Eradicate Self-Entitlement Mentality…

I know I have not been active on this domain. Quite a number of events I attended recently that needed to be featured but I’ve put off due to my own personal commitments at work and at home. I did say some time back, I will only blog when time and circumstances permit. Time and circumstances have indeed allowed me to finally post something after this unexpected long break. I will not promise, but I will try to be more active in these upcoming weeks before I go for my annual hiatus again during the months of Ramadhan and Syawal. Those recent events I attended deserved featuring, moreso since I have always pride myself as a firm supporter of our local Malay entertainment scene. But I need to get something off my chest which has been bothering me the past few days. Hence I begin my comeback with this entry, which you can also categorise as a rant.

For those of you who have been silently following this blog, you might remember how I was in my first five years of blogging – I wrote with all guns blazing and very little mincing of words. Subsequent years of knowing many people in the industry and seeing how they go about doing their work has made me become more appreciative of their craft, more forgiving of their shortcomings, giving benefit as much as possible to most doubts. It had come to a point where when I met long-time followers of this blog domain outside, they wondered what happened to that firebrand writer who did not think twice to put others in their place or telling it bluntly with no sugar-coating of words. Something happened last week, which I felt compelled to come up with an entry that would rekindle the days of yore when my words would sting even those who are not directly involved.

For this post only, I am inclined to resurrect that feeling of anger for good reason. This comes as a result of my verbal tete-a-tete with a drummer of one of our local bands on Twitter last week. To recap, I chanced upon his tweet because his band’s official account (which I had followed up till our verbal jousting) had liked it, automatically making it appear on my timeline, even though I was not following him. The content of his tweet basically implied that one of our local radio stations was hypocritical and dumb, did not support local music like they claimed to be, did not have a segment fully dedicated to playing local Malay songs and only prefer to play songs from popular artistes whereas those who are not, require listeners to request for them – all in the name of popularity and ratings. These are extremely strong accusations and unfair, given the station’s stance in supporting local music and giving the necessary platforms for our local acts to thrive.

It struck a raw nerve on yours truly somewhat as I was scrolling my timeline just before I turned in for the night, not least because some of the people who work in the radio station are people I count as my good friends. I also spent a good three-and-a-half months interning for them when this drummer was probably still wet behind the ears. In my first reply to him, I said that there is already a locals-only dedicated programme every weekend which airs 5-6pm called “SG“. Every hour daily, at least 40% of the songs being aired are local songs, whether listeners realised it or not. As much as possible, the station tries to play and include as many local songs as possible, even if their respective quality leaves much to be desired at times. I ended off my first reply to him by saying, if their song is not being requested or aired as much as they would love to, then they should work harder and improve on the quality.

Of course, my first reply was not taken too kindly with the supposed 40% percentage deemed pathetic. I was also accused of not knowing or understanding his point of view since I am not, get this, “musically-inclined” nor played in a band. My reply to him was, if he is really musically-inclined, then he should know better than to rely on one radio station for his band’s exposure. We’re living in an era where social media is now an alternative path to being noticed. How many people actually tune in religiously to the station daily, for how long, and do they really take note of which songs are aired??? Or request for that matter??? There are only two to three song request segments per day, which are either an hour long, or at most, two each time. I have listened to some local songs which I thought were bang average, but the station still airs them and continues to air them. But there is only so much they can air when there are other quality or better songs vying for a spot to be heard.

Anyway, this is not the first time such accusations have been thrown towards the station and their approach. Over the years, there will always be disgruntled voices amongst local artistes as to why their songs are not being aired as frequently as possible. If one does take the trouble to listen, there will be times when local songs will dominate the airwaves for a particular hour, even if that hour is not a locals-only special. I for one have taken note that there were instances when six to eight local songs were aired in an hour, but like I said earlier, these kind of statistics are usually lost on most people. I dare say he lost his argument when he chose to use the age-old reason to back off by saying that I did not get what he was saying, that I am clueless and “fanning the balls” of the radio DJs. This is the standard kind of immature replies you usually associate with those who cannot argue substantially and somehow I kinda regretted stooping myself to his level by replying to him in the first place.

I made the effort to ask Brader Bo, the Executive Music Director at the two Malay radio stations, afterwards with regards to the claims. He pointed out one important factor, in that the radio stations are responsible for maintaining good quality music being played to boost ratings. He has already explained to the local music producers what is expected for a song to be aired. In fact I dare say, at every Anugerah Planet Muzik media conference, the mantra is repeated annually like a bad record. He said even if he listed down 1001 rubrics for others to abide by, at the end of the day, the radio station themselves have the editorial rights to dictate what can be aired or otherwise. Ultimately, the producers and artistes have to respect that. Which I felt was extremely fair and having no bias towards any other artistes who are considered more popular on our shores over those that are not.

