Pesta Perdana 2019 Media Conference

We are just a few days away from the actual Pesta Perdana event itself, relatively about 48 hours on the clock. Dunno why it took me this long to post this entry when the media conference event that took place to announce the nominees in the various award categories happened more than a month ago on 21st February 2019. A combination of being busy with several personal commitments, coupled with being lazy and procrastinating contributed somewhat to this very belated entry. I had half the mind to just skip doing it altogether seeing how short of a time I have to post this up with just a couple of days away. I just had to do it as the memory of the media conference itself, or rather its venue where it was held, was probably the best one I had attended in the history of this awards show. For the first time ever, the media conference was held at the beautiful Skai Suites on the 70th floor of Swissotel The Stamford, one of Singapore‘s iconic buildings and once billed as the tallest hotel in the world.

Mediacorp Suria’s prestigious television awards show, Pesta Perdana, will be held this year ‘live’ on Saturday, 30 March 2019 at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp. The event will be graced by Guest of Honour, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Manpower. The biennial awards show, now into its 15th edition, honours the very best in local Malay television. This year’s show will be hosted by multi-talented actor, director and host, Khairudin Samsudin. As a celebratory prelude, fans had the opportunity to meet and greet their favourite celebrities and nominees in a special event called Viva Pesta! that was held on Saturday, 16 March 2019 at Mediacorp Campus Town Square. Hosted by A B Shaik and Farhana M. Noor, the event featured an exciting line up of immersive and interactive activities with delicious food and many instagram-worthy moments for the fans. In addition, fans at Viva Pesta! also attended a special prelude TV show, Pesta Perdana Ekstra! hosted by recently-minted Elit Suria winners, Hans Hamid and Hana Rosli. This show will air tomorrow on Friday, 29 March 2019 at 9.30pm on Mediacorp Suria.

Warna 94.2FM‘s Aura Shai was the host at the media conference…

A total of 31 awards will be given out at the Pesta Perdana awards ceremony from over 300 entries received between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2018. Shortman Films’ social drama Bantal Buruk Saloma leads with 11 nominations while Mediacorp Eaglevision’s “Tujuh Hariis close behind with 10 nominations. This is followed by Flipside Stories’ “Mekah Di Hati and Millenia Motion Pictures’ “Tekan Minyak which are tied with 7 nominations each. In a nod to the budding new talents of the industry, this year’s Pesta Perdana boasts a total of 30 first time nominees in the performance and creative categories. Interestingly, for five celebrity families, it is all the more special as they are all up for nominations in the various categories and they are:

  • J.A. Halim, Aminah Ahmad, Helmindra & Fizah Nizam (Father, Mother, Son & Daughter-in-Law)
  • Sani Hussin & Rosita Hussin (Siblings)
  • Seriwahyuni Jaes & R. Azmann (Husband & Wife)
  • Faisal Ishak & Umie Isa (Husband & Wife)
  • Haslinna Ja’aman & Danial Nazim (Mother & Son)

Ms. Sabariah Ramilan, Head of Malay Audience & Eaglevision, Mediacorp addressing the guests at the media conference…

Other nominees include Papahan Film’s “SR115, winner of Best Original Screenplay at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018 and finalist at the New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2019 for Drama and Best Screenplay categories; Xtreme Media’s “Swap Kerja Sr 2, finalist for Outstanding Variety Show category at the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards 2018, as well as Filmat36’s “Kembara Kasih Sr 3, nominee for Best Documentary category at the Venice TV Awards 2018 and finalist in the Community Service Programs category at the New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2019. Two other nominated programmes, “Bonda and “Projek Kasih, are also recognised finalists at the New York Festivals TV & Films Awards 2019 for Drama Special and Variety Special category respectively.

Ms Sabariah Ramilan, Head of Malay Audience & Eaglevision, Mediacorp, said, “For nearly two decades, Mediacorp Suria has been working closely with local production houses and talents to ensure our programmes entertain, engage and remain relevant to our audiences. We are proud to see our programmes receive recognitions at the regional and international stage, but it is right here at Pesta Perdana that we celebrate and embrace the achievements of our homegrown talents.”

Hisyam Hamid being sandwiched by his missus, Mel Hanafi, and veteran actor, J.A. Halim

Though I agree with what was said, I did have a chat with several local personalities in different fields whom I will not name, who said a lot can be done after 15 editions of the awards show. For one and this has been mentioned extensively amongst the people in the industry, it would be nice to have monetary cash rewards to go along with the trophies they receive, something that we tend to see on some awards shows across the Causeway. However, to put things into perspective, Pesta Perdana is like our own local Malay version of the Emmy Awards. If we were to put it along parallel levels of such awards show (the Grammys and Oscars included), monetary awards are not given out, yet the prestige in winning speaks volumes for the artistes’ or production houses’ reputation, potential and quality. Monetary cash rewards means we need big sponsors pumping in big money. In reality, do we have that in the first place???

