APM2013 Award Presenters and Winners Snapshots…


This is gonna be a brief entry because the photographs that will be featured will speak for themselves. I have yet to start on the review of APM2013 but already have some points in my head, waiting to be typed in this domain of mine. I actually wanted to dump all the photographs under one entry but that will be too lengthy and will take several days to complete and I do not wish to keep my returning readers waiting. Seriously, editing 3400-odd photographs and selecting the best few hundreds to be featured here has been quite a tedious affair. Hope that you will not mind waiting a wee bit more for the review, which I will try to post before the week is out. Till then, enjoy the photographs I snapped of the award presenters as well as more photos of the winners and their victory shots… 🙂

Miscellaneous Photographs @ APM2013


Due to the fact and norm that I traditionally post my annual Anugerah Planet Muzik reviews about a week or fortnight after the event has passed, I would normally fill the waiting time by posting photographs of the Red Carpet event as well as during the post-event reception afterwards. But somehow there was no Red Carpet segment and even more surprisingly, there was no post-event reception this year, which I personally felt was a disappointment, as I had planned to take more photographs and even dedicate a separate entry for it. Still I believe visitors to this blog have been looking forward to viewing photographs I snapped during the event. Well here I am with all the miscellaneous shots I took during the “Walk of the Stars” segment (which replaced the Red Carpet), backstage about an hour or so before the event begun, during and after the show. Enjoy!!!

P.S. I was not able to snap more and better photos of the “Walk of the Stars” segment due to the speed that the artistes were walking out and some were not even stopped to be interviewed by the hosts, due to the lack of time before the event commenced. Hence I did not get good photos of the likes of Bushmen, The Trisno Trio and Altimet… 😦

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2013 Soundcheck / Rehearsal…

APM2013soundcheck 2013-10-17 021

I know I promised you guys in my last entry that I would upload more photographs of Fauzie Laily and Nurul Huda‘s wedding by last weekend, but I was caught up with several unexpected stuff happening that I did not have the time to upload them. Looks like I will have to push it to a later date once the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2013 fever is over. Speaking of which, I just came back from attending the soundcheck and rehearsal for tomorrow’s event proper over at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. I have never attended a rehearsal / soundcheck session and stayed on for about two to three hours observing the proceedings before, and this was a very new experience for me. The reason I came down was also to fine tune my camera settings which somehow have gone haywire over repeated tests and meddling on my part!!!

APM2013soundcheck 2013-10-17 013

Indonesia’s S4 in action

I only knew the soundcheck schedule sometime around 4pm this afternoon. Initially I thought the rehearsal proper would be done at night but it seems that they staggered all the items in stages so that the artistes can have ample rest and also to do some promotional work on their own. I thought I could make it and watch Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza rehearsing but by the time I left home, she was almost done. When I reached the event venue, I was fortunate enough to catch her leaving and returning back to her hotel. You can view the three photographs I took of her below. I was pleased that I managed to catch two acts I so wanted to watch in this year’s edition, in action – W.A.R.I.S. and S4. The latter especially had me dancing along whilst snapping their photographs. They really make you want to get up from your seats and join them.

APM2013soundcheck 2013-10-17 146

SG‘s very own The Trisno Trio and Bushmen rehearsing their segment…

I tried to get a feel of the venue by standing at the back tiers and I must say even when seated far away, the stage seemed close enough. And the sound quality, oh my God!!! The event has been crying out for such good quality sounds for the past few years and finally, we are getting crisp and crystal clear sounds. But you can only appreciate it best if you are watching it live at the venue. Some acts are gonna make your hairs stand with their vocal prowess and showmanship and with a good sound system, the effect is amplified even more. So for those who are still in two minds whether to catch it live at the venue or on television, I say, ditch the thought of staying at home and come enjoy an excellent array of performances. At the price you are paying, it will be worth it!!! Tickets are still available at $48, $68 and $88 at all SISTIC outlets and Muzika Rekod