Still I feel that it is lost on some people. That feeling of self-entitlement ever since their debut single propelled their name to the fore. You know, it is sometimes easy to hit the heights at the first time of asking, but maintaining that level of quality sometimes can be a hit and miss. If you ask me, there is hardly bias and favouritism being practised. For one, I still continue hearing this band’s songs being aired even after what their drummer had accused the station of being. Up till last week, a day prior to this uncalled-for outburst, Fiza O complimented the band and how good they were after airing their song when I tuned in to the evening programme. Some broadcasting stations across the Causeway might just block them out and decide to ban their songs had this kind of accusation been levelled at them, but it shows the high level of professionalism in our local radio station when they choose to look beyond the trivial and just get on with their daily jobs.

This feeling of discontent, being ungrateful, having self-pity and entitlement need to go seriously. Just because your debut single was a big hit on the local charts doesn’t mean your follow-up songs are equally good. There are other local artistes who have hit the heights only to drop their standards with subsequent offerings. Some of the current household names didn’t exactly hit the big time at the first or second time of asking. Sufi Rashid took ten bloody years to get noticed, Ryan Sufiyan was a constant serial reality talent competition reject before he finally made it (I know because I had covered three of his auditions). Heck, even the golden boy himself, Taufik Batisah, has had subsequent singles which didn’t get much positive response from listeners. Did any of them bitch on it on social media or any of the printed ones wondering why they were rejected or why their songs were not aired??? No, they just kept their heads down and continued working hard to make their next one a better one.

I ended my argument by asking this guy what is the purpose of him making / playing music??? For glamour??? Fame??? Or passion??? Or is it to be recognised and be nominated at Anugerah Planet Muzik??? I told him to correct his intentions first and foremost. Many others before him have come and go. Those still doing it after more than ten years are those with passion, determination and never-say-die attitude, even if for the most parts, they do not get the kind of exposure or recognition their talents deserved. These are the ones who do not rely solely on one or two local radio stations to get their music to be aired. Nowadays, it is all about social media. He and his band should at least take full advantage of it and promote their songs through the various social media platforms, boost their page and posts to get noticed. Who knows, stations from abroad might just get in touch with them and give them an even bigger break. The world is an oyster only if you know how to seize the endless opportunities it has to offer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a clued person to realise this. One just needs to be informed and if they do not know, to ask. Especially to the radio people and not rant behind their backs. You do not improve nor realise your shortcomings that way.

Am still humoured at the idea of a two-year old newbie in the scene trying to school a 14-year veteran about being musically-inclined and for being clueless to his plight. Privately, I empathise with his and his band’s plight knowing what a talented bunch they are, cos it is hard work after all, and it gives one great satisfaction to hear your music being aired. However, that feeling of sympathy dissipated with the rude language and vocabulary aimed at yours truly, which I have kindly not mentioned in here nor provided screenshots of our conversation as proof. I’m a fair person where I feel if injustice is being dished out at others, I would take it upon myself to help correct the misinformed. The radio station didn’t pay me to write this long-winded explanation and I doubt they would have wanted me to. But I believe some people need to get off their high horses and smell the roses of the reality of being in this harsh scene. Honestly with that kind of language used, I’ve lost whatever last amount of respect I had for them. A sad day indeed when all of us need the support of one another to grow…

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017 Roll-of-Honour

(Graphics poster courtesy of Mediacorp Suria)

It’s been a good five days since Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017 ended, but the euphoria of seeing our home country finally winning the biggest regional award for Best Song, for the very first time in the 16-year history of this prestigious awards show is still fresh and unforgettable, at least not anytime soon. I have lots to say since I have not been doing a proper review on APM since 2014, but I guess I will keep it and snowball them in another entry and yes, this year I will finally post a review entry. It has been that long but it has to be done. Of course as always, my first entry after an awards show will be to honour the best and the most popular who were awarded on the night itself. So without further ado, here’s my Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017 roll-of-honour’s list…

P.S. Additional graphic posters of winners who did not attend the awards show are courtesy of Mediacorp Suria. Photograph of Sonaone courtesy of Glam Malaysia


Gloria Jessica – Dia Tak Cinta Kamu

Artis Baru Terbaik (Wanita) / (Best New Female Artiste)

Virgoun – Surat Cinta Untuk Starla

Artis Baru Terbaik (Lelaki) / (Best Male Artiste)


Faizal Tahir & Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza – Dirgahayu

Duo / Kumpulan Terbaik (Best Duo / Group)


Afgan Syah Reza Feat. Sonaone – X

Kolaborasi Terbaik (Artis) / (Best Artiste Collaboration)


