes who dressed a bit too revealing for our community to digest. This year wasn’t too bad cos generally I felt a majority of them covered up where they were supposed to. Anyway, I am unworthy to speak of their dressing. You can’t blame the artistes entirely for their choice of get up. I think their respective stylists and outfit sponsors are equally responsible as well.

      Xiang Yun was more a case of lack of respect as well as not being sensitive. I think if I was her, I would turn the offer down to make the appearance rather than embarrass myself in front of thousands watching…

  3. Assalamualaikum Bro…Honestly I have followed yor blog since u post the picture of kakak cantik.Thank you and KC for that article.Sadly bro I have to agree with you about pesta Perdana 10.I am so furios and dissapointed with the event.It is suppose to be the most glamorous show for the year for our local artist,but somehow it turn up this way.Ive have been waiting anxiously for almost 2 weeks to wacth the show on TV and even try calling Warna FM to get free tickets in their quizes but after I wachted the event on TV I would say thank god I did not win the quiz.Bro the event was poorly organized,sorry to say bro it was a humilation to our local artist and the malay commuinity.I do not have to comment further because you have commented honestly and well.Thank You…sorry my english is not very good

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog and I am impressed with your recent post about the Pesta Perdana 10.

    Aaron Aziz is a great actor but honestly to put him as a host that day was totally a wrong move because he doesn’t entertain the audience. (well I thought he could because he won the best comedian last year)

    I really hope Pesta Perdana 11 will better than this.


  5. The show was overall not interesting except for the part where Suhaimi Yusof was on. The dressings of most of the female artists who went up-stage were a total shame and unsightful sight. Please realize that ‘The Big Day’ of Kiamat is drawing near. Do come back to the right path before its too late! Dressing up like that doesn’t make us famous and prestigious…if you are really good, you’ll just stand up among the rest……

  6. I just don’t understand why majority of you people busybody about with what they wanna wear? their body their style it’s their problem. They whose the one gonna face the so called ‘soal jawab kubur’ it got nothing to do with you people. Let them be. As long they are happy. This is no more in a year back in those days ‘ZAMAN BATU’ which have no fashion which have no style. It’s up to individual and their own concept. Mcm gini bila lagi melayu nak maju kalau asyik nak matikan orang malyu sendiri. To me all what they were wearing doesn’t appealing langsung. Tak sexy pun… cuma terdedar nampak aurat sikit je. Ni bukan Anugerah Nasyid cik kak oii.. Let them be la… hais…

    1. Actually tak salah untuk saling ingat mengingati antara satu dengan lain cuma ada cara lah dan cara tu tak boleh terus tuduh, tempelak dan secara konfrontasi. Dari org nak dgr, terus jadi marah. To me, soal jawab kubur adalah tanggungjawab kita bersama sebagai org Islam utk saling ingat mengingati, nasihat menasihati. To have this attitude and mentality “kubur kau, kau jawab, kubur aku, aku jawab” smacks of selfishness when Islam itself tak ajar kita jadi tahi hidung masin. Apa guna hari2 kita solat kita tadah tangan sambil doa “Allahumaghfir lil muslimina wal muslimat, wal mukminina wal mukminat” kalau kita tak nakkan Allah ampunkan dosa2 saudara2 seIslam kita???

      Setiap orang ada cara tersendiri memberi nasihat, pada yang nak dgr Alhamdulillah, kalau tak, tu terpulang cos org yg beri nasihat tu dah pun jalankan tanggungjawabnya sebagai org Islam. Yang tak nak dgr, semoga mendapat hidayah. Tak perlu defensif. Dan bagi yang beri nasihat, berpada2lah agar tak timbul kemarahan orang lain biarpun niat asalnya baik…

