Wedding of Syah Ibrahim & Ana Wahyuni

SyahIbrahimAnaWahyuniWedding 2014-11-23 085

Syah Ibrahim & Ana Wahyuni

I am currently suffering from a hangover from the weekend’s two grand wedding events involving two famous personalities, Syarif from local hiphop duo, SleeQ, and former radio deejay Syah Ibrahim. I believe, many of you would have viewed the photographs of both weddings via your social media timelines by now, from those who had attended or even yourself who might have witnessed it firsthand as guests. While I will be taking my time to edit the photographs I took during Syarif and Malaque‘s wedding, I will be sharing with you photographs I took during Syah Ibrahim and Ana Wahyuni‘s wedding first. This is because I did not take many shots and focused solely on the newlyweds rather than include photos of other personalities who attended the wedding event. In fact I did not take any photographs of the known personalities who had attended at all.

SyahIbrahimAnaWahyuniWedding 2014-11-23 019

The newlyweds taking the slow walk to the wedding dais…

There are several reasons why I did not include photographs of known personalities who had attended. Firstly, the venue (Singapore Recreation Club @ The Padang) was huge!!! The tentage spanned from one width of the Padang to the other. Indeed, I struggle to think which was the last known local personality who had a wedding this grand and huge, accomodating to more than 6000 guests. I think the last one was Fandi Ahmad and Wendy Jacobs‘ back in 1996. It was almost impossible to drift from one end of the tentage to the other just to snap photos of known guests. Just covering from when the newlyweds arrived down to their wedding dais made me drenched in perspiration. Add on to the pandemonium and chaotic situation where the guests clamoured forward to get a good look at the newlyweds and congratulating them, it was just madness where everyone jostled and the Orange Event staff (of which Syah Ibrahim is the CEO) had to be stern in pushing the crowd back.

SyahIbrahimAnaWahyuniWedding 2014-11-23 050Total madness with everyone jostling and wanting to get close to the newlyweds…

For me and I believe, the other guests as well, the highlight of the wedding event had to be when one of Syah‘s nephews,  Syed Tahir Bin Syed Najeeb Al Taher, a boy who looked no more than five or six years of age came onstage to recite a lengthy prayer supplication for the newlyweds. It left us all in awe and it made the groom very emotional and unashamedly shed tears. Looking at the way he has been brought up with such good guidance and the potential he showed, the boy will grow up to be a very fine young man, God willing. My missus had already noted afterwards that if we were to have a boy in future, God willing, she wants our son to replicate this boy as he is a very good example. As what we like to say in our native language, “Sejuk perut mak dia…” 🙂

SyahIbrahimAnaWahyuniWedding 2014-11-23 063

Even Ustaz Mohd Noor Tijany (holding handphone) was in awe of Syed Tahir

To bro Syah Ibrahim, thank you for inviting us to your wedding. It was indeed a grand affair and one which all your loyal followers and friends had been waiting for for many years. Thank you for not forgetting all of us and even welcomed the public to join in your memorable occasion. We wish you and sis Ana Wahyuni a blessed and blissful marriage, always full of love and happiness. I am not that good with sharing marriage advices, but I think the best and most witty advice I heard yesterday came from bro Adi Rahman when he shared, “In a marriage relationship, happiness comes when the woman is winning the argument…” Well something to that effect, which is true in a lot of respects… 🙂

Author: Pujangga Malam™

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