Piala Dollah Kassim 2012 Media Conference…

Piala Dollah Kassim (Dollah Kassim Charity Cup) returns for a fifth edition this year!!! Due to the overwhelming success of the previous two editions (2010 & 2011), the organisers, Persatuan Karyawan Muzik Singapura (PERKAMUS) has continued to build on the momentum by combining with Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) to stage this year’s event. The media session and drawing of fixture match-ups for the qualifying rounds were held this past Friday evening, 28th September 2012, at the rooftop of Singapore Press Holdings, venue of previous media sessions pertaining to the event. The guest-of-honour for the event was none other than Allahyarham Uncle Dollah‘s son and my cousin, Mohamed Ezaad Abdullah.

This year, the competition welcomes a new team from the Singapore Music Society (SGMuSo), in addition to the four existing teams from Persatuan Dramatis Singapura (Singapore Malay Dramatists Association), Berita Harian, the combined team of PERKAMUS-COMPASS as well as the defending champions, Mediacorp Suria. The tournament promises goals galore and entertainment for the fans. What’s more, the players playing in the tournament are personalities in their own rights. The new kids on the block, SGMuSo, will have the likes of Mel and Joe Ferdinands turning out for them, PERKAMUS-COMPASS will have Jeff Catz, Ikhsan Ace, Didicazli and Syarif SleeQ amongst others, whilst Dramatis will have Roslan Kemat, Amy Kecik, Helmindra J.A. Halim and Khairudin Samsudin amongst others, gracing their team.

As for the defending champions, Mediacorp Suria, who I will be turning out for for the third year running as the team’s goalkeeper, the team has gone through a bit of a transition with at least a third of the squad from the winning team last year not able to make it due to various commitments. The loss of captain and top-scorer Syed Azmir Syed Azman is perhaps the most keenly felt, along with Fauzie Laily, Dzar Ismail, Fadhlur Rahman and Taufiq Salleh, but in their place, the team welcomes five of the “First XI” boys in Muhammad Shammir (Alang), Mohamad Helmi, Mohamed Kiyasudeen, Muhammed Faliq and Muhsin Johari. Abdul Mutalib, who has been turning out for Mediacorp Suria in the previous tournaments, completes the sextet from the successful reality show early this year. The captaincy of the team has been handed down to the most senior member of the team, Rafaat Hamzah.

Guest-of-honour Mohamed Ezaad Abdullah…

I am quite happy so far with what was being briefed during the media conference pertaining to the rules of the event. Prior to the media session, representatives from the participating teams had met up with the organisers and discussed the rules and debating over niggling issues which arose from previous tournaments. I had the opportunity to sit in at one of the meeting sessions and everything was discussed in a very cordial and amicable manner. I am just pleased that some of the unhappiness which I brought up last year in my review of the tournament has been resolved and I am just looking forward to a clean and fair tournament for all. Winning is secondary, it is the spirit of charity and element of fun which we will all be looking forward to the most in this year’s tournament.

Cikgu Yusnor Ef…

Cikgu Yusnor Ef, in his opening speech, threw down a suggestion for relevant authorities like the Football Association of Singapore and National Heritage Board to take up, that is to honour past football greats in any manner possible, so that their contributions will always be remembered and appreciated by the younger generation as a form of inspiration for them to aspire to. This year, proceeds from all the public, individual and team funding will be channeled to the Singapore Children’s Society. PERKAMUS and COMPASS it must be highlighted, will bear the logistics cost and miscellaneous fees. In that respect and echoing their call, I invite you to come down and support the event. This is afterall for an extremely good cause. What’s more, entrance to all the matches is free!!!

This year the tournament will be staged at ITE College East, with the Grand Final on 2nd December 2012. A mini-concert on the day of the Grand Finals will have local artistes performing and a seven-a-side tournament organised by Bikers Aid Singapore. An all-star team from the third, fourth and fifth placed teams will also play in an exhibition match with the Parliamentarian team consisting of several Ministers and Members of Parliament. Unlike previous tournaments, ITE College East is well-equipped in every sense. They even have a cafeteria owned by former international Malek Awab, where watching fans can savour good food at affordable prices. The cafeteria even has prayer rooms for those who want to observe their obligatory prayers. I am certainly looking forward to this upcoming tournament, a chance to showcase our amateur skills to the public and at the same time, contribute to the charity cause and representing my family in memory of Allahyarham Uncle Dollah. Let the games begin!!!

Match schedule courtesy of Mediacorp Suria

Snapshots of the Piala Dollah Kassim 2012 Media Conference

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