Ratu First Episode Recap

Mediacorp Suria‘s latest brain-child, kicked off this past Tuesday 27 November 2012, with sixteen beauties vying for the coveted title of “Ratu“. For those who are still wondering what is the purpose of this reality competition being held and how it differs from previous ones in search of singers, actors and hosts, well the television station is on the lookout for Malay females who embrace modernity and progressive thinking, while keeping to the essence of Malay culture and traditions. In summary, they are looking for a fresh face who could be groomed to be the new face of the television station. In time to come, she could be prolific in hosting, acting or even singing if she shows the necessary potential to succeed. And of course, with the tie-up with Metrowealth International Group (MIG) from Malaysia, our new face will also be expected to be marketed across the Causeway.

Sezairi Sezali opening the show with “Dara“…

Episode One of Ratu began with our third Singapore Idol, Sezairi Sezali, performing “Dara“, the classic evergreen hit made famous by one of Indonesia‘s R&B kings Harvey Malaiholo. It has to be said that till now at the time of typing this entry, the song has been playing in my head over and over again, simply because Sezairi did the song a lot of justice, through his own interpretation. It was also apt that the song was used to accompany and introduce the sixteen beauties of this competition, who sashayed their way out to the watching live audience and viewers at home, decked in maxi-dresses and styled reminiscent of Greek goddesses you might have watched via period drama series or even films depicting medieval times. I only have one word to describe their outfit: Stunning!!!

The hosts – Fauzie Laily and Marina Yusoff…

My only complaint for the opening segment was the quick pace that the girls were told to make whilst walking, which prevented me from taking good shots of everyone, most notably Natasha Tan and Jannah Jakasha, whom I failed to capture a single and proper shot of them. I cannot blame them as they were prompted to move fast by the stage choreographer who was seated next to me. Speaking of which, I have to apologise if this entry has mostly bad quality photographs featured, unlike those you have been so used to viewing on this domain. It was my fault that I forgot to set my camera settings properly that night, so a lot of the photographs did not turn out that well. I’m hoping this was a one-off and that future weeks could see a better output and quality from my camera.

The judging panel consisted of Nuraliza Osman, Hafeez Glamour and Hanis Hussey…

The girls were to make a second appearance later on in the show wearing Kebaya outfits which I believe have been tweaked to look modern. They then did a short catwalk on stage when Sezairi came back onstage to introduce to us his new single titled “Sayang“, which has every potential to be a radio hit. But some of the girls’ Kebaya outfits did not resonate much with yours truly as they showed quite a bit more flesh than the eyes could take, as opposed to the first one where all of them looked demure, yet regal. Since this is a show that is supposed to “keep the essence of Malay culture and traditions”, maybe a bit more cloth on them wouldn’t hurt that much. It is already quite disturbing to see armchair critics panning the show as nothing more than a “flesh parade”. But then again, what do I know about fashion???

It is too early to judge or slate the girls and competition on its virgin episode, simply because they were not given the opportunity to speak much other than short one-liners during their first outdoor challenge. Most good and versatile actor-hosts started from scratch, none more evident than the current competition’s resident hosts Fauzie Laily and Marina Yusoff, who were products of reality competitions themselves in the past. One can only get better through time, some take a few years to bloom, while some just soar the moment they take off. But not everyone is the same. The first challenge where the contestants had to style one another up, was not a good barometer nor enough to judge them on their fashion sense nor their linguistic and intellectual skills. Likewise to judge them on their respective catwalks, as everyone should know, save for a handful who have had modelling experiences prior to joining this competition, the rest have little to zero knowledge. But the mentors and judges did praise them and said they saw improvements since the first time the girls walked into the auditions.

