Shahril Wahid & Suherdlya Sabar’s Wedding Event…

I purposely published this entry a week after the wedding was held, as I had wanted to inform the postponement of “Ya Saya Imran Ajmain” showcase as well as promote the launch of Fiza O‘s Ritabella Collection event held at Joo Chiat Complex last Saturday, 25th February 2012. The delay in publishing this entry was also because I had wanted to whet your appetite to see more photographs I took on the wedding day itself, as well as view the short video clip I have put up to honour the newly-weds. For those wondering, there was a wedding dinner on the same day as the marriage solemnisation ceremony, which was attended by mostly friends of the couple and those in the local Malay entertainment industry. However, I had to give that a painful miss as I had already bought tickets to the Muzik FM (Festival Melayu) concert held at Marina Barrage that same night.

During the Muzik FM concert, I had followed closely the goings-on over at the wedding dinner, thanks to friends who were more than willing to update and share via Twitter. There was an unforgettable flash-mob performance led by the groom, his best man Raydza, and dancers from I.Am Studios, which caught the guests by surprise. Certainly reminded me of my own wedding dinner where I performed during the entrance, though not of the flash-mob kind. There was also a heart-rendering speech given by the groom for his bride which touched the hearts of those who attended and even made some teared upon hearing words spoken from the heart. Seeing the updates on my Twitter timeline, I knew this was a grand affair which would continue the next day and I was not to be disappointed.

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Banners, like the one you see at the beginning of this entry, greeted us the moment we neared the event venue, the Garden Pavilion, situated in between blocks 686 and 697 at Hougang Street 61. From afar, I was already bowled over by the decor. Walking inside the amphitheatre, I was just amazed at the amount of effort put into making this a wedding event to remember. Guests had a variety of food, desserts and drinks to choose from, as compared to the regular fare we’re so used to being served at weddings in general. Imagine you have a choice of drink flavours like Durian, Sour Plum, Barley, Strawberry and Yam amongst others, to choose from. The candies and desserts buffet stations were to die for, but sadly I did not get to savour them as I was busy snapping photographs and moving around.

Seldom do we get the groom and bride arriving on time, but true to what was stated on the invitation card, they did arrive at 2:15pm on the dot. Their entrance befitted their status as “King & Queen” of the day. From the moment they were hoisted up the chariot and carried to the amphitheatre, they had the watching guests and even the people in the neighbourhood gasping with bewilderment at how ostentatious and splendour the whole procession looked. The dance and Kompang items put up by the Sriwana performers, along with the Tepung Tawar and Silat Pengantin segments, gave it a feeling as though we were brought back in time when sultans and kings ruled this land. Truly this was a wedding affair which had the word “REGAL” stamped on it.

I will not delve more as the photographs and video clip I have put up will more or less tell the whole story of the wedding event for me. Before I end, I would like to take this opportunity to convey a message by the newly-married couple, as they did not get the opportunity to thank the kind people who had made their wedding event a major success, and a memorable one that left an indelible impression in the minds of guests alike, on the wedding day itself. Shahril and Suherdlya would like to thank the following individuals, companies and groups:

Wedding outfits – Chantique The Bridal Gallery (Zul & Ros)

F&B – Maria Le Caterer (Suzana)

Photography & Videography – Bliss PhotoCinema (Syarfique & Rizal)

Deco – Jentayu Gallery (Fauzi & Mel)

Guestbook Services – Zudryda Creation

Marriage Solemnisation Venue: Al-Mawaddah Mosque Management

Kadi: Ustaz Khair Rahmat

Wedding Dinner Host: Shahrin Azhar

The Main Wayang Company (Alvin)

Juz B (Dee)

I.AM Studios (Saiful Amri & Isham)

Artiste Budaya Tepak Sireh (Rizman)

SoundVox (Zack)

Favors – Agnes Chang

Sriwana (Fardy)

Sri Mahligai (Ariffin)

Warung Air Aswandi (Hernie Orpie)

Kesenian Muda-Mudi (Khayzan)

Favors –

Postponement of “Ya Saya Imran Ajmain” Showcase…

The showcase slated for 24th & 25th February 2012 at Playden, The Arts House has been postponed due to technical reasons.

It will reschedule to a later date yet to be confirmed.

All ticket buyers can get a refund for their purchases from the location they bought their tickets or email

Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you!!!

You may also call or SMS or Whatsapp to 9656 0442 for the refund!

Shahril Wahid & Suherdlya Sabar’s Marriage Solemnisation Ceremony…

I seldom post something pertaining to an event I attend on the day itself and will always take days, weeks even to post it up on this blog. Since I will be attending the Muzik FM Concert at Marina Barrage later on in the evening and that will take up days or weeks for me to upload, I might as well furnish my blog with this joyous occasion I attended earlier this morning, the marriage solemnisation ceremony of Anugerah Skrin 2006 winner, Shahril Wahid and Suherdlya Sabar, held at the main prayer hall of Masjid Al-Mawaddah.

Shahril and myself go a long way back, where we played for the same neighbourhood football team when we were still in secondary school. Being slightly older than him, I’ve been fortunate to see how he has grown from a scrawny little kid to achieving his Anugerah Skrin 2006 success and now, being called a husband to his beloved wife. Since I’m pressed for time to go to Marina Barrage, I will just let my subsequent photographs do the talking for me, without going too much into details. All I can say is that it was a humble ceremony for a very humble pair of lovebirds…

To Shahril & Suherdlya, welcome to the club bro and sis!!! May this new chapter in your life be filled with bliss and blessings from Allah Almighty till the end of time…

Arrival of the groom, accompanied by Muhamad Raydza of Semut Biru (Mat Yoyo) fame…

The groom’s band of brothers from the local Malay theatre scene…

The bride arrives…

Grinning even though he was all tensed up…

The dowry and wedding gift…

With the marriage witnesses on both sides…

The Kadi, Ustaz Mohamed Khair Rahmat

The moment of truth for Shahril

The groom was all emotional right after the solemnisation…

Some people call this signing a “death warrant”, but Shahril is certainly committed to signing this “commitment for life”…

It’s official!!!

Putting on the necklace for the bride…

All the best you both!!! Welcome to the club!!!

“Ya Saya” Showcase Promo…

After the success of last year’s “100 Hari Acoustic Tour” series, which celebrated Imran Ajmain‘s resolve to quit smoking for good, the man himself is back again with a more upscale showcase, to be held at Playden @ The Arts House this coming 24th and 25th February 2012. Both shows are slated to begin at 8pm on both days, sandwiching an added show at 3pm on the second day. It has been quite awhile since Imran has held a big-scale showcase for fans of his music, the last if my memory has not failed me, was back in February 2008, a good four years ago. I believe this showcase will feature new singles which he will release soon, so those attending will most probably be able to get an advanced preview before radio listeners do.

Like the memorable acoustic tour which was held at Badoque Cafe last July, this showcase will feature Fazley Yaakob (or Dato’ Fazley Yaakob to be more precise), the man who made the song “Asmara Ini” a haunting hit a decade ago. 2011 was surely a memorable year for the man, as his wife gave birth to their third child in September and he was also conferred the title of Dato’ by the Pahang sultanate in December. Local up-and-coming trio, Northbound, completes the line-up. I’ve included one of their Youtube performances below for you to get a feel of their potential. Personally, I’m quite impressed and cannot wait to watch them live. To purchase the tickets to the showcase, you can either get them at Badoque Cafe, Spyke or email