Anugerah Skrin Auditions…

Yesterday was the first day of Anugerah Skrin 2010 auditions held at Caldecott Broadcast Centre. It was a totally different experience personally for me after covering last year’s Anugerah auditions held at East Point Mall. For one, it felt more personal and most importantly I did not feel as stuffy having to mingle with the crowd as there wasn’t any supporters allowed to cheer the contestants on. This approach was very much deliberate, as it would give the contestants the perfect atmosphere to switch off from their surroundings and concentrate on the random scripts given for them to act out in front of the judging panel.

As opposed to my counterpart, Iskandar, who came early in the morning to cover the event, I only arrived at about 2:45pm, just in time to see the batch that had queued up since noon to go in for their auditions. It had rained since morning and when I arrived, it was still drizzling, but certainly the weather did not dampen the hopes and expectations of the hundreds who came. From that batch that had gone in when I came, I noticed there were a few familiar faces that had come to previous auditions, be it Anugerah or Anugerah Skrin, some as far back as 2001. I admire their passion, perseverance and resolve in trying their luck again and again to get noticed as a new face on television. 

Noor Liyana was a Top 10 finalist in the previous Anugerah Skrin competition. Her experience certainly helped her in getting a pass to the next round.

For those who got through the first round, good for them, as it showed that the gap in between previous years’ auditions and the current one had made them learn what is to be expected and that they have improved on their shortcomings. But it is also not a guarantee that they would ace through subsequent rounds of auditions and when they get into the competition proper. For those who still did not get past the first round after years of trying, I wonder if a bit of self-reflection and realism would kick in and that they are better off doing something worthwhile other than harbouring dreams of being a television star. Sometimes the grass is greener elsewhere or the fact that it is written that their destiny is not in this line.

Mr Hamed Ismail, Khairudin Samsudin and Mdm Neng Hayati were the judges in Room 1…

I’m not trying to be the spoilsport and wet blanket here cos I used to share the same dreams as them when I was younger. Though it is good to have confidence in one’s abilities, I believe only through observing and learning how the industry is like, how it works, experiencing continuous rejections and looking at one’s own reflection in the mirror would reality sink in, no matter how much it bites. I’m not a looker to begin with, nor have the patience to wait on others, which are part of what this industry is about. That is why I stressed upon the importance of doing their homework before coming to the auditions two entries ago. For the record, I’ve never gone to any auditions before to test my abilities, so sour grapes and cynics wanting to sharpen their knives to get back at me should know that I’ve done my self-reflection even before I jumped the gun.

Whereas Alfiah Abros Meah, Aryati Tyeb Papar & Johari Abdul Aziz were the judges in Room 2…

Speaking of that entry, I pointed out that “… too many people come for auditions unprepared, wearing indecent and improper clothes, having unkempt hair, wearing sandals and flip-flops and worse still, they looked as though they just woke up from the bed!!!” I still saw these things being replicated at the auditions. Those I observed being rejected were mostly stammering or uncomfortable speaking in the language, when their identity cards clearly state which race they belong to. If the very basics like linguistics and communication skills are too difficult an obstacle to clear, then how do you expect to memorise scripts and getting the feel of your characters once the camera starts to roll??? You have to be comfortable speaking in your own mother tongue.

This sibling pair experienced mixed emotions when the elder sister got through but the younger brother did not…

Then there are those who were still not dressed appropriately. Ladies, if you are blessed with ample bosoms, you don’t have to wear cleavage-bearing outfits screaming for them to be spilled out. If you wear tight-fitting pants, make sure you’re covered strategically so that we’re not treated to seeing “camel toes” or the shape of your butts. For the plus-sized, though I respect the confidence you have to wear what you wore yesterday, please in future do not wear “sarung nangka” outfits cos they are sore to the eyes and magnify your unsightly flabs two to three-fold. To the guys, I know K-Pop is in, but you don’t have to colour your hair, make them unkempt or wear caps which multiply the “Mat” factor in you especially when you wear tappered jeans. There is a way of making your hairstyle and fashion sense presentable. I don’t have to list each and every single thing out here cos you’re supposed to do your respective homework. Remember that first impressions count.

Congratulations to those who had gotten the all-important pass to the next round and work on your flaws which the judges had pointed out during the auditions. Their tips and useful advice will go a long way to shape your subsequent performances so please heed them. The same goes to those who have failed to make the cut. Use them to better yourselves for future auditions…

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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