Fauzie Laily & Nurul Huda’s Marriage Solemnisation Ceremony


Not surprising, my blog stats jumped these past three days with people searching for photographs of two celebrity weddings happening this past weekend. While one has been publicly known for quite some time and even made known in this month’s issue of Manja magazine, the other has been relatively low-profile and not even announced or mentioned on radio where the radio presenter works, other than subtle hints being dropped by the other presenters. I know there are still question marks out there with regards to Adi Rahman‘s marital status, but yes, indeed he got married over the weekend to Ms. Sharifah Mukminah. Apologies if you entered this domain hoping to view pictures of the wedding, but yours truly was not invited as the event was low-key and attended by those close to the groom and bride. But fret not, cos I’m here to share photographs of Fauzie Laily and Nurul Huda‘s marriage solemnisation ceremony and will share more photographs of their event at both sides of the family in the days to come. So be sure to return sometime at the end of the week for more.


5th October 2013 was indeed a memorable day for both Muhammad Fauzie Laily Bin Ramlaily and Nurul Huda Binte Abdul Khalid, a day they both, and the people around them, have been waiting for ages. The couple have known one another since primary school but only got closer together about five years ago. Finally they have tied the knot and I could see from the faces of all the guests who attended on both days, how happy they were for Fauzie, a person who is very likeable and adored by those who know or have worked with him. I am sure most, if not everyone, who has rubbed shoulders with him only have nice things to say about him. Likewise for yours truly who has known him since before he joined his first Anugerah competition back in 2003, I only have positive things to say as his personality from the first time I got to know him, never changed nor waned till today. He is still the same humble, down-to-earth, friendly, goofy and affable guy I knew. Fame certainly has not changed him for the worse, but make us all respect him even more. He is afterall the local Malay entertainment scene’s favourite younger brother to most of the established personalities.


In truth, I have known about Fauzie‘s wedding date on the day Fiza O announced her wedding date to DJ KC on 12 September 2012. He told me to keep it low for the time being and out of respect for his wishes, I complied to the point I nearly forgot all about it. But as the days neared, we could see the couple getting excited on their respective social media accounts, and who can blame them??? I’m sure anyone in their shoes would be equally excited. Some of us have been through it before and we all know how exciting and stressful it was at the same time for all of us who have gone through our own wedding events. It’s a happy experience afterall and one that we would like to go through again if given the opportunity, but of course with the same person we’re married to. Kudos to Nurul for inspiring me to get back on the healthy lifestyle regime I have somehow stopped-started over the past year.


The couple solemnised their marriage in front of a crowd of about 200 guests, made up of mostly close friends and family members at the multi-purpose hall of Blk 316 Tampines St. 33 at about 12:10pm on 5th October 2013. The setting itself was like a page out of a fairytale wedding and credit should go to the bride and groom’s wedding planner and team for making it possible. Ustaz Syed Ahmad Bin Syed Mohamed was the Kadi who solemnised the marriage. What caught my eyes that day were the wedding gifts which were simple, but an honest reflection of both bride and groom who are down-to-earth people. Instead of a wedding cake by the dais, they had Pulut Kuning instead, in line with the traditions of our Malay culture. Though the groom was nursing a very bad cold that day, he was still upbeat and cracking jokes from time to time to ease any tension felt from within.


Fauzie & Nurul, congratulations once again on your union!!! May Allah bless you both with good health, more happiness, patience, guidance, love and understanding to go through the trials and tribulations, the challenges and cinches, the good and the bad times in a marriage relationship and subsequently parenthood. Also for HIM to grant you both beautiful, filial and pious children. I’ve seen with my very own eyes how you both adore kids, especially how Fauzie‘s eyes light up when he sees my kids. Always touches my heart whenever I see him greet my children with so much warmth and candour, to the point I feel that he already has the attributes of being an excellent father-to-be. All the best guys in your new life chapter as husband and wife!!! Praying for the best for both of you… 🙂