Tanda Tanya – Aisyah Aziz

Composers: Omar K, Ezra Kong & Ishazee Ishak
Lyricists: O
mar K, Ezra Kong & Ishazee Ishak

Kolaborasi Terbaik (Lagu) / (Best Song Collaboration)

APM2017 708


Armada – Asal Kau Bahagia

Band Terbaik / (Best Band)



Anuar Zain – Andainya Takdir

Artis Terbaik (Lelaki) / (Best Male Artiste)



Dayang Nurfaizah – Lelaki Teragung

Composers: Natasyah
Lyricists: Iman Imran

Artis Wanita Terbaik / (Best Female Artiste)

Lagu Terbaik (Malaysia) / (Best Malaysian Song)




Isyana Sarasvati & Raisa – Anganku Anganmu

Composers: Isyana Sarasvati & Raisa
Lyricists: Isyana Sarasvati & Raisa

Lagu Terbaik (Indonesia) / (Best Song – Indonesia)



Aisyah Aziz & Haikal Ali – Senyum Saja

Composers: Aisyah Aziz, Haikal Ali, Haramain Osman & Judah Lyne (The Lion Story)

Lyricist: Aisyah Aziz, Haikal Ali, Haramain Osman & Judah Lyne (The Lion Story)

Lagu Terbaik Singapura / (Best Singapore Song)

Lagu Terbaik APM / (Best APM Song)


Sufi Rashid – Aku Sanggup

Lagu Singapura Paling Popular / (Most Popular Singapore Song)

APM2017 2453



Hannah Delisha

Artis Singapura Paling Popular / Most Popular Singapore Artiste

APM2017 2125



Ayda Jebat

Ikon Media Sosial / Social Media Icon

APM2017 2228


Khai Bahar – Bayang

Artis Paling Popular APM / APM Most Popular Artiste

Lagu Paling Popular APM / APM Most Popular Song



Maher Zain

Anugerah Rentas Planet / International Breakthrough Artiste




Anugerah Khas Planet Muzik / (Special Music Planet Award)

ChiChi Lala: Play & Learn Tea Party Promo



Mifsha Kids Online, founded by Shasha Ya’kob, theatre practitioner / television actress-turned-mompreneur, will be organising a non-profit event on 14 May 2016 titled “ChiChi LaLa: Play & Learn Tea Party“. It is the first kids’ Islamic-educational tea party and the event is managed by Tarkiz.


The tea party aims to promote early education and the importance of parents’ roles in their children’s education, educate families on the importance of early Islamic education through fun learning. The tea party will host a range of selected vendors that offer holistic learning and support for home learning. Islam is a way of life and thus it covers every aspect of our life from eating, sleeping, dressing, fitness, practices etc.


Parents will get to discover ways to create a fun learning environment and be involved in their children’s development. Apart from booths selling Islamic educational and lifestyle products, there will also be interactive booths with free hands-on activities for children. Every participant will receive a free goodie bag worth over $50 at the tea party.




Event organizer Shasha Ya’kob seen here at the launch of Hyrul Anuar‘s music video “Mata” back in September 2011


Event highlights include:


• Mini Hijabista Contest with celebrity judges Azni Samdin, Lulu AlHadad and Aidah from Helwatu Qalbi [sponsors for contest]
• Babywearing Mums Dancing by Cool Mumz
• Talk on Early Islamic Education by Ustazah Su’aidah Salim
• Tips on Tackling Fussy Eaters by DTSSG
• Introduction to Phonics Reading by Playworks Reader
• ‘Lagu-Lagu Kita’ by Mini Monsters
• Islamic Art by Little Fikra
• Reading contest by Hayyan


The party will be hosted by Rudy Djoharnaen.
Former Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Haji Sidek Saniff, will be gracing the humble event as the Guest-of-Honour.


Proceeds from the party will be donated to ‘Potein Educational Institute‘, Cambodia. This project is helmed by Cultural Medallion Winner, Isa Kamari, and administered by the Office of Mufti of Cambodia.


Ticket Prices:

• Regular Price: $30 per pax
• Buy 4 and get 1 FREE!
• Children under 7 years old enter for FREE
• Children between 7-12 years old: $10 per pax


To purchase tickets for the event, please email or call 96732000.


More details of the event can be found on FB: MifSha Kids Online


Vendors @ ChiChi Lala: Play & Learn Tea Party

LittleFikraLittle Fikra is an exclusive art education integrating the expressions of art and Islamic teachings for the young ones. It is the brainchild of Rudy Djoharnaen and his business partner, Maya. Children will get to learn essential art skills such as painting and drawing techniques through topics related to Allah’s creations such as Nature.