Sezairi introduced the audience to his new single “Sayang”…

I am sure in the weeks to come, the audience and viewers are going to give these girls hell for their proficiency, or perhaps lack-thereof, in speaking the Malay language. Already the other day, I’ve read and seen comments online shooting down the two lady judges for not speaking the language well. Even someone who speaks the language well, like Hafeez Glamour, was not spared either, albeit from a different angle. The girls know what they are in for and they have to learn quickly, seeing how harsh the industry is and with many keyboard warriors speaking their minds on social media like Twitter and Facebook. In the case of Natasha Tan, I heard the other day when eight of the contestants were live on RIA 89.7FM, that she had studied Mandarin all her life and this is a new game for her altogether, a challenge in itself to speak the Malay language. It is good that someone like her is showing the willingness to learn as the competition progresses and likewise I hope all contestants will be given the benefit of doubt the moment they open their mouths to speak.

We cannot deny the fact that living in this age and time, we are constantly thinking in English and at times we struggle to put in proper words / sentence structure in our own mother tongue, myself included. Through their rehearsals and weekly challenges at outdoor locations, I believe the girls would have some idea on what kind of questions will be asked. They might take a moment to jot them down or make mental notes, and if they dunno the meaning of the words, they can quickly Google the meanings or counter-check with one another. It’s all about self-initiative. I know Major David Teo said during the media conference that it is ok if they are not able to speak the language well, using Maya Karin as a point of reference when she first started off, but it is also important to be able to be comfortable and at ease speaking formally. Maybe they can have a few English words thrown in, but it should be kept to its absolute minimum. A gentle reminder to the girls, please do not speak with a slang. You will get instant bombardment and definitely turn would-be voters (for the Ratu Popularity title) off. Speak like how you speak the language at home. It does not have to be in Bahasa Baku, but you should also not sound like you have been living in the States since you were born. 😛

The whole auditorium sang the birthday song for Nor Aishah Ahmad (fourth from right) who turned 22 this past Tuesday

Cynics of this blog might wonder why am I changing tunes when in previous reality competitions, I have been very quick to slate the contestants. The answer is simple and one I share with the judging panel. It is only the first episode, I do not see the need to go on an all-out assault on their fashion sense, linguistic and intellectual skills. At least not yet (You have been forewarned, girls… :)). In the case of Anugerah and Anugerah Skrin, it’s either you have it or you don’t, and if you were to sing off-key or pitchy for example, then it is a no-brainer to call a spade, a spade. I do however need to reiterate a call I made in my media conference entry. I beseech (this is quite the “in” word after the first episode :P) the team of make-up artistes and stylists to do some justice to the girls in terms of their make-up and hair done. Some of them either had too much powder / make-up on their faces or their hair was not done to suit their age / outlook. I might not know much about dolling up nor styling, but at least make them look like rightful queens and not bridal models (Am certainly not looking down on bridal models here. Please don’t get me wrong here. Was referring to the kind of make-up…) please. Sometimes less is more, and I don’t mean the outfits they wear.

And so the competition has begun, and voting for the “Ratu Popularity” title is opened over at Mediacorp Suria‘s Facebook page. You can cast your vote on who you feel should be rightfully awarded as the most popular “Ratu“. Closing date will be on the day of the Grand Finals itself on 15 January 2013. Before I end, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the eight contestants (Nur Aqilah, Ayura, Natasha Tan, Fadiana Zulkifli, Jannah Jakasha, Elfiana Ismail, Fatin Amira & Nor Aishah Ahmad) who had gone live on RIA 89.7FM this past Tuesday. During their live interview, they stole a few seconds to thank yours truly for my tips and advice which I have dispensed in my previous entry and through Twitter. It was a nice and unexpected gesture and I was certainly caught off-guard. But if it was meant to sweeten my future entries on the competition, hahaha we will cross the bridge when the time comes. I have to be professional in my approach and show no special favours, yet at the same time I will try to understand the difficulties that they go through when assessing and commenting on their subsequent appearances…

P.S. An inquisitive question for the production team: Is there a difference between “Ofis” and “Pejabat“???

