Group A Contestants Promote Their Voting Codes…

Ok due to my regular futsal sessions every Tuesday nights, I am unable to give an immediate review on the acting segments, which is good timing for me really cos it is not a live event in the first place and I am able to record and analyse the acting later on. So in the meantime, before you guys wait up for my recap, here’s Group A promoting their code numbers for this week. I had a great time recording and laughing at their antics. Such a fun bunch they are…

The ladies (from left): Mariah Mahfar, Nissa Bahruddin, Sakinah Rahim & Halimah Yahaya… Biwa Mastura was not around but here’s her voting code for the week (8)…

The guys (from left): Shahril Kahar, Muhammad Fahmy, Mohamad Idris, Muhammad Dzar & Raja Razie…

Group B contestants, hope I can record something similar on Friday… 🙂

By the way, if you had missed out on watching last night’s acting segments, you can catch the repeat telecast tonight at 11pm only on Mediacorp Suria

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