Piecing The Mystery Puzzle…

Remember this photo???


I’m sure some of you do, especially those who have been drawn into coming to this blog, just to look at that photo when I first made it public, and thanks to KC as well for promoting it via his popular Misteri Jam 12 programme. Well it has to be said that since I took that photo, a lot of questions were left unanswered in my head. Like how did that thing “appeared” there when initially we did not see it??? What was physically there that we were not able to see that night??? Was it some figment of my imagination??? Was it really “her”???

I did not get a dead-cert answer when I went for another Misteri Jam 12 outing last Saturday night, and to the same place as well. Ok I won’t be describing the whole trip per se, as basically we went to the same places as the previous one in late January 2009, save for an addition of visiting Labrador Park and skipping Sembawang Park. Seeing the place as it is made me fairly convinced that what I snapped the other time could have been “her”. You must be wondering why I came to such a “drastic” conclusion??? Look at the photo I snapped the other night.


Where I had highlighted appears to be a banana tree. It was quite dark that night and whatever I could make out from the help of the lighting in the background, is what I perceived it to be. I’m sure you’ve heard of tales linking the banana tree to “her” and it being the habitat of such supernatural beings. So was it a surprise to have “seen” her the other time, knowing that in actual fact, a banana tree is standing there??? If I were to piece the stories that link “her” to such trees, then no, it wasn’t a surprise after all. But still, I could not help feeling my hairs standing and goosebumps appearing when I recalled what happened when I went there last January