Constipated – Presented by KreatiV OutBox

Meet Haryani, Moli (Playwright) and Dew (Director) at Open stage in
Library@Esplanade, on 9 October, 5pm. An excerpt of the play will be
presented followed by a short talk-back session.

Also, catch Haryani on Ria 89.7FM on Friday 15th Oct from 9-10pm. Free
tickets to be given away!


An oversized and happy girl. A man leading a double life. A best friend that always saves the day. What will happen when these three souls were intertwined into one love triangle. A story that surfaces the true meaning of friendship and sweet revenge at its best.

Sofia, an oversized girl will share her story. You may have guessed it; she was betrayed by Ana – her best friend. The one who will come to her defense when the boys feed on her size and weight. Now, Sofia is facing her ‘closest’ enemy. The only ‘wall’ that separates her from the cruel world. The one that knows her boyfriend as San Kok.

Far from confronting it, she leads them to end the story her way. Watch her as she takes her husband-to-be and her best friend to a journey of THEIR lifetime. A story that deals with insecurities, love & betrayal that could hit on anyone in any form, regardless of size, age, gender, lineage and sexual preferences.

**Not Suitable for Those Aged 16 years and Below

Show Details

A production By KreatiV OutBox

22nd October 2010 8pm & 23rd October 2010 3pm, 8pm
The Arts House, Playden
In Malay and English, with English subtitles

$25 (Adults) , $20 (Students, senior citizen & NSF)
Group Discount – $23 (For every group of 5)
Prices above is not inclusive of $2 ticket charge.
Tickets can be purchased online via
Ticketing details is available via

Key Personnel

1. Dew M. Chaiyanara – Director
2. Molizah Mohd – Playwright
3. Haryani Othman – Actor


Dew M. Chaiyanara

Dew is a Drama graduate of Lasalle-SIA-College of the Arts, Kasamawati Masmintra Chaiyanara (Dew) has written and directed numerous dramatic performances. One of her successful plays includes, Tell Me a Story, which was performed in 2003 at the Tongues Untied: International Monologue Festival, was in a bid to expose the harsh reality of child prostitution in Southeast Asia. Her controversial play, URD:Urban/Rural Decay, was staged in natural surroundings and exposed to the elements in an open field, touched on sensitive subject of Singapore’s mysterious 1960’s Bukit Ho Swee fire. The provocative drama skit, Circus Tigers, which incorporates the use of New Media, was performed in 2004 at the National University of Singapore, received positive feedback on its contents of revealing cruelty of animal exploitation in the entertainment industry.

Molizah Mohd

Moli Mohd started her theatre stint in 2005. She has performed in various productions (Malay and English) and is currently active in stage managing. Her recent works as a performed was Heart(h) by Teater Ekamatra and Cabinet by The ETCeteras Productions both staged in 2010. With the experience she had as an actor and other parts of theatre craft, Moli can be considered as an all rounder in a theatre production. This is a major comeback for Moli after writing for Teater Artistik in 1997 for a production entitled Tiana.

Haryani Othman

Haryani Othman is and up and coming Comedienne in the Malay Entertainment industry. Finding her way from theatre, Haryani has performed in Srikandi Dendam Berbalas, Cinta Ibu, Besar punya Hantu, Ani dan Beego, Gentarasa 2007 and O Glamour. Her TV works include, Graffiti, Tahu Nahu, Kain Songket Kain Pelikat, 1988…  Segaris Sinar and many more. Haryani
is also a freelance writer for local Magazine such as Sutra and Malay Newspaper Berita Harian.

Company Profile

KreatiV OutBox is formed by a group of theatre enthusiasts with diverse background in theatre-making. It aims to be at the front row in beating the misconception of theatre being an art form only for the elites. KreatiV OutBox aims to explore various range of theatrical forms bringing it to a more digestible level that can be enjoyed by all range of audiences. Being a non-profit theatre company that gears all monetary funding towards staging productions, we are dedicated to developing and producing socially relevant plays for the community. The company believes in giving a voice for the Malay community and creating works that can be reinvented to suit the future. By this, KreatiV OutBox always makes sure that the performances will not only be relevant but it must be paired with a great deal of entertainment – without compromising the artistic integrity of every production.

Working Committee 2009 – 2010

President: Izad Omar
Secretary: Nureen Royani
Asst. Secretary: Agnes Christina
Treasurer: Noorizah Rahim


Khairul Famy Bin Kassim
Muhammad Juremy Bin Mohamed Jumadi Irfan Kasban
Hairul Fazli Bin Ariffin
Haslinda Bt Othman
Rafeah Binte Omar
Nor Adlina Bte Abdul Majid

Majlis Persandingan Huda Ali & Den Sabari…

Honestly I dunno how to translate nor give a politically-correct sounding term in English to replace the word “sanding“, hence the title has been preserved in its originality so as not to smear it with a bad translation of my own. If you have been following the last two entries I made, you would know that this entry is the last of a three-part series to celebrate arguably the “Wedding of the Year” in the context of the local Malay entertainment industry.

