Clothes & The Lack Of It…

It’s exactly a week since Pesta Perdana 10 and people are still discussing about the outfits being worn by some of the female artistes. The discussions, rants and complaints have even made its way into the Forum section of Berita Harian this past Wednesday though only two letters were published. I even had visitors to this blog asking why I did not make a mention about it??? I even had people using my blog as a platform to have their own tirade with each other with regards to giving advice and stuff. You guys can check out my Pesta Perdana 10 Review and read the comments cos I won’t be glorifying any of them here.

I have to apologise and say that I am not in the right position to comment on their dressing even if I myself felt a little uncomfortable seeing some of them during the post-event reception. In fact I don’t think I need to sound any displeasure, bang my head against the wall out of frustration or start to be all preachy, even if I know and some of you who know me well know that I am capable of doing that, simply because the community is always the first to bay for blood when it comes to things like these. I believe that each individual who was brave enough to show that wee bit of skin that night are mature and wise enough to know that they are being scrutinised by a very sensitive community, and this is magnified by how many times they appear on the television screens or through having their photographs published by online citizens.

With every Pesta Perdana event, there will always be complaints coming from the general public on the outfits of our female artistes and it’s becoming like a broken record already. Personally I felt this year there was a slight improvement in that at least it was not as bad as the previous edition whereby I thought there were more who preferred to show some skin. I think with each passing edition, stylists and outfitters must be scratching their heads on what to let the artistes wear for the event, and having to minimise public anger to go along with it. From the way I look at it, I think the community expects our artistes to cover up like a certain Dato’ across the Causeway, but we also have to remember that even she herself had been criticised time and time again for her fashion sense, even if her image had always been covered up prior to fashionising the way she covers her head now.

But when I look at the amount of abuse being directed at the female artistes, another question comes to mind. How come a one off event, that happens just once every two years, that is being glorified and given huge attention, can spark so much anger when in actual fact we see so many of our teenage girls, ladies, mothers, even grandmothers showing their skin, flaunt their assets, show off their figure in daring outfits or even the normal mini skirts on a daily basis as we move around the country and these people get away scot-free with murder??? Then there’s also the matter of seeing such unwanted scenes during Ramadhan at the bazaars around the country. Shouldn’t they too be deserving of such rants and complaints as well??? Look I’m not condoning what the artistes wore that night or what some of you might accuse me of favouritism towards friends / acquaintances in the industry, but I think we should start to look at things in a bigger picture than just scrutinise and magnify the actions of a small minority of our community, especially in an event as rare as that.

Yes these artistes are supposed to be role models that people look up to but I’m sure that sometimes the clothes does not make the person. It is one thing to rant and complain but I believe there should also be a way to address it without sounding too emotional, too sensitive and filled with vile and anger, common traits that define us as a community. Being confrontational does not solve the case, in fact I think it might even breed a kind of rebellion in future. This is not to say you can’t give advice, you most definitely can, cos I know you are doing your job and upholding your responsibility as a fellow Muslim but there is a way to voice your grievances without making the other party or even those who digress angry.

Speaking of which, someone commented in that review and it made me quite angry seeing a particular phrase that some of our people love to use out of convenience. I personally hate the phrase and idea of “Your grave you answer, my grave I answer“. To me, whoever that says it needs to go back to religious class and learn that being a Muslim will tell you that your responsibility is to remind and give advice to one another. Our religion is beautiful enough to showcase that we are a kind and sharing lot; that at the end of time, all of us would like to taste the sweetness of Paradise. That accursed phrase only smacks of selfishness and highlights one’s arrogance and apparent bravery in facing the Hereafter as though Paradise is guaranteed for him or her. I don’t think I need to delve further on this topic as this is not meant to be a Forum Perdana. For those of you who are wise enough to see the rationale, I’m sure you would agree and understand what I mean…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

13 thoughts on “Clothes & The Lack Of It…”

