Official Opening of The Fan Club…


First and foremost, apologies in advance for not updating my blog for more than a week. Was just too lazy to update and just typing this out in bits and pieces. I wonder if some or any of you had expected me to review “Bersama Anuar Zain” showcase at Grand Hyatt Hotel‘s Grand Ballroom instead of this event which I will be focussing on in this entry??? Cos there were some people who did say, be it through comments in my blog or messages left in my Facebook, that they would be seeing me at Anuar‘s showcase, even though I made no promises nor said anything about going in the first place. Maybe the impression that I would have gone was based on the review I did when Anuar last did his first solo concert here on 8 November 2008 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Apologies if some of you had expected to see me there.


So why did I choose not to go to Anuar‘s showcase since I’m after all quite the big fan of his??? Firstly I felt that the gap between that concert and last Saturday‘s showcase was a bit too close to each other, even though some of you might counter back and say it was four months ago and four months is long enough to make one crave to watch another stellar performance by the great man himself. But I was sceptical. The decision to do another showcase just four months after the concert seemed kinda odd. I felt there was every possibility that it would just be a repeat of the concert with a few tweaks and elements changed. And since he has no new album between the four months gap, all the more that I felt that he might be repeating some, if not most, of the songs he sang that November night.


I’ve got to admit, being one of my greater influences in music and especially my love for the R&B genre, the temptation was there to watch Anuar perform once again, but no way was I gonna fork out close to $500 (for me and the wife) just to sit so close to the front. Not wanting to sound as though we’re rich or some high class society people, but we both love to watch concerts / showcases and sit somewhere near the front, our way of supporting and appreciating good entertainment, knowing we would be reciprocated with a quality performance in return by whoever it was / is performing. The credit crunch these days meant I had to tighten my belt in this instance and perhaps sacrifice certain things that I like. And this year itself, I had to sacrifice quite a few things and be more stringent with the performances that I want to watch / had attended / had to forgo.


KC welcoming the early birds into the event venue…

Not even the decision to slash the cheapest ticket on offer ($128) to $88 two days before the event proper could sway me into turning back on my decision. So rather than sit at the back and paying less, I chose not to go. Anyway, by then I had made up my mind to attend the Official Launch of The Fan Club. Instead of watching “Lelaki Ini” (Anuar Zain), I chose to watch “Lelaki Baru” (Zaibaktian) & “Lelaki Setia” (Zynal) instead. For $10, I think I got more value-for-money watching seven of our local acts who actually need more of our support than someone who is already established and well respected on both sides of the Causeway. But the wifey sure put me in a spot when she asked, “What if it was Siti who was performing???” Hahahaha… I’m sure most of you would know the answer to that!!!


KC giving the audience an explaination on what the website is all about…

Now that I’ve explained my non-attendance at Grand Hyatt Hotel‘s Grand Ballroom in four paragraphs (hahahah), I can now talk about the launch of The Fan Club proper. So some of you might be wondering, what in the world is The Fan Club??? For those who have been living on a different planet and do not read the local Malay papers, nor listen to local Malay radio stations, The Fan Club is an initiative product by DJ KC of RIA 89.7FM and Zan Sofiyan of Warna 94.2FM to unite all fan clubs of local artistes under one roof and in turn ignite more support for our local acts. This collaborative effort aims to transcend whatever barriers, boundaries, differences and rivalries that may occur as a result of different interests and support for the various local acts in our small music industry. It has an official website which you can go to just by clicking here.


The Fan Club is officially launched!!!

Being the first of its kind in SingaporeThe Fan Club will also act as a base and focal point for information on local artistes as well as an interactive medium for all the various local fan club members to meet and exchange ideas, news and views of their respective idols. The website will be a main source for news and latest happenings on our local artistes, a good way to know when they will make their next appearance outdoors, on television, on radio and even in the print media. Ok some of you might counter back and say that a similar kind of website has been around for about five years now but that website does not act as a focal point for the various fan clubs in Singapore to converge even though its aim is to support local acts as well. Anyway the latter have since expanded their range of support to regional acts as well from what I observed. Apologies in advance if my observation is incorrect.


Introducing Faizal Isa…

The Fan Club website is not just an entity in the cyberworld but exists physically as well. Having clinched the rights to use a karaoke centre at Perkampungan Melayu Geylang Serai, members who have signed up in The Fan Club‘s website will be able to use the venue for various activities like birthday parties, reunions and other kinds of small functions for their respective fan clubs or even their own personal events from 1pm onwards daily. For more information, one just needs to pick up the phone, dial 81515191 and speak to Mr. Khamis on how to go about booking the place. The place is also most likely to be the place for exclusive showcases of local artistes to be held specially for members of the website. To date, they have gotten the agreement of a few fan clubs like Didifiers (fans of Didicazli), Sleeqaholics (fans of Sleeq) amongst others, to join in making the initiative a success.


