Fiesta Suria Programme Line-Up

Details of Fiesta Suria

Date Saturday, 30 January 2010


Time      10am – 9pm


Venue East Coast Park, Meyer Coast, Area B2 (Near Big Splash)


Admittance/ticketing Open to public. All media invited (Kindly RSVP to contacts listed in media release).


Hosted by Suzairhe Sumari and Fauzie Laily


Local artistes Hyrul Anuar (Anugerah 2005 Winner), Sarah Aqilah (Anugerah 2009 Winner), Maiya Rahman (Anugerah 2007 1st Runner Up), Kunjung (Anugerah 2009 1st Runner up), Wawan (Anugerah 2009 2nd runner up), Chirul (Anugerah 2009 3rd runner up), Catty, EVE, Syed Azmir, Khairil Yusoff, Zaibaktian, Nana Idol, Rancour (Anugerah Band Winner 2008), Sleeq (Popular Rap Duo), Revalina, B8, Bloco Singapura, Shabir (Vasantham Star 07) and many more!


Guest foreign artistes Malaysia’s Nurul Huda, Izwan Pilus, Kat (Mentor) and Indonesia’s Intan Nuraini

Programme Line-up

Time Items
  • Collection of 1000 exclusive Suria premiums
  • HPB’s healthy lifestyle workout by Kebayarobics group
  • Suria’s Beach Soccer Challenge (Suria artistes VS the Public)
  • Opening by hosts and Bloco Singapura
  • Stage Performances
  • Arrival of Guest-of-Honour
  • Stage Performances
  • “Movie-under-the-stars” premiere screening of Papadom
  • End of Event

P. S. Apologies for publicising this a bit late as I was caught up with work…

CTKD Album Sales Promo…


Purchase “CTKD” album at the CD booth this Saturday, 30th Jan 2010 @ Suria Fiesta 2010 at East Coast Park B2 near Big Splash from 10am – 9pm


The CD will be sold at a special promo price of $14.00 only and the first 100 buyers will receive a complimentary gift specially from
Siti Nurhaliza Productions.
Get it fast and listen to the two sensational voices and songs of
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza and Kris Dayanti…!!!

Location: SURIA FIESTA 2010 @ East Coast near Big Splash
Time: 10am – 9pm
 (Photo and information courtesy of
Siti Nurhaliza Productions Sdn Bhd)

S-League 2010 Charity Shield: SAFFC vs AIK Solna


I had the opportunity to watch a live S-League match in ages last Thursday night (21st January 2010), albeit the opponent was not from these parts. I think the last S-League match I watched live at the stadium was when Sengkang-Punggol FC was still known as Marine Castle FC. Yes it was that long ago. Back then my uncle, Syed Ismail, was its head coach and as I was staying at Hougang where the team is still currently based at, I had the opportunity to watch my uncle’s team in action, even though their performances left much to be desired, due to a tight budget and lack of quality players in their ranks.

National player, Shaiful Esah scoring with a trademark free-kick that took a slight deflection as early as the tenth minute…

Anyway, at last Thursday night’s match at the Choa Chu Kang Stadium, home of last year’s and eight-time S-League champions, Singapore Armed Forces Football Club (SAFFC), the new season began with the traditional Charity Shield curtain-raiser, with the home team playing against the current Swedish Allsvenskan champions AIK Solna. It was a good opportunity to see our local team pit their wits against a team which is considered a few notches higher in standard and fitness than them.

Ezaad chatting with Mr Zainudin Nordin, President of the Football Association of Singapore and the Swedish Ambassador, Mr Par Ahlberger during the half-time break.

And if you had watched the news bulletin on television or read the newspaper reports for the past week leading up to the game, you would have also noted that the match was a special occasion, as proceeds from ticket sales to the game and 2010 calendars being sold during the match itself, would be donated to Uncle Dollah’s medical fund. On top of that, the Football Association of Singapore as well as kind sponsors and donors alike had pledged more than $70,000 to the cause. Certainly an occasion like this was a heartwarming one for my uncle’s family, in that we did not expect people to still remember his exploits as well as the joy he used to give football fans back in his heydays. We were certainly heartened by the turnout which newspaper reports had estimated at around 2300 people.

