Anugerah 2009 Episode 5 Review…


(Photo courtesy of Anugerah 2009’s Official Website)

Finally I get the chance to review the previous day’s episode. Apologies if some of you had entered this domain only to find that I have not updated it with my thought’s on the programme. Before I move on, I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise to the people around me on Tuesday night for not switching off my handphone, cos I totally forgot that it was not on silent mode. It was a bit embarrassing really, especially when you’re seated at the front row. I’ll make sure the same thing won’t happen again the next time.


The show continued its ode to Singaporean artistes by honouring the likes of Ramli Sarip, Jatt Ali and Othman Hamzah in the “Ikon” theme set for this week and the next, when the young ladies take centrestage again. I think one of the positive aspects of this year’s reality show is that there is that push to include more local songs into the mix and for that I applaud Mediacorp Suria for taking such a stand. By honouring these evergreen songs in these two weeks, it gives the younger generation the opportunity to learn what their parents had listened to back in their heydays.


The resident jury of Eddy Ali, Ann Hussein and Gani Karim were joined by guest judge Indra Sharir, no stranger at all to our local music scene. I like his commenting style, meticulous and rather serious. Whenever he commented, it felt as though you could hear a pin drop. Such was the silent intensity the auditorium felt whenever he opened his mouth to speak. Surprisingly so far, I have nothing gravely negative to comment about judge Eddy Ali as in years past, cos I tend to agree with most of his comments on the contestants.


I think the only complaint, or plea for that matter, that I want to make, cos I know they are gonna read this, is for the contestants to inform their sets of supporters to be more cultured when they are in the auditorium. I saw a great improvement from the last time the male contestants took centrestage, whereby their rowdy and boisterous supporters could not keep their mouths shut even when the hosts were talking or when the judges were giving their opinions.


Yesterday, we did not experience any wisecracks or unwanted comments from them. However, one incident left a sour taste in the mouth. During one of the transmission breaks, some of the female contestants made their way to the washrooms. Some of these heavily-induced testosterone jerks took the opportunity to race down from their seats to the walking gallery and screamed the girls’ names right in front of their faces. Such gentlemanly act, don’t you think??? Idiots!!!


The ones who qualified to the next round…

The first quarter of the show however had the spotlights on the young ladies who performed last week. It was one that I think most people dreaded to know, me included, cos all of them were great last week and set the bar for the whole competition. I’m sure it would be gut wrenching for the two eliminated cos they certainly do not deserve to go out. But a competition no matter how intense or mild it is, is still a competition. And results sometimes are too ruthless to digest. C’est la vie mademoiselles!!!


Yanie looked forlorn even before the results were announced…

The first to be eliminated was Yanie. I wasn’t too pleased about it, neither was Ms. Manager who was seated to my right covering for, cos both of us like Yanie‘s tone and uniqueness in bringing a song in her own original style. However, at the same time, I wasn’t too surprised since the judges did not give her good reviews last week, particularly Ann Hussein, who seemed as though she had an axe to grind with Yanie, if you had watched last week’s episode.


Asila too looked grim…

As for Asila, when it came down to her or Kunjung, it was no surprise that she would go, since the judges were so into the latter’s performance last week. Also, even though I said Asila did well last week, on hindsight when I watched the repeat telecast last Friday night, she did come across as pitchy in quite a few areas so in that respect it was inevitable. Coupled with the fact that both Asila and Yanie were in the bottom two (consolidated rankings based on judges’ scores and sms votes) when they performed in Episode 1, it was hardly surprising that fanbase also played a part in their elimination.


Nani was all smiles knowing she emerged first in the rankings…

Before I delve into the gentlemen’s performances, the following are the voting formats for the contestants:

  • SMS to 73388: ANU Contestant Code
  • Telepoll: 1900-112-770_ (Last digit being contestant’s number)

Each vote via SMS or Telepoll costs $0.60 each and those with prepaid cards are not able to cast your votes. Voters who are 18 years and below should seek parental permission. This service is brought to you by MediaCorp Pte Ltd. Tel: 6877 7132.