Little Fikra extents the learning process by exploring and re-creating the works of Islamic Art & Design. With Little Fikra, these young achievers could develop and strengthen their creative skills, promote self-expressions and also self- exploration. When children strive to understand themselves, they will learn the meaning of appreciating, praising and glorifying Allah as our Creator.


Partyweqz Singapore offers a one-stop party planning service customised to meet all your party planning needs!


Little Quran Kids is a programme for 3-6 years old to help them memorise Juz Amma in 3 years! Their mission is to put Allah and Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him) in our childrens’ hearts by giving the best Islamic environment and techniques.

Core values: Submission, Solah (Prayer), Sabar (Patience), Syukur (Gratitude) and Sayang (Love).


Mini Monsters started off in 2008 as the Education Outreach arm of award-winning TV production house Dua M Pte Ltd. The company aims to revive an interest in the Malay language by offering an interesting and fun approach to the teaching of the language. Its motto “Berhibur dan Belajar” (Entertain and Educate) sums up the company’s philosophy in its approach of developing educational materials, courses and syllabus that are relevant to today’s generation of children.

In just six years, Mini Monsters has grown into Mini Monsters Limited and is currently helmed by its Director of Content Development and co-founder Rilla Melati Bahri. The aim is to always give the best to all children while instilling a lifelong love for the Malay language and inspire change through creativity and innovation.


At DTS, they strive to re-educate the community on healthful eating in order to regain control of their personal and family’s health. Through personal and group coaching, DTS coaches will help you discover your bio-individuality so you could better understand what works for you in your journey to be healthier than you are today! With better understanding of your own body, DTS coaches hope to help you battle diet-based diseases that you may be at risk of getting, through better management of your daily nutritional diet and lifestyle.

DTS will be sharing tips on how to tackle toddlers’ fussiness in food at ChiChi LaLa: Play & Learn Tea Party.

Diana By Design

Diana by Design is a distributor for Naelofar, Nora Danish and House of Dolls by Fazura. Diana by Design is a distributor for Naelofar, Nora Danish and House of Dolls by Fazura.


A SAHM of twins who started her sewing journey as a form of therapy and has not looked back since. She sells her handmade items such as baby/toddler dresses, buckwheat pillows, pouches and many more! SewNanu will be at the ChiChi LaLa Tea Party with their handmade items.


Playworks Consultancy was established in 2005 in USJ, Subang Jaya. As they celebrate their 11th anniversary this year, they look forward to continue their history of providing high quality and professional services and resources to their customers.

Playworks Consultancy started as a consultant and learning resource supplier in the areas of Early Childhood Education. Since their inception, they have grown and expanded in their services. Their very own Playworks Publishing House was established in 2013. Their very first book “Phonics Junction for Little Muslims” was introduced in November 2013. 
The book has since benefited children, parents, teachers and caregivers in Malaysia, Australia, Brunei and Singapore.

Helwatu Qalbi

Helwatu Qalbi which means “sweet heart” in Arabic, is a one-stop solution for mummies specially brought to you by us – modest wear for all Muslimah princesses, specially crafted pieces from Hijab, dresses, Jubah, to casual top and bottom.

They believe in nurturing the value of modesty and covering the Aurah from young. May all Muslim princesses grow to be wonderful Muslimahs, thus pearls of Islam.

It is a known fact that to successfully groom a child, we have to start young, like the famous Malay saying, “Kalau melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya…


Swing by Suhaim is an Islamic concept store that features unique and popular Muslim brands. Swing is an initiative by Suhaim, whose focus is to develop wonderful, engaging and inspiring educational books, games and toys for young Muslims. They develop products such as Tap Genius and Quran Reading system that apply technology to the presentation, learning and transmission of traditional Islamic knowledge and make the understanding and appreciation of Islam a truly enjoyable and meaningful experience. Together, we can help build a sound and dynamic foundation for young Muslims, Insya Allah.

“Serving modest wear for all ages” will be releasing their Hari Raya collections at ChiChi LaLa: Play & Learn Tea Party…


Sufyaa aims to bring out the best in women from all walks of life, fulfilling the needs of those who are socially conscious, yet with a desire to dress fashionably.

They are passionate and creative in their pursuits to unleash the chic in you.  Their designs are ever-changing and they like to keep things fresh in their showroom. With their new Bespoke Collection, you will be at ease to know that you are able to customise your hijab style to your preference from their available prints.


Leather – Crafts – Accessories – Design – Handmade

Forest Child embodies the liberation of attaining stylish nirvana through leather goods crafts with love and good vibes. They are a nature loving team, affectionately calling themselves “Tarzan and the Painters”. Combining their love for craft and the intricate nature of handling leather, they aim to provide signature pieces for the fashion conscious desiring effortless style, accentuated with functionality.


Join Cool Mumz Dancin sessions for mommies who love to have fun, destress and make new friends yet still able to bond with yr lil ones at the same time!


