Ratu Episode Two Recap…

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 001

This is a very belated entry on last week’s second episode of Ratu. And since it is so close to the third one happening later today, I guess I’ll keep it short cos for those of you who had missed out on watching the show, you may catch-up via the XinMSN site. Last week’s episode saw the first two eliminations being made. The competition bade farewell to Nura’zizah Ibrahim (Ziza) and Fadiana Zulkifli (Diana). So what do I make of their culling??? That night, I felt it was a bit harsh, especially to Diana, whom I personally feel has one of the most endearing and sincere smiles. But smiles alone cannot save them from being eliminated. The one that sealed her fate was probably the time when she stuttered during the Q&A session. And perhaps her posture and body language, which the judges might have penalised her for, cos I can’t help but notice it since the very first episode. It is however, not all grim for her, as I believe she is currently leading the standings for the Ratu Popular subsidiary award, which is voted by the viewers.

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 404

Fauzie Laily and Marina Yusoff…

As for Ziza, it was difficult to point out where she went wrong. Maybe it was the dance segment that pulled her marks down. But then again, most of the girls are not natural dancers to begin with, save for some with prior experience like Nur Aqilah Kamaruddin (Aqilah). I just hope that Ziza‘s elimination had nothing to do with the possibly limited roles she can play in future, just because she is donning the Hijab and even though it is I have to admit, kinda odd to see someone donning the Hijab performing a dance routine, but there have been known Hijab-wearing ladies who have performed dance routines / Dikir Barat performances before this. I would like to hear the judges explaining the reasons behind each elimination made, to point out where the contestants have gone wrong and how the rest who are left, can learn from it. But maybe this is done off-camera. Again all is not lost for Ziza and whoever is eliminated henceforth, as they also qualify for the other subsidiary awards to be handed out during the Grand Finals, either by fan votes (Ratu Popular) or by the judges.

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 054

The judges – Nuraliza Osman, Hafeez Glamour and Madam Som Said

The Q&A session was a good way for the girls to open up and “sell themselves” to the judges, as well as warm themselves to the audience and viewers at home. I admit after hearing them speak, in general I felt that most of their comments were scripted and memorised, but for first timers, I thought most of them did alright in terms of sharing their personal experiences. They just need to learn how to come across as natural as possible and this I must stress upon, cannot be done and perfected overnight. Some did go a bit off-topic but I guess they were trying to find a variation to how they answered the questions put forth to them, so that none of them would sound similar to one another. Three contestants stood out for me during the Q&A session – Sheril Izzyana, for the tone of her voice (I swear that voice is suited for radio / television hosting / news reading. Close your eyes and listen the next time she speaks, you’ll know what I mean…), Elfiana Ismail (she exuded so much confidence in her delivery) and Wida Alisa (hers was a simple one but had some wit to it and a bit of self-confidence thrown in as well, though I may also add that she did stumble on her words momentarily).

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 569

Some flaws I noticed and wish to share with the contestants so that they can better themselves henceforth. Some of them should try to eliminate the “singing” tune that accompanied their voice projection and delivery of speech. It sounded as though they were either hosting a children’s programme or reading straight from a book. It glaringly highlighted the fact that they were memorising word-for-word, or reading as though they were sitting for an oral exam, when they are supposed to come across as natural. I do note that some of the less-proficient in our mother tongue are trying their utmost to speak the language well, but they need to calm down and not get too overly-excited. Likewise I understand the nervy feeling each of them have when they have to speak to the audience and those at home, but they just have to remain stoic and not let their guard down by showing negative body language and posture.

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 638

The judges I believe, are observing minute details like the one I just mentioned in the last sentence. I guess Hafeez Glamour also had pointed out that they should not be displaying negative traits / uttering comments that could bring down their marks. It is one thing to be honest and true about yourselves, but there are also ways not to highlight what can be generally accepted by the judges as their weakness. Maybe a little tact could have been practised when uttering such comments, for example, “Saya ni bukannya penggemar kuih Melayu sangat…” can be substituted with “Saya jarang dapat menikmati kuih Melayu, melainkan tibanya musim Hari Raya…“. The example I just gave is probably a bad example of a substitute comment I can think of off-the-cuff, but the negative impact on the contestant is lessened somewhat in that aspect. However, I can also counter what Hafeez had mentioned by asking, why did the people behind the editing of those pre-recorded clips highlight those negative portions when they could have edited them out??? Or at least tell the girls that it is not ok to say this or that. It could have been avoided actually or it could have been done so that the judges can remind the girls the dos and don’ts expected of them.

Ratu 2012 Episode 2 2012-12-04 423

I wanted to comment on Haizad Imran‘s performance that night, but I guess I just don’t have the heart to. The audience in the theatre as well as those watching at home would have noted that his performance during the second song item he performed, singing Dato’ M. Nasir‘s “Juwita Citra Terindah“, was to sum it up in a nutshell, an absolute disaster. I will not say more nor highlight further as I believe he had his personal good and valid reasons. I feel it is perhaps unfair to comment negatively and harshly, without first speaking to him and finding out what actually contributed to his lacklustre performance that night. But it is a lesson for everyone who is in the entertainment line or who harbours to be in the industry, or even going about our every day life, to do our proper homework and prepare well for the tasks ahead of us. Failing to plan is indeed planning to fail. The words cannot be more true. Till the third episode of Ratu

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