The final score… Note the houses in the background. They certainly have the best and free views during match days at the stadium…

The match too was an enjoyable one to watch with both teams testing each other at both ends of the goal. Our S-League champions themselves looked as though they could retain their championship again come the end of this season. They might have lost a few stalwarts in Therdsak Chaiman & Alexander Duric amongst others, but they have also beefed up their squad with ten new additions, notably national players Mohd Noh Rahman, Hyrulnizam Juma’at and Indra Sahdan. Along with their new foreign imports and the spine of their championship-winning team intact, they would be difficult to dislodge and the gritty performance against the Swedish champions said a lot about this team’s potential.

SAFFC posing for the cameras after receiving their respective medals…

The one that caught my eye was the forgotten man, Ahmad Latiff Kamaruddin. I personally would take him back to the national team if I was coach of the team and replace Ridhuan Mohd on the right flank. At least he is willing to take his men on and direct potshots at goal which the latter simply has no self-belief in doing so, as pointed out by Raddy Avramovic himself. So please do yourself a favour Raddy, and pick Ahmad Latiff in your next squad. I believe in life we all make mistakes. If the guy is overlooked time and time again for his past misdemeanours, I think for the past two seasons I’ve yet to hear something bad or negative about him. Anyway Ridhuan has had one too many chances without much success and should not be made the golden boy who could not be dropped.

Ezaad receiving the donation cheque from our guests of honour…

Before I end this entry, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the Football Association of Singapore, sponsors, well-wishers, donors and the fans who came to watch the match the other night. The $82,000 received in total would definitely go a long way in helping Uncle Dollah‘s family in footing his medical expenses which is about $2000 in average per month. May you be rewarded for your kind efforts and sincerity for this noble cause. Also to the players of SAFFC who kept their promise to play for Uncle Dollah. You guys were great and did yourselves proud by playing above your potential and not letting the Swedish champions walked all over you. Good luck for the coming season ahead lads!!!

Kami Peduli – Dollah Kassim Charity Event…

Last Sunday 17 January 2010, at the Singapore Expo Hall 4, in conjunction with the Mega Wedding & Lifestyle and Exotica Indonesia exhibition, Persatuan Karyawan Melayu Singapura or widely known as PERKAMUS (Association of Malay Singers, Composers & Professional Musicians), in collaboration with MegaXpress Communications Pte Ltd and Life Records (S) Pte. Ltd. initiated the above-titled event to collect funds for former national footballer and my very own uncle, Dollah Kassim.

Khairudin Samsudin was the host of the event…

Mr. Yusnor Ef, President of PERKAMUS giving his speech…

For the record, Uncle Dollah has been in a coma since 4 October 2009, after suffering a massive heart attack whilst turning out for the Singapore Veterans’ team who were playing a friendly match against their Malaysian counterparts as a prelude to the Sultan of Selangor’s Cup match at Jalan Besar Stadium. It has been more than 100 days he has been in this condition. However he can react to senses of touch and sound, especially from those who are dear to him.

Guest-of-honour Dr Maliki Osman addressing the audience…

Actor Roslan Kemat provided comic relief with his rendition of Jinbara‘s “Kasihnya Laila“…

The above-mentioned event was the third of its kind which PERKAMUS have organised. However, it is the first time that they have reached out to someone who is not from the local entertainment fraternity. Of note, Uncle Dollah used to coach the PERKAMUS football team. In the words of Mr Yusnor Ef, the President of PERKAMUS, Uncle Dollah had not only helped in the progression of the organisation’s football team, but also in lifting the standards of local football during his heydays and now is the time for us to recognise it by helping him and his family in this time of need.