Dzar Ismail & Hidayah Amaliah’s Wedding Event…

Slightly over a month since THE “Wedding-of-the-Year” between RIA 89.7FM‘s Fiza O and DJ KC, another one of the station’s personalities, Dzar Ismail was betrothed to his beloved wife, Nur Hidayah Amaliah this past weekend. Before I proceed on my short entry, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the groom for kindly allowing me to share some of the happy moments of his wedding event. Initially the groom told yours truly to just come as a normal guest, but I managed to cajole him into sharing some photographs for my readers, given the fact the past week had seen an extensive number of people keying in his name and searching for information on him before coming into this domain. No kidding, cos I did a screenshot and showed him the figures and he relented.

Due to the inclement weather, the bride and groom arrived slightly later than planned over at the groom’s side at Compassvale Walk. It was a very humble event, with no wedding dais, but it did not take away the essence of the event and joy shared by everyone for the newly-wedded couple, who looked ever-so-radiant in their Javanese-style outfit. The guests were treated to a performance by the groom’s mates from the Dikir Barat group Keris Movements, of which Dzar is a member and also the group’s Tukang Karut. Dikir Barat, known for its impromptu lyrics at times, provided a lot of humour elements when the groom himself took over the microphone and entertained the guests. Not only that, he managed to rope in DJ KC to join him, who was initially busy taking photographs of the proceedings. It was indeed funny to see them going back and forth teasing one another.

To Dzar and Hidayah, here’s wishing you all the best in your new chapter as husband and wife.

Keep the love and fire burning, and may this union last till Jannah… Amin!!!

Ratu Media Conference…

As always when it comes to big events happening in our local entertainment scene, this domain will always be one of the last, if not the last, to post something on it. For the uninitiated, Mediacorp Suria, along with Metrowealth International Group (MIG) from Malaysia, have teamed up and collaborated to bring you “Ratu“, an upcoming beauty-cum-talent competition on the local Malay television channel. To be hosted by Fauzie Laily and Marina Yusoff, this weekly competition will run for eight weeks beginning this coming Tuesday 27 November 2012 and will air every Tuesdays at 8:30pm. The Grand Final, which will be a two-hour affair, is slated to air on 15 January 2012, same time, same channel. The competition is also proud to welcome onboard RitaBella, or in fact the company that distributes the products, Forever Beauty Professionals, as its principal sponsors.

Along with resident judges Hafeez Glamour and former beauty queen, Nuraliza Osman, each weekly episode will have a different guest judge who will assess the contestants according to the weekly themes and challenges in various scenarios (cooking, culture, media & television, sports etc.). Unlike the different Anugerah competitions we have had over the years, this one will be solely judged by the esteemed panel of judges. The winner can look forward to being the new face of Suria, a cash prize worth $10,000, opportunity to become the new product ambassador for Ritabella and best of all, get to act in an upcoming movie / drama series produced by Metrowealth International Group, which has produced household names in the Malaysian entertainment industry like Shaheizy Sam, Pierre Andre, Maya Karin and Intan Ladyana amongst others. There will also be subsidiary awards like Ratu Elegan, Ratu Kebaya and Ratu Popular. The latter award will be the only one that will be determined by viewers’ votes via Mediacorp Suria‘s Facebook page.

A media conference was held on 14 November 2012 at the newly-opened Mamanda Restaurant, to introduce all sixteen finalists of the upcoming competition. The panel of bigwigs who addressed the media that day consisted of Mediacorp Suria‘s Senior Vice-President, Mr. Suhaimi Jais, Mediacorp Eaglevision‘s Vice-President, Ms. Sabariah Ramilan, Mediacorp‘s Assistant Vice-President for Corporate Communications and Artiste Management Unit, Mr. Azlan N. Salim and Metrowealth International Group‘s Chief Executive Officer, Major David Teo. As I have the benefit of the video clips I have recorded and put up for your viewing pleasure, I will not say more on what we can expect from the competition as mentioned by the panel. In summary, this competition aims to find an all-rounder that typifies the modern young lady. Which is why “Ratu” can also be abbreviated as “R.A.T.U.” – Ranggi (Attractive), Anggun (Elegant), Trampil (Stylish) and Unggul (Excellence).