From left: Ryan Sufiyan, Razi Salam & M.K. Kash from Flipside Stories, and Fadhli Abdullah

For the Most Popular Male and Female Personality categories which are decided by voting, a prominent personality mentioned that it would also be nice if we were to take a leaf out of Channel 8‘s Star Awards show and crown the Top 5 or Top 10 from each category. Voters can have an initial choice of 30 from each category, 10 from the veterans, 10 from the current and the remaining 10 from the up-and-coming cohort. This particular system makes it an inclusive category and not leave the veterans forgotten or feel as though they are cast aside for younger, more good-looking and marketable personalities. I know for a long time, our local television scene has this tendency to favour looks over talents in the name of marketability, but I think it would not hurt at all to have the more veteran ones have their day in the sun. At least they know they have a place in the hearts of viewers and not just the young ones with better social media outreach. For the record, the public may cast their votes for the Most Popular Male and Female Personalities on Voting has been opened since 15 March 2019 and will officially close at 10.00pm on 30 March 2019.

Erwin Shah Dawson was seated next to fellow award nominees Aien Aksan (middle) and Batrisya Soffian

Another thing I would like to mention and this I feel is repeated like a bad record on my end cos I’ve said the same thing before in the past, is that certain categories can be expanded or introduced to include more production houses and not just solely limited to one. I have nothing against Mediacorp Eaglevision cos they, like all the other production houses, produce good and quality programmes on television. But when one category is dominated by just them, it doesn’t look quite good on paper as it looks as though it is favouritism, since they are producing this awards show after all, though I do note that this is probably an (only) avenue to honour their amazing in-house writers and producers. They can probably tweak the categories in future or as what I had mentioned in the past before, to have other production houses produce more of these Variety and Variety Special programmes on Suria, not just limited to them and being an in-house production company of Mediacorp. I think once in awhile, a different and fresh injection of ideas from others can produce a different kind of show on television. At least then we can deny the brickbats on social media that local television shows are one and the same.

From left: Atyy Malek, Endang Rahayu, Andy Idris and Huda Ali

With that said, I am looking forward to attending and covering this Saturday‘s event, as it is looking more likely that this will be the only awards show this year that local television will witness. I’ve heard and this has been confirmed by several people that my favourite awards show, Anugerah Planet Muzik, has been consigned to the history books, a big pity really, as this was an event that I looked forward to fervently every year, not only for the array of stars coming to perform and win the regional awards on offer, but also an avenue for our local musicians, artistes and songwriters to be recognised for their contributions to the music scene. My appeal to the powers-at-be is never to forget nor cast aside our local acts. Even if we were to resurrect the one-time Anugerah Hitz SG, I will be more than happy because this domain of mine was afterall first conceived, in the aim of supporting local music acts, though I sometimes blog on other regional acts on show here as well. Doing away with APM took a big chunk out of my interest in blogging and seriously speaking, I really lost interest and almost called it a day when I first heard the news. I guess that partly contributed to why I hummed and hawed before finally deciding to post this entry up.

A beaming Fadli Kamsani, who is now the latest face in Warna 94.2FM‘s stable, seated alongside his good friends, Danish Ashraf (left) and Farhana M. Noor

Pesta Perdana goes live on Mediacorp Suria at 8:30pm this Saturday, 30th March 2019. The Red Carpet event will be shown live on Mediacorp Suria‘s Facebook page from 6:30pm onwards.

Pesta Perdana 2019 Full List of Nominees

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Graphics Posters of Nominees courtesy of Mediacorp Suria…

Snapshots of Pesta Perdana 2019 Media Conference

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference


Graphics photo courtesy of Mediacorp Suria

The bienniel Pesta Perdana event, will make its long-awaited return this 28 March 2015 at the Mediacorp TV Theatre. The prestigious awards, now into its thirteenth edition, aims to recognise, acknowledge and honour the best talents in the local Malay television industry. It will also take viewers down memory lane with this year’s 50’s theme, in line with the ongoing SG50 celebrations. Pesta Perdana 13 (PP13) attracted more than 145 entries from 13 local production houses who are vying for top honours in the fiercely contested programme and performance award categories. A total of 32 awards and a special Lifetime TV Achievement award are up for grabs this year.

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference 2015-03-04 002

The PP13 media conference event was held at The Ballroom @ East Coast

This highly anticipated event, which will be the final time the awards show is held at the current Caldecott Broadcast Centre‘s Andrew Road premises before shifting to One North later this year, also offers Suria viewers the opportunity to become judges as they vote for the Most Popular Male Personality and Most Popular Female Personality categories respectively. Voting for Popular categories have started since yesterday, 14 March 2015, and will run till 28 March 2015 at 9.30pm. The results will be based entirely on public voting and will be announced on the night of PP13. Votes can be submitted through these platforms:
  1. Mobile App: Toggle Now
  2. Website:
  3. Facebook:


Code details are as follows:



  • Fir Rahman – Code: L1
  • Hisyam Hamid – Code: L2
  • Imam Shah – Code: L3
  • Norman Ishak – Code: L4
  • Syarif SleeQ – Code: L5


