Farisha Ishak’s “Aligned” Album Launch Media Conference…

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It’s been almost half a year since her coronation as “The Final 1” on Mediacorp Channel 5‘s reality singing competition held last year. Over the past five months or so since her win, she has been working hard behind the scenes, recording her debut album which finally made its way in local music stores (CD RAMA) on 28 January 2014. However the media conference held in conjunction with the album launch was held slightly later, about a week after the CDs have been made available, on 6 February 2014. The event was held at The Star Loft, situated on the eleventh floor of The Star Performing Arts Centre in Buona Vista. In a way, it was a full circle for Farisha as she was conferred the title of “The Final 1” at the same building on 21 August 2013.

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Farisha being interviewed by Elliot Danker

Those who had followed “The Final 1” competition since the start would note that Farisha was a model of consistency week in and out. I remember being very impressed by her showing since the very first episode. Besides Farisha, I had other favourites as well but when one by one got eliminated in the competition in the early stages, I felt that the competition was hers to be won at a canter, no disrespect to the other participants. And she did!!! I was mesmerised by her rendition of “Tonight” during the Grand Finals cos I never thought she could pull off a song with an upbeat tempo as well as when she sings ballads and slow numbers. She was a worthy winner that night and the final result was never in doubt.

2014-02-06 051

Farisha performed three songs during the event…

Back to her album launch. Titled “Aligned“, the album consists of nine original compositions, six in English and the remaining three in Malay. Of note, three of the songs found in her album, “Life Is Beautiful“, “Hidup Ini Indah” and “Stranded“, were penned by this talented 19-year old. During the media conference event, I was intrigued by how calm, confident and eloquent Farisha was when posed with questions from host Elliot Danker. Some new artistes need a bit of coaxing to describe themselves or even their songs / albums, but Farisha displayed the kind of confidence seen in seasoned professionals.  Of course I will not describe in detail what went on during the event as you can view highlights of them in the short clip I have managed to put up and included at the end of this entry.

2014-02-06 059

Farisha being interviewed by RIA 89.7FM‘s Aura Shai

All I can say after observing Farisha, how she tackles the media and most importantly, how she enjoys herself onstage is that generally, I am excited to see how far she can progress in this small music industry of ours and whether she can push on and make waves abroad. With her willingness and determination to improve on her shortcomings, her confidence in being bilingual (even though she admits she could improve on her mother tongue), I feel that over time, the regional audience would warm up to her and she could be our best female export. Though her looks remind me of Malaysia‘s Nurul Wahab, her talent if nurtured well and she reaches diva status, a comparison with Dato’ Sheila Majid cannot be too far away.

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Get Farisha‘s “Aligned” album at all CD RAMA outlets now!!!

To Farisha, congratulations Adik on your album launch. I really, really hope that your career will take off from here, that the masses will receive your songs and album in kind, and of course, lend you their utmost support, even more than the one they gave during “The Final 1” competition. Keep your feet on the ground, remain humble as you already are and continue to improve on all aspects so that you can be an all-rounded performer. Wish you nothing but success in your music career and maybe someday, you will be willing to spread your wings and soar to even greater heights. As your mentor Taufik Batisah would say, “The sky’s the limit…”

P.S. Thank you to Hype Records and Artiste Networks for the kind invitation to this memorable event… 🙂

Snapshots of Farisha’s Album Launch Media Conference Event…

KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Event (Day 3)

Second outfit by Raffiey Nasir

I’m back again with another entry on arguably, no, make that THE wedding of the year between RIA 89.7FM‘s KC and Fiza O. The third day of celebrations, 21 October 2012, saw the couple sharing their joy with guests from the bride’s side, over at Customs House, situated in the vicinity of the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Appearing twice wearing outfits by first, Weddingku Gallery, and the second by Raffiey Nasir, the couple was a picture of pomp and regalia befitting their title as King & Queen for the day. Not even the early downpour and subsequent gloomy weather could dampen the spirits of those who came to celebrate along with the wedding couple.

First outfit by Weddingku Gallery

The event was equally as beautiful as the previous day at Serangoon Gardens Country Club and this was evident by the good organisation by all parties involved, as well as the likes of Rose Catering Services, Dessert Artisans and Madame H Creations pulling out all the stops in ensuring that guests were spoilt for choice on what to savour during the celebrations. To top it off, Malaysia-based Singapore artiste Imran Ajmain serenaded the couple with his haunting ballad “Seribu Tahun“, a song that is so apt for a wedding event and performed with so much emotion by the crooner himself.