Veteran singer Junainah M. Amin lending her voice to the event…

What is an event in tribute to Uncle Dollah without Kamaliah Latiff singing her hit song entitled “Dollah Kassim“???

It is quite a trying period for my aunt who has lost a lot of weight as a result. This charity event was a noble effort in raising funds to foot his medical bills and as a family, we are forever thankful to all the artistes and ex-international players who had come to support the event and performed on stage. There are too many names to mention and thank from the bottom of our hearts, but I hope you know who you are, each and every one of you. Also to the kind donors amongst the audience who had contributed when the artistes were walking around with donation bags in hand.

Guest singer Nassier Wahab‘s physical features continues to defy age…

Uncle Dollah’s son, Ezaad, being interviewed by Channelnewsasia for the Malay news on Suria which was televised on last Monday 18 January 2010

This Thursday 21 January 2010, in conjunction with the opening of the new S-League season, via the Charity Shield match between last season’s champions SAFFC and Swedish club AIK Solna, the proceeds from the match will hopefully help in easing the hefty bills incurred since Uncle Dollah was hospitalised on 4 October 2010. On behalf of Uncle Dollah‘s family, I would like to appeal to you to come to Choa Chu Kang Stadium this Thursday to support the event. The match kicks off at 7:30pm.

Misteri Jam 12 Outing Details…


Date: 30 January 2010
Time : 10pm – 3am
Number of Pax: 40 participants only
For more information on fees and the outing, please call
82257922 (Puan Rosy)

Visit interesting places in Singapore, do not miss the opportunity to participate in this expedition!!!
Limited to 40 pax only…
Prepare your cameras, video recorders and your spirit!!!

Konsert Sinaran Hati Gemilang Recap…

(Graphics courtesy of Mediacorp Suria)

MediaCorp Suria has been a strong supporter of charitable causes such as “Ikhlas“, “Azam“, and recently, “Project Hope“. This is the fourth year that Suria and Tabung Amal Aidilfitri Trust Fund (TAA) collaborated in producing a mega charity show to raise funds for the less fortunate. The 2-hour charity show called Sinaran Hati Gemilang, was televised live on Suria last night at MediaCorp TV Theatre.

Huda Ali & Khairudin Saharom given the honours to host the event… 

Anchored by Khairudin Saharom and Huda Ali, who is now making waves across the Causeway as a protege of renowned movie director / producer Datuk Yusuf Haslam, the charity show was themed “Gemilang which signified luminescence and resplendence. It was also a night where the event featured four multi-talented and outstanding individuals who were main contributors to the show’s segments namely: Mr Iskandar Mirza Ismail (recipient of Anugerah Jauhari 2003 and Cultural Medallion 2008 – Music), Madam Som Said (recipient of Cultural Medallion 1987 and Anugerah Jauhari 2009 – Dance), Mr Isa Kamari (recipient of Cultural Medallion 2007 – Literature) and Mr Almahdi Al-Haj also known as Nadiputra (recipient of Cultural Medallion 1986 – Theatre).

Didicazli, the TAA Ambassador for 2009 / 2010 performing his current hit single “Takkan Kembali“… 

Sinaran Hati was graced by performances by Asian Idol Hady Mirza, Sarah Aqilah, Kunjung Whitaker, Ahli Fiqir, Shahril Wahid and Didicazli. Indonesian songbird, Rossa, also made a special appearance singing “Hey Ladies“, “Hati Yang Kau Sakiti” & “Ayat-Ayat Cinta“. A segment of the show that showcased Madam Som Said‘s contribution was performed by dancers from Sri Warisan and narrated by her daughter-in-law, television personality Marina Yusoff.