  7. Sorry as for myself i don’t pray but i know what i’m doin. what i know jangan jadi kpo atau jaga tepi kain orang . Dorang pun dah besar bukan budak2 ada yang dah tua bangka nak beri nasihat pun takda gunanya. Buat ape nak buang masa. Even for me myself i am not those kind of lady like person. But i can define it for myself that what they were wearing is not appealing at all. And i don’t get it apa yang dorang nak heboh hebohkan tentang pakaian mereka. Bukannya dorang terlanjang kaper… hais… kalau nak kata appealing baju kebaya pun appealing jugak ape?? pun nampak betuk badan sama aurat , transparent jugak can see inside what… so what the diff?? nak dorang pakai baju kurung pesak ke atau jubah seekali?? that what i said ni bukan Anugerah Nasyid. Ni bukan kerana sombong tahi ke atau tahi idung masin ke tak, ni pada pendapat masing2. I only can say what i’m thinking off cause everyone do have a freedom of speech.

  8. Respect bro for this post! Saya harap Pesta Perdana boleh di buat ala Academy Awards supaya boleh menjadi satu majlis anugerah yang prestigious.

    Lain kali, ambil lah host yang ada “class” macam afdlin shauki ke, lawak tapi yang ada “class”, persembahan hiburan yang ada “class” bukan macam rancangan pesta pesta pesta pulak atau anugerah, rojak betul!



  9. oh dan lagi satu, saya hairan kenapa PESTA PERDANA boleh menang Rancangan Popular ni? Ni macam masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Rancangan Anugerah tak boleh lah di kira undi rancangan popular seperti memilih rancangan Academy Awards menang rancangan popular TV, of course Award Shows will get most viewers!!

    Lu pikirlah sendiri! 🙂

  10. ttg pakaian tu… fyi…mmg kubur sendiri…mmg baju kebaya tu ketat dan apa-apa sahaja alasan yg defensive….ttp ini adalah anugerah bangsa melayu yg kononnya berprestige…jadi di manakah kemelayuan yg sering diwar-warkan oleh mediamassa singapura ? suruh org cakap bahasa melayu baku dan menyambut bulan bahasa dan budaya ttp apabila ada peluang utk menunjukkan melayu kepada dunia kita pilih menjadi ala org barat dan berasa bangga dgnnya…sedangkan saya rasa org barat kalau tgk pun tak heran…mereka lebih suka melihat pakaian dan budaya kita…so…bukan pasal kubur bukan pasal kepo ttp integrity kita sebagai org melayu… atau adakah mmg kita sudah…me…la…yu ? pasallah dgn bangsa lain ttp ini maruah bangsa kita yg kita ra ra kan .. kalau di barat ada valentino chanel dsb di sini kita ada Fatimah Mohsin…Hijab Iran dsb nama-nama pereka fesyen baju melayu yg terkenal…so kenapa tidak mempromosikan bakat-bakat org melayu kita..

  11. I was surprise also with our heartthrob Aaron Aziz… is’nt it funny that a person who’s used to hafal skrip day in and day out…susah nak ingat skrip untuk PP10 ?!

    Pasal Rozita Sani… saya setuju…dia mmg berpotensi…she has good facial expression…unlike some ppl muka tgh marah pun muka terperanjat …muka tgh excited pun muka terperanjat…facial expressionnya satu je… oh and syabas krn berpakaian yg tidak menjolok mata…

    Mmg pakain menjadi topik hot…sbb yg tgk kat tv tu adalah org Melayu Muslim eh…jadi sopan lah sikit…bukan suruh pakai jubah atau telekong…ttp…sopan is the word….

    And if you say masyarakat kita sendiri berpakaian yg…what influence them? i guess kalau kita buat essei ttg influence saya pasti salah satu di antaranya adalah media massa. So tunjuklah contoh yg baik supaya masyarakat ikut yg baik…

  12. Not to start a riot, but, these are just some of my thoughts:

    Jangan jadi kpo boleh tak, you are just showing how uneducated you are in all aspects; academically, socially and religiously. People, especially the non-Muslims, should realize that not all Malays are Muslims; you are the clear example.