Hayyan.SG is in the business of providing Islamic-based educational and entertainment alternatives to the local community.

Hayyan.SG is inspired by the parable found in the Qur’an in Surah Ibrahim: “See you not how Allah sets forth a parable? – a goodly Word like a goodly tree, whose roots is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens – It brings forth its fruit at all times, by leave of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parable for men, in order that they may receive admonition.14:24-25

Hayyan.SG aspires to grow their roots into the fabric of the society and be the “goodly tree” whose fruits and shade it provides brings benefit to others. Insya-Allah!


Sarras Dolls is a one-woman show. Just a little store, Sarras Dolls is born out of curiosity when looking for toys for their only daughter. As parents, we prefer quiet toys and we all know why, right? Unknowingly, we also realise that quiet toys encourages independent play plus it allows the child to interpret how the toy is being played. Creativity checked!

As parents, safe toys are of utmost importance. In Sarras Dolls, products that are chosen are handmade. Extra care has been taken to ensure toys are safe to be played among children. Products are also carefully curated to suit most young children. Featured products are absolutely UNIQUE and ADORABLE.

About Tarkiz


Although newly established in October 2015, Tarkiz is helmed by experienced associates who were key players in their respective previous employments. Grounded by deep sense of purpose, we tread every aspect of our operations with much thought and deliberation, effecting in a well-balanced and fresh, ideas and activities. Beginning with education in the corporate world, Tarkiz plans to expand its horizon to all levels; catering from newborns to the golden age.

Tarkiz deeply believes in lifelong learning and sees education in all forms, albeit in a relaxed, informal and fun manner. We fuse theory and practical to achieve a holistic experience. Our programmes are conceptualised hands-on activities-based philosophy. Hence, nurturing physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Tarkiz is highly driven in community work. Many of our programmes are designed for community development. Our strong sense of social responsibility directs us, provide conducive environment for youth at risks, and former convicts to reform. We engage, train and place them as freelancers in our programmes so they gain skills and experience for their future endeavours.



Hafeez Glamour – End of an Era with RIA 89.7FM…

Demi Adriana Book Launch 2012-03-25 193Thank you for entertaining RIA 89.7FM listeners, bro Hafeez!!!

The start of the new Gregorian calendar year normally brings with it fresh hope and optimism for what is to come in the next 365 days. But somehow I am starting the new year in this domain of mine a little solemn as I try to come to terms with the fact that one of my favourite radio deejays and one-time mentor during my radio internship back in 1998, none other than Hafeez Glamour, ends his time with the only station that he has been with since its formation on 1st December 1990. This past fortnight, rumours had been swirling that there will be major shake-ups between the two local Malay radio stations for the coming year ahead and this is normal amongst all the Mediacorp-owned radio stations as they inject and infuse new ideas to attract the listeners into tuning in to their daily programmes.

Today 3rd January 2014 marks his final day on RIA 89.7FM, ending a twenty-three year long association, for which he has been the mainstay throughout, whereas those who had joined the station when it first formed, had all gone over to sister station Warna 94.2FM or left for pastures anew. So the question is, where is Hafeez Harun a.k.a. Hafeez Glamour heading to come 6th January 2014??? Of late he had posted several teasing photos of him on his personal social media platforms, some depicting him possibly going the way of our Asian Idol, Hady Mirza. The truth is, Hafeez will still be heard on radio, but will be moving to Warna 94.2FM, where he will team up with wacky deejay Dyn Norahim for the 10pm-2am slot. I did not get the chance to talk about his “Demi Adriana” book launch back in 2012 due to my busy schedule, but here I am dedicating this entry to thank him for his past twenty-three years with RIA 89.7FM.

Fiza O Ritabella Collection Launch 2012-02-25 007 - CopyHafeez Glamour – A brand name that needs no further introduction nor elaboration…

He had been the last one standing amongst his fellow peers who had transferred over to Warna 94.2FM, but he has been standing proud and tall with RIA 89.7FM all these years, winning the “Most Popular Deejay (Malay)” award for eight years over the past decade, beating his younger colleagues. His success can be attributed to his drive, positive outlook to life, honesty and above all, sincerity in delivering his daily responsibilities to entertain the masses tuning in to him. Mention the name “Hafeez Glamour” and people already know who he is and his infectious personality. It is a brand name in our local Malay community that needs no further introduction nor elaboration. An icon that also shares the same birthday as the station he is leaving.

