“Chickchickaboomz” Book Launch…

I know that I owe local personality, Nura J, this entry for more than a month now. The delay in posting this entry was very much deliberate for personal reasons and partly also because during the period of the book launch event, my home PC was down. Now that I’ve gotten a new one and have more or less settled down with the new system (along with designing a new watermark logo to boot if you guys had noticed over the past fortnight), I can now sit down and share this simple but beautiful event with my readers. Before continuing, first and foremost I would like to thank Nura and husband Esman for inviting me and family to the event and to soak in the atmosphere of the joyous occasion. My kids had a fun time and not even the wet weather that day could dampen their moods.

The “Chickchickaboomz” book launch event was held at Jurong Bird Park, a place I have not been to since I was still a swinging bachelor. Not only was it a book launch event, it was also an advanced birthday celebration for Nyla, Nura & Esman‘s offspring, whose birthday falls on every 24th May. So it was a maiden visit by my children to the event venue. Somehow the wet weather that day meant that we could not walk around the park and let them see the beautiful and varied species of birds found there. But that was not the main agenda of the day. The main attraction was of course the star of the event, Nyla, who at six years of age have shown what a genius she is by being the mastermind behind the launch of two books already, “The Big Good Wolf” on her 5th birthday last year, and now “Chickchickaboomz” a year after.

At her age, most kids are usually contented with learning through reading or trying to perfect their handwriting. This girl is different. She is blessed with a creative mind and with parents like hers who are very much into learning and reading, it is a positive combination that encourages and inculcates a reading culture amongst young children, no matter what age or community they belong to. I’m sure as parents we want the best for our kids and the best is always through learning and reading. Nura‘s colourful experiences as an educator certainly provided her with all the necessary tools to make this book production a reality. I can only marvel and be in awe of this family’s achievements and best of all, they are still the same humble people I’ve known for half a decade now.

Though I will not relate from A-Z what transpired during the event, I think the photos that I will put up henceforth and the short video clip at the end of this entry would more or less tell the story that unfolded – the birthday celebrations, the sing-along and book-reading sessions. The whole event was excellently done and was well supported by the good people at Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning, of which Nura used to be a part of some years ago and continue to maintain a good working relationship with them. “Chickchickaboomz” is now available on sale at a net price of $14.00 and interested buyers can get the book as well as Nyla‘s first book “The Big Good Wolf” if you were to click on “Nura J” from the link column on the right of my blog. I’m sure your children would love the book as much as my children have experienced…

Snapshots of the Book Launch

The lovely cake, made up of several cupcakes & depicting the “Chickchickaboomz” character…

Nura welcomed us to the book launch…

Nura showing how Nyla had sketched the storyline of the book…

The children were entertained by Shane & Frances of Julia Gabriel Centre…

Nyla signing autographs on her newly-launched book…

Nyla says, “Please get my book, you won’t regret buying it…”

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