    Pujangga Malam, I have newfound respect for you, and may more people in the Malay-Muslim community be like you. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about not having the “kubur kau, kau jawab, kubur aku, aku jawab” mentality.

    saje saje je: Same applies to you brother. (:

    1. MY-2-CENTS: Thank you for ur kind words. In actual fact and if this was say, 5 years ago, I would have actually used that first sentence you used in the 2nd paragraph but I thought it might be a tad too harsh for others to accept. So I had to cut and mince my words so ppl might be more receptive to what I say. I certainly hope that more in the community would at least have a bit of sense and rationale but we have to remember that we’re living in a world which is geared into going back to the days of Jahiliyyah; sure signs that the Day of Judgment is looming. We can only say our piece but at the end of the day, it’s up to them to take it up and be more receptive to the idea…

      To the rest who commented: Thank you very much. Appreciate all your comments…

  13. oh by the way sorry i’m not malay. you can say how uneducated i am. but i can see what kind of malay you are… typically asian…

  14. well, i don’t agree with some of the comments. why are these people get so worked up to see those artist wearing revealing clothes ? i mean, its understandable and enough if you just express your thoughts and feelings about our local artists. but i think one of you went to the extent to even mention about hari kiamat and even asked them to repent. how smart of these people to mention that. look at yourself first before you asked people to go to the right way. and wait, isn’t it a sin for you to talk bad things behind people which is also ‘mengumpat’ ? i just can’t understand malay people these days, even though i’m one of them. its quite sad.

  15. Hey bro

    good review of PP10,I was always afraid you might give a “cop-out” review, but kudos to you for reviewing it the way you wanted it to be.

    PP10 was a letdown, to say the least. Poor host (sorry aaron), everything looks rushed and not planned properly and the skits. Whats up with the skits? It looks as though they have just decided to “lets put Aaron and Alias together and they can ad-lib this. Dont worry, Alias in drag will have the crowd in stitches”. The skits were unnecessary, unfunny and Id rather they take away their skits and give M. Ramlee more time on the mic when he was accepting his award.
    And those awkward moments during the prize presentation , they look 1000x worse on TV.

  16. salam untuk semua, saya hanya ingin memberikan pandangan ikhlas terhadap komen2 diatas. terutama sekali untuk ‘jgn jadi kepo boleh tak’ …. instigfar lah banyak2 wahai saudara/saudari ku. jika anda sudah mengaku bahwa anda ini tidak mendirikan solat yg fardu & tidak merasakan kesalahan langsung, jika anda rasa bahwa tidak ada salah nya seorang perempuan muslim mendedah kan aurat sedang dalam Islam wajib ia menjaga aurat nya, apa lagi yg harus di perkatakan. ingatlah hidup hanya sementara, sedang kan Allah cintakan kita tapi sedih nya kita ini amat angkuh terhadap nya. memang ini bukan acara nasyid & sebagainya tapi adakah itu satu alasan buat kita umat Islam untuk membelakang kan ugama kita?? adakah jika kita tidak mengikut adat resam kafir kita tidak akan maju?? ambil lah contoh nabi muhammad kita yg amat dikasihi. belajarlah dari contoh2 kehidupan nya. jgn jadikan alasan bahwa kita akan mundur jika kita menegakkan syiar Islam. memang betul kata saudara PM, kita harus menegur dgn beralas tapi apakah saudara2 kita ini mahu membuka minda & matahati mereka?? jika allah memberi ingatlah dia juga boleh mengambil nya dengan sekelip mata. jadi sebagai saudara Islam kita WAJIB ingat mengigati sesama agar kita tidak akan terus hanyut dalam alam dunia sahaja. buat saudara2 ku yg bernama artis … alhamdulillah dengan kemenangan anda tapi ingat lah bahwa itu semua adalah nikmat dari Allah …. jgn lah di persenda kan nikmat yg kita dapat dari nya. solat itu tiang agama tapi mengapa di perlekehkan?? ia amat berat di lakukan tapi amat ringan di tinggalkan. tiada niat di hati saya untuk menyinggung perasaan sesiapa cuma saya rasa terpanggil untuk memberikan pendapat saya. sekian, yg baik itu dari Allah & yg tidak itu dari saya hamba yg daif. Wassalam.