Me and bro Hafeez go back a long, long way since 1996. Our acquaintanceship began when I took part in one of his daily phone-in karaoke segments back then and won myself a couple of CDs for winning that particular week’s contest. The following year, me and my two buddies entered “kRIAtif 97“, in which bro Hafeez was the producer, and we won the Impersonation Category, mimicking our favourite group KRU. But it was in 1998 that our acquaintanceship grew into a friendship, when I did my polytechnic internship with both Malay radio stations. Bro Hafeez was a good mentor like all the other deejays back then, teaching me the ropes of radio broadcasting and even bringing me out to observe some of their outdoor activities like his Kafe-Teh-RIA segment, whereby there were days when he and co-partner Morniyati Tukimin would be visiting listeners at their work places.

D (7)Bro Hafeez seen here entertaining the guests during my wedding dinner back in 2005…

During the period when sending sms to the radio station to air our views or dedications was the in-thing (circa 2003-2006), my nick was a constant mention in his daily radio programme with bro Syah Ibrahim (RIA Jamm). I have to admit back then, I was given plenty of opportunities to get my messages and opinions across, contributing to the success of his daily show, even when I ran the risk of upsetting the other listeners with my no-nonsense and honest-to-goodness comments. Even though my comments bothered on being provocative towards the mentality and mindset of our community, bro Hafeez was always there to see the positive aspect and reiterated my views, to the point others felt he was guilty of favouritism and bias towards yours truly. I can say, thanks to his daily radio programme back then, that is where I learned to be more vocal and more confident in expressing my views, which in turn led to the birth of this blog of mine.

What I admire most about bro Hafeez is his level of patience in entertaining listeners, always having that sense of empathy towards those who might be a little slow in putting their points across or those who might be a little difficult for us to understand, especially the Indonesian domestic workers, who count as his biggest fans. Which is why till today, he is no doubt someone they look up to and the go-to guy when it comes to hosting events involving these foreign workers. Another unforgettable memory I have of bro Hafeez was how, at such short notice before my wedding in 2005, he agreed to host my wedding dinner along with bro A B Shaik. I was surprised to secure his services but I knew, even before asking, that he would never disappoint me on my big day. Till today, me and the wife are so thankful to him and bro Shaik for entertaining the guests who had waited for our arrival almost an hour later than scheduled.

Demi Adriana Book Launch 2012-03-25 240Writing and producing his second book “Demi Adriana” in 2012 was another highlight of his career…

During his time with RIA 89.7FM, bro Hafeez had always encouraged listeners to increase our knowledge through inculcating the culture of reading into our lives. A prolific writer himself having done stints with Manja magazine and other external writing projects, the highlight of his twenty-three year career as a radio presenter has to be when he produced two books, “Diari DJ” and “Demi Adriana“. Again, I am thankful to bro Hafeez for dedicating one of the characters potrayed in his book “Diari DJ“, to me, a form of recognition to several listeners who have added colour to his daily radio programme and segments. When most listeners were always up in arms over my direct and often-brash comments on air, he stated in his book that he found my comments “meant for the good of the community”. High praise indeed!!!

During his time with RIA 89.7FM, bro Hafeez could be attributed to giving the opportunity to up-and-coming acts to display their potential and talents via his segments like “Karaoke 897” and “Opening Act Go Glam“. The likes of Hetty Sarlene, Malaysian singers Fazli Zainal and Izzla, and of late, Aisyah Aziz, Sufie Rashid and Kamsani Jumahat are just a few names I can think off-the-cuff, who have benefited from being spotted through his daily radio programmes and have reaped the rewards of currently being known or have established themselves in the scene, either locally or across the Causeway. Hopefully RIA 89.7FM will continue this legacy to introduce and help push through new talents through segments like “Singa Maksima” and “SG“.

TeRaSeh RpadTour 2013-05-04 108

News of his impending transfer to Warna 94.2FM might shock many, especially since he has a very strong fanbase of followers, but I think there could be positives in the long run. Of course, new changes need time to bed in, but overtime I guess he will be a valuable asset to the sister station. Again I thank bro Hafeez for taking the trouble to call me up last weekend to confirm his transfer, even though I had heard the rumours and made my own deductions through several veiled status updates on Facebook both by bro Hafeez himself and his soon-to-be new sparring partner, Dyn Norahim. To bro Hafeez, thank you for everything you’ve done both on a personal level as well as entertaining us all daily for twenty-three years on RIA 89.7FM. May your new posting give you more joy and satisfaction to what you have achieved all these years and I wish you nothing but more success in your upcoming endeavours!!!

1,000,000th Visitor Reached… Thank You!!!

As I post this entry, I am having my lunch at Nando’s Restaurant situated in the vicinity of Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur with the family for a much deserved holiday. I don’t think I will be able to do a recap entry on the second episode of Ratu, which I attended last night, but I might post some photographs I snapped when I return this weekend, if time permits of course. No promises as yet. Anyway, this short entry is meant to thank each and every single one of you who have visited this humble abode of mine or if you have been following me since I started blogging in 2004. As the statistics on the right show, this domain has just surpassed its millionth visitor mark today 5 December 2012, something I did not envisage nor expected when I first started my humble domain, which was earlier hosted by Blogspot.