Shahril Wahid exuded so much class and emotions during his poetry recital act…

Last year, TAA had hoped in raising $1 million in its 1-year campaign with MediaCorp Suria and MediaCorp Warna 94.2FM. Judging by the donations received last night through the phone-ins and contributions by private organisations, I believe they had surpassed that target. Sinaran Hati tickets that were priced at $19 and $49 respectively and all proceeds from ticket sales were channeled towards the TAA Trust Fund.  

Donations can also be made through TAA telepoll lines:

  • 1900 112 9010 for a $10 donation
  • 1900 112 9050 for a $50 donation

 The telepoll lines are now open till 28 February 2010.

The current duo of AhliFiqir, Mawar Berduri and Daly ending off the poetry recital segment…

I’ve had a few people asking me whether I would be doing a review on the night’s show when I was at the reception afterwards. I simply said “No, I don’t think so…“, as it was meant to be a mellow and toned-down affair, with the aim and intention to raise dollars for the less fortunate and needy as depicted by the various clips and acting segment during the show. I was also down with a bad case of flu last night, suppressing myself from coughing and sneezing till my eyes teared. A wonder how I held my ground the whole night staying till the end. All that added up to me not having the mood nor feeling the need to do a review but if views were to be shared then I’ll just give brief thoughts on the show.

Rossa, looking all-splendour performing “Ayat-Ayat Cinta“… Rumours have it certain sections of the media weren’t pleased with her for cancelling a scheduled interview but rumours are definitely meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and not to be taken wholesale cos there’s always two sides to the story. If it really happened, I’m sure she had her valid reasons…

As a show, overall I felt there was a distinct lack of punch and aura, a feel-good factor that was missing, the “X-factor” you might call it. Cos it felt like watching a weekly variety show. However, it has to be stressed upon that this was to be expected and forgiven, as this wasn’t a glammed-up show filled with all the pomp and razzmatazz to honour the movers and shakers of the industry over the past year or a happy and fun occasion like “Pesta Pesta Pesta” or “Anugerah Grand Finale“. This show was meant to tug at the heartstrings, and some cynical ones might add “pockets”, but this was all definitely for a good cause, to give a reality check on the less fortunate living in our midst. Of course it did not have to be too sombre for one’s liking but I believe you catch my drift.

Hady Mirza giving his all singing “Angkasa“…

Which leads me to the conduct of certain sections of the audience during the show. Yes I appreciate and respect the fact that you were showing your love and appreciation to your beloved artiste / idol on stage. But you have to remember in what setting and atmosphere were you at. Add to the fact that you have distinguished guests-of-honour also in attendance. Screaming like mad women throughout your favourite artiste’s performances not only irritated the others in the auditorium, it was also a show of disrespect to the guests that you simply have little / no sense of decorum and dignity in an event of that magnitude. There is a time and place for such show of affections but definitely not at last night’s event and most definitely not throughout the whole song the artiste was singing, which in turn led him to momentarily lose focus. We still have a long way to go in realising when to do something and when not to do it or when we are overdoing it. It happened at last week’s Bagaikan Sakti concert and it happened again last night.

The finale…

I thought the artistes involved were excellent in their delivery and execution and they have to be lauded for putting up generally good performances on the night. I personally liked Shahril‘s and Kunjung‘s poetry recital of Isa Kamari‘s “Tubuh Kurus” (hope I got the title right), but AhliFiqir‘s presence towards the end of that was like a “What was that all about?” moment for me, as it was too brief and nothing more than just a few seconds on stage. But at least they came back to perform again, of which the title of the song they performed was lost on me, cos the flu was distracting me by then. I would have given Hady‘s performance of his hit single “Angkasa” a thumbs-up too, if not for some of his overzealous fans. But who can forget the little boo-boo written on the cheque that was given by Mediacorp to TAA??? I don’t think I need to elaborate more on that already.