Voting for contestants appearing in Episode 5 began on Tuesday, 30 June 2009, 8.30pm till Tuesday, 7 July 2009, 6pm. These are the following codes you should vote for this week, along with my individual reviews of their performances:


Azhar Raz

SMS to 73388: ANU 1 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7701

Azhar sang Black Dog Bone‘s “Andai” in his own style, which at times reminded me of Anugerah 2001 winner Rudy Djoharnaen, in the way he expressed his emotions while singing the song. Week in and out, Azhar never fails to impress with his immaculate voice control. He has an extremely polished technique that I would definitely loathe not to see him grace the Grand Finals on 11th August 2009. His downside is perhaps his looks, which could be a major factor when it comes to voting by viewers out there who I could see are more into Hydir and Sein. Like Catty, he needs to sing a song of faster tempo to challenge his vocals and performances. Ballads are becoming chicken feed for him.


Kamsani Jumahat

SMS to 73388: ANU 2 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7702

During the start of the show when they did the initial introductions on the contestants, there was only one person I was reminded of when I looked at Sani. Yes people, his whole get up reminded me of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The late singer’s wardrobe used to have similar-styled outfits like what Sani wore last night. But if his performance and dance moves to Othman Hamzah‘s “Gadis Melayu” were anything to go by, I am still seeing Hyrul Anuar in Sani, but slightly more hyper. Sani did well to conquer the whole stage, his last performance where the judges commented on him not doing that, was definitely taken to consideration and applied. Though I liked the prancing around and crowd interaction, his vocals suffered as he was left breathless and found wanting. It doesn’t help that at certain points, most notable when he had to reach the high notes, his nasal voice was clear for all to hear.



SMS to 73388: ANU 3 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7703

Chirul was at best, mediocre in the last round, and it was there for all to see with his lacklustre showing, which did not do justice to Fauzie Laily‘s “Selalu“. But he was a different creature last night, a more confident and cool performance which I know he is capable of. However, it was slightly spoilt when he played to the crowd by breaking into a short dance move ala Taufik Batisah after singing the first few lines. A song like Ramli Sarip‘s “Bukan Kerna Nama” should be more melancholic, but not too stoic. He needs to inject a little bit of seriousness to the kind of songs he sings in future if he wants people to take him seriously. While he did much better than the previous round, he still fell slightly short and sounded too casual at certain points.



SMS to 73388: ANU 4 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7704

By now, rearranging the songs that he is supposed to sing has become a regular fixture in his repertoire. There are two ways to look at this trait in Wawan. First off, he will be a decent composer in time to come when he has all the time to compose songs. But right now, he has to remember that his vocals are under scrutiny. If in future he composes his own song to his tastes, then so be it. But when he sings somebody else’s compositions, he has to follow the standards set by the original composer, even if he rearranged it to his style and is required to sound more original than the original. He came off a wee bit short on the lower registers. I cannot fault him on the high notes though, as well as the intense facial expressions when singing Jatt‘s “Merpati Putih“, cos he put an incredible amount of emotions into the song.



SMS to 73388: ANU 5 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7705

The crowd favourite sang Sweet Charity‘s “Teratai” with so much intensity on his face, that I felt at times he seemed to be overdoing it. Even when the judges were speaking to him, he had with him a mixture of confused, “blur” and surprised look, the kind which is becoming a source of irritation for yours truly watching him weekly. Hey, I don’t deny the fact that amongst all the guys, he has the most promise, potential and marketing ability to win this competition, but he would do well to tone it down lest others might think that he’s acting cute, when he already is to the swooning young ladies out there. His vocals I felt were on par as the previous round, a surprise really to hear the judges saying he fell a notch lower this time. He is another one who needs to challenge himself by singing a song of a more upbeat tempo to show his versatility.



SMS to 73388: ANU 6 or by Telepoll: 1900-112-7706

Being the last one standing amongst the veterans of this competition, I expected more from Sein, because he impressed me the most in the audition rounds amongst the likes of Ize, Izam and Harman. Right now, he is playing with fire and I for one am thinking he is being extremely gullible to the fact that he has only his looks to bank on and his fans to save him from elimination. Bearing in mind only the top two will progress to the semi-final rounds, he needs a very strong fan support to help him progress cos I’m very sure the judges were not at all pleased with his performance. Other than forgetting his lyrics and doing the unnecessary moves towards the end of singing Sweet Charity‘s “Zakiah” (which was sung in the same arrangement as Jinbara‘s version), there was nothing outstanding about Sein‘s performance other than the word “Elimination” staring right back at him. In such a critical stage like this, the small mistakes are magnified, especially when the rest have set a certain amount of standard to follow.