Before I leave you with the photographs, here’s wishing all Muslim readers of this blog, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha… Have a smashing celebration and long weekend with family and loved ones… 🙂

Siti Zahidah’s “Ethereal” EP Launch…

I did say in my last entry that I would be blogging past events that I attended but have not had the time to post till now. Well, this momentous event is just one of them, a memorable one I attended with my wife and savouring for the very first time, Zahidah‘s live performance. For those of you who might not know who she is, well for starters, she won 987FM‘s “The Next Big Thing” competition last year. She has had hits on both English and Malay radio stations the past two years like “The Make-Up Song“, “First Love“, “Malam Ini” and won an award at last year’s Anugerah Planet Muzik (Lagu Terbaik SingapuraBest Singapore Song) for her duet with The Lion Story, “Lagu Teman“.

With gradual and progressive successes like that, it was only natural that an album was recorded to further enhance and showcase her repertoire of talent in songwriting, composing and performing. And so, “Ethereal” was born and launched successfully on 7 July 2012 with a showcase by Zahidah and her merry bandmates. The launch, attended by about 150 fans, supporters, friends and family members, was held at The Gallery @ *SCAPE. Singing a total of eleven songs, it felt more like a mini concert, an apt celebration to commemorate how far this talented musician has come since she first introduced herself to the local independent music scene in 2009. And there’s always something intriguing and mystical when a lady is able to sing and play a musical instrument at the same time.

Backed by Aidil Muhaimin, Muhammad Nuridham and Imran Bustamam, her bandmates, they spent about an hour entertaining the audience with a feel-good factor that reminded me of those old-school gigs back in polytechnic. The audience it has to be said, were definitely a sporting bunch. There was even a surprise birthday celebration after the third song was performed, for Zahidah and guitarist Aidil, who celebrated and shares the same birthday (5 July). Even though it was a happy atmosphere for most parts of the showcase, a sense of sadness was felt when Zahidah performed her Malay single “Rindu“. She broke down a few times whilst performing, as I found out later on that the song is actually dedicated to her late grandfather. Her family members, notably her mother, were seen dabbing their eyes as well.

It was nice to see a good turnout for such a humble showcase, with the audience exchanging banter with not only Zahidah but her bandmates as well. Local celebrities currently based in MalaysiaTengku Adil and Elfaeza Ul-Haq were the standout attendees, and not to be forgotten, the joint producers of the “EtherealEP album as well, Haramain Osman and Judah Lyne from The Lion Story. The five singles in the EP album are definitely worth listening to, with my personal favourite being “First Love“. A job well done to Zahidah and the team behind the making of not only her album, but also the ones behind her music video “Malam Ini” (Flashforward Films), as well as the ones who were responsible for the success of the launch (*SCAPE, Heyday Streetwear, Built From Skratch, Fact3 Productions & Hamyza Halek). Here’s wishing Zahidah more success in her music journey!!!

Snapshots of “Ethereal” EP launch

Shahril Kahar & Diana Amran’s Marriage Solemnisation Ceremony…

1st July 2012, was a memorable day for Anugerah Skrin 2010 finalists Shahril Kahar and Diana Amran, as they tied the knot and solemnised their union in a low-key and humble ceremony at Bukit Batok Civil Service Clubhouse. Their wedding was the fourth after Jasmine Amira, Aziela Roza and Biwa Mastura from the Anugerah Skrin 2010 cohort, held in recent months. And another contestant from that batch, teacher and part-time radio presenter Dzar Ismail, is also due to walk the aisle towards the end of 2012. Cupid not only struck the two lovebirds who tied the knot yesterday, but there is also another set of lovebirds who fell in love after they were eliminated from the 2010 competition, Nissa Bahruddin and Nur Nasir.

The wedding which was originally slated at the end of the year was brought forward at the request of the bride’s late father, Allahyarham Amran Bin Ali, who sadly passed away from lung cancer four days before the event. And on another sombre note, the groom’s father was admitted to the hospital three days before. I guess for those of you who do read the local Malay papers over the past weekend, you would have read what a testing period it had been for the two newly-weds leading up to their wedding day. Thankfully with the help of close friends and assistance by other family members, the event went on as planned and it was a beautiful one may I add.

To Shahril and Diana, I know it has been a very challenging period for you both, physically and emotionally, but nonetheless I share your happiness. May Allah bless this union for eternity and may you both be blessed with intelligent, and filial children. Congratulations again you both!!!

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On behalf of the bride and groom, I would like to thank the following for making the wedding event a success:

Charisma Bridal & Catering

Bukit Batok Civil Service Club

Clique Studio Works

Makuanza Network

Sugar Pops & Cuppy Cakes

Gubahan Cinta (Guestbook)

Wandi Air

Fact3 Production

SY Boutique

Wizard of Lights

Martini J