Anugerah Round 3 Auditions…


After attending the first day of the Anugerah first round auditions the Saturday before last, I was interested to see how the contestants would have fared and progressed over the past week, especially those who were selected for Round 2. Did they heed the judges’ advice in the first round to avoid doing this and doing that??? Did they surf around and read the tips given by credible sites namely, which has been dispensing useful tips over the past week, for them to follow??? Would they bother to polish up their performances and choice of attire or still be defiant with their own style??? There was only one way to find out, and that was to personally head down to East Point Mall to take in the action of the subsequent audition rounds of the Anugerah competition.


The crowd might have dwindled down a bit compared to the first weekend, but they still filled up at least the first five levels of the shopping complex…

Somehow I had other commitments to attend to the whole day of Saturday, thus I gave that second round of auditions a miss. However, I still made it to East Point Mall later that night to celebrate an advanced Mothers’ Day with my in-laws by having dinner at Han River Restaurant situated on the 4th floor of the shopping centre. We managed to watch a glimpse of what was happening downstairs before proceeding to the restaurant for our dinner. I could not give a fair assessment as I only watched for a mere five minutes. So technically, Round 2 was considered off-limits for me.


This photo was taken on the first day of auditions. Compare the space taken up with the next photograph…

Something caught my eye during those short five minutes though. If you were to look at the two photographs just before this paragraph and the one after, you would be able to compare the vast difference in space allocated for the actual proceedings on the ground floor. This was something I found quite appalling as it prevented many from watching it from the comfort of the ground floor. As you can see from the next photograph, the sales people had erected the vertical banners and barricades to prevent people from coming into the small shopping space to watch what was happening on stage and those who were over at the stage area had to cramp in and not move as freely as in the previous week.


Why in the world did they have to have a sale or whatever promotions they were doing, and take up the space when they know bloody well people would not bother about what they were selling and instead concentrate on the auditions??? I just hope that in future when the reality competition is underway proper and the venue is used again for the weekend roadshows, they would jolly well free up the space on the ground floor as the number of people would definitely swell in hope of seeing the next big thing in our local entertainment industry.


The distinguished panel of judges who do not need anymore introductions, scrutinising the contestants on stage…

I had left the shopping mall close to 11pm on Saturday night, hoping to catch some action or at least the announcement of results right after my dinner. At that point of time, I could see the contestants in that round were already feeling restless after a long day, and they still had to line up and await for the results to be announced as to who would make it to Round 3 the following day. I thought perhaps they might have started late, judging by the over run of the show. That was kinda expected when they had a total of 264 contestants performing from noon. And compared to the previous round where they did not sing with a minus one track, this time they had to, and I believe this was also another factor in the over-running of time.


Fiza O going solo over the weekend without Fauzie Laily


Fiza hemming up for the cameras…

It was also during that time that I realised that Fauzie Laily, who is one of the resident hosts of the competition, was not in sight. Instead, KC who was the one in-charge of being the time-filler host during the breaks the previous week, was taking over the main duties and giving out instructions along with Fiza O to the contestants on how they should line up and where they should stand. As it was too late for me to wait and my daughter needed her nappies changed, I left before the results were announced. It was much later that I found out that the whole thing ended close to midnight and the reason for Fauzie‘s no-show on both days, was because he was involved in a Mothers’ Day trip to Port Dickson organised by E-Ventions International & Travel Pte Ltd, along with Hyrul Anuar and Maiya Rahman.


A sterned-looking Didicazli was spotted in the crowd watching the proceedings…

Initially I had planned to arrive at 12 noon but decided that leaving after Zuhur was much better. So when I arrived on Sunday at about 2 plus, I was expecting at least fifteen to twenty contestants to have finished their turns but once I entered the stage area and chatted with Ms. Manager, I think I only missed the first two or three contestants, which was not that bad as I was able to assess the majority of the 50 who made it to Round 3. As space was kinda limited around the stage area, I stood in front of the technical console along with Ms. Manager and the producer of the show himself, Mr Johari Abdul Aziz. Had a great time exchanging views and opinions on the contestants with both of them throughout the afternoon.


KC (right) & the technical console guy goofing around in between proceedings…

And so, what did I think of the contestants that day??? I guess I will state the obvious and say it was simply much better than watching it during the first round, since they are after all the Top 50. Most definitely their voices were better stand outs than the previous week, where it was a mish mash of good and bad. I detected quite a few repeat contestants from past competitions and to their credit, their past experiences have helped in making their respective performances more polished as well as giving them the confidence and edge when belting out their tunes on stage. At the same time I admired their courage to give it another shot at stardom. Most of them received good reviews by the judges and I agree that some of them deserved to duke it out as one of the Top 20 in the weeks to come.

Some of the repeat contestants on show:









If I were to give a general assessment on both the guys and the gals, I would say that the guys are generally much better, have more poise and better control with the microphone, even if they look ordinary in the looks department. Not that I’m being biased towards my gender. There were some of the young ladies who caught my attention with some great performances on stage and I can more or less expect them to be in the Top 20 as well. The ladies would do well however, to run away from the voice similarities of the original singers of the songs they performed that day. Quite a few were still too similar to established singers like Ella and Ziana Zain. I’m sure the judges couldn’t have stressed the term “originality” more than enough for them to remember and digest.


Waiting patiently for their turns…


Catching the action from the second level…

There were some who are blessed with smouldering good looks but came up short with their performances. Normally I would not hesitate to put them down but looking at the bigger perspective and what happened the previous night where they finished quite late and had a few hours to prepare for Round 3, I pitied each and every contestant for having to go through the rush, whether they are good looking or simply ordinary, in case people start blaming me for my biasness towards the good-lookers. A lot of them had tired faces and some of their performances clearly showed that they were lethargic and that they need to learn a thing or two about pacing themselves and having the stamina of a seasoned artiste. They also need to run away from cliched introductions. Too many of them were milking the Mothers’ Day hype and giving their greetings to all the mothers who were watching in the building. Like the judges had said, they had to have an original greeting and introduction.

The good lookers according to me, the beholder, in random order:






Even though in general, most of them were well-dressed and gave off their best on stage, a few of them still gave me a few things to irk about. There were some who still displayed the couldn’t-care-less attitude on stage even though their voices could melt someone’s heart. Some moved a bit too much on stage for a song that is of a slower tempo, and of course, there were some who simply loved to backchat the panel of judges and answering back with unnecessary quips. You might be the best dressed person that day or the best looker on stage, but if your attitude sucked and you answer back with a rude and cocky tone, I’m sorry to say, your dreams and aspirations will end even before you start. It certainly does not reflect a positive outlook on you nor gave you a good account to the watching audience in the shopping centre.

Random thoughts:


Safuan a.k.a. Wawan of the duo Wan & Eddy, personally rearranged 2D’s hit “Kerna Delylah” on his own. Though the originality was commendable, I just did not like it as I felt it killed the essence of the song and being too draggy…


You won’t believe me if I said Ezol is 16… I had a shock myself…


Remember Chico from Anugerah 2005??? This is his younger brother, Cirul, but I was inclined to call him “Chickadees” cos like the titbits of yore that I used to like, his voice is rich and a delight to hear. His confidence was also a joy to watch…


Raudha (Ms. Manager) and I agreed that Nur Sarah was the best-dressed that day and has to be given top marks for her efforts in looking the most presentable and every bit a star in the making…

I noticed that day, that the most favourite song being sung by the contestants were Jaclyn Victor‘s “Gemilang” as well as songs by Elyana (“Molek“, “Kau Atau Aku” & “Kalis Rindu“). Everyone who sang “Gemilang” drew applause from the audience for being able to execute the song well and the only thorn amongst the roses who sang it, caught my attention for not only singing it well but showing that even a guy could pull it off with such great technique. It was no wonder he got a thumbs up from all the judges and even from me. I did not quite catch his name but I am sure he will be in the Top 20 and he is one that I am confident could be someone to look out for in time to come. He will be given a tough run by the likes of Hussein and Harman, both alumni members of Anugerah 2007, whom I am confident will make it to the Top 20 as well, judging by the judges’ rave reviews.

My personal favourites:


This was the guy who sang “Gemilang” and passing the goosebumps test on me. I am so inclined to root for him from now on…


Nazilah reminds me so much of the Ul-Haq sisters (Elfeeza / Elfaeza) that I thought that she was one of their siblings (they have another sister by the way). She sang one of my favourite songs – Sheila Abdul‘s “Mungkinkah” – and she did well enough to get my vote to progress, but of course the judges have the final say on that…

And so, after all that was said and done, the results as to who amongst the 50 who would move on to the next round, were not announced on that day itself. Instead, we will see all 50 contestants in one show this coming Monday 18th May 2009. They will appear in the lifestyle programme “Jus“, which is aired live on Suria at 8:30pm. So for those of you who would want to know who makes it to the weekly knockout rounds and being a part of the elite Top 20, don’t forget to watch “Jus” this coming Monday


The contestants being debriefed by the producer, Mr Johari Abdul Aziz, after the auditions were over…

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  1. OMG one of the ‘good-lookers’ happens to be my cousin, and I didn’t know she entered until I read this entry. Hehehehe. This is a random comment. =)

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