The performing artistes taking photographs with our guest-of-honour…

The post-event reception was so-so in terms of star factor. Besides the likes of Shah Iskandar, Norfasarie, Lydia Izzati and Fadhlur Rahman, there were not many artistes who came to watch the event as I believe this was more to honour the donors, sponsors and dignitaries who have contributed to the TAA cause. The performing artistes themselves did not stay long at the reception, preferring to change back to their normal clothings once the guest-of-honour Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean left the vicinity. I did not take much photos myself as I could not get good shots due to where I sat in the auditorium and also the fact that the reception was devoid of star power. What I have included in this entry were what I considered the better ones. Kudos to Mediacorp and TAA for achieving their target!!!

TV personalities, Norfasarie, Fadhlur Rahman & Shah Iskandar enjoying the sumptuous spread…

(Some of the information included in this entry were courtesy of the joint press release by Mediacorp Suria and TAA Trust Fund.)

Konsert Bagaikan Sakti Review…

(Promotional poster courtesy of Esplanade Theatres by the Bay)

2010 began with a bang during the Countdown event at Marina Bay with a quarter million revellers, yours truly included, ushering the New Year watching the eight minutes worth of fireworks display. 20 hours into the dawn of the New Year at the same vicinity, The Esplanade Theatres by the Bay to be more precise, two regional artistes that need no further introductions were on hand to stamp their mark and affirmed their par excellence statures to the eagerly-anticipating audience. It also meant, I were to begin 2010 with something substantial to fill this blog which was in danger of going into oblivion towards the end of last year.

The stage setting all set for the concert…

Rumours of this concert had been bandied around sometime in September 2009 but was only let slipped and confirmed by Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza in an off-the-record conversation with a journalist in October. The journalist was only too pleased to share this piece of good news to the readers and from then on, it was a case of waiting when the announcement was to be made official. A month on, I was alerted by the email alert by Esplanade that the show would be on New Year’s Day itself, an excellent start to 2010 for any decent music lover who appreciates the talents at disposal.

Aubrey Suwito on keyboards was the musical director for Dato’ Siti‘s set. At the back on drums is Ujang

Due to overlooking my inbox, I only managed to purchase the tickets three days after they had started selling it. Which meant, I missed out on my customary front row seating. However, I was told that the first two rows were blocked for media and sponsors. I had to settle for Row 13, which was a major concern, as I was open to being approached by the ushers to put away my camera, seeing how strict they are with the photo-taking. I tried to apply for media passes, a special dispensation perhaps, but I was told that it wasn’t possible. So I clung to the hope that I could do the same technique I did during Anuar Zain‘s concert back in 2008. What technique I did, well it’s up to you to let your imaginations run wild. It also helped however, that it was a live televised event, so the ushers were not busy moving around to stop people from taking photographs or recording clips.

Dato’ Siti kicked off her performance with Nirmala

I only collected my tickets right before the show, which meant I only knew the exact hall to go to once I had them in hand. When I booked the tickets, I did not go through the online method but I called Sistic straightaway to ask for the nearest possible seat to the stage. I had assumed that with two of the biggest names in the regional Malay music industry, they would have held it at the Concert Hall, which would attract more people to attend. As it is, when I found out that it was to be held at the Theatre Hall instead, I thought that the two performing artistes deserved more fans to watch them. On the flip side of it, a slightly smaller venue would make the setting more intimate and of course adding to the exclusivity of it all.

A classic pose for photographers in the arena to snap at…

What was special about this concert was the fact that the two legendary artistes were paired for the first time in a concert. Yes you’ve heard it right, they have never staged a concert together nor performed their duet “Bagaikan Sakti” live before this. Or so I was told. Which was a bit strange in my opinion, seeing how the song was the essence to the hit movie “Puteri Gunung Ledang“. But there is a time for history-making to be made. 1st January 2010 would be a date to be remembered, not only to the witnessing audience in the arena, but to the millions watching at home live via Astro. And for that, we have to thank Amin Hussen, the head honcho of Beyond Events, and his team for putting together this landmark event.