I will not divulge what is in store for each episode, even though I have the information at hand. I would just like to keep the element of mystery and surprise to anyone of the sixteen beauties reading this entry. As an interesting sidenote, I can only say that it was an eye-opener to finally be in the same sitting as Major Teo, listening to his interesting anecdotes and funny quips, sharing how he has made some household names in Malaysia popular, or at least how they have worked hard to be where they are now. He also shared several useful pointers to the sixteen finalists, what he expects of them when they are ready to take the plunge in the industry. Previously I had the impression that he is quite a cocky person, based on watching some of his interviews on Malaysian channels, but then again to be fair, those interviews were taken out of context and sensationalised to suit the nature of the programmes that were aired. Through the session, I realised that Major David Teo is rather a genuine person who cares for his workers and want them to succeed as much as possible through hard work, honesty, sincerity, self-discipline and personal integrity.

So what can readers expect from this blog in terms of coverage of the upcoming Ratu competition??? I’ve learned over the years of blogging that people are normally curious to view photographs and such and do not care so much on long-winded analysis / commentaries that I come up with, unless they are fans or supporters of a particular contestant in a reality competition and would like to know what is being said about their respective favourites. I have been monitoring these jumps on my blog statistics whenever a particular personality gets married, or if there is a recent big event in the local entertainment scene, cos people are just curious to see the photographs and don’t bother that much about what I type, hence why my entries have been short and sharp in recent times. Maybe that’s why over the years, with blogging on the wane due to the existence of social media, I have been having less and less people commenting on my entries, other than the odd word of thanks for sharing it with my audience. But I am extremely thankful that you are still coming in to this blog from time to time.

Anyway, the subject of “beauty” itself differs from person-to-person. I admit hand-to-heart that I am no expert in judging or analysing beauties of a beauty pageant, as compared to observing a singing or acting reality competition. As such I do not want to be flamed nor have my credibility questioned by perhaps more experienced people in the know and those who are more expert in this field. Imagine the number of silent enemies I were to make if I were to comment wrongly??? In the past I made quite a number of people unhappy with some of my factual and spot-on comments, imagine the multiplication of resentment, if my words were nothing more than make-believe??? I’ve learned from years of blogging that perhaps less could be more and people will still visit this domain of mine. So I guess my subsequent entries on the upcoming Ratu competition will be more photograph-based. It could perhaps help ladies out there who are into fashion learn some tips on styling and such.

If I were to pass any comments and thoughts henceforth (if any) on the show, it will be based on whatever happenings that would have transpired in a particular episode of the competition. It is only fair that readers are able to counter-assess based on what they had also watched and come to an agreement or open to any relevant debate, rather than wonder if I had made it all up. I also think people would be able to understand my rationale better rather than question my credibility on a subject I have little to no knowledge upon, as compared to a singing competition for instance. It took me years to build up a strong foundation, for industry bigwigs to take me seriously and accept my standing as a credible and responsible blogger. I have made enough enemies in the past through my brashness and lack of tact. I do not wish to destroy that through moments of carefree and folly. With that, I hope anyone who wants to go down this road, or even be a blogger of a different subject like food or social issues, could practice basic decorum and common sense. It is one thing to display a high level of IQ and bombastic vocabulary in our postings, but we should also have a sense of EQ as well. Never take for granted whatever media invites we get cos it might not guarantee us more in future. We should always be responsible with what we say as it is more or less a reflection of our personality.

Which brings me to this point. After seeing the girls for the first time during the media conference and viewing some of their photographs online, I cannot help but point out that some of them had too thick a make-up on their faces that day. I do understand the need to look presentable and stylish to the watching media brigade, but I had also expected the girls to appear more natural with minimal make-up. Some looked a little too matured for their age, either from the extra layer of powder on their faces or hair done, and this is something our dear make-up artistes and stylists can work on lending the girls a bit of justice. Through inquisitive research, and viewing photographs on the contestants’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts (Sorry for stalking girls!!! I need to comment fairly on you… 🙂), I was extremely surprised to see that some of the girls actually look prettier with light make-up on their faces. I for one, would like to see that more often on the show, cos I believe it gives the girls a natural perspective and to just let their personalities, talents and auras shine through to back up their God-given physical features.

