Video Highlights of Anuar Zain’s Meet-&-Greet Fans Session…

This entry was supposed to be posted before 2011 was up, or at least the clip was supposed to be included at the end of the previous entry. But illness and other pressing matters took over, which prevented me from editing the video clips my wife had painstakingly helped to record during the aforementioned session. I’m sure for ladies out there who cannot get enough of the “King of Malay Ballads“, this video is probably heaven sent. I still have two entries up in store from recent events I attended (no, one of them does not include Countdown 2012 at The Float @ Marina Bay), but I’m going to stagger posting them up in the next few weeks. Work has started for the new year and blogging is just a passion I’m doing during my free time, so if any of you are impatiently waiting for the next entry to be up, you need to hold on to your horses. Nonetheless I present to you highlights of Anuar Zain’s Meet-&-Greet Fans Session to kickstart my 2012 entries. Enjoy!!!

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  1. he3……who can resists D LESUNG PIPIT!

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