Video Highlights of Konsert Misteri Jam 12: Jangan Takut Hantu…

Start of a brand new work / school week for working adults and school-going children / teenagers. I know Monday is quite a blue day for some, if not most of us. In the last entry, I did mention that I was going to upload video clips on the above subject matter, the sold-out Konsert Misteri Jam 12: Jangan Takut Hantu held at Fort Canning Park on New Year’s Day. So wait no more as I have compressed the night’s happenings into three parts. Apologies if the sound you hear is not of good quality. I was seated quite close to the speakers that night, so I dunno if that might have an impact on what you would be hearing. Thank you to everyone who dropped by to read the last entry last Friday, which resulted in my readership jumping four-folds. I normally struggle to get a daily visitorship of even 300, so that was quite a memorable day to savour. Thanks to DJ KC for promoting my entry on his Facebook page…

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  1. aduh mak betul2 ramai sekali peminat2 momok ni ya.rasanya kalau cerita momok2 ini dibukukan pasti laris manis agaknya,

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