I hope viewers out there will not be too quick to slate the competition or judge the sixteen beauties even before seeing them in action or hearing them speak. I have seen comments online that this is nothing more than a flesh parade or demeaning the fairer gender. And these comments were made even before the auditions were held!!! I think this is something new that Mediacorp Suria is embarking upon and they should be given the room to experiment on a competition that has never been done before, even if it is quite similar to the Anugerah Skrin competition, which was held in 2006 and 2010. Based on previous reality shows, expect the contestants to be very raw and only showing their true worth and credentials somewhere in the middle of the competition. It is a challenge in itself for these beauties to maintain their poise and having to display their qualities for the viewers on a weekly basis. They have been chosen to compete and advanced to this stage of the competition, out of the 200-odd girls who came for audition, not only for their physical beauty but also other substantial qualities relevant for this show. So I hope the viewers can take some positives out of the competition. Who knows we might even learn a thing or two from some of their upcoming challenges, quips and quotes???

To the sixteen beauties, I wish them all the best for the competition. I am sure that whoever signs up for a reality show or to enter this vicious industry we call the “entertainment scene” have an inkling of what they are in for. People and viewers out there are going to talk, good or bad, whether they like it or not. They will be up for scrutiny and will be on the firing line for any brickbats / negative comments. I might add some of my own, but of course I will try not to be too tough as compared to previous Anugerah competitions, as I had pointed out earlier that this is not my forte. What the girls can do is give off their best, do their respective research on any particular challenges they are up for in the weekly episodes and try to keep themselves abreast with current affairs, especially reading them in our own mother tongue. In Marina Yusoff, Fauzie Laily, Hafeez Glamour and Nuraliza Osman, they could not have gotten better mentors (off-camera of course) for tips on how to better themselves or learn more about the scene. They just need to ask, I’m absolutely certain the four of them will not hold back on sharing whatever knowledge they have. See you girls next Tuesday, and don’t forget to smile for my camera… 🙂

Piala Dollah Kassim 2012 – Cease of Coverage

Based on visitor search on the abovementioned charity tournament and coming into this blog, I believe there are people looking for news / updates on this tournament or waiting to see video highlights of recent matches. I apologise for having to disappoint you as I had ceased my coverage of the tournament with effect from the second round of matches (28 October 2012). I will not explain more, as I do not want to bother and waste my breath anymore. I believe Mediacorp Suria have informed the organisers that this will be their last involvement in the tournament. The decision was made not only because of what happened in this tournament, which the team felt aggrieved by, but a snowball effect from previous tournaments. Do I need to justify and explain everything on my chest the reasons for the team’s withdrawal???

In the past, I would go on a personal crusade and type paragraphs after paragraphs to state my cause, but this time I don’t see the need to, because I do not want to embarrass any parties with my words which if I were to say it, will only cause further unhappiness and disharmony, knowing full well my arsenal of vocabulary have a tendency of hurting others deeply. Regular readers of this blog would note that I tend to be more expressive and lambasting when my anger is ignited, but I will not go there. I would just like to end this entry by thanking Mediacorp Suria for giving me the opportunity to turn out for the team for the past three tournaments. It has been an absolute honour to have played with a wonderful bunch of fun players over the years (you know who you are), keeping goal and clean sheets, taking over the skipper’s role on several occasions, and even winning the tournament the last time out. Good memories with the team which I intend to keep till my last breath…

Ratu Top 16 Introduced…

Ok this is not much of what I would call a proper entry, but I need some time to edit the video clips I took during yesterday’s media conference event, whereby the Top 16 contestants of the upcoming Ratu competition on Mediacorp Suria were introduced to the media brigade at Mamanda Restaurant. As a formal introduction to all sixteen contestants of the talent / beauty competition that will commence this coming 27 November 2012, I would just upload their individual photographs for your viewing pleasure. A word of caution to those who love looking at beauties, please don’t drool… 😛

