Pesta Perdana 11 Review…

Pesta Perdana 11 was a night full of emotions, as the local Malay entertainment industry celebrated the artistes who have graced the television screens over the past two years in their respective crafts, and honoured the unsung heroes working behind the scenes. Held on 4th March 2011 at the Mediacorp TV Theatre and televised live on Mediacorp Suria at 8:30pm, the night saw 27 awards given away, of which eight that fell under the Creative Awards category, were presented earlier in a separate, recorded segment prior to the event proper.

Not only were the winners emotional, notably the male recipients, the online community was abuzz with emotional comments being aired via Twitter and Facebook. I must say a majority of the online community did not have good things to say about the show, the common word being “boring”. Most did not state why they thought it was “lame” or “boring” (and these are two adjectives which are considered “tactful” in my opinion), but I get the impression that most of these comments were aired without giving much thought, nor doing some research to back their claims, which in turn resulted in emotional and irrational rants. I’ll give you a few cases in point but before I move on, I would like to apologise to bro Hafeez Glamour for taking some of these points off his list of contacts who commented in his status, with regards to the show, as I felt they were the ones who were a bit more expressive than others that I read elsewhere in Twitter and Facebook:

  1. Ader tak banyak bernyanyi banyak bebual Dan terima hadiah… Boring:) Gelagat artis cume HOS yg banyak ceriakan para penonton Dan para rumah yg menonton kaca tv:) not much lah this year last year lagi great:)
  2. winners pun very predictable..sepatotnye shahril menang instead of rafaat.. -_- gelagat artis? so OVER esp S.H.
  3. Ni kali yang angkat piala banyak yang step keluar air mata….satu start semua start….geli…..!!!
  4. btw… knapa eh Khairudin Samsudin not even in d list of nominees? He’s good… tapi tk pernah dpt apa2 award… he deserves recognition!
  5. Tahun depan jgn guna undi talipon…kerana banyak bakat yg lebih baik jatuh kepada bakat2 yg setahun jagung!!..
  6.  part magician, tak kena langsung untuk rancangan seperti ini.kalau setakat diselitkan dlm acara persembahan oklah.
  7.  mungkin pesta perdana harus buat 2 tahun skali… since negri kita ni kecik dan nak cungkil byk bakat dlm setahun pun tak kemana…
  8. I tau Personality Lelaki Paling Popular menang oleh Fauzie Laily oleh kerana dis is base on votes Ya lar fanatic plays apart tapi kesian… Najib Ali atau Suhaimi Yusof shud have won kerana dorang lebih terserlah Dari Fauzie Laily.surprisingly Personality wanita Paling popular Nurul Ain menang tk seharus nyer shud b Era Farida atau Masturah Ahmad.
  9. Rancangan hiburan tv terbaik pula haizzzz macam mana boleh hari raya? sungguh tak saya tak faham.
  10. Bila si Nurul tu tepuk2 bahu tu kan tak elok. kalau silap2 Bos anda tak terima, boleh kena sue court. hehehe. very sensitive. ada orng tak suka kena sentuh takut isteri orng tu jealous ke dan macam 2 boleh berlaku. jatuhkan maruahlah and so.Mungkin Host boleh mulakan lakunan saperti mencari suami hilang ke , merajuk ke tak dapat terpilih. reaksi kalau tak terpilih ke kan lebih elok dari tepuk bahu penonton.

The excellent hosts of the show (from left): Suhaimi Yusof, Nurul Aini and Najip Ali

My goodness!!! I had to stop at ten, lest I would have a field day correcting people. Honestly I dunno whether to laugh or to get angry with such comments. But I think certain things need to be addressed and corrected as leaving it bare for the world to see would not be a fair reflection on the show / artistes involved. First of all, this is an awards show for mainly those in the acting, hosting and production scene. As such, less singing was to be expected. I’m sure if one were to watch other countries’ similar award shows, they would note that singing performances are kept to the minimum. This event as most of us know, is a bi-annual event, which means it is held once in two years, I wonder why did people still comment that it should be done once in two years when it is already done in that manner for ages. Where have you people been???

The problem with television viewers and radio listeners in general is that, they prefer to view or listen selectively and afterwards form an opinion that suits what flashed across their minds in that instance they viewed or listened to something. Shahril Wahid and Rafaat Hamzah were both nominated in different categories. Why should there be a dispute when they are not even competing against each other for that particular award??? Likewise Khairudin Samsudin who was said to not have been nominated, I wonder if people actually bothered to take a look at the actual list of nominees which have been uploaded on Suria’s website for all to see, or they might have looked up / created their own fictitious list to suit their comments.