I will henceforth not bore you further with my blabberings and instead let you enjoy the video I’ve put up. Yes I know the background music does not tally with what was being portrayed but the song “For The Rest of My Life” sung by Maher Zain, is a song that the newly-wedded couple love and one that I’ve fallen for the first time I heard it after they introduced it to me. And since it has a Middle-Eastern influence, I’ve added another two personal favourites of mine of the same genre and with the same theme. So without further ado, here it is:


For the record, the wedding was made possible by the kind sponsorship of Bottle Tree Park Pte Ltd, Chinta Weddings, Fatimah Mohsin: The Wedding Gallery, M.A.C., Theme Photography, StudioDua Boutique Photography, Sugarly Nice, Shaistah’s Ink, M.J. Weddings, Lydia’s Oven, Ben Dasuki for the Wedding Bouquets, Sound-Vox Productions & Qaboom with as Official Online Media.

To the team that ensured the smooth running of events over the three days led by Netty Fiona, you guys are the best!!!

Huda Ali & Den Sabari’s Wedding Dinner…

Continuing where I left off from the previous entry, this was the second-part of a three-day celebration for the newly-weds. Held at the main multi-purpose hall at the Bottle Tree Park situated at Lorong Chencharu on the evening of Saturday 17th July 2010, this was an event which was close to a Pesta Perdana affair, with local celebrities and personalities gracing the occasion, dressed in their nines.  Not even the humid weather could dampen the mood as everyone was seen smiling and grinning away, catching up with each other and of course to celebrate the union of the newly-betrothed.

This was also an event that was unforgettable on a personal level as I had experienced a “wardrobe mulfunction” and had to rush home to change my clothes. Due to this unexpected turn of events, I had to miss Sleeq performing “Terima Kasih Sayang” as well as the grand entrance made by Huda & Den, who were serenaded to the tunes of Afgan‘s “Bukan Cinta Biasa” by guest violinist Adliana Supiani. A big thank you goes out to bro Izarr of for being kind enough to take over photo-taking duties when I had to go off for awhile. Appreciate the kind help there.

The event was excellently hosted by none other than Shahrin Azhar and what is a wedding dinner without love songs being serenaded??? Hyrul Anuar‘s version of “Dealova” had my hairs standing on its end, and Sleeq had the guests bobbing their heads when they performed their current hit single on the airwaves “Untuk Dia” slightly later. Roze Kasmani rounded off the performing cast singing her hit single “Harum“, which literally summed up the fragrance emanating from the blossoming love of the newly-wedded couple. It was indeed a beautiful event for a beautiful couple and attended by beautiful people. Enjoy the video!!!

Thank you also to Netty Fiona, the mastermind behind this event, as well as Huda Ali and family for extending their kind invitation to us…

Huda Ali & Den Sabari’s Wedding Solemnisation Ceremony…

It was a wedding that was long-awaited for when news of it first made its way on some months ago and was then picked up by the other entertainment magazines. For the local Malay entertainment fraternity, this was a highly-anticipated event as not many of our local entertainment personalities celebrate their weddings with such a grand affair as this. When one thinks of posh celebrity weddings in the local context, the wedding celebrations of Nurul Aini & Norfasarie back in 2008 immediately come to mind. This year, we can safely add the union of Huda Ali and her husband Den Sabari to the list of momentous and joyous occasions befit for A-List celebrities.

Held at the Bottle Tree Park situated at Lorong Chencharu in the Yishun area on Thursday 15 July 2010 at 8:30pm, the solemnisation ceremony was attended by close friends and family members. Care and consideration were made to ensure the event remained very much private and exclusive from the public eye. When I arrived with my family, most of the guests were already seated waiting for the arrival of the groom as well as the marriage solemniser, Ustaz Sallim Jasman. We did not have to wait too long as the groom arrived shortly after along with his entourage, followed by Ustaz Sallim himself.

The couple being interviewed by Mediacorp Suria which will be shown on the Persada Seni capsule very soon…

After the usual pleasantries and courtesies were exchanged, it was down to the business of solemnising the marriage. Though the groom looked a little tensed, the bride’s father was slightly overwhelmed by the occasion as he gave away his only daughter’s hand in marriage, needing to recite his lines a few times. Reciting the obligatory lines only once, Den Sabari officially became the husband of Huda Ali, much to everyone’s joy as witnessed on the looks on their faces. The bride herself was overcome with emotions as she was seen dabbing her eyes from the tears that flowed freely.