Group Performance:


Group 1 consisting of Azhar, Kamsani and Chirul sang Black Dog Bone‘s “Anekaragam“. Their performance showed how they were enjoying themselves on stage. Azhar impressed as usual with his vocals, Chirul with his theatrics and Sani with his dance moves. Harmony-wise I thought they were better than the second group. Watching the three of them reminded me of P. Ramlee, S. Samsudin and Aziz Sattar in Bujang Lapok. They had the crowd in stitches with their antics.


Wawan, Hydir and Sein in Group 2 sang Sweet Charity‘s “Jangan Lama-Lama“. Surprisingly, Sein was a standout, atoning his previous debacle in the solo segment. He should have been at this level much earlier. Hydir was the most hyper of the three while Wawan was finding it difficult to keep up with his colleagues both in steps and vocals. Harmony was patchy at best with Sein‘s voice the one that I could hear because he was the one with the highest key of the three. Not a good gauge of their performance as a whole in my opinion.


After the euphoria and hair-raising experience I felt last week with the female contestants, this week’s episode left me somewhat a notch disappointed even though I know the difference in standards between the guys and the ladies is a bit too glaring and should not be compared. So far, only Azhar and Hydir have shown us that they are capable of carrying the flag for the males, but the rest need to buck up a hell lot if they want to progress further. Something new happened in this episode and with the number of contestants dwindling down to just six, they were given the opportunity to speak to the audience prior to singing. Which is good, cos it would give them a good grounding when they appear in public in future to interact with the audience.


The ladies finalising their songs for next week…

Also, after a month of watching them performing in groups, I tend to agree with my friend IzaRR from that the segment seems to be more a filler and source of entertainment, rather than being in a competition. Cos to repeat what he had pointed out in his own Anugerah 2009 review, most of the performances so far have been amateurish, with little teamwork and harmony, with everyone vying to be the most dominant voice, perhaps to impress the judges and voters at home. Perhaps retaining just the solo segments with the contestants singing the whole song, would give us a fairer amount of opportunity to judge their respective potential cos afterall Suria is gonna crown a solo winner and not a boyband or girlgroup.


Thank you all once again for the beautifully recorded piece…

It was a pleasure meeting the contestants after the show ended and I really felt honoured for the fact that they were all game enough to record that short clip I put up in the previous entry, even though it was clear on their faces that they had had a long day. For that I thank them and to Netty for helping me initiate the gesture. Also to Zuraidah for being a very gracious host. Till the next week…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

9 thoughts on “Anugerah 2009 Episode 5 Review…”

  1. Dear dear dear PM…..

    I do really hope all your feedback is base on urself as a listener and not a representation of what SURIA “people” would like to hear….

    I am a bit confuse right for this competition and of previous competitions…”WHAT ARE THEY REALLY LOOKING FOR”
    1) Someone who have the looks and yet they can’t sing….
    2) Someone who have an average look and yet they can sing and even make the song as theirs…
    3) Someone who have a huge fan base so they can make sellable albums if they win

    The comments from the judges are more of a cut and paste from the earlier spoken judge. If it’s start with a good repo…the rest will follow. a repo from me as an audience and a listener.

    Anu 1…Azhar Raz
    Good vocal control, melodic and plesant to the ears. His only problem is not his looks but more on the numbers of fanbase he had. Another thing is that his voice sound a bit like Hazami from Malaysia. But he’s good…2 votes for him.

