Majlis Persandingan Huda Ali & Den Sabari…

Honestly I dunno how to translate nor give a politically-correct sounding term in English to replace the word “sanding“, hence the title has been preserved in its originality so as not to smear it with a bad translation of my own. If you have been following the last two entries I made, you would know that this entry is the last of a three-part series to celebrate arguably the “Wedding of the Year” in the context of the local Malay entertainment industry.

I will henceforth not bore you further with my blabberings and instead let you enjoy the video I’ve put up. Yes I know the background music does not tally with what was being portrayed but the song “For The Rest of My Life” sung by Maher Zain, is a song that the newly-wedded couple love and one that I’ve fallen for the first time I heard it after they introduced it to me. And since it has a Middle-Eastern influence, I’ve added another two personal favourites of mine of the same genre and with the same theme. So without further ado, here it is:


For the record, the wedding was made possible by the kind sponsorship of Bottle Tree Park Pte Ltd, Chinta Weddings, Fatimah Mohsin: The Wedding Gallery, M.A.C., Theme Photography, StudioDua Boutique Photography, Sugarly Nice, Shaistah’s Ink, M.J. Weddings, Lydia’s Oven, Ben Dasuki for the Wedding Bouquets, Sound-Vox Productions & Qaboom with as Official Online Media.

To the team that ensured the smooth running of events over the three days led by Netty Fiona, you guys are the best!!!