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 Media Conference

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012, the prestigious regional music awards show that honours the best in the regional Malay music scene, makes its return once again on our shores!!! Now into its eleventh year, the show promises to inject new elements to the award categories and also up the ante of the show’s entertainment value. If you don’t already know by now, the awards show will be held at the Max Pavilion Singapore Expo hall this coming 15 December 2012 at 8:30pm. Tickets to the show have already gone on sale at all SISTIC outlets, and are priced at $48, $68 and $88. A media conference was held at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel last Monday 29 October 2012, to announce the various nominees in the respective award categories. Before I go on, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mediacorp Radio Pte. Ltd. for the kind invitation to the media conference event.

The media conference kicked off with all the invited artistes from Singapore coming forward to take a group photo at the invitation of the two hosts A B Shaik and Aura Shai. Before the esteemed panel of industry bigwigs took the centrestage, the attendees were treated to two opening performances by up-and-coming acts Amni Musfirah as well as the teenage trio who call themselves SupamusiQ. Both set of artistes, under the astute management of S.Ria Productions, which also has local group Revalina under its wings, have been making their own waves in the scene, especially in the talent-spotting “Opening Act – Go Glam” segment helmed by RIA 89.7FM‘s Hafeez Glamour. Amni Musfirah performed Agnes Monica‘s haunting hit “Matahari“, whereas the boys from SupamusiQ performed “Cahaya“, their single taken off the recently-concluded “Kelas Detention” drama series.

The panel of industry bigwigs who then gave their respective speeches, comprised of Mr. Edmund Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), Ms. Zakiah Halim, Vice-President, Malay / Indian / Expat Radio Programming, Mediacorp Radio Pte. Ltd. and Mr. Hassan Salleh, Assistant Vice-President, RIA 89.7FM & X FM. In his speech, Mr. Edmund Lam raised hopes that with the existence of Anugerah Planet Muzik, more of our local acts will be able to leverage on the latest technology trends and attempt headway into the digital music market in the region. He noted that over the past ten years, the local Malay music scene has improved and this is in due part to the local stations providing our local acts the platform and stage to air their songs to the masses.

The mood took a solemn and sombre turn when Ms. Zakiah Halim took over the microphone. Before she spoke about the awards show per se, she paid a glowing and moving tribute to the late Allahyarham Amin Hussen, the former Managing Director of Beyond DDB Events Sdn. Bhd., who was instrumental in helping the two radio stations in seeing the birth of Anugerah Planet Muzik and seeing it come to fruition for ten years. Allahyarham Amin passed away on 26 October 2011 after a long battle with cancer. I have to admit, I felt a lump in my throat during the short tribute as I had met and interacted with the man himself several times and knew him when he was still the manager of my all-time favourite group KRU back in the late 90s. A well-mannered and kind gentleman, he always had positive words even in the face of adversity and I’m sure till today, many others would vouch for his kindness in different measures and capacity.

I will not ramble along on what else was mentioned by Ms. Zakiah Halim nor Mr. Hassan Salleh, as you will be able to view them from the short video highlights I have done up. The decision to drop the “Album Terbaik” (Best Album Category), due to the lack of full albums being produced of late, and advancement of digital music technology was a drastic but well-calculated one, in my opinion at least. And introducing the new categories namely “Media Nova Baru” (New Media Nova) and “Ikon Media Baru” (New Media Icon), aims to acknowledge the influence the social media platforms have on new / up-and-coming artistes who are not contracted to any music labels as well as the ones already established.

Looking at the nominees for the respective categories, I am extremely proud to see more local acts in the mix this year. What you might describe as under-rated acts like Audionauts, Awi Rafael, Hyrul Anuar and Siti Zahidah, have all gotten their justified dues through their nominations. One look at the “Lagu Singapura Terbaik” (Best Singapore Song) category, you will see how much quality and substance each nominee brings to the fore. What’s more, all the songs nominated in that category were composed, written and performed by the artistes themselves!!! It definitely was a tough choice for the judges to pick who should be nominated. I personally thought Diorama‘s “Hipokrasi” also deserved a nomination, but the nominations were made for works produced between 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2011, and the song was only produced this year. Either way, it just goes to show how stringent the selection was, and what you have there are the cream of the crop.