  1. yes i do agree with you being a ‘muslim’ do advice one another, but if the one we advice but they heck care what are you gonna do? to me it’s a commonly used by people (your grave is yours my grave is mine). Also for all people who can’t resists to watch those womens with their outrageous outfit i think you must be jealous cause you don’t have the figure anymore and don’t tell me when you were young indeed you are Soo good and pious?? Everyone do make mistakes. Its up to individual to accept it or not. But what an “ISSUE” about the artists OUTFIT. doesn’t make any sense at all.. Talking about religion you here were talking about being a muslimin and muslimah but infact do you know that by talking about others is a SIN?? Though to you is a REMINDER and A GOOD JOB but for some people who might think you are inane. Well i guess that all… no grudges thou only what i’m thinkin off… as i said individual thoughts might be different sometimes. No one is perfect. Though how hard you try to defense the society i guess nowadays most of them are self center and who cares … especially for those artists kata artists mesti nak tangkap glamour setahun sekali. Tak salah bukan.. Also for me i don’t encourage them but i pity them cause by choosing the right outfit for the Pesta Perdana is such a hussle and lots of work. End up here people scrutinizing them and gossiping around.. Can you people be more rational?? I guess they also don’t want this to be happened but however as i said people do make mistakes doesn’t mean whatever they do you have to be so mean to them… By published in media and babbling about their outfit as if there’s no other topic to chatter around.. Well i guess i’m in wrong channel now.. what i mean being in the TYPICAL SOCIETY.

    1. Advice should be given for the benefit of the community. One can give advice and it’s up to the people who listen to take it up and improve or not. If they choose to remain the way they are, then so be it. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong in passing advice because it’s our responsibility. One does not need to be good and pious to give advice. It is the job of every person who know the difference between right and wrong to pass advice. Nak terima, terima, tak terima itu terpulang pada individu. There was an article I read a few weeks ago (can’t remember where but I think it was in Berita Harian) about it’s ok to jaga tepi kain orang sometimes but of course it all depends on the context and circumstances one goes about doing that.

      Speaking about others without naming them or showing any of their photos so as to identify them is ok and not a sin, provided your intention (niat) is for others not to repeat the mistakes they make. If every thing we say is a sin, then what’s the point of living??? I think you need to understand that Islam is not all that rigid, if not, it wouldn’t be the fastest growing religion in the world. Yes the community might come across as self-centred and displaying a heck-care attitude, esp when it comes to the things they consume, but it is also up to the remaining people left to continue giving advice without being too imposing and too harsh with their comments. That was why I chose not to comment about the dressing in the review because I know that I might start to be all preachy when in fact I don’t qualify to pass such advice.

      Glamour is one thing, but as I had mentioned, they are wise and mature enough to know that what they do will be scrutinised by the public. That’s the law of being in the entertainment line. And whatever criticisms that come their way, they should just accept it. Whether they want to listen is another matter…

    1. Salam Iz, thank you for sharing the link with fellow readers of this blog, esp those who do not read or subscribe to Berita Harian. I’ve read it early on Thursday morning and couldn’t help but smile when I read it… 🙂

  2. Peace be upon you, my friend.
    I was wondering, how u found Hirman’s article on wikipedia.
    As far as I am concerned, I created the page and it got deleted and I was banned.
    I am just curious and I would be updating another proper page.


    1. Peace be upon you too friend, I presume you’re his cousin??? 🙂
      I just googled on “Hirman Rasid” and one of the search hits led me to that article.
      I guess Wikipedia still has it in its cache…

  3. well said “Jangan jadi kpo boleh tak”. the problem with our community is, we quote bits of the religion to our convenience only. we use the fault of others especially, to support the constant plaigarism we commit. somehow as we do that, it ‘elevates’ our stature as a ‘model muslim’. hmmm…. kalau nak cross reference pasal arief, memang ada (based on own experience, and that of others’). tapi, we are not about to bring ourselves to that level now are we. kalau nak kira jugak, our religion advocates peace. this includes choosing peace over being right. in upholding what is right by pointing out someone’s mistakes and offending the latter in the process, leading to memutuskan siratul rahmi, is already wrong in our religion. my principle is simple. check ourselves first, check ourselves all the time. kalau kita berdepas depus atas sesuatu perkara, make it worth it..make it productive. that is, if we want to correct the legislation of the country etc, we better work our way in becoming a member of parliament. if not, keep your voice in the karaoke room. similiarly, kalau kita nak berceramah tentang agama, lebih baik kita sign up kat pergas ke, apa ke untuk belajar dengan mendalam, agama..dan cara2 menyampaikannya. music, the entertainment business etc kalau nak kira kan..hmmm..macam mana kita boleh campur aduk dengan syarahan kita, ehk?