For the record, both the bride and the groom exchanged eight trays of gifts, with the wedding dowry being a crystal wedding ring and $15406 in cash. For those who might wonder why the monetary value looked a little odd, it actually symbolised the date that the newly-wedded couple first got together – 15 April 2006. It was during that time that Huda was going through the inaugural Anugerah Skrin competition, which of course we all know by now that she won along with Shahril Wahid. You can read all about the couple’s love story in this month’s Sutra magazine.

The couple with the apples of my eyes…

To Huda, we might have been acquaintances before this season’s Anugerah Skrin 2010 and to Den, we might have gotten to know one another through being occasional team-mates during weekend / social football, but I feel that the bond we’ve shared and forged after the weekly variety episodes have made us closer and more at ease with one another. Both of you are truly made for each other and I pray for nothing less than the best for your marriage and may it last till the end of time. May Almighty Allah bless this union and may you both have beautiful babies as handsome and pretty as you…

Thank you also to Netty Fiona, the mastermind behind this event, as well as Huda Ali and family for extending their kind invitation to us…

Teasers Galore…

I know I have not been updating this blog for quite some time. Now that Anugerah Skrin is over and there will not be that many shows or events to attend between now and after Hari Raya, I can finally update this blog on past events and shows that I attended between May 2010 and now. Sometimes I wish I could do this on a full-time basis so as not to make you guys wait and wait only to see the same previous posts you have read before. But there is no market nor monetary opportunity yet for me to turn full-time nor able to earn what I am getting now from my day job.

Which is why I hope you guys would understand that delaying of event updates or uploading of photographs taken at events are very much inevitable as I too have a young family who need my attention other than my daily work commitments. This is more or less a sideline passion which brings me no substantial income, a yeoman service I hope would be beneficial for those who were not able to make it to the events and shows I attended.

Just to whet your appetite on what’s in store for this blog in the weeks to come will be updates on:

The three-day wedding affair of Huda Ali & Den Sabari

Anugerah Skrin 2010 Grand Finals recap…

The Piala Dollah Kassim tournament which I participated in…

Hyrul Anuar‘s album launch…

Sarah Aqilah‘s album launch…

And last but not least, Roze Kasmani‘s formal introduction to the media…


Sriwana Celebrates 55 Years of Existence…


2010 Emerald Anniversary Celebration – An Ode To Believing will showcase 4 major highlights, kicking off with a grand official opening of the evening. Artistic excellence from SRIWANA’s cream of choreographers, namely, Osman Hamid, Hajjah Som Said – both Cultural Medallion recipients, Fauziah Hanom Yusof, Fauzi Anwar – budding and promising in-house choreographers. The show will be graced by a strong and talented pool of 50 SRIWANA dancers both existing as well as past dancers.

One significant segment would feature Sukarji Sukarman; a dance choreographer from Indonesia who possesses widespread experience and prestige in the dance community since 1984. This gentleman has provided numerous significant contributions in the establishment and development of Malay dance. His contribution was not only limited to Sriwana but also to the Singapore Malay community as a whole.

Fauziah Hanom Yusof – Sriwana‘s very own-bred dancer turned choreographer has been instrumental in the artistic development of the group’s performances especially so in the last 5 years. She has co-led the group in several festivals and her numerous creative works have become the platform of the group’s fundamentals and inadvertently enhanced the group’s repertoire. Had been responsible for the group’s new image and had contributed significantly to the success and being of the group till today.

Collaborating together, Sukarji with his wealth of knowledge in modern and traditional performing arts and the artistic excellence of the group, an interesting dance piece will materialise and evolve. Injections of foreign artistic elements will definitely elevate the group’s performances and not to mention the knowledge and experience gained from such collaboration.

Another significant highlight will be special appearance of the members of the alumni – they will combine with the existing dancers, to bring back mesmerizing memories of their early days with the group – a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

To celebrate this joyous occasion and achievement, SRIWANA is also extending their invite to dance performers from the other Malay performing groups like Teater Tari Era, Sri Warisan and Majlis Pusat to name a few to celebrate together their 55 years of achievement. A memorable conglomeration of the mega groups who are responsible for the development of the local Malay performing arts scene as they end the night with a mesmerizing fiesta finale!

Yet another highlight of this dance-musical theatre production will be that of the total live music accompaniment of the re-known Sri Mahligai, a local Malay traditional music ensemble. Sri Mahligai had been accompanying the group in a significant number of her major productions and had never failed to live up to his name. And for that, Sri Mahligai is being called upon again this year.

