Shahridzuan Selamat Embarks on Solo Career…

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I received a minor shock when I opened up my email just awhile ago and received a press release from the management of Shahridzuan Selamat, one third of local trio Revalina. With effect from yesterday, 6 October 2011, he has decided to amicably part ways with the group after three years of performing together. Shah will make his foray to join the ranks of other solo artistes in the regional music scene by embarking on his solo career; kickstarting the momentum with the release of “Hingga Lain Waktu”, his first solo single in two years.

The aforementioned single, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2011, has already garnered pre-launch awareness as the theme song for the drama series “3 Dara Metropolitan” on Mediacorp Suria. A music video of the latest single, that was shot in various locations in Singapore and United Arab Emirates, has been launched simultaneously. A bilingual Pop/Dance track “Be My Girl Tonight”, will follow soon after, featuring renowned local rapper Mark Bonafide, marking the latter’s debut in the Malay music scene. Both singles will be featured on his upcoming full length Pop/R&B album, slated for release in mid-2012.

Shahridzuan or Shah as he is affectionately known as, is an award-winning, independent Singer/Composer with an area of expertise that encompasses the svelte and smooth genre of Soul & R&B, to the hard-hitting world of Pop and Electro. He made his debut in the local music scene with 2009’s “Setia Menanti”, which racked up the 1st Runner-Up spot at that year’s “Projek Rentak” organised by Mediacorp Radio‘s Warna 94.2FM and RIA 89.7FM. “Setia Menanti” also garnered three nominations at AnugerahHitz.SG in 2010‘ for “Record of the Year“, “Best Composer” and “Best Lyricist” categories respectively.

Shah (left) with his former Revalina group members Ross (centre) and Aidil during the recent Anugerah Planet Muzik 2011

2011 witnessed him breaking out into a more credible role in the industry as a composer, with him co-writing MediaCorp Suria‘s theme song together with Mayuni Omar. The theme song saw his participation in not only concocting the words, but also contributing his vocals. He was then tasked to provide a modern take on the reality-singing competition, “Anugerah“. The show also marked his foray into scoring music for television, with music pieces crafted solely for different aspects of the highly-rated show. His momentum then followed through with the release of “Syahdu Di Ambang Syawal“, a thematic composition for a drama. Currently, Shahridzuan is actively honing his craft to contribute to the production value of our industry. The Chapman University film school undergraduate is also a director and filmmaker, with an emphasis on audio and visual synergy.

Looking at his career path and his achievements over the past two years, I felt it was a no-brainer that he has decided to go solo. Even though Revalina‘s wings might be slightly clipped as a result of his decision to go solo, the group will still remain strong and steadfast, as seen by their involvement in the music scene all these years. It would be interesting to see how Shah‘s career will pan out now that he has gone solo. From the looks of things, I’m quite positive that this soulful crooner will go far, moreso as he is very versatile and multi-talented. For one, we can expect to enjoy his music videos or those under his direction / production. I’ve said before in my entry on the launch of Hyrul Anuar‘s “MataMusic Video, how Revalina‘s music video “Menanti Cintamu” was a prime example of a quality one produced with perhaps limited budget and with very creative people working behind the scenes. Well, here’s another example of one produced by the man himself, his latest single, “Hingga Lain Waktu“. All the best on your solo endeavours, Shah!!!

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