Constipated – Presented by KreatiV OutBox

Meet Haryani, Moli (Playwright) and Dew (Director) at Open stage in
Library@Esplanade, on 9 October, 5pm. An excerpt of the play will be
presented followed by a short talk-back session.

Also, catch Haryani on Ria 89.7FM on Friday 15th Oct from 9-10pm. Free
tickets to be given away!


An oversized and happy girl. A man leading a double life. A best friend that always saves the day. What will happen when these three souls were intertwined into one love triangle. A story that surfaces the true meaning of friendship and sweet revenge at its best.

Sofia, an oversized girl will share her story. You may have guessed it; she was betrayed by Ana – her best friend. The one who will come to her defense when the boys feed on her size and weight. Now, Sofia is facing her ‘closest’ enemy. The only ‘wall’ that separates her from the cruel world. The one that knows her boyfriend as San Kok.

Far from confronting it, she leads them to end the story her way. Watch her as she takes her husband-to-be and her best friend to a journey of THEIR lifetime. A story that deals with insecurities, love & betrayal that could hit on anyone in any form, regardless of size, age, gender, lineage and sexual preferences.

**Not Suitable for Those Aged 16 years and Below

Show Details

A production By KreatiV OutBox

22nd October 2010 8pm & 23rd October 2010 3pm, 8pm
The Arts House, Playden
In Malay and English, with English subtitles

$25 (Adults) , $20 (Students, senior citizen & NSF)
Group Discount – $23 (For every group of 5)
Prices above is not inclusive of $2 ticket charge.
Tickets can be purchased online via
Ticketing details is available via

Key Personnel

1. Dew M. Chaiyanara – Director
2. Molizah Mohd – Playwright
3. Haryani Othman – Actor


Dew M. Chaiyanara

Dew is a Drama graduate of Lasalle-SIA-College of the Arts, Kasamawati Masmintra Chaiyanara (Dew) has written and directed numerous dramatic performances. One of her successful plays includes, Tell Me a Story, which was performed in 2003 at the Tongues Untied: International Monologue Festival, was in a bid to expose the harsh reality of child prostitution in Southeast Asia. Her controversial play, URD:Urban/Rural Decay, was staged in natural surroundings and exposed to the elements in an open field, touched on sensitive subject of Singapore’s mysterious 1960’s Bukit Ho Swee fire. The provocative drama skit, Circus Tigers, which incorporates the use of New Media, was performed in 2004 at the National University of Singapore, received positive feedback on its contents of revealing cruelty of animal exploitation in the entertainment industry.

Molizah Mohd

Moli Mohd started her theatre stint in 2005. She has performed in various productions (Malay and English) and is currently active in stage managing. Her recent works as a performed was Heart(h) by Teater Ekamatra and Cabinet by The ETCeteras Productions both staged in 2010. With the experience she had as an actor and other parts of theatre craft, Moli can be considered as an all rounder in a theatre production. This is a major comeback for Moli after writing for Teater Artistik in 1997 for a production entitled Tiana.

Haryani Othman

Haryani Othman is and up and coming Comedienne in the Malay Entertainment industry. Finding her way from theatre, Haryani has performed in Srikandi Dendam Berbalas, Cinta Ibu, Besar punya Hantu, Ani dan Beego, Gentarasa 2007 and O Glamour. Her TV works include, Graffiti, Tahu Nahu, Kain Songket Kain Pelikat, 1988…  Segaris Sinar and many more. Haryani
is also a freelance writer for local Magazine such as Sutra and Malay Newspaper Berita Harian.

Company Profile

KreatiV OutBox is formed by a group of theatre enthusiasts with diverse background in theatre-making. It aims to be at the front row in beating the misconception of theatre being an art form only for the elites. KreatiV OutBox aims to explore various range of theatrical forms bringing it to a more digestible level that can be enjoyed by all range of audiences. Being a non-profit theatre company that gears all monetary funding towards staging productions, we are dedicated to developing and producing socially relevant plays for the community. The company believes in giving a voice for the Malay community and creating works that can be reinvented to suit the future. By this, KreatiV OutBox always makes sure that the performances will not only be relevant but it must be paired with a great deal of entertainment – without compromising the artistic integrity of every production.

Working Committee 2009 – 2010

President: Izad Omar
Secretary: Nureen Royani
Asst. Secretary: Agnes Christina
Treasurer: Noorizah Rahim


Khairul Famy Bin Kassim
Muhammad Juremy Bin Mohamed Jumadi Irfan Kasban
Hairul Fazli Bin Ariffin
Haslinda Bt Othman
Rafeah Binte Omar
Nor Adlina Bte Abdul Majid

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

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