Anugerah 2009 Episode 10 Review…


(Photo courtesy of Mediacorp Suria)

Tonight, we witnessed the brutal culling of the six semi-finalists and found out who were the four who would be gracing next week’s Anugerah 2009 Grand Finals. As it was only the results show, the Mediacorp TV Theatre was a far cry from previous weeks, with the auditorium about less than half full, taking away the upper tier level. Originally it was to be held at Studio 1, like the previous half hour results show three weeks ago but since there was another recording being done there, the producers had no choice but to hold the event at the primary location.


The show began with the six semi-finalists reprising their couple roles from last week singing “Ku Pinjam Satu Bintang” originally sung by Alyah & Riz. As it was only the results show, I guess judging their respective performances was not on my mind. But it was dead clear from the offset that their facial expressions showed how much they feared for their respective fates and destiny in this competition. Some already had that resigned look etched on their faces, that it was all over for them, somewhat of a bad omen which eventually came true in the end.

What do I think of the results??? I thought it was fair and based on my comments on last week’s show, it was clear who would be deserving of the final spots, save for the ladies whom if I had a choice, I would have taken all three in, based on their consistency throughout the competition. As it is, I think the two who were eliminated – Catty and Hydir – lost out based on the judges’ vote. Yes the fans did have a say in their choice of vote, but theirs wasn’t the final say at all, as perceived by many. 


Rewind back to last week’s show, Hydir did nothing much wrong except that he chose a song which was too simplistic and not considered a song of “competitive” material. As for Catty, her “wardrobe mulfunction” could have contributed to her downfall but it was too easy to blame it on that for her drop in standards. I thought even with all the unwanted happenings backstage, she still atoned herself well, which said a lot about her resolve and determination to get the show on the road.

So it was a bit disheartening to hear some sections of the audience sitting in the auditorium shouting that the results were rigged. While passion should not be blinded by blind faith, a little rationale and understanding goes a long way into accepting reality as it is. This is a competition and there was no way riggings could occur as far as I could see from what was being displayed last week to what we know of the results this week. Some people need to learn to accept defeat graciously.


Guest performer of the night, Anugerah 2007 runner-up Maiya Rahman, has upgraded her looks and performance over the years.

It is not the end of the road for both Catty and Hydir. Being 17 years of age, both still have a long way to go to improve themselves and being more polished performers. I’m sure the experience would go a long way into making them being better entertainers in time to come. With the potential that they have shown over the past weeks, other record producers might have taken notice and could have a few things in store for them. Anything is possible, so I would like to see them brush off this setback and come back stronger cos really, it was extremely heartbreaking to see both of them breaking down backstage when the show was over.

Next week, the Grand Finals will be a two hours affair with the finalists singing four songs, one of their own choice, another by the judges, another a tribute to their mentors and the last a group performance. The Finals will be graced by the likes of Aliff Aziz, Ahli Fiqir, Imran Ajmain and Noryn Aziz amongst others, making it a star-studded affair worth watching and not to be missed…


The finalists…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

9 thoughts on “Anugerah 2009 Episode 10 Review…”

  1. Nampak sah TIPU….., CHIRUL HARAP KN SUARA JANTAN TP TKDE RUPA no package at all. Tiga2 peserta SARAH,CHIRUL,WAWAN race ‘B’ puik la sikit tk heran. Kalau org kt dlm selalu mcm ni satu hari pun TUHAN akan tarik balik ler, org tamak selalu RUGI. WAWAN jgn ckp ler, pitchin hancur btrabo pun org ckp ROCK. Pgadil semua mkn rasuah la, n btw whoever u r dun talk abt org punya pitchin i think u dun even abt singing! So i guess tis manager of chirul ade share kot mata $$$$$$$$$$$$. Chirul pmenang TANJONG KATONG COMPLEX dpt $3000 uat album, TKKN LAKU punya la abg record tk laku ape lagi ADIK bwk malu je la.

    1. Beb, nak komen ada cara. Kalau rasa diri tu betul, jangan guna nama orang lain untuk dimangsakan. Komen awak dapat dibaca oleh semua pihak dan awak mungkin dikenakan tindakan guaman sekiranya pihak tertentu rasakan awak memperlekehkan / menjatuhkan reputasi mereka tanpa usul periksa. IP address awak menunjukkan bahawa ia mudah untuk mengetahui identiti dan tempat tugas awak. Komen dengan otak, bukan dengan hati…

  2. Well commented, PM…

    Personally, Sarah is my personal favorite but favoritism aside, I have a feeling the reason Catty and Hydir were out was due to their age kot…

    Judging from sms power, Catty seemed strong week in week out. But her elimination surprised me beb. Deep down in my heart, Kunjung started to irritate me with reasons maybe only me, my wife, and some friends share commonly. So I was hoping she (Kunjung) is out.

    If Sarah doesn’t win, be it judges decision as many claimed or sms strategy fails, I will derive that people are wrecking future rice bowls of upcoming talents. Although the competition does not really end up with us having real quality stars, other than Sarah (yes, aku bias!), please do vote someone who could represent talent truthfully.

  3. I can only hope for Sarah to win based on her voice thou I hope she wont mess up like forgetting the lyrics (it seemed quite frequently she did so!)

    I dont see Kunjung winning this – she may be great entertainer & performer, able to engage the audience but her voice just doesn’t seem to do it for me. I think its her quivering vibrato, it gets irritating after a while, her voice is just not melodious enuf. Kunjung will be good to fit in as a girl group thou, like Indonesia’s version of AB3 but as a soloist & cutting out an album, just no-go for me.

    Wawan – Pls correct me if I am wrong but 1 jury said he can be Spore’s Jamal Abdillah? Are you kidding me? But this aside, I wld give him props for trying & improving week after week!

    Chirul – Well, cant say much. Leaves much to be desired!

    Just my 60 cents worth & solely my opinion! Anyone can agree or disagree!

    And tks for yr weekly reviews.

  4. Watever it was, terima sajalah kenyataan emua itu. Takdir telah berlaku, tinta pun dah kering. Kalau tak suka dengan keputusan dahulu, jgn salahkan sesiapa. Tanya sama Tuhan, Dia Al Qadir yang menentukan. Kalau nak marah, go by all means, pergi marah Tuhan.

  5. Well well well…

    What’s there to fuss about. Things had already been happening and we should just except reality that’s no body, i repeat no body is perfect in this world. In the eyes of the judges is always different for what we audience sees. The anugerettes themselves had done what’s best to their abilities and we should just appreciat with an open hearts. To Wawan, Sarah, Chirul and Kunjung, all of you are chosen base on your strength and weaknesses, as for the coming finals, do your verry best and prove all the other commentors wrong about you.



  6. Nicely done bro!

    Just to share with you.
    What I felt was that Wawan’s version of Ketahuan was very much a copy of Aji, one of Indonesian Idol contestant in the previous season.
    Check this out

    But he was daring enough to give this a try. To be honest, I was expecting him to give tougher competition. Nevertheless we’ve got a new rising star 😉

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