Fiesta Famili @ Hougang Central Court…

I’ve been very busy these past few days at work and at home with my little tykes. As such, I simply have no time to update this blog on the events I attended of late like the birth of my nephew Mohammed Emraan, Fiesta Suria @ East Coast Park and the first Misteri Jam 12 outing of 2010. Plus this weekend promises to be a packed affair with the Suria Elektra Media session tomorrow afternoon at Royal Plaza On Scotts, the Suria Elektra event on Friday night at Mediacorp TV Theatre (unconfirmed going as yet as I’m still without a ticket), Fiesta Famili @ Hougang Central Court on Saturday afternoon and Glenn Fredly‘s Lovevolution Concert in the evening at the Esplanade Theatre.

I’m gonna update all these events I attended and would be attending at my own sweet time, so I hope you guys will be patient and bear with me. I’m afterall doing all these on a leisurely basis. Work, family, football and social time are still my priorities in that order. But of course I will try to update at least twice a week. Note the keyword “TRY”. Hahahah… In the meantime, here’s the promotional poster for this Saturday afternoon’s event at Hougang Central Court. A good thing that it’s just two MRT station stops away from home. At least I will not be rushing like a mad man…

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