It has been a very enriching experience blogging on the local Malay entertainment scene over the years. Gaining the trust of the major media players / event organisers to cover events / showcases / concerts / awards shows, ranks as one of my best achievements over the years as I did not think my postings were worth reading, nor had any ounce of credence to it. I have gained quite a number of friends as a result, but I also did trip some wires and experienced fall-outs, not to mention gaining the hate mob as well. Still, all these experiences have honed and refined my craft, it has evolved me from a brash talker into someone who is more responsible and tactful with my words. I am not paid to do what I like, but it is a passion I have for the scene and my way of contributing to its growth, no matter how small it is. Thank you for kindly visiting this blog from time to time and I hope to continue for as long as the fire within me is still burning…


Seafood Treasures, Tales and Trails @ Kampong Gelam

Singapore‘s multi-ethnic landscape is a living testimony to a vibrant cosmopolitan city. The Malays play an important role in adding colours to this cultural tapestry. Every year, Singapore Food Festival identifies a unique theme to showcase our country’s diverse culinary culture and heritage, through a line-up of exciting programmes. The Malay culinary heritage is one of the key ingredients spicing up Singapore‘s reputation as a food paradise. Historically, many sub-ethnic groups within the Malay community are seafarers – the Bugis, the Baweanese and the Orang Laut. Folklores featuring sea creatures are hence abound in the Malay context, a legendary tale like “Singapura Dilanggar Todak” comes to mind. As these seafarers settle in the Malay Archipelago, among which Singapore was one of their favourite seaports, they introduced seafood-inspired cuisines to the locals. Other communities thereafter, began to adopt and adapt some of these cuisines into their own cooking traditions.

More than just Singapore‘s signature favourite, the chilli crab, there are many other seafood-inspired treasures that are yet to be discovered from the kitchens of many Malay homes and homegrown restaurants. Singapore Food Festival thus invite you to come onboard on a journey of discovery and satiate your palates with unique culinary treasures from the Malay kitchen. Bask in the sun, dine under the stars or simply soak in the unique ambience of Kampong Gelam. Experience that feeling of extreme joy derived from a fully satiated belly from an exciting line-up of activities such as Culinary Adventures, Masterclasses and Festival Food Street.

Culinary Adventures: Seafood Treasures, Trails and Hunt

Embark on an excitement-filled hunt as you scour through Kampong Gelam! A specially selected menu of delectable dishes from Kampong Gelam awaits to fill your bellies on completion as you bring home knowledge and a tiffin filled with culinary goodness! 

Start Point: Malay Heritage Centre, Visitor Centre


Date Time Price per Pax Price for 1 Parent & 1 Child
14 July 2012 (Saturday) 10.30 am – 12.30 pm $35 $60
15 July 2012 (Sunday) – NOT AVAILABLE 3.00 pm – 5.00pm $35 $60
18 July 2012 (Wednesday)

Guided by Warna 94.2 FM DJ TG


3.00 pm – 5.00pm $55 $80
26 July 2012 (Thursday) 3.00 pm – 5.00pm $35 $60
28 July 2012 (Saturday) 3.00 pm – 5.00pm $35 $60


Masterclasses & Workshop

Join us on a culture-rich culinary journey this July at Kampong Gelam, as we bring you some of Singapore’s best Malay chefs and cooks.

From the little culinary curious to the novice chef, we have something for all of you!


Masterclasses – Gedung Kuning @ Sultan Gate

Shoot and Post! with Dr. Leslie Tay (Food and Photography Workshop) – Malay Heritage Centre, Gallery 1

Cooking With Love with Sherry Myrna Join cookbook author and aspiring chef Sherry Myrna, as she prepares her signature recipe – Lemon Prawns, a quick-to-prepare elegant snack, as well as Soto Indrani. As an entrepreneur and busy mum who loves to entertain at home, Sherry understands that time is of the essence when preparing home-cooked meals. 16 July 2012 (Monday), 8.00 pm $65
bon appétit with Chef Amri

Chef Amri takes us on a voyage to France as we learn and savour the classics such as Crab Meat Salad with Mango, his specialty Red Drum Fish with Creamy Saffron Sauce and Lime French Lemon Tart. Known for spontaneity and a love for life, Chef Amri will also share his tips on how to fillet a whole fish! 19 July 2012 (Thursday), 8.00 pm $65
Shoot and Post! with Dr. Leslie Tay

(Food and Photography Workshop)


Dr. Leslie Tay of has tasted, shot and reviewed hundreds of dishes on his website. Learn and try hands-on the secret of his blog’s success on how to eat, shoot and post! 27 July 2012 (Friday),

4.00 pm



BOOK NOW! Call 6796 9331 or email to

– 10% off for PAssion Card Members for all listed events.