From top to bottom: Steve Thornton on percussions, Lee Sze Wan on 2nd keyboards and Pa’ang on ethnic percussions…

Even before we entered the arena, I could feel the anticipation in the air, that feel-good aura emanating from the watching audience who were eagerly making their way inside. Meeting Anugerah 2005 winner Hyrul Anuar along the way in, he shared that he was so excited about the concert, a feeling he felt as though he was the one who was slated to perform. Being the massive fan of Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza that he is, I could relate to his excitement as years ago, I too was in the same shoes as him, before marriage and family diminishing those feelings. I have to admit that I’m less of a fan now, not following her progress as much as in the past, with age, life’s priorities and responsibilities being major reasons for the apparent slow down. But me and the missus would never miss her shows here wherever possible.

Dato’ Siti performing “Bukan Cinta Biasa“…

For a live event, I was surprised the show did not start on time, or perhaps the eight minutes lag was for commercial reasons only known to the watching audience at home. But the delay was very much forgiven when the lights in the arena dimmed and the sessionists began playing their respective instruments to signal the start of the concert. I had expected M. Nasir to kick off the concert but true to the old adage of ladies going first, the onus to start the ball rolling fell on the shoulders of Dato’ Siti herself and she did not disappoint, surprising the audience by appearing amongst the dancers instead of from the raised platform on top of the stage. The silhouette that appeared from the platform, turned out to be one of the female dancers impersonating her. It was a gimmick that some had expected, since the introduction of “Nirmala” was apparently her recorded voice from the original track taken off her “Sanggar Mustika” album.

Here she’s performing “Biarlah Rahsia“…

I will not relate every single gimmick or what happened during each song per se, but during the first hour of a concert that had no intermission, the audience was brought back in time to her old hits like “Cindai” and to her more recent one, “Ku Percaya Ada Cinta“. Each song sung depicted her journey as a performing artiste for the last decade or so, with some telling stories of her own love life. Of the ten songs she sung during her set, one of them “Ada Masa Mata“, which was composed by none other than M. Nasir himself, made its debut during the concert having never performed anywhere before this. The song however, can be found in her “Lentera Timur” album (Thank you Azhan for correcting my earlier mistake. I stand corrected… 🙂). Certain songs were also given fresh injections, with “Ku Mahu” given a touch of salsa and “Ku Milikmu” synergising with Beyonce Knowles’Crazy In Love“, making it a dance-fest of sorts. I’ve never seen this legendary living diva danced and moved so much in past concerts but I guess experience has taught her a lot and she is one performer who continues to improve and not resting on her laurels. It could also mean I’ve been detached from watching her perform for a considerable amount of time to be surprised with this aspect of her performance.

Showing off her dance moves whilst performing “Ku Mahu“…

Speaking of her experience being an artiste for half her life thus far, she seemed more relaxed and at ease bantering with the audience, though it has to be said at times one could detect that she was feeling a bit nervous performing in a concert of this magnitude. Even if at times the apparent nervousness betrayed her from the sound of her voice, she was still able to poke fun at herself and her critics for paying too much attention on her dressing and what she does on stage that could start tongues wagging. Though she has 14 years of experience (15 if you include her formative years during Bintang HMI in 1995 which she won) under her belt, she still admitted to feeling nervous before stepping on stage, or whether she would get her dance steps right or otherwise, or if she could hit the high notes when it mattered. That’s the mark of an artiste who continues to strive for perfection and concerned in giving only the best to the paying and watching audience.

Ending “Ku Milikmu” in style…

However, I just feel that this was a concert that for once, Dato’ Siti had to play second fiddle to the music maestro on both sides of the Causeway. How else could we explain the numerous calls for “Nasir” to appear, halfway through her set??? No matter if he is now a Malaysian citizen, Singaporean fans still regard him as one of our own and a shining example to follow for artistes and musicians alike who want to make a name for themselves across the Causeway. And when she started to sing “Kesuma Jiwa” from the 60s movie “Hang Tuah“, it was the cue for his arrival, as rapturous applause greeted the arrival of “the moustachioed one”, who appeared via the raised platform at the top of the stage. Singing “Ghazal Untuk Rabiah“, “Suatu Masa“, “Mawarku” & “Lagu Gembira“, the magic of this concert truly came to life when both were on stage.

