Pesta Perdana 12 Roll-of-Honour

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Utama – Drama Bersiri (Best Lead Actor – Drama Series)

Hasnul Rahmat (Anakku Sayang)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1822

Pelakon Wanita Terbaik dalam Watak Utama – Drama Bersiri (Best Lead Actress – Drama Series)

Ariati Tyeb Papar (Selamat Malam Maria)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1813

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu – Drama Bersiri (Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Drama Series)

Izzat Yusoff (Anakku Sayang)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 761

Pelakon Wanita Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu – Drama Bersiri (Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Drama Series)

Siti Hajar Gani (Anakku Sayang)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 687

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu – Drama Khas (Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Drama Special)

Osman Zailani (Terbelenggu)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 528

Pelakon Wanita Terbaik dalam Watak Pembantu – Drama Khas (Best Actress a Supporting Role – Drama Special)

Rosita Hussin (Yakin)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 495

Pelakon Terbaik dalam Watak Komedi (Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy Role)

Mastura Ahmad (Anak Mak Samseng)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 800

Pengacara Terbaik (Best Host)

Rilla Melati (Rudy & Rilla)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 992

Bintang Cilik Terbaik (Best Young Star)

Danish Qayyum Putra Shahrin Azhar (Nama Saya Kassim Selamat)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 386

Drama Terbaik (Best Drama Series)

Pinggiran Ramadan Sr 2 (Media Reel)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1700

Drama Khas Terbaik (Best Drama Special) &

Mr. Perfect (Papahan Films)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 473

Rancangan Hiburan Terbaik (Best Variety Series)

Kita Gerek (Dua M)

Rancangan Kanak-Kanak Terbaik (Best Children’s Programme)

Nama Saya Kassim Selamat (Dua M)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 359

Rancangan Hiburan Khas Terbaik (Best Variety Special)

Muzika Ekstravaganza 2012 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)

Arahan Terbaik – Hiburan (Best Directing – Variety)

Muzika Ekstravaganza 2012 (Zulina Karim, Samri Badi & Zaharian Osman)

Skrip Terbaik – Hiburan (Best Writing – Variety)

Muzika Ekstravaganza 2012 (Wan Firzaleenazrah)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1278

Rancangan Informasi Terbaik (Best Info-Ed Programme)

Jalan Sr 5 (Oak3 Films)

Skrip Terbaik – Informasi (Best Writing – Info-Ed)

Jalan Sr 5 (Idzwan Othman & Ibrahim Sawifi)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 410

Lagu Tema Terbaik (Best Theme Song)

Anak Metropolitan Sr 3

Song Title: Anak Metropolitan / Composer: Mayuni Omar / Lyricist: Hamed Ismail

Rancangan Paling Popular (Most Popular Programme)

Anak Metropolitan Sr 3 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1903

Personaliti Lelaki Paling Popular (Most Popular Male Personality)

Syarif SleeQ

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1881 (443x640)

Personaliti Wanita Paling Popular (Most Popular Female Personality)

Nurul Aini

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1873

Anugerah Perdana Emas

Yusnor Ef

Pesta Perdana 12 2013-03-01 1361

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik dalam Watak Utama – Drama Khas(Best Lead Actor – Drama Special) Shane Mardjuki (Mr. Perfect)
Pelakon Wanita Terbaik dalam Watak Utama – Drama Khas(Best Lead Actress – Drama Special) Rahimah Yusof (Ibu vs Mama)
Arahan Terbaik – Drama(Best Directing – Drama) Embun Di Tengah Hari (Alfia Abros Meah)
Videografi Terbaik – Drama(Best Videography – Drama) Ros Putih (Noorman Nordin)
Skrip Terbaik – Drama(Best Writing – Drama) Embun Di Tengah Hari (Amanah Mustafi)
Suntingan Terbaik – Drama(Best Editing – Drama) Ros Putih (Hafiz Rahman)
Desain Pembukaan Terbaik(Best Opening Title Design) Maintain (Safiyuddin Razif)
Rekaan Imej Terbaik(Best Image & Styling) Mr. Perfect (Janna Jauhar)

Fun Awards

Adegan Paling Dahsyat!(Most Impactful Scene) Embun Di Tengah Hari (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Pasangan Paling Cun!(Favourite On-screen couple) Mazlan Amat & Wahyu Rahman (Atas Heights Sr 2)
Crook Paling Terror! (Famous Villain) Nadiah M. Din (Step Puteri)

Suria Elektra Post-Event: What You Did Not Get To See…

As promised, I’m back with this entry which I’ve promised to upload before Monday. For those of you who are linked to me in Facebook, this post is perhaps very much redundant as you would have seen the photographs I uploaded on Suria Elektra and its post-event reception about a week ago. But of course I have not forgotten those who are not in my contact list. That is why this entry is published specially for you even if I don’t upload all the photographs I took that night.