The multi-talented Khairudin was nominated afterall in the Best Actor in a Comedy Role for his performance at Sinar Lebaran 2010. And in case people forget, and I know most of you do, Khairudin had bagged the Best Actor Award before, for his role in Rahsia Perkahwinan at Pesta Perdana 2004. The Best Variety Series for the record was Anugerah 2009, not Sinar Lebaran (which won Most Popular Programme in this year’s Pesta Perdana edition) as was mentioned in the comments. I also do not understand where that commenter was coming from. Hence the reasons why I said that people practice selective hearing and viewing and comment without doing much thinking. Which is sad really cos intelligence and common sense go way out of the window. Or I wonder if people have a problem understanding the difference between “Popular” and “Terbaik” and how they are being judged???

The guest-of-honour, Dr Ng Eng Hen (centre), Minister for Education & Second Minister for Defence… 

What about the votes via sms??? It is afterall a popularity award and based on whose fanbase is stronger. It is not the same as those that are judged on merit. It’s unfair to deny these popularity categories from being awarded to their rightful recipients, simply because there were only two of them, for Male and Female personalities respectively. I mean, is it too much to ask for to be given away??? As for experience-wise, both winners of the popular categories have had at least half a decade’s worth of experience in the scene and no longer taking baby steps. I for one do not begrudge them of their respective wins as I felt they were utmost deserving, given their overall bubbly and friendly personalities which translate to a fanbase that worked hard to see their favourites win. In fact anyone who was nominated in those two popular categories deserved to win, because winning was in the hands of the voting public. Time and time again we’ve heard it all before, if you want your personal favourites to win, you should be doing the honours and vote as much as possible, rather than lament, bitch and complain at the end of the day.

The “issue” (if it can ever be called one) of tapping Mr Azlan Salim’s shoulders during the start of the show is something that a certain percentage of the community is fond of doing – creating something out of nothing. A mere tap on the shoulders will not get anyone into trouble and everyone, no make that most people, know that it was just an act. And nothing / no one decreeds that tapping another’s shoulders is wrong. It’s not like Nurul went over to Mr Azlan and caressed him or something. Whether the people who had their shoulders tapped knew anything about it beforehand or not, I’m sure it wasn’t an issue to them at all. So I really don’t understand why such dumb comments could appear from moral police out there. Don’t they have better things to scrutinise???

As for the “magic” theme, what else can be infused into the show to highlight the magical elements??? People love to comment and complain, but more often than not, they themselves have no answer nor provide alternatives to expand the creativity of the show. Personally I felt that this theme is something new and worth trying out. Yes, even though such an event is meant to be prestigious, we can’t expect everything to follow the style of the Oscars or Emmys. The producers were in a no-win situation, follow the route of the Oscars and they will be labelled as “copycats”. Going out of the norm and coming across as “childish” (another word used by viewers), they receive more flak for “disrespecting” the prestige element associated to it.

Suhaimi & Najip performing “Malam Gemilang” to kickstart the show…

As a whole and as an audience in the auditorium, I personally felt that this year’s edition was much better than the last in 2009. Not that everything was perfect throughout the night, of course there were flaws and that is to be expected from a live televised programme. I cringed somewhat at some of the award presenters who either did not plan their scripts and were just going through the motions or they were simply unprepared, giving the impression that they were thrusted into the limelight by force. I do not have to name who, but I’m sure viewers would note how boring some of the award presenters were. At least if you’re gonna be deadpan in front of the cameras, your saving grace should be your eye-candy looks.

The 30-seconds “rule” of speech-giving is a contentious issue that needs to be addressed before the next edition of Pesta Perdana comes around. After watching the show the other night, I could feel for the winners who wanted to share their gratitude to as many people as possible. For someone like Sani Hussin, a well-respected actor in his craft winning his first award in fourteen years, to beg the producers not to cut him off during his speech, speaks volumes that this rule needs to be tweaked or scrapped altogether. Perhaps they could extend it by another thirty-seconds and not be anal just to suit the stipulated airtime that the show needed to stick to religiously. The whole show can then be extended by another half an hour. Based on previous editions that ran up to three hours, I agree that that is a bit too long, but two and a half hours should do just fine. Few award shows end within a stipulated timing of two hours anyway. Why deny the winners their moment to express their feelings???

Looking at the monopoly of Eaglevision-produced programmes in the list of nominees for Rancangan Hiburan Khas Terbaik (Best Variety Special Programme) and winning the popular programmes in almost every edition, I think it is high time other production houses are given the opportunity to produce programmes like Sinar Lebaran and other similar programmes on a big scale. No matter how much we try to avoid the link, Eaglevision is under the Mediacorp umbrella and in turn will benefit from the funding that other production houses could only dream of. Also as was pointed out in the recent Berita Minggu article, special programmes of that magnitude would definitely rake in the viewers and translate to higher ratings. I know there is a competitive streak amongst the production houses but working together to lift the standards of our local programmes wouldn’t hurt one bit. At least we’ll have more ideas in terms of creativity and direction. Cast aside egos and rifts (if any) for the sake of the industry.