Addy posing for the camera…

In conjunction with the official launch of The Fan Club and its website, a showcase at the said venue at Perkampungan Melayu Geylang Serai, was put together to celebrate its launch and a number of local acts came together to lend their support and perform. From the original list of Didicazli, Sleeq, B8, Zaibaktian and Addy Cradle, Zynal (M. Nasir‘s younger brother) and Faizal Isa, a new face in the scene, were added to grace the occasion. The showcase was hosted by none other than KC himself. Originally, Zan Sofiyan was supposed to co-host along with KC, or at least be there to oversee the smoothness of the event, but more pressing commitments with his day job as a producer-presenter with Warna 94.2FM meant that he had to skip the showcase and launch altogether.


Didicazli chilling out in the dressing room before going on stage…

The show was meant to start at 2pm and end at 5pm, with the start of the performances slated at 2.30pm. The first twenty minutes was more or less an introductory “lecture” on what The Fan Club is all about as well as a guided tour around its online portal and what registered members would be able to do in there. It kinda reminded me of Facebook but the design layout is more like a YouTube profile. I think my only grouse on the site is that when it comes to uploading photographs, you need to upload it one by one as compared to Facebook or Multiply where one is able to upload a lot of photographs from a folder. It’s fine if you have the patience to upload tons of photograph. Me being the naturally impatient creature that I am, don’t have all day and cannot sit through doing it.


B8 all smiles before their showcase…

Surprisingly enough, the performances began about 5-10 minutes earlier than expected but not before we had a rousing start to the showcase with confetti being shot into the air to signal the official launch of The Fan Club and its online portal. I think this is the first time I’ve been to a show that started way ahead of schedule. First up was Faizal Isa. This guy is quite a familiar face having entered several singing competitions before this. It’s difficult to gauge his potential and showmanship based on the one song he sang that day – Ello‘s “Pergi Untuk Kembali” – but his presence would already add on to the list of heart-throbs that girls cannot get enough of. Being relatively new, it was only natural that he came off a bit shy but with more such appearances, he will gain the experience and the know-how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. For now, I will reserve more of my comments on him till I’ve seen more of what he is capable of doing but initial signs look quite promising.


Faizal Isa showing us his potential…

Addy Cradle was next and he obviously charmed the audience not only with his awe-inspiring play of the guitar, but I’m sure some of the ladies in the audience were also smittened whenever this guy smiled. A pity due to work commitments, Addy only performed one song, “Purnama“, taken from his latest solo offering released last year entitled “Divine“. In case music lovers out there would like to get a hold of his album, it is being sold at Gramophone, Muzika Records and FGM. Zynal, the younger brother of music legend M. Nasir took centrestage afterwards singing “Lelaki Setia” and his performance was ably assisted by B8‘s Fuzzley who did the rap portion of the song. This guy is very much talented like his elder brother and it’s just a pity that he has to live in the shadows of his more famous sibling.


This is Zynal for the uninitiated…

Zaibaktian and his group of sessionists came on stage right after Zynal and they wowed the audience with three songs, “Dunia Yang Fana“, “Taman Cinta” and of course not forgetting the haunting hit single “Lelaki Baru“. It’s really good to hear his songs being performed live even before he has released his full album. I for one cannot wait for it to be released because from what I’ve heard so far, or seen from the various clips of his performances on YouTube or Facebook, the songs are top notch and it’s gonna be worth the money spent. Already “Dunia Yang Fana” brings with it a spiritual message and reminder of who we are and the journey that we are leading to. I dunno why but the lyrics made me feel quite humbled somewhat. Whoever that says music and entertainment does not bring with it some form of message and advice needs to get their heads fixed. And you don’t need a nasyid song to drum some effect into you.


Zaibaktian certainly enjoyed himself performing for the audience…

The boys from B8 were next to perform, singing their hit song “Bidadari Hatiku“, which I found out rather belatedly that it was a song composed by KC himself, and a new single called “Kau Selingkuh“. I’m not sure why the energy level of the audience suddenly dipped during B8‘s performance. Was it because they were expecting the bigger names on the slated list to perform or B8‘s songs need to have that wee bit of oomph to get the crowd going, rather than sing sappy tunes all the way??? Maybe the latest single , which is of a mid-tempo range, needs to grow a bit more on them cos I observed and found that the audience was kinda bored (based on facial expressions) during B8‘s performance. The only thing I could second guess was they cannot wait for Sleeq and Didicazli to appear on stage. That was to be expected somewhat since the majority of the audience were teenage girls.


B8 performing “Kau Selingkuh“…

Well they didn’t have to wait long actually cos Sleeq came on shortly after with “Pilihan Aku” and “Cun Saja“, which of course brought the house down with screams of frenzy coming from the young ladies on the floor. Sleeq have grown in stature from the first time I watched them at Imran Ajmain‘s single launch of “Sudah Tu Sudah” back in 2006. There is a lot of confidence in them, a kind of swagger that knows they are in control of the crowd and having them under their thumbs. However, a kind advice I would like to pass to the boys is to improve on their Malay vocabulary seeing that their medium is our mother tongue. It would serve them well to communicate to the audience especially when addressing the older generation. I dunno whether to be horrified or amused when Syarif was unsure of the meaning of the word “Sepupu” when referring to Alyph, who is most definitely his cousin by virtue of their mums being sisters. For his sake, I hope he was joking.


Sleeq being slick as always…

Just before crowd favourite Didicazli came on, his mother was called upon to come on stage so that everyone could sing her a birthday song. Her birthday happened to be on 8th March, the following day. The sweet lady was all surprised and blushing as everyone honoured her with the customary birthday song ala Ismet Ulam Raja style. Then it was her son’s turn to take centrestage. Here’s a guy who doesn’t need to make a lot of effort or showmanship when he’s on stage. His mere presence and voice alone had the audience eating out of his hand. As a guy, it is difficult for me to see how the ladies could go ga-ga over him but I do appreciate that he backs it up with his laid back style and infectious vocals. Well if you ask me, the same could be said of Anuar Zain and a few other male singers out there. But till now I am still intrigued at why the male singers tend to get a lot of attention on this side of the Causeway as compared to the female singers???


Didi with “Rela Setia“…


The audience waited the whole day for this particular performance…

The day did not end with just Didi performing “Rela Setia“, a personal favourite of mine, and his new single “Menyayangimu“. If history was created that day to celebrate the launch of the Fan Club, another history was also made when Sleeq came back on stage to sing the massive hit single “Impianku” with Didicazli, live for the very first time. It has been difficult to get them together to perform the song at outdoor performances before this, especially when those who had attended Didi‘s album launch a few months ago had expected them to do so. I guess it was a moment to savour for the watching audience seeing them sing the song in the flesh. I reckoned the anticipation reached its maximum point when the list of performers slated to perform that day had both on the list. Oh how the audience sang from start till end.


The finale…

The show wrapped up when all the performers, sans Addy Cradle who had left by then, came back on stage to perform Lovehunters‘ “Ku Ukir Namamu“. Even KC joined in the singing when at first he was just standing by the side of the stage, preferring to let the others have their limelight. Event wasn’t exactly over after that, as there was still the matter of having the autograph signing session which of course whetted the appetites of the young ladies in attendance. More of such events are scheduled in the near future and with it adds another outlet for you to lend your support for local acts. More information will be made available at the official website of The Fan Club


Autograph signing session about to get underway…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

3 thoughts on “Official Opening of The Fan Club…”

  1. Salaam….. About The Fan Club, Kakak happy for the local artistes and their fans. That day I went to Anuar Zain showcase. Overall I enjoyed the showcase, I managed to talk and took some photos with him. Besides his voice, had to admit he is such a suave gentleman (almost out of control but always remembered what my 3 boys said “Please eh bu, don’t be like a teenybooper gone wild!!! (I’m in my 40’s) He2…….. K so much of that! Actually very dissapointed with the organiser. The showcase or rather the opening act by Syed Azmeer did not start at 1.30 as promised. They kept us waiting for 40 min before Syed Azmeer performed (he sang 2 songs) and another 20 min before Anuar Zain appeared…. very sleepy afterall it was in the afternoon!! Don’t know whether it was organizer or Anuar’s fault (Mawar Berduri the host said Anuar sedang pakai mekap!!) But as usual once he came out everything forgotten.
    Oh yes, during the showcase I and my sister saw this beautiful creature sitting in first row and keep on guessing who this girl is and if I’m not mistaken I hear Anuar asked her suami baik?. But during the meet and greet session with Anuar Zain, he introduced us to AZELEA – Teman Terulung’s writer that beautiful creature. Wow! she had a good voice (macam Dato’ Siti’s voice!) Cantik…. raut muka seakan2 Wardina (Arab kacukan looks) bertudung rapi, ayu sekali! Is she the one? PM you know, I know throw in some clue…. He2………… Bye!!!!

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