    Anu 2…Kamsani
    His performance is energetic which match with the up tempo song he’s singing.The problem with him is that, he forget to breath a the right moment which make him out of breath on the second half of his song. But the onething about him that erks me the most…his not singing with his actual voice, he deepen his voice to sound husky and yet there’s always a loose tone thrown out from his mouth. Did you notice that? 1 vote for him

    Well the way he carry that song is to melodic and too SANTAI. No huskyness of his solid voice can be heard. He also try to act cute by doing the ala Taufik Bathisah dingy..but it did’nt work for me. Is would be better if he just stand in the middle of the stage with a mike stand work the song with his so call “MANLY” voice.1 vote for him

    He impress me the most with his redention of Jatt Ali “Merpati Putih II”. I was taken aback with all the comments from all the judges. like i say..more of a cut and paste. All the while he is potray as a rocker, the melody of that song do sound rock to me and it do carry his voice as a rocker. Do he need a vocal lesson when his voice is something fresh to the ears. I do salute him for his bravery to make every song his without jeapordising the original song. Do listen to the original song by Jatt Ali and compare with his redention first before you comments. Original singing melody still intact and only the music is tone to be more ROCK like.
    4 vote for him

    Dissappointing in voice quality and performance. Maybe his one day popularity has got into his head. He look so nervous and his voice so shaky. He seems wanting to faint right on the stage. Do his voice really has quality compare to Azhar Raz, Wawan and even Sein. No i don’t think so. Maybe his young and people was surprise to hear a deep tone voice where i think did not do justice for him. Good for him as he have a huge fan base that comes by bus load to Mediacorp. No vote for him

    To me, he’s the joker of them all. Good song choice and surprisingly good voice but showmanship wise look like Jimbara mix with Dato M Daud Kilau. Didn’t he rehearse in front of the mirror before performing on stage. His look of dissappointment do show on his face when the judges give their comments. 1 vote for him

    Group performance……

    Group 1
    They try to look funny where they are not. Azhar Raz look so out of place in that routine. As usual Chirul try to look cute where his not and Kamsani i don’t have word to say on him.

    Group 2
    Good song but stupid routine. A rock song and yet they asked them to dance like a pop singer. Hydir maybe can do it but how about the rest. The dance instructor do know that Sein can’t dance and Wawan image as a rocker, should not make them dance like that. Have you seen a rocker dance.

    One last question who is the one in the position to label them their genre? And their outfit is too ridiculus. Look at Wawan, tight pants in every show…is it necessary.

    To SURIA…..Please for goodness sake try to look at the Malaysia Channel Reality Singing Competition…..Which I think is on the higher par compare to Anugerah….no need to feel shame to asked for IDEAS and FEEDBACK….Please don’t reapeat the same mistake over and over again year after yaer.

    Thank you and goodnite


    1. Dear dear dear Hairizam,

      And to the rest of this domain’s visitors. Whatever feedbacks and comments that were made by me are not influenced by any parties. Nor was I trying to be diplomatic just because Suria accords me a weekly invitation to the shows. If you have been following this blog, you would know that I have been critical of the last Pesta Perdana event, even though again I was accorded media accreditation. So please before you point fingers at my apparent diplomacy or in your words “a representation of what Suria people want to hear”, please do your homework, or if you are not happy with the way I reviewed and think you can do better, by all means, please create your own blog and shoot your thoughts there.

      Different people have different views of listening to the way the contestants’ sing. And by now you should know how the Anugerah system works and what they look out for. I do not wish to repeat whatever that has been going on over the past decade. Though I appreciate your comments very much, I somehow do not like your confrontational and discourteous tone.

  2. Dear dear dear PM

    Please don’t get upset or angry with way of me expressing myself. If blog creator can’t except criticism and confrontation on their blogs…might as well just close this ****.

    I’m not trying to be confrontational and discourteoues to you. Thousand apologise if i do hurt your feelings…not my outmost intention. I think you as a veteran blogers, should know better, there will always be someone not agreeing to what you have to say and write. It’s part and parcel as a bloger. And it’s up to you to differ their opinion. Isn’t that right PM???? Why do you need to feel upset…You should feel good that atleast someone is reading and commenting on what you have to say. no matters if good or bad reading it. No finger pointing is at play here…but just a two cent worth of opinion. Maybe i’m just too harsh of words towards you.

    Good for you to reply with that first line…for at least i know you are sincere in your comments…I’ll salute you (bukan nak bodek ya…LOL)…And for that i will always continue to be agreeing or against on what you have to say.

    Thousand apologies again….SALUTE


    1. I can accept criticisms and confrontations, but please do it with a little bit of class and courtesy. I’m all for disagreements, but I just didn’t like the way you structured your first paragraph in the earlier entry as though my words are being remote-controlled by the very people who invited me to the weekly shows.