  17. i agree with what Yassy says even me i didn’t find the answer till today.. why suddenly appear about dying and also about religion thingy??? you were talking about haram here, you were saying that is for the “malay”reputation, you were convince that they shouldn’t wear like that? who are they? how many of them wear such appealing outfit? and how many of you were chatter about them?? why take till up to extend? i really don’t understand and thanks for trying to convince me, but how much explaination you had given to me even one didn’t answer it correctly… i guess you guys don’t really know what i’m trying to define here. sorry. so the main topic here is all about the clothing and suddenly it turns out to be RELIGION thingy.. Very the complicated.

  18. also sorry thanks for the ‘speech’and the ‘preach’. can anyone else gimme the right explaination… thank you so much…

  19. i browse the net i came across this site which about typical malay is this a good thing or a bad thing? which one i should feel ashamed off?? by wearing an outfit which to me its doesn’t appealing at all OR it’s a common for you people being like this?

    if me i will feel ashamed of this then rather by showing off my wee bit skin…

  20. sorry once again for being annoying for your info i am one of the student which doing some research about the article and my main topic is to find the specific reason and answer so that i could do my assignment and finish my tasks on time. Why i said that none of the reason were given to me is what i’m looking for?, cause that not what my lecturer were seeking for. Also it have nothing to do about religion thingy on my assignment. Cause we have our rules to follow and abide that we shouldn’t include any of the religion or non relevant materials which can lead to misunderstanding. Also we are living in a multi racial society so we have to be rational and i am really in need of specific reason and if anyone can provide me the reason i appreciate so much.

    That the reason why i am here debating and questioning cause i can’t find what i’m looking for … only i can find is a BIG QUESTION MARK +++

    Why i consider to take this articles and argument? cause i find it’s interesting and yes i can speak malay cause i am baba also, is this the way malay people treating one another? i mean the link i posted above?? Also at first i don’t really understand what is the mean of Typical malay is… till it makes one of my Malay gf feel so bad when people calling her Names… Now then i know why…

    1. You’re beginning to get on my nerves with your incessant postings. Can you please stop spamming my blog with your non-stop blabbering??? If you’re doing a research then you jolly well come in in the first place and state your rightful intent rather than beat about the bush. Only when you’re cornered, that’s when you revealed you’re doing a research.

      I expect people who leave comments in my blog to have some sense of integrity and honesty. If you want answers, the net is not a good gauge to find one knowing you’ll get flak, preaches, sensitive answers etc. And all these from people you do not know of their identity. Research does not involve sitting on your chair, staring at the screen, pressing a few buttons and hoping to find answers at the click of “Enter”.

      You should go out and interview different age groups of people and finding out for yourself the answers, not by provoking others and expecting people to give you answers. There is a link between being a Malay and being a Muslim. I don’t think I need to elaborate further and I don’t wish to discuss sensitive topics in my blog. The least you could have done was ask nicely but you came in like a gangster and challenged the status quo. Definitely your ill-advised actions invoked angry responses from the more conservative Malays / Muslims reading your comments.

      Anymore nonsense from you after this, and I will treat your comments as spam…

  21. I think you start to misunderstand here,as i said the one who you think is spamming your blog is your own race not me. . after all she posted on your blog that regarding about this post which to you ‘like a gangsters’ approach their enemy which i think she knew what she’s doing and what she’s up to. But as for me i just want the specific answer if you can’t give it then i will just google it somewhere else. To me no harm asking around.

    p/s if you think WE are spamming your blog just feel free to delete our comment.

    1. I’m sorry but I think without a fire starter there won’t be flames. And you my dear, have stoked and fanned the flames by challenging the others and creating furore even if to you it’s a harmless issue.

      The percentage of Muslims in Singapore is about 97-98% in Singapore. Naturally the general feeling is that Malay = Muslim. Even then not all the 97% or 98% are staunch or practising Muslims. Just like you have non-practising Hindus, Sikhs, Christians etc. Even if we take away the religion factor, Malay culture and heritage or even Asian values as a whole, frown upon showing too much skin when clothed. You came in speaking in Malay, naturally the rest thought that you’re a Malay and in turn, a Muslim, till you revealed much later that you’re a Peranakan. This is the problem with the Net. One cannot see the other who left comments and can only second guess by the way the other speaks.