Najip and Suhaimi sharing a banter between them…

I observed as well from the various comments online how they got turned off looking at the way people like Sani Hussin and Rafaat Hamzah celebrated their wins. Give them a break people and let them revel in their wins cos they deserved every bit of it. Reading the comments left by people who only watch but mostly do not understand how the industry works, the hard work that these people do in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, the sleepless nights they go through just to bring you quality programmes on screens, it is unfair to deny them their moment of glory, no matter how they celebrate it. Yes this is not the Oscars or Grammys, but this is one show that our local acts get to be honoured and enjoy, our very own version, so why should we deny their winning expressions, no matter how overboard or “arrogant” they come across???

These are genuine performers who are in the industry not because of looks, not because of glamour, definitely not because of popularity. They work their socks off and sacrifice a lot of their time for their craft. This is why they are looked upon “in fear” and respected by the younger generation because they are damn good at what they do and how serious they are in their approach. Victory for them meant a victory for the theatre scene where their roots are firmly entrenched. I for one do not begrudge their achievements and the celebrations of my two mentors who guided me when I was involved in Muzika Cinta RIA back in 1998, even if I had hoped for Shahril Wahid to win the Best Actor in a Supporting Role title. I hope their wins inspire the younger cohort to up their ante in future productions.

As in any awards show, there will always be heated debates as to why this person won and how could another person lose out? The common one I’ve been observing is how did Sharon Ismail win her title of Best Lead Actress when Jorah Ahmad, an Anugerah Perdana Emas recipient lost out??? In the first place, the latter had said that if possible, she did not want to be nominated and was quite embarrassed about it, but still went ahead as she did not want to disappoint the producers. Anyway, there is no divine right for any special awards recipient to receive a Best Actor or Best Actress award afterwards. It doesn’t work that way. The nominees are there not to make up the numbers but because they deserved to be there on merit. The winner won because the judging panel felt that they had given better performances and left lasting impressions. I don’t think Jorah Ahmad not winning was a slap to her face, cos I’m sure she too would not begrudge Sharon of her win.

All in all, I think all the winners were deserved and should not be debated upon. Lest I forget, here’s a belated congratulations from me to all the richly-deserved winners. I believe that viewers out there need to learn to comment without having too much emotions instilled, without having too much stigma over locally-made programmes, without having too much prejudice against them, cos more often than not, it will cloud their judgments and in turn make them sound stupid rather than trying to come across as intelligent.

There will always be room for improvements on these big-scale events and rather than talk, I hope people would come forward and feedback the relevant people on how to make future programmes be better, better still if they could produce or contribute creative ideas. The small industry needs all the support from our own people. Reading comments that the show was boring and lame, in a way, showed that they still cared to watch and still bothered to comment. The challenge will always be to sustain winning over these eyes and hands from switching their remotes to another channel. Oh lest I forget, having the same person / production house nominated a few times in the same category also does not promote healthy competition.

They will always compare our shows with those across the Causeway or in the region, but they should also know the limitations that we have in terms of funding and support. We only have about half a million Malays in this country and to entice them to watch Suria itself is a challenge on its own. Compare that to the millions of viewers in Malaysia and Indonesia, we cannot compare the quality of their awards shows cos they have big sponsors and big players running the show. As such we have to lower our expectations and understand our limitations. Not everything you watch from foreign soil is the best. Lest we forget, we still have many talents in this country that deserve our utmost support. Do not practice the old adage of “Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah kelaparan…” Talk is cheap in cyberspace but actions speak louder than words…


Pesta Perdana 11 Roll of Honour


Best Lead Actor: Rafaat Hamzah (Kalimah Terakhir)

Best Lead Actress: Sharon Ismail (Ayah Kat Rumah)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Sani Hussin (Pinggiran Ramadan)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Rosita Hussin (Pinggiran Ramadan)

Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy Role: Suhaimi Yusof (Camy & Dee)

Most Promising Actor/Actress: Azzah Fariha (Timang)

Best Host: Rilla Melati (Jus Sr 1)

Best Young Star: Nazrul Fathmi (Kelas 6C, 1985)

Most Popular Male Personality: Fauzie Laily
Most Popular Female Personality: Nurul Aini

Best Drama Series: Gerimis Di Hati (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Best Variety Series: Anugerah 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Best Variety Special: Project Hope 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Most Popular Programme: Sinar Lebaran 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)

Best Drama Special: Timang (DV Studio)

Best Info-ed Programme: Jalan Sr 3 (Oak 3 Films)
Best Writing – Variety/Info-ed: Jalan Sr 3 (Idzwan Othman)
Best Opening Title Design: Jalan Sr 3 (Idzwan Othman)