M. Nasir appearing from the raised platform singing “Kesuma Jiwa“…

Dato’ Siti did a stellar job at warming up the audience for what to expect during this concert cos when M. Nasir took centrestage, one could feel the energy from the audience already bursting at the seams. We were definitely not disappointed as he began taking us back in time with hits like “Hati Emas“, and “Sahabat Gua“. He even managed to tug at the heartstrings in memory of his late wife, when he sang his haunting composition “Srikandi Cintaku“, which was made famous by the group Bloodshed. Another one that had me singing along was “Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini“, a massive hit back in the 80s when I was still a primary school kid. This was another one of his compositions which he said he has never performed before and hoped to do justice singing it. I thought his version and the late singer’s were special in their own right. The beauty and essence of the song still remained intact, even if he did not stretch his vocals like Allahyarham Sudirman did.

Kicking off their set properly with “Ghazal Untuk Rabiah“…

And what is a concert featuring M. Nasir without “Mentera Semerah Padi“, “Raikan Cinta” and “Ada” to totally rip the roof off the arena??? He practically had the audience in his grasp right from the word “Go”. If there was a mosh pit or had I been sitting right at the back, I would have stood up and danced all night. Yes, his music is indeed infectious, not that we don’t know already. The best part about his set was that, unlike Dato’ Siti‘s, his was a one-man show with no back-up dancers to add colour to his performances nor taking short breaks for costume changes. His music, showmanship and energy were truly remarkable and this was helped by a strong cast of sessionists led by renowned music directors Aubrey Suwito for Siti‘s set and Aznan Alias for his. Familiar faces like Steve Thornton on percussions and Ujang of Exists fame on drums were also on hand to lend the concert a touch of elegance with their musicianship.

Bantering in between their songs…

By the time M. Nasir finished his set of ten songs, his jacket was off and one could see clearly how wet his shirt was due to perspiration, not helped by the warm glare of the stage lights. So it was only apt that he went back for a change of clothing and both singers appeared on stage again via the raised platform to sing their duet “Bagaikan Sakti“, which was also the title of this concert. I thought that singing that song proved to be the final song but apparently the second set for both singers featured two more songs with them performing another one of his old hit “Dua Insan“, a duet made famous by him and Yunizar Hussein almost three decades ago, and “Hanya Semalam“, a song composed by him and lyrics written by Siti herself specially for this concert.

M. Nasir absorbing the energy, judging by his intensed look…

Watching them singing seven songs together split into two sets, I’m sure for those who watched, they would agree that both entertainers definitely have this spark and chemistry to be duet partners that would leave a lasting legacy like the likes of Anita Sarawak & Ismail Haron or Ramli Sarip and Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim amongst others. Even M. Nasir himself admitted that for decades he has been searching for the perfect duet partner and for the first time that night, he claimed that he had finally found her. And who are we to disagree cos they were both simply spell-binding and immaculate in delivery, hitting the high notes with such nonchalant ease, bantering and poking fun at each other. It was no surprise that when the three-hour concert ended, they had the majority of the arena according them the due respect that they rightfully deserved by giving them the standing ovation.

He was all melancholic when he sang “Srikandi Cintaku“…

Due to the fact that Dato’ Siti‘s last major concert at the Esplanade in March 2008 did not have any autograph-signing session and based on the same thing occuring after Anuar Zain‘s concert in November the same year, I had anticipated the same thing would be happening again. But I was surprised when I heard that there was to be one held and that we had to buy the official merchandise being sold outside the theatre to have any chance of meeting the two concert protagonists. I was already in the queue when news of the session was being broadcasted by word of mouth as I wanted to buy her two latest offerings “Tahajjud Cinta” and “CTKD“, her duet album with beleaguered Indonesian diva, Kris Dayanti. After purchasing, the missus and I duly joined the queue hoping to say “Hi” to someone we have not met up close and talked to for almost five years now.