      Malays are naturally a very defensive and conservative race. Anything that happens in the community that could mar the reputation of Malays / Muslims, they will immediately jump. The issue on clothes worn during PP10 was a glaring example. Take away Islam and you are still left with culture. Our culture depicts one to dress modestly. There are other factors that link Malay culture and Islam which does not need elaboration lest I’ll be typing a thesis for you. Both culture and religion come hand in hand and this is why you see the number of negative responses we have towards the artistes who were showing a bit more skin than they should.

      I hope the next time you pose challenging thoughts and comments, you would consider first whether your tone is acceptable to your audience or not… And with a little bit of integrity and honesty, state your rightful intent…

  22. sure. thanks for the explaination. however i guess the one who wrote down in here she take it that she feel ashamed of her own culture. that the reason why she start yearning and came out all sort of thoughts. well seriously i don’t really know what is happening here about your culture that she start to protest and dominating.. all i know is to finish up my things and that it.

    Thanks once again

  23. Reader, i know! i know! the answer is explanation. hehe.

    bro, kesian aku tgk blog kau. jadi mangsa spam. mmg a letdown pp10. anyways, keep the reviews coming.. im reading….

  24. The show was BAD!! Suhaimi, Mastura…These are the two names that should stop receiving all this awards. I mean, I’m not saying that Suhaimi Yusof and Mastura are bad, not at all..ALL I’m saying is, come on, give a chance to other people.
    Why the hell is Suria trying to promote youngsters, or they called it “Anak-anak baru mude tempatan” if you’re not going to support them??
    I heard from inside source that the judges for almost all the category is chinese people.
    Think about it, who has the most appearance malay actor in Channel 5? Suhaimi..and? Yup, Mastura Ahmad!
    Segaris Sinar ridiculously beat Jeritan Sepi 3?? What the hell was that? Jeritan Sepi should have win at least one category. They were good. Segaris Sinar was being sponsored and involved with a lot of chinese people..
    So….get the picture..
    Singaporean melayu can never succeed la. N.E.V.E.R!!!
    Want to know why? It’s because they all are “Mate Merah”!!
    Malaysia and Indonesia is just beside us, why the hell are their industry sooo much bigger?
    Was it because of sponsor? Or was it because their people support them? Or was it no one in Singapore dare to take a risk?
    Too much red-tape in this industry..yet, the so called Singaporean government want to act like in the U.S while their industry are so fucked up. Ok, lets not go to Hollywood, just take a look at M’sia award event..How incredible it is. Not just one you know. There’s RTM, AMM, etc..
    Singapore…Pesta Perdana…every two years…hmm..
    No sponsor…FIND one!
    No money….GET A SPONSOR.
    All it takes is oneperson to say yes, and trust me, the rest WILL follow.
    If not, malay industry will always be like this..forever.

  25. Jangan Jadi Kpo Boleh Tak, I support you..
    What they wanna wear, that’s up to the artist. typical example why Malay can never succeed.
    All the makcik-makcik complain every single time.
    And what is this I’m hearing about Muslim and Tuhan semua keluar?
    Come on la, ape ni? This is an industry of showbiz.
    Stop it with all your nonsense.
    Yang dosa diorang, not you. Don’t like it? Go kill yourself.
    This is not P.Ramlee stage ok..Its 2009!
    People want to wear whatever, let them be!
    What? You want them to dress up in tudung for Pesta Perdana and you all will start supporting the malay industry? No right?
    So?? Why soooo kepo?
    Even in our religion thought us to remind each other, not criticize!
    Nasihat..tak boleh nasihat..again..go kill yourself!!
    Nak pakse-pakse orang kenape?
    Why don’t you people criticize about which drama or actor is better than talking about religion and clothes..
    The stupidest topic i’ve heard..besides that, you people should really go start learning about islam back to basic. 101

    If you not happy i’m saying this…again…and again..GO KILL YOURSELF!!!!

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