  3. Salutations Pujangga Malam,

    I stumbled upon ur blog while googling on some matters. I think I had spent some time reading ur blog & was attracted to d way u had expressed urself. I applaud u for tat & sincerely feels u can even penetrate d English Airwaves..but i guess maybe u have ur reasons in being wif d Malay #, RIA. Anyway, I had happened to listen to ur programmes once in a blue moon.Im not really a radio fanatic. Its interesting dat u r into dis paranormal thing & able to attract a pool of listeners who willingly stand by d radio to listen to d pujangga malam.

    Frm ur views on Anugerah 2009, I feel dat we share d same sentiments. Only dat I dont hav any confidence wif all d male singers. I was very disappointed wif their performances. It was my first nite watching Anugerah ever since it had crowned Aliff Aziz. I was not only pissed with their performances but also the comments made by d judges. They love to echo each other. I really feel that audience and viewers at home really wish to listen to good constructive critics. Some comments are simply vague and carries no weight. I do hope Anugerah judges can stretch themselves more when they are judging these singers. As for the performers, I really hope they can put a lot of effort because they are being watched by millions of people and they have to prove to “us”, d audience dat they really deserve d Anugerah. I will watch Anugerah again this Tues and hope dat d female singers have what it takes to win d Anugerah.

    Thank you.
    These are jus my honest views.

  4. Dear all,

    I append to earlier message by Hairizam, good words but do not be too emotional anyway this is just a blog. My understanding is we in Singapore always rush to do things imperfectly. I am abysmally shocked when some judges mentioned that the they are looking for recording artist. Do you know that any recording artist must be vocally trained/skilled. This is no job for faint hearted people like those in Anugerah look at their faces once criticised by judges pucat lesu…to me only Kunjung excels, why? because she is trained vocalist from Indonesia and currently studying Drama and Theatre in NAFA.

    My only concern is ~ why is there CUT n PASTE symptoms amongst the judges? first person say NO good the rest will follow which suits. What is going on??? and for our Episode 5 guest judge..why is he acting negatively towards these boys??? remember that this show can be watched in Johor and Batam…aren`t we shy…if this people want to be stringent in their judging of these contestants please…do it at right time…anyway ” I LIKE….” watching Anugerah, just don`t spoilt the market…..thank you

  5. Dear PM,

    What is the redention of Jatt Ali “Merpati Putih 2”? I am asking this as to established the critics?? I do not think EVEN the judges knows it. Well the song sounds typical to the original one…what is the difference? Jatt is my long time favourite. I reckon Wawan did re-adjust the tempo and not the original melody of the song..anyway did anyone noticed? starting from Kunjung and now the rest of the contestants THEY are also changing the tempo of the songs? which is plesant to listen ~ lagu lama tetapi terkini~

    Please do not comment wildly….this will be unfair to the contestant. I guess someone must do the reasearch….and produce that learning sentiment….belajar dari kesilapan bukan belajar mencari kesilapan. I did mine ~ I had all the LPs to listen to although bought in Sungei Road…thank you.

    1. The good thing about reviews is that it is always open for debate. Cos what the reviewer says does not always seem to be on the same wavelengths as the readers. And I’m open to any corrections from those who are more learned than I am. Judging by some of the comments made here, I could learn a thing or two from the more veteran observers, and for that I have to thank you for giving me your food for thought. I don’t think I ever said anything about Wawan readjusting the melody of the song he sang. What I remembered saying was “… he has to follow the standards set by the original composer, even if he rearranged it to his style and is required to sound more original than the original”. So in that respect, I dunno how you came to wild conclusions that I was commenting wildly when I specifically commented in general without going down to technicalities. If you had done your homework better than me or other commenters, then good for you, and thank you for sharing with all of us who are perhaps ignorant…

      P.S. How come Jamaicarama and Ashrul Izuddin share the same IP address???

  6. Hi PM….of course same IP…1 computer share with ramai siblings…. hope we are not the only people chatting and changing pendapat…anyway budget katakan. I noted your last comment. Will be more vigilant when commenting in future. Anyway for me being senior does provide me with some knowledge of oldies songs. Just my thoughts only to comment. Hope we will produce best Singapore singer soon. Thank you.
    My last piece of support

    1) Azhar Raz
    2) Kunjung Whitake…the rest tahniah…but the route is not over…


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