The man packed so much energy in his songs that he practically nailed the audience under his thumb…

The wait to meet them felt long even though the security personnel were waving away the fans quickly so as to allow more to get their opportunity. Halfway through, we were told not to take photographs with them as it was slowing down the queue. What was supposed to be a 45 minutes affair, turned out to be only about half of that. It was just our rotten luck that the session stopped just as we were about to greet her, as M. Nasir had left by then (word has it he left cos he got bored that he had no official merchandise to sign on, as those that were being sold were Dato’ Siti‘s), but not before he stopped to take a last photo with yours truly. But I have to highlight why Dato’ Siti is so endearing to her legion of fans to this date, is because she does go the extra mile to please them, no matter how minor it may sound.

After a change of costume, both came back on stage for their second set. No prizes for guessing what song they were singing…

Yes, the session might have stopped abruptly, but she personally told the security personnel to allow her to go up to them to apologise for not staying longer than she would have liked to and so that she could shake hands with as many as possible, and I believe we were not disappointed. I certainly did not, as she acknowledged me with the familiar cheeky smile she used to greet me whenever we met in the past, and that look never changed even though it was our first meeting in a long while, with both our marital statuses changed. Though our short exchange was just the customary pleasantries, the warmth of acquaintanceship was still there. It’s rare to find someone who’s high up on the pedestal as Malaysia‘s number one singer, having millions of fans in the region, but still remembering you even after so long. It was definitely the icing of my 31st birthday even though it came a day late. Some established artistes, and I could name a few, could learn a thing or two with regards to being sincere with their fans.

He finally found his perfect duet partner after decades of searching…

And so, Konsert Bagaikan Sakti had left an indelible mark in the memories of those who had been fortunate enough to bear witness to such a landmark event. It definitely has set a high standard for future concerts to come in 2010 and I for one felt that three hours were still not enough. It is never enough when it comes to the likes of M. Nasir and Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Even without much fanfare or aggressive promotions by the organisers, the tickets were all sold out in less than three weeks. That shows that with reputable brand names like them, you can be sure that no amount of compromise were to be expected as you are guaranteed value-for-money in quality with their performances. Every single one who watched it live or from the comfort of their homes would agree that that was simply breathtaking and definitely a good start to the year. Take a bow Beyond Events, M. Nasir & Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. You definitely have set the benchmark for 2010!!!

Never one to disappoint her fans, Dato’ Siti is a class act to follow for all aspiring and known artistes hoping to win over hearts. Sincerity definitely goes a long way and she is a shining beacon in this respect…

I end this entry with the full list of songs performed on the night by order of performances:

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza‘s set:

  1. Nirmala
  2. Lagu Rindu
  3. Ada Masa Mata
  4. Cindai
  5. Bukan Cinta Biasa
  6. Ku Percaya Ada Cinta
  7. Biarlah Rahsia
  8. Ku Mahu
  9. Ku Milikmu
  10. Destinasi Cinta

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & M. Nasir‘s first set:

  1. Kesuma Jiwa (Prelude to first set)
  2. Ghazal Untuk Rabiah
  3. Suatu Masa
  4. Mawarku
  5. Lagu Gembira

M. Nasir‘s set:

  1. Hati Emas
  2. Sahabat Gua
  3. Bukalah Hatimu
  4. Srikandi Cintaku
  5. Sentuhan Listrikmu
  6. Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini
  7. Juwita Citra Terindah
  8. Mentera Semerah Padi
  9. Raikan Cinta
  10. Ada

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & M. Nasir‘s second set:

  1. Bagaikan Sakti
  2. Dua Insan
  3. Hanya Semalam