Best Children’s Programme: Kelas 6C, 1985 (Shortman Films)

Best Directing Drama: Ayah Kat Rumah (Sanif Olek)


Best Directing – Variety: Project Hope 2009 (Neng Hayati & Johari Aziz)


Best Videography – Drama: Timang (Ikhram Daeng)

Best Writing – Drama: Gerimis Di Hati Sr 1 (Amanah Mustafi)

Best Editing – Drama: Delicatessen (Fa’in Syah Bahar)

Best Image & Styling: Suria Elektra (Azni Samdin & Fatimah Mohsin)

Best Theme Song: Singapura Syok (SleeQ)

Anugerah Perdana Emas (Lifetime Achievement Award): S. Shamsudin

Author: Pujangga Malam™

Well-known on RIA 89.7FM as a controversial and sensational critic able to invoke thought-provoking and sometimes, fiery responses from fellow listeners. Have since evolved into a distinguished blogger of reputable claim with takes on the Malay entertainment industry and football-related matters. Brutally honest and believes in only reporting the truth as I see, hear or experience it. Self-styled critic who does not mince his words and is definitely a non-conformist.

7 thoughts on “Pesta Perdana 11 Review…”

  1. Hi bro,
    well said,structured n positive,review of PP11,coz I myself did read d comments at twitter and facebook..i wonder where are they all these years?they might be some ppl who had just came back from d other side of d world….i shake my head n slap my forehead upon reading thoes comments.anyway in my point of view is PP11 r much better than d past years,as u said if other production house r being given d challenge n opportunity there might be more great n fresh ideas into producing events in the near future.once again kudos to PP11 prodn team n congratulations to all winners!

  2. You’ve said it well. Generally I thot this year’s PP 11 was enjoyable enough. The concept of Magic is refreshing and interesting. The hosts were fantastic, esp Najib & Suhaimi. The winners were deserving too.

    My only peeve was, the producers should have used their discretion and gave Sani Hussin his moment of glory. What’s another minute or 2 for him, compared to the ‘disgrace’ when he had to raise his voice when giving out his speech, right in front of our Guest of Honour?

  3. Thank you for the positive write up and to the fellow comments given. Every event, marks something new for us to learn and with competent and useful remarks makes us open new doors for a better creative production in the future.

    We need more new media like our fellow Pujangga Malam 🙂

  4. Thank you for the superb review. No other blogger would have done it any better. I like your unbiased yet detailed review. If mediacorp suria were to have an award for Best Entertainment Blogger, definitely you deserve one. Keep blogging 😉

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mariam… I’m not worthy of such accolades. Plus I’m here not to achieve anything for my typed-out thoughts.
      Am just a voice, and I prefer to remain unknown by the masses… 🙂

      Thank you also to Iskandar, Juliana and Mamahani for the positive words. Will strive to post better entries in future, Insya Allah…

  5. Hello

    My name is Amy and I’ve just completed my Diploma in Media Studies & Management. Having learnt so much about the fast-paced & vibrant media industry, we often look at programmes showcased on the screen of our television sets with a more critical eye than others. Especially prestigious events like Pesta

    Just like all the above comments, I do agree fully that your blog post was very well written.

    Now, Pesta Perdana took place just days/weeks
    after The Oscars/Grammys/Golden Globes. It is only human nature to compare the 2. I do not agree that the producers of Pesta Perdana were in a no win situation. On the contrary, they had every mean to excel. If they could produce & execute an award show with similar quality to that of The Oscars/Grammys/Golden Globes with limited funds & support, that would have been highly commendable. I also do agree with you that the ‘Magic’ theme was a refreshing & interesting idea. However, when such a theme is thrusted into our heads, we expect no less than to be awed by the upscale magic tricks & to be left wanting for more. I was disappointed when the magic tricks on the show turned out to be lack lustre and well….. Boring & lame.

    Let me substantiate my reason by providing you with an example. The start of Pesta Perdana had every opportunity to captivate but sadly, it did nothing of that sort. What I thought could have been done differently (and better. In my opinion) was to dim all the lights in the auditorium till the whole place became pitch black. A limelight could have been shone in the middle of the stage on the magician. The magician would then begin by doing his thing – captivating audiences with an upscale magic trick and making the 3 hosts appear out of thin air. Not only will this create the grand opening that Pesta Perdana clearly lacked, it would have also prevented unnecessary remarks made by the public (Nurul tapping on her boss’s shoulder etc).

    Apart from that, I think that production houses should collaborate with students from media courses in polytechnics. Youths are at the forefront of many things these days. We’d love to provide an extra pair of helping hands in a prestigious event like Pesta Perdana in the near future. However, we are unsure of who to go to in terms of helping out. Perhaps, you could enlighten us?

    All in all, Pesta Perdana was definitely a night to remember, in more ways than one.

    Thank You

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