Another special highlight is the presence of Tengku Ryo Riezkan, another reknown leading Indonesian violinist. His collaboration with Sri Mahligai will bring forward another cross cultural understanding and co-operation; enriching our ethnic touch with modern contemporary tunes.

These are part of Sriwana‘s efforts to elevate the standard of our local performing arts.

Not losing in importance is another one of SRIWANA’s forte – theatre. The majority of television personalities and celebrities in this field are largely from Sriwana. Its theatre festivals saw many budding artistes and celebrities nurtured throughout the years, achieving fame and recognition locally and abroad.

Sriwana’s achievement in Theatre saw multiple rewards in its participation in the festivals organized by Ministry of Culture which bagged Best Production Awards, for three consecutive years for its presentation of KUTUKAN (The Curse), MALAIKAT (Angels) and SELIMUT PUTIH (The White Robe).

This year the group is proud to have with them the special appearances of our local Malay drama icons Norsiah Ramly and Azman Shariff together with the group’s very own talented children.

This tragedy and thriller was written by Cultural Medallion recipient Nadiputra

I Stand Corrected…

I just realised that being a self-styled entertainment blogger is not as easy as it seems even if what was typed bore no ill-intentions nor wanting to create more dissentions than pre-existed. When I typed the last entry, the review, I typed it without any sense of sensationalising nor to bring others in a negative light, on whichever topics I touched upon. Which is why I am very much surprised to learn that certain things I typed about could possibly be a source for debate, something that I did not set out to do.

First things first. I would like to thank my friends over at for kindly pointing out a mistake I could have possibly made when I mentioned in my last entry that Aliff Aziz did not send in any nominations for As pointed out by them, yes I did not approach Aliff‘s management for clarification on the matter, and for that I apologise to them for my oversight and any misunderstandings or grievances that had materialised as a result. Getting the opinions from both ends (Aliff‘s management as well as the organisers), which is one of the basic rules in journalism, was a matter that I had failed to exercise and for that, I stand corrected.

Also as pointed out by Gumbira on a sensitive topic from my review which they had zoomed in upon, I hope nobody out there reads it and thinks that I’m trying to be a firestarter of sorts. When I typed about that particular topic, I had no intentions whatsoever to create any controversies nor disharmony between any parties involved. What I had shared was from what I read months ago from other blogs and heard through conversations with some of our local acts. Which was why I clearly said I am in no position to answer nor defend the allegations as they are all news to me. If they have any grievances or problems then the best way is to settle things amicably through the newly-formed Malay Artistes Association (MAA) and the relevant authorities.

Time and time again I always say that I would like to see our small and growing local Malay entertainment industry thrive and I want all parties to work hand in hand so that we could all prosper together. Niggly problems should be ironed out and any frictions should be smoothened. If things could not be agreed upon fully, then perhaps there could be some compromise. Also when it comes to accountability, then the topic of transparency is not too far away. It works that way no matter which industry we work for or we are in.  So I hope things would work well if there are any outstanding issues that need to be clarified and understood so that we can all dispel any unhappiness we might have. If I had said the wrong things in the previous entry and eventually creating more misunderstandings, then I sincerely apologise to all parties involved… 

Xpedisi Siswa Auditions Promo…

For approximately a decade, Forum Universiti (University Forum), an MOU programme between MediaCorp Suria and Radio Television Brunei, have seen the congregation of undergraduates from both countries. It is a platform for young innovative minds to discuss important issues affecting them, share their concerns and sharpen their thinking. The past decade has brought with it other learning and sharing opportunities, which will be leveraged in the new reality TV programme entitled, “XPEDISI SISWA”.

XPEDISI SISWA (Uni Expedition) is a one-hour reality TV programme telecast in both Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. It is an experiential learning experience where a group of undergraduates from both Singapore and Brunei Darussalam travel to an Asian country for a few days. There, they will be ‘adopted’ by a local family, experience the local culture and lifestyle of the community and will be put through two challenges which will test their teamwork, general knowledge and other life skills. The world is your classroom.

XPEDISI SISWA is programmed to allow the participants and also the audience to learn about the language, culture, history and geography of the location where the participants call home for five days. Being in a foreign land, participants will have to rely on their soft skills to adapt, more so if they are put through challenges. Thus they have an opportunity to learn about themselves and each other. The participants will be 4 undergraduates from each country. Each team of 4 members will comprise of both Singapore and Brunei representatives.

In light of this, Mediacorp Suria will be holding an audition for FULL-TIME STUDENTS aged 18-25 from SMU, NTU, NUS & SIM at 2pm at Caldecott Broadcast Centre this Saturday 10th April 2010. Interested individuals will need to email the organisers their particulars (name and IC number) for security clearance purposes. Emails can be sent to or, latest by Friday 9th April 2010 12pm.