Be True To Yourselves…

Nowadays when I’m very much caught up with the Anugerah 2009 season, the only entry I would make would be my weekly reviews. And then I’m back to my own hibernation mode again before reappearing again the following week. From initially being a personal blog, this domain has slowly evolved into an entertainment one. Which gives you an idea why I seldom update this blog unless I really have something to talk about, review or revisit again.

I like honesty in people, the kind that they are true to themselves. It’s a trait that easily draws me closer to a person, even if honesty can sometimes bring a lot of extra baggage, which can be excruciatingly painful cos the truth would hurt. Likewise honesty draws me closer to an artiste and makes me appreciate him or her as a person and someone who strives hard in their respective crafts. As cliche as it may sound, “Honesty is the best policy“. If you are otherwise, one fine day, the beans will be spilled and perhaps there would be of no use crying over spilt milk.

Which is why I hope that up-and-coming artistes like our new batch of Anugerah contestants as well as those that are already established, would succeed without having any skeletons in the closet or deceive the fans through cunning ability spinning yarns after yarns of crap. One can put up a false front in front of the public, pull the wool over the eyes of the legions of fans, but shit catches up with the bull eventually since the latter needs to defecate afterall. In other words, one can only go so far with bullshit but life has a way of revealing dirty little secrets through time and when one least expects it.

When one is under contract, please jolly well honour it even if unhappiness creeps in, due to creative differences or any other niggly problems. The English dictionary did not give meanings to words like “negotiate”, “discuss”, “sort out” and “compromise” amongst others, to add sugar and spice nor be space fillers in its pages. In fact whatever visions and creative elements that come into play should be put forward before signing on the dotted line. If one cannot come to a decision early on, with regards to the shaping of destiny and vision, then there is no point signing on and tearing the contract up halfway down the road when feeling that the creative juices have been stifled.

Maybe one can lay claim that their visions have altered somewhere along the way or that things are not working out as it should be, but attitude, responsibility and maturity comes into play when there is a problem and facing them head-on. It is most definitely unethical announcing the words “I Quit” without first nipping things in the bud or at the very least air whatever grievances so some compromise could be exercised. By keeping quiet, others would think your wavelengths and theirs run parallel to one another. Plus one just does not walk out on a legal-binding contract thinking it’s a piece of worthless thrash. Mind you, this thrash could land a person in trouble big time and effectively kill whatever dreams they have of making it big. In any industry or working life out there, any breach of contract is liable to some form of penalty and in turn reflecting on one’s responsibility or lack thereof.

As it is our local Malay music industry is a small one, too small for one’s liking. We have different forms of media competing with one another for sales and ratings when they should be complementing with one another. Heck we only have two radio stations of which only one can proudly lay claim to playing the latest hits. The market is small, the consumers are few and most are still generally sceptical on the quality of our artistes. This is the sad fact and reality of our local Malay music industry. Such is the state of the industry, that one should not complain about not getting enough shows and promotions on a regular basis. Be aware of what is going on around us and be realistic over what is happening in our small industry. Too much exposure could be detrimental as well.

A management can only do so much in terms of promotions, interviews, photoshoots, making sure their artistes remain in the higher echelons of the popularity charts and getting shows here. If one is not confident of the market here, discuss with the management about spreading wings and flying elsewhere to try and blossom, building up a tactical strategy with their knowledge on the ground. Be humble and most definitely, be patient. Not expect instant rewards and recognition with every single composition released. Like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, do not expect money to fall from trees with the snap of the fingers. Some take months to succeed, others years while the rest ended up switching careers. There should be a lot of realistic thinking and homework done before diving in.

In any industry or working environment, no management would want their artistes to crash and burn. Neither would they want to milk their subordinates for all they are worth and run away with the loot cos they know they will have to face the legal music if it happens. All decent management out there would want their artistes to succeed and create a name for themselves after much investment. Wouldn’t it reflect badly on their reputation and stand as well if things were to go awry??? Whatever plans the management have, it is definitely done with calculated measures, especially if the management has years of experience in the industry to know what they are doing. Everyone wants to make money but most of them think money can drop from the sky anytime.

If one has 2000-odd members signing up to be a fan in the respective fan pages, do not expect all 2000-odd to come to every show and performance. Do not complain quietly that you only see the same 20-odd faces at every show. Why Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza is a shining beacon to follow is that she never says a bad thing about her loyal legion of fans. The entertainment line is a business, an intricate one but normally not that difficult to understand. Be thankful the same set of followers are still willing to support, scream your name, buy you gifts even, every time you go up on stage. Not everyone is free or have the means to follow their favourite artistes around all the time. Likewise not everyone who clicks to be a fan is a genuine one. Most click on them out of invitational courtesy, some to increase their network, while others just thinks it’s cool to be associated with an artiste. The day the genuine and loyal fans ditch their favourite artistes, would be the saddest day of their lives cos their worth has just become less.

Be thankful that there will always be an ever caring and protective arm around your shoulder, shielding you away from any possible backlash from your own fans or the community, when the paparazzis come a-calling, catching you in the act with your pants down. Cos too many of our local acts think they can get away with misdemeanours done mostly with the opposite sex or through various forms of intoxications. We are afterall, living in a society that is still conservative and sensitive. Being in the public eye, one should know better than to do things that could jeopardise their growing reputation as an established brand in the industry.

This entry, even though it looks as though I’m dissing someone or some people, it has to be said that it is also a reminder I want to share with all local artistes out there because I want to see our small industry succeed, without having to go through nasty episodes, which would eventually lead to a lot of unhappiness and ostracising. Everything that is to be done should be from the heart, laced with integrity and filled with unbridled honesty. That’s how one achieves blessed sustenance in any work or endeavour that we put our will into. I am very sure that most of our local acts are true to themselves and honest in their approach to their craft. For that, I will always continue to support our industry, no matter how much we seem to lack in several areas of professionalism.

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

3 thoughts on “Be True To Yourselves…”

  1. Hello PM,

    I like your recent entry on “Be true to yourseleves”…Yes indeed the entertainment industry are so small in spore…at least your word of wisdom are hopefully glued in all heads especially all those artist want to be!

    Me too had bitter experience into my endless and undying support to local talents!But well talent come and go,life have to go on rite!hopefully this time round we will have all those ‘TRUE n GENUINE’ talents flooding into the industry.


    1. Most of our local artistes are class acts, well-grounded, professional and aware of their status as public figures. It’s just a small minority that perhaps get a little swell-headed when fame knocks on their doors. Thank you Mamahani… 🙂

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