The various nominees for the “Media Nova Baru” (New Media Nova) category acknowledges and honours the up-and-coming, hidden talents who have received more than ten thousand views on their respective Youtube channels / clips of their individual performances. In a rather balanced mix, Malaysia and Singapore have four nominees each and Indonesia has three. For the very first time, one of the nominees, Cassidy Anderson, who is a sensation in her own right after making a cover video singing “Ombak Rindu“, hails from Australia, a country outside the Nusantara region. Who knows, perhaps in future, we would be able to see more participants around the world singing Malay songs. By the way, you can start voting for your favourite artistes in the popular categories beginning 5th November 2012 at midnight and voting closes on 5th December 2012. For more details, do visit http://xinmsn.com/apm.

Armchair critics in the past (and the present) might pan it as a “shiok sendiri” event, but I think given the circumstances and difficulties faced by the organisers, they should be applauded for making do with what is in front of them, allowing the local acts exposure to the region and honouring the best the Nusantara has to offer. This show is never about who’s best or popular in their respective countries being given a definitive shoo-in and if the watching audience are wondering who the hell are some of these artistes, then it is high time the couch potatoes start to make full use of technology, do their homework and learn to appreciate what is outside the “coconut shells” they are living in. Me??? I’m just looking forward to the performances of the likes of Alyah, Shila Amzah, Judika, SleeQ, Najwa Latif and more soon-to-be-confirmed acts when the day comes…

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 List of Nominees


1. Anji – (Hatiku) Berhenti Di Kamu

2. Awi Rafael – Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta

3. Budi – DoReMi

4. Hazama – Cinta Teragung

5. Sandy Canester – Lelaki Dungu


1. Dhisa – Cintaku Kamu

2. Lala Karmela – Kamu, Aku, Cinta

3. Najwa Latif – Cinta Muka Buku

4. Raisa – Serba Salah

5. Zahidah – Malam Ini


1. Armada – Mau Dibawa Ke Mana

2. Audionauts – Maha Bisa Rahsia

3. Hazama & Amy Search – Semitri

4. PULSE! – Tetap Berazam

5. Salam Musik & Altimet – Alamak!


1. Aliff Aziz & Hao Ren – Dilema Cinta, Komposer: Choo Hao Ren, Penulis Lirik: Sha Kalam

2. Dayang Nurfaizah & Tompi, Perlukan Cinta, Komposer: Audi Mok, Penulis Lirik: Ad Samad

3. Hyrul Anuar & Mimi Fly One Nation Emcees, Sudah Mengapa, Komposer: Andi A. Merican & Khairafik Khairudin, Penulis Lirik: Hyrul Anuar