Dzar Ismail & Hidayah Amaliah’s Wedding Event…

Slightly over a month since THE “Wedding-of-the-Year” between RIA 89.7FM‘s Fiza O and DJ KC, another one of the station’s personalities, Dzar Ismail was betrothed to his beloved wife, Nur Hidayah Amaliah this past weekend. Before I proceed on my short entry, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the groom for kindly allowing me to share some of the happy moments of his wedding event. Initially the groom told yours truly to just come as a normal guest, but I managed to cajole him into sharing some photographs for my readers, given the fact the past week had seen an extensive number of people keying in his name and searching for information on him before coming into this domain. No kidding, cos I did a screenshot and showed him the figures and he relented.

Due to the inclement weather, the bride and groom arrived slightly later than planned over at the groom’s side at Compassvale Walk. It was a very humble event, with no wedding dais, but it did not take away the essence of the event and joy shared by everyone for the newly-wedded couple, who looked ever-so-radiant in their Javanese-style outfit. The guests were treated to a performance by the groom’s mates from the Dikir Barat group Keris Movements, of which Dzar is a member and also the group’s Tukang Karut. Dikir Barat, known for its impromptu lyrics at times, provided a lot of humour elements when the groom himself took over the microphone and entertained the guests. Not only that, he managed to rope in DJ KC to join him, who was initially busy taking photographs of the proceedings. It was indeed funny to see them going back and forth teasing one another.

To Dzar and Hidayah, here’s wishing you all the best in your new chapter as husband and wife.

Keep the love and fire burning, and may this union last till Jannah… Amin!!!

KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Dinner Event

The couple’s first appearance donning outfits created by Hatta Dolmat

This is the final installment of the snapshot series taken during last weekend’s widely touted “Wedding-of-the-Year” event between popular radio personalities KC and Fiza O of RIA 89.7FM. I did say I will be putting up video highlights of the wedding event, but that one will have to take a backseat for now, as there are other important events round the corner like later today’s Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 Media Conference where the list of nominations will be made public. Anyway, editing video clips are a bit more tedious than editing photographs so in that respect, I will need more time and cannot give a specific time frame when I will put it up. Maybe before the year is out??? Hahahaha… I will definitely try my darnedest to do it as soon as possible…

Zany as they come – A B Shaik and Syah Ibrahim

The wedding dinner event was the penultimate of a three-day celebration for the newly-weds and was attended by dignitaries, sponsors, close family members and friends from the local entertainment scene. Hosted by the wacky duo of A B Shaik and Syah Ibrahim, they entertained the guests non-stop with their impromptu jokes and ad-libs and had everyone in stitches. They even brought up the Class 95FM couple Glenn Ong and Jean Danker on the wedding dais to simulate a Malay wedding. To their credit, the pair were sporting enough to go through the motions and even added a bit of humour into the proceedings. What’s more, the wedding dinner was graced by the soulful voice of Malaysia‘s Alyah, who is a personal friend of the bride. She sang Lee Ann Rimes‘ “How Do I Live” and another single in Malay titled “Kau Yang Terindah“…

Alyah performed two numbers that night…

Donning outfits by first, Hatta Dolmat and then by Raffiey Nasir, the bride and groom was a picture of bliss and grandeur, even if the three-day wedding affair was already taking its toll on them physically. What was special about the dinner event was the screenings of two music videos to the guests, one which was created by CST Productions with the help from the newly betrothed couple’s close friends, family members and the production teams of the wedding event, and the other by the groom himself, as a surprise gift for the bride. The music video by CST Productions was a work in progress throughout the three-day event, and it was simply amazing that they could screen it in its entirety during the dinner event, when they were still filming in the same afternoon.