    yang arief..i can’t help but to notice your profile about yourself..having a complete life with your wife, kids, family friends etc. congratulations! to quote unquote what you said on what’s not complete for not having your degree..perhaps you might have time to complete it (or to start it if at all), kalau you tak jaga tepi kain orang lah. cakap memang free. kita memang arif, kita memang terpelajar, kita memang yang paling alim….besok lusa, kita belum tau lagi nasib kita macam mana…anak2 kita jadi macam mana etc.


    1. Thank you for the kind advice bridge.
      Appreciate it very much esp the kind reminders.
      But I’m just wondering which part of my words intrigued you and made you come out with such a personal attack because I remembered saying I am in no position to comment abt the hot topic in the first place and I certainly did not talk much about it…

      I am not perfect, neither do I claim to be one, nor do I try to potray that I’m holier-than-thou. Where I lack I admit it. Did I say I was clever??? Did I say I was more educated??? Did I say I was more religious??? God forgive me if I had strayed and claimed as such or made ppl think negatively of me because of it…

  4. Hi PM,
    It’s very strange to see people react very strongly to your entry when firstly, this is your blog – your personal space – and you are free to express your opinions. You have neither maligned anyone nor humiliate any individual and hence, have not crossed any line.

    It’s quite horrifying to see the lack of ‘adab’ in several comments here (which by the way we Malays are supposed to epitomise). Worse, the assumptions and allegations that they throw in is a typical reflection of the lack of fine education in many Malays.

    Fact: Aurat is aurat and we cannot deny that. If you dont agree, then you’re challenging what’s written in the holy Quran. I dont wear the tudung, I’m ashamed to admit that, but I never say that it’s ok.

    I couldve just remained an observer but I feel obliged to tell you that though there are detractors, there are also people who know where you are coming from. So keep on voicing your opinions and maybe, maybe when there are less narrow-minded people who will be able to differentiate between being condescending and advice, then we Malays will truly progress as a community.

    For now, we will have to accept that people will bicker when we express our opinions.

    Keep on doing what you do. Allah is with you.

    1. Salam Nurul,

      Yes the earlier comment caught me by surprise actually. Kinda like a low blow that you never expected coming your way. But it’s ok. I take whatever negativities in my stride. Whatever is good and acts as a reminder for me not to go astray with the way I speak and act, I will use it to keep myself grounded. Sometimes we dunno what we have said or done wrong that might be ok to us, but it actually becomes a source of disdain to others. So in that respect sometimes one needs to have others to keep you in check and balance. Sounds like one of those political speeches where you need to have the opposition to keep you in check. Hahahah…

      As for the lack of ADAB, all I can say is that one’s approach and the way you speak reflects your nature, wisdom, maturity and character as a whole. I’m glad that in the midst of those who detract, there are those who are mature and intelligent enough to see some of my rationale. Even if people don’t quite agree to what I say, at least they know that we’re living in a free country and being responsible, not to mention being steadfast with what we believe in and say.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It certainly brightened up my day and mood which hasn’t been good since last Saturday, for obvious footballing reasons and culminating with those comments 🙂
      May Allah bless and repay you for your kindness… 🙂

  5. Asalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala continue to bless you and enrich you with more knowledge , sabr and Imaan. mashllah you wrote a wonderful piece. I accidently came here for i was searching for the phrase you mentioned about “you in your grave, I will be in mine” the last few months I got this phrase slammed at me twice for warning some people against sins of gheebat,bhutaan and nameemah after i came to know of their actions. I tried to search where they got this phrase from and what Islamic answer there is against these. I hate that phrase so much, as you also put so clearly, it shows so much arrogance.

    again, Jazaka Allahu geiran !

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