4. Ramlah Ram & SleeQ, Sesaat Kau Datang, Komposer: ID Mifzal, Penulis Lirik: Zie Shafruddin

5. Rossa & Taufik Batisah, Aku Bersahaja, Komposer: Taufik Batisah, Penulis Lirik: Taufik Batisah


1. Afgan, Panah Asmara

2. Anuar Zain, Ajari Aku

3. Hafiz, Ku Akui

4. Once Merkel, Hilang Naluri

5. Sammy Simorangkir, Sedang Apa Dan Dimana


1. Agnes Monica, Rindu

2. Alyah, Kisah Hati

3. Astrid, Tentang Rasa

4. Shila Amzah, Patah Seribu

5. Yuna, Terukir Di Bintang


1. Geisha, Cinta dan Benci

2. Kesna, Pilihlah Diriku

3. Kotak, Tendangan Dari Langit

4. RAN, Mencuri Hati

5. Rausyanfikir, Rentak Hati


1. Coba, Snowball, Komposer: Sid Isman, Penulis Lirik: Sid Isman

2. Fatamorgana, Audionauts, Komposer: Malon, Ryzal, Sham & Zackey, Penulis Lirik: Malon, Ryzal, Sham & Zackey

3. Maha Bisa Rahsia, Audionauts, Komposer: Malon, Ryzal & Sham, Penulis Lirik: Malon, Ryzal & Sham

4. Malam Ini, Zahidah, Komposer: Zahidah, Penulis Lirik: Zahidah

5. Pulanglah, Awi Rafael, Komposer: Awi Rafael, Penulis Lirik: Awi Rafael


1. Apa Bisa, Kotak, Komposer: Pay, Dewiq & Kotak, Penulis Lirik: Pay, Dewiq & Kotak

2. Kisah Hati, Alyah, Komposer: Manusia Putih, Penulis Lirik: Manusia Putih

3. Ombak Rindu, Hafiz & Adira, Komposer: Nurzaidi Abd Rahman, Penulis Lirik: Sharad Sharan

4. Sedang Apa dan Dimana, Sammy Simorangkir, Komposer: Mario Ricardo, Penulis Lirik: Mario Ricardo

5. Terukir di Bintang, Yuna, Komposer: Yuna, Penulis Lirik: Yuna


SG1: Aliff Aziz

SG2: Aryan

SG3: Audionauts

SG4: Awi Rafael

SG5: Didicazli

SG6: Diorama

SG7: Fauzie Laily

SG8: Hady Mirza

SG9: Imran Ajmain

SG10: Sezairi Sezali


SG12: Taufik Batisah


LP1: Cinta Yang Lain, Arus

LP2: Gila, Tujuh

LP3: Ku Tetap Kan Menunggu, Hady Mirza

LP4: Maha Bisa Rahsia, Audionauts

LP5: Membenam Pagi Tanpamu, Diorama

LP6: Menanti Cintamu, Revalina

LP7: Mengapa Kau Harus Pergi, Farhan Shah

LP8: Pulanglah, Awi Rafael

LP9: Salahkan, Hyrul Anuar

LP10: Sally The Lion, The Lion Story & The Sallys

LP11: Terlalu Sayang, Didicazli

LP12: Yang Teristimewa, Sheikh Haikel feat. SleeQ


AS1: Afgan

AS2: Agnes Monica

AS3: Aliff Aziz

AS4: Alyah

AS5: Hady Mirza

AS6: Hafiz

AS7: Judika

AS8: Shila Amzah

AS9: SleeQ

AS10: Taufik Batisah

AS11: Ungu

AS12: Yuna


 LS1: Beribu Sesalan, 3 Suara

LS2: Bukan Dia Tapi Aku, Judika

LS3: Kalau Cinta, Aliff Aziz & Joanna

LS4: Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan, Shahir

LS5: Kisah Hati, Alyah

LS6: Ku Pinang Kau Dengan Bismillah, Pasha Ungu & Rossa

LS7: Ku Tetap Kan Menunggu, Hady Mirza

LS8: Ombak Rindu, Hafiz & Adira

LS9: Paralyzed, Agnes Monica

LS10: Sedetik Lebih, Anuar Zain

LS11:Takkan Pernah Ada, Geisha

LS12: Tentang Rasa, Astrid


MN1: Abdul Hamim Suleiman

MN2: Abdul Muttaleeb

MN3: Arien Nur Santi

MN4: Ayu Videlia

MN5: Cassidy Anderson

MN6: Fairuz Selamat

MN7: Muhamad Wazini Mohamed Taib

MN8: Muhamad Azri Syafiq Yusri

MN9: Muhammad Samsudian

MN10: Nurasya Abdul Rahim

MN11: Syazwiyanti Suparto

MN12: Yoseph Pradana


MI1: Afgan

MI2: Alyah

MI3: Kotak

MI4: Najwa Latif

MI5: Sherina Munaf

MI6: Shila Amzah

MI7: SleeQ

MI8: Ungu

MI9: Vidi Aldiano

MI10: Yuna