Please Support Project V.O.A.!!!

This noble project is in support of the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and your humble presence is needed in giving hope to the less fortunate in the strickened country. Also, your support towards our less-than-glamourous, but nonetheless, artistes of decent calibre, would go a long way in bringing up our industry to the next level. They need a platform to showcase their talents. The platform is already given. It’s up to you now to show your support for the cause and to the artistes involved…

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  1. Salam pada Pujangga Malam. Terima kasih kerana sama-sama membantu menjayakan ProjectVoA dengan mempromosikannya di lelaman anda. Semoga kita semua dapat bersama-sama menyokong. Ayuh! Datang beramai-ramai ke ProjectVoA di Geylang United Clubhouse@Bedok, 27th March 2010. 7.30-10pm.

    Goodie bags, minuman ringan serta buku Verses of Angels juga akan deberikan kepada penonton. Ayuh!

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