If you had watched the live telecast show from the comfort of your home, then you would have missed seeing the cutting of Suria‘s 10th Anniversary cake when the rolled credits had ended and Suria was showing “Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang“. Our distinguised guests-of-honour were invited up to the stage by the pre / post-event emcee, A B Shaik, to cut the 10kg cake sponsored by Prima Deli. Just before the cake was cut, everyone in the auditorium was asked to join in the singing of the birthday song. Even stars like Dato’ Siti NurhalizaRamli SaripTaufik Batisah and Hady Mirza amongst others, were not spared from being asked to sing when the microphone was passed to them.

The artistes waving and thanking the audience and fans who had come to watch…

Nurul Aini was seen blowing kisses to the crowd. She really enjoyed herself as a host that night…

The look on Fadly Awaludin‘s face was classic…


The cake is then wheeled out from the backstage…

“Happy birthday to you!!!… Happy birthday to you!!!”

Blowing away the flames on the candles…

And cutting the cake…

And then it was time for the food to be served at the post-event reception…

Suhaimi Yusof, food connoisseur, tucking in…

Hady & Taufik were still game for photographs even though they wore tired looks on their faces…

A mixture of old and new, from left: Taufik Salleh, Roslan Kemat, Noor Atika Kamaludin & Joe Lazarie

Imran Ajmain looked dashing, while Nurul Aini was stunning…

The ladies who sat together in a row and held their own party that night. Any performer would love to have them as part of their audience. From left: Rosita Hussin, Ariati Tyeb, Rahimah Yusof, Rita Zahara, Mastura Ahmad, Seri Wahyuni Jaes, Elfaeza Ul-Haq & Dalina Jaapar.

Here’s Pianka and their manager Jihan Jauhar

Three beautiful ladies whose talents have been discovered by Suria over the past decade, from left: Azzah Fariha, Kunjung and Huda Ali

Ashmie, Elfaeza and Shahril Wahid demonstrating how to be toothpaste commercial models, while Suhaillah Salam, Dalina & Taufik kept it cool…

The guys looked slick while the ladies were demure. You gotta hand it to Imran Ajmain, Syarif Sleeq, Fauzie Laily, Norfasarie, Rosita Hussin, Nurul Aini, Elfaeza, Dalina & Najip Ali

Suhaillah with the ever loving couple, Rafaat Hamzah and his wife Ziz Za

Catty (Anugerah 2009 semi-finalist) and Alyph Sleeq  flanking the cast of the new series Cinta Ixora – Syarif Sleeq, Nurul Nabilah, Setia Vegawati, Nadiah Mohd and Shenthy Feliziana. Cinta Ixora will debut on Suria on 27 February 2010 at 09:30pm

I’m sure fans of Syah Ibrahim (second from right) would love this photograph. Here he is with, from right: M. Saffri A. Manaf, Roslan Kemat, A B Shaik & Jorah Ahmad‘s chaperone…

Sani Hussin (second from left) was initially hesitant to take this photograph alongside the younger generation of Suria artistes like Ashmie, Taufik, Haizad Imran, Fadhlur Rahman, Sufiyan, Azzah Fariha & Elfaeza as he felt out of place, but he joined in after much coaxing. I’m sure the younger cohort look up to him as a mentor and inspiration…

Rita Zahara, ex-newscaster of both English & Malay news got my vote as the best-dressed that night. She was simply gorgeous in her dress, which was designed by Lulu Alhadad, an up and coming fashion designer…

And before I end this entry, I would just like to thank Imran Ajmain for taking the time to record this for my readers on that night itself. Please do give him your utmost support and visit his official website for the latest news on his upcoming shows and single / album promotions. Also, for more news on our local entertainment scene, promotions on upcoming shows, concerts and events, you can get your bites at, a company set up by none other than the man himself…