Ratu Episode 4 Recap…

Ratu 2012 Episod 4 2012-12-18 001

Well this is not much of a recap actually as the theme for this week, artistic photography, I must say, is out of my knowledge and understanding. So for me to comment and ramble on the subject would mean, I will be stretching my imagination and maybe to some extent, exaggerate in the process, and that is not something I thrive on. Quite an irony since I snap what some of you might classify as good quality photographs. I only know the simple basics of photography, but not the artistic kind, nor whatever more technical stuff that go along with it, like amount of correct lighting and shadows that are needed to capture the mood and composition of the image. Which, if I may look at it in the big picture, in a way is quite good, as I still have my Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 review in the works and still have not finished editing the remaining outstanding photographs. I hope to post them up by Christmas, God willing.

Ratu 2012 Episod 4 2012-12-18 1398

Hyrul Anuar was the guest artiste of the show…

This past week, the Ratu competition said goodbye to Ayura and Risliani. While I could understand the shock some people in the studio and on social media might have on the two eliminations, in truth, I saw that coming during the show. Ayura‘s catwalk was probably the subject of judge Nuraliza Osman‘s comments, when she said that some of the contestants were still slouching and during the Q&A session, she looked surprisingly uncomfortable and as though she came unprepared. To be fair to Ayura, I heard she was not feeling well that day but this is something the girls have to learn if they want to cut it in the industry. For the few moments that the spotlight is on them, they have to be calm, composed, prepared and poised. For Risliani‘s case, I allude her elimination to her being very raw in all aspects, but this can be forgiven as she is afterall, the youngest in the competition and is to be expected. Also, as I had mentioned a few weeks ago, the contestants need to cut out the slang that accompanied their speech, which might turn the judges and viewers off. Risliani was guilty of it on many occasions.

Ratu 2012 Episod 4 2012-12-18 813

Each passing week sees improvements being made, and confidence soaring amongst the contestants, albeit it differs from one to another. Fatin Amira, who shares the same birthday as yours truly in a few days time, shone like a beacon this week and it was difficult to detect her flaws as she was very much in her element in everything she did that night. Down to the last ten, I think we will get an idea on the Top 2 quite soon within these next two weeks. I have to commend the girls on their Q&A session as this week they raised the bar a bit higher through their wit, variety of answers and adding our traditional Malay quatrain (Pantun) into their delivery. Also for the fact that some of them did indeed come off as natural helped their cause further. Elfiana Ismail is I have to say, very much a consistent performer during the Q&A session since the very start. Her experience in her job dealing with people with different characters and backgrounds, is highly likely the reason behind her confident presentation week in and out.

Ratu 2012 Episod 4 2012-12-18 854

The girls looking radiant in their traditional songket outfit…

Before I end my entry, I would just like to remind the contestants to be a bit mindful of what they type on social media as this might backfire on them in the long run. Simple queries and questions which they have in their minds can be done by googling using their smartphones, rather than asking their followers what is the meaning of this and what is the meaning of that. They have to understand that not all followers are fans and some are just waiting to snipe at them when they least expect it. By asking openly, they are actually inviting negative vibes and impressions like lack of initiatives on their part and worse, coming across as “bimbos”, a definite unwelcome tag. If they really need to ask someone, then do it privately or offline. We have all seen all too well the power of social media and how quick it is for our reputations to be destroyed by the little things we say and do. No doubt it is very scary, even to me, but we just have to think it through before we post something. Till then…

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