– 10% off Sherry Myrna‘s Masterclass, when you bring a copy of her book (10% will be refunded to the participants at the event)

 Participants can only enjoy one promotion at one time. Culinary Adventures, Masterclasses and Workshop will only commence with a minimum of 10 participants.

 Prices subjected to 7% GST. Other Terms & Conditions apply.


Festival Food Street

Come to Kampong Gelam’s very own Festival Food Street which promises a fine selection of mouth-watering cuisines from all over Singapore! Dine under the stars and soak in the unique ambience of Kampong Gelam!

Dates: 14 – 21 July 2012
Time: 11.00 am – 10.00pm

Venue: Sultan Gate



Fringe Events @ Malay Heritage Centre, Gallery 1


“Tales from Our Shores” Exhibition
Dates: 14 – 21 July 2012
Time: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm


Storytelling Session
Dates: 15 & 28 July 2012
Time: 2.30 pm


Book Browsing & Borrowing
Dates: 15 / 28 July 2012
Time: 9.30 am – 3.00 pm / 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm



How to get there?

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis Station

Nearest Bus Stop:

North Bridge Road, Before Sultan Mosque (B01229)

Buses: 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80,145,175,197

Jalan Sultan, Sultan Plaza (B01239)

Buses: 107, 107M, 961, 961#, 908

Beach Road, Opp Plaza Parkroyal

Buses: 100, 107, 107M, 961, 961#, 980


(Information, tables and design graphics courtesy of Singapore Food Festival website at


Organised by: In Collaboration

Graduates’ Tea 2012 Promo…

MENDAKI Club’s Graduates’ Tea this year takes new graduates on a “voyage of self-discovery” at the Sheraton Towers Hotel on Saturday, 23 June 2012.

Themed “Dream. Discover. Define. Develop.” the Graduates’ Tea will feature a line-up of “stars” in diverse fields of work who will share valuable insights and guidance to fresh university and polytechnic graduates, to prepare them for working life.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Minister-In-Charge of Muslim Affairs, will grace the event as Guest-of-Honour.

Held annually since 1995, the Graduates’ Tea is organised to celebrate the achievements of Malay/Muslim graduates from the universities and polytechnics.  This year’s event aims to enlighten the graduates on life and career choices and help them navigate our increasingly complex world.

The event will also offer networking opportunities between fresh graduates and young Malay/Muslim professionals who are established in their fields. Young professionals have been invited to engage with the new graduates and share their learning journeys in the post-graduate world. The speakers will be sharing valuable insights and guidance to fresh university and polytechnic graduates, to prepare them for working life.

Guest speakers include:

(photo courtesy of Mediacorp)

Khairuddin Saharom (Master of Architecture degree from National University of Singapore and first ever Malay awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal for being the top graduate in 1999),

Rita Zahara Mohamed Nazeer (a bi-lingual TV media personality, lecturer and author),

Mohamed Faizal Abdul Kadir (Deputy Senior State Counsel & Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney-General’s Chambers),

(photo courtesy of

Aaron Maniam (Director of the Institute of Policy Development at the Civil Service College (CSC).

Supported by the Community Leaders’ Forum, the Graduates’ Tea is open to all Malay/Muslim graduates from university and polytechnic. Admission is free. Graduates who are interested to attend can register through the event website at

Registration to the event has been extended till all seats are fully taken up.

Most importantly, the event is FREE!!!

Details of the event:

Date: 23 June 2012
Time: 12:30pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Sheraton Towers Hotel





  • Prayer room will be provided


Official Start of Event


Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim


Welcome Address by MENDAKI Club President, Ms. Nur Dian Mohd Rasid


Panel DiscussionDREAM. DISCOVER. DEFINE. DEVELOP.Discussion on how to turn DREAMs into reality through DISCOVERing the macro environment and seizing opportunities; how to DEFINE career paths and align it with that vision; how to embrace lifelong learning by continually DEVELOPing the necessary skills.Question & Answer Session


Winding Down & Breaking The Ice


Networking High Tea Session


Parallel Break-Out Sessions
(Choose ONE of the following):

Break-out Session 1
What’s Next?Exploring the Option to further studies for Polytechnic Graduates
Breakout Session 2

Gearing Up for That First Job

A session to take you through the Hunt for that first job, tips on how to brand yourself on paper and how to market yourself during an interview

Session 3

Taking The Lead and Working With Others

The know-hows on “Surviving the Corporate Jungle” through a session covering effective corporate etiquette and networking


End of event