  • Farhana M Noor – Code: W1
  • Mastura Ahmad – Code: W2
  • Nadiah M Din – Code: W3
  • Nurul Aini – Code: W4
  • Wahyu Rahman – Code: W5

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference 2015-03-04 016

The media conference was hosted by Fiza O and Fauzie Laily

I had the honour of being invited to attend the PP13 Media Conference held at The Ballroom @ East Coast on 4 March 2015, to announce all the award nominees. The event venue, as some of you might have known by now, is owned by Warna 94.2FM‘s A. B. Shaik. The media conference event saw the hosting chemistry of RIA 89.7FM‘s Fiza O and Fauzie Laily rekindled. Both of them had a field day tickling the guests with their witty and funny quips. They were also dressed according to the theme of the awards show this year, which is 50s Vintage. The event also saw Hyrul Anuar performing the theme song for Pesta Perdana, “Malam Gemilang“, accompanied by two of his good friends from AltoAura, Reyza Hamizan and Azura Goh.

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference 2015-03-04 054

Hyrul Anuar performing “Malam Gemilang“…

From the list of nominees announced this year, I note the wave of newer and younger generation of actors being nominated for their respective roles in the last two years. Which can only be good for the local entertainment industry, as they continue to hone their craft and complement the established and veterans in the scene. I’m also happy to see the likes of Farhana M Noor and Izyan Mellyna being nominated for Most Promising Actor / Actress. As I’ve said before in this blog, they have caught my eyes for their talent and potential, which can only get better. But do not discount the others nominated in their category. Asraf Amin, Atyy A. Malek (Nurhayati Abdul Malek) and Faizal Rahman will give them a run for their money.

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference 2015-03-04 081

Madam Zakiah Halim addressing the guests…

This year, there are also additions from Malaysia in the nominations list. The last Pesta Perdana event saw one nominee, Fauziah Nawi, whereas this year sees Iqram Dinzly, Keith Foo and Sharnaaz Ahmad being nominated. When asked by Berita Harian entertainment journalist Shahida Sarhid about the influx of Malaysian artistes into the nominations list, Mediacorp Malay Segment‘s head, Madam Zakiah Halim explained that they welcome the presence of the Malaysian actors over here, just like how our very own actors are welcomed over there and being nominated in several of their awards shows. This is good not only for bilateral exchange, but also the sharing of knowledge as well as good sparring in acting for both sets of countries’ actors. And I couldn’t agree more. I believe our actors can benefit from working with some of these actors, in turn even paving the way for them to work across the Causeway and hopefully, beyond.

Pesta Perdana 13 Media Conference 2015-03-04 107

Keith Foo certainly looked delighted with his nomination…

Pesta Perdana 13 will be telecast live on Mediacorp Suria on 28 March 2015 at 8:30pm. This year’s show will be hosted by Suhaimi Yusof and Huda Ali and the guest-of-honour will be Member of Parliament, Mr. Zaqy Mohamad. I end this entry with the full list of nominations as well as photographs taken during the media conference event.

Pesta Perdana 13 Nominations List

Ashmi Roslan Walimah Sr 2 Oak 3 Films
Iqram Dinzly Kes 253 Oak 3 Films
Sani Hussin Di Luar Garisan Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Sharnaaz Ahmad Danny Flipside Stories
Syarif SleeQ Belah Hati DV Studio




Ariati Tyeb Papar Kes 253 Oak 3 Films
Elfaeza Ul Haq Danny Flipside Stories
Hashimah Hamidon Mengejar Mentari MediaCorp Eaglevision
Izyan Mellyna Walimah Sr 2 Oak 3 Films
Nadiah M Din Danny Flipside Stories




A. Mahadi Mengejar Mentari MediaCorp Eaglevision
Abdullah Ahmad Belah Hati DV Studio
Fadhlur Rahman 9 Nyawa Oak 3 Films
Nick Mikhail Kasih Berbisik MediaCorp Eaglevision
Taufiq Salleh Danny Flipside Stories



Adlina Adil Di Luar Garisan Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Ateeqah Mazlan Belah Hati DV Studio
Farhana M Noor Belah Hati DV Studio
Haryani Othman R&D Shortman Films
Nurijah Sahat Danny Flipside Stories




Keith Foo Raya Sempurna Flipside Stories
Najib Soiman Pesan Ayah Blue River Pictures
Nick Mikhail Bingit Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Sharnaaz Ahmad Cinta Ramadan Flipside Stories
Zaidi Ibrahim Raya Bersama MediaCorp Eaglevision




Aishah Ahmad Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Halimah Ismail Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Rosita Hussin Kasih Ibu DV Studio
Seriwahyuni Jaes Raya Bersama MediaCorp Eaglevision
Siti Hajar Bingit Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision


Hasif Nasir Papa Kool Element Pictures
Jeff Catz Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Junaidi Sali Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Sani Hussin Pesan Ayah Blue River Pictures
Zaidi Ibrahim Pesan Ayah Blue River Pictures




Junaidah Ekhsan Raya Bersama MