Wedding Convoys Should Be Outlawed!!!

Apologies for the non-updates for about a fortnight now. Honestly I didn’t have any suitable material nor subject to talk about till today. Ok, maybe some of you expected yours truly to give another round of update on the second edition of Festival Melayu Ada or to lesser extents, the launching of the compilation album by B8, Zynal and Indonesian group Gasing, or Fauzie Laily‘s showcase at Mayuni Omar‘s Music Cafe, all of which occured over the weekend. Fact is, I did not even attend a single music / entertainment-related event or showcase this past weekend due to personal commitments and the matter of having my second child being down with influenza. Even then, had this particular thing that I am gonna talk about had not happened, I guess the dust and cobwebs would be added on even more on this blog.

I’m sure most, if not all of you have attended weddings whereby the groom would announce his arrival by having a convoy of motorbikes or cars accompanying the wedding car. I’ve seen and experienced that quite a bit, especially when my sister-in-law got married back in 2002. So far I’ve had different experiences with regards to such a grand entrance by a groom, but none have been as bad as what happened this past Sunday. You see, my home is directly facing a multi-purpose hall and whenever there is a function or funeral, we’ll be the ones that will be the worst off in that we have to take in the din. But that’s all fine and dandy cos we’ve grown accustomed to it. But nothing we’ve gone through before this could top the earful experience we had on Sunday.

It so happened that when the groom arrived along with his entourage, I had just painstakingly put my daughter, who was ill, to sleep. And that too after we had a difficult time making her sleep as she needed the rest. Normally when such a convoy arrive and make their entrance known, they would just rumble into the carpark without the need to rev their engines. But this was different. The twenty odd motorbikes literally revved their engines as though they owned the place and did not stop revving even when the wedding car had stopped. You can somehow guess how peeved and worried I was that my daughter would wake up after all that hard work putting her to sleep. Most of the time I can tolerate such a ruckus, but not that day. I had half the mind to stick my head out of the window, hurl some abuse and wave my fists at them. I was close to doing that. And I’m sure whenever such an entrance is made, the residents, depending on their tolerance level, would either be disturbed or choose to let it pass.

Which is why I think for the benefit and pure consideration of residents living in the vicinity, this kind of novel practice of announcing the groom’s arrival should be outlawed or at the very least impose some kind of permit to be granted for them to disturb the peace. Can you imagine the trouble others have to go through having to go through all these even if it’s for a few minutes??? Those who would be studying cannot concentrate, those that are ill and need a rest cannot rest in peace, those that had just returned from work and needed to sleep would be rudely awakened. You’ll catch my drift nonetheless. Ok so some of you might counter and say what’s the difference between a few minutes of the revving of engines as compared to the sound of the beatings of the kompang / hadrah or the incessant off-pitch / off-key / out-of-tune wedding singers whose only shot at stardom are during wedding functions??? The difference is the amount of decibels emitted and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you what the combination of twenty-odd bikes whose engines were revved up sound like compared to the beatings of the kompang / hadrah or the singing “sensations”. One is already bad enough and enough for one to curse under your breath if someone in the neighbourhood were to do that. Multiply that by twenty and I’m sure you can understand my pain.

I listed the same title header in my Facebook status on Monday and most of the replies I received agreed to what I said with the exception of those who own a bike. Naturally they were defensive about it and I don’t blame them. But just to let them know again and for those of you who ride a bike, this is NOT AN ATTACK ON YOU. Other weddings I went to before this were good and the bikers were generally civilised. Even if they did rev their engines, they were still going along the main road. Only when they turned into the carpark did they tone down the noise level. But sadly the actions of a minority of bikers have spoilt the reputation of most of these civilised ones. And I for one think that because of these uncivilised and inconsiderate people, these kind of convoys should be outlawed for disturbing the peace. One of my Facebook contacts even said that they were blocked by a car so that the whole convoy could travel together!!! In the end they were still stuck at the junction since the light was red again. Imagine if a pregnant lady is going through labour and had to experience all these??? Such audacity to take the law into their own hands, without proper authority, is extremely disgraceful. Sometimes I dunno why people have no consideration nor basic courtesy for their surroundings and think the world owes it to them. Like what another one of my contacts said, “A simple rule: Nobody should ever upstage the newly-wedded couple on their special day…” and it is most definitely an apt reminder…