Fiza was moved to tears by KC‘s gesture in the form of the music video…

Listeners of KC‘s “Kelab Kelakar Seram” programme would note how talented the guy is when it comes to composing parody songs, and was also the composer of B8‘s “Bidadari Hatiku“, but he raised the bar higher with his new composition “Aku Sayang Kamu (Isteriku)” specially for Fiza. It was no surprises that the bride teared upon watching the music video, touched at her husband’s efforts and that he had kept so many of their photographs together and featured them in the video. I would like to thank KC for having me involved in the production of his music video a few days before their solemnisation, albeit my small role behind the cameras. It was an enriching experience seeing and experiencing how a simple music video is filmed and recorded. It looks easy but the whole filming process took a whole day to complete!!!

To my bro KC and sis Fiza, as well as the wedding manager Rafil Kamaruddin from Manggiz Communications, thank you for having me and my missus and family over at all the events and letting us cover it, even allowing us to come onboard the FunVee Hopper Open Top Bus on the second day en route to Singapore Flyer to meet the couple’s loyal fans. The journey has just begun for the two of them and like what I had penned in their guestbook, the essence to an everlasting relationship / marriage are patience, tolerance, respect, acceptance and love. Loads of it!!! I wish them all the very best and pray that their life together will be eternally blissful, with lovely children in tow, cos kind people like them deserve nothing less than prayers and well-wishes for the best… 🙂

KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Event (Day 3)

Second outfit by Raffiey Nasir

I’m back again with another entry on arguably, no, make that THE wedding of the year between RIA 89.7FM‘s KC and Fiza O. The third day of celebrations, 21 October 2012, saw the couple sharing their joy with guests from the bride’s side, over at Customs House, situated in the vicinity of the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Appearing twice wearing outfits by first, Weddingku Gallery, and the second by Raffiey Nasir, the couple was a picture of pomp and regalia befitting their title as King & Queen for the day. Not even the early downpour and subsequent gloomy weather could dampen the spirits of those who came to celebrate along with the wedding couple.

First outfit by Weddingku Gallery

The event was equally as beautiful as the previous day at Serangoon Gardens Country Club and this was evident by the good organisation by all parties involved, as well as the likes of Rose Catering Services, Dessert Artisans and Madame H Creations pulling out all the stops in ensuring that guests were spoilt for choice on what to savour during the celebrations. To top it off, Malaysia-based Singapore artiste Imran Ajmain serenaded the couple with his haunting ballad “Seribu Tahun“, a song that is so apt for a wedding event and performed with so much emotion by the crooner himself.

Before I leave you with the photographs, here’s wishing all Muslim readers of this blog, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha… Have a smashing celebration and long weekend with family and loved ones… 🙂

KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Event (Day Two)…

First outfit by Weddingku Gallery

I know many are anticipating more photographs to be uploaded in this blog as well as my own personal Facebook account, but sifting through hundreds of shots (in the case of the third day, thousand-odd photographs) snapped, having to choose the best ones, edit, enhance and watermark them is quite a process which takes hours and days. I beseech your kind understanding to give me some time to post the photographs I have snapped during the wedding event of RIA 89.7FM personalities KC and Fiza O. I also have a day job, a family to commit myself to and that I have to strike a balance, more so as blogging is just a leisurely passion done on my own free time. But of course I do try to hasten as quickly as possible for your viewing pleasure just to please readers of my blog. 🙂

Second outfit by Hatta Dolmat

Day two of the wedding event was held over at the groom’s side at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, to be more precise, at the Kensington Ballroom last Saturday 20 October 2012. A meet-the-fans session was also planned at the Singapore Flyer vicinity. However due to some unavoidable technical glitches, the appearances of the newly-weds were delayed and some of the fans who had waited at Singapore Flyer were disappointed and left early. Still, about a hundred-odd well-wishers remained and were given their opportunity to snap photographs with the newly-weds who donned a stunning red outfit by Weddingku Gallery. Not to be outdone, they came back to Serangoon Gardens Country Club in the evening wearing a black ensemble by renowned Malaysian fashion designer Hatta Dolmat. I guess I will not bore you any further with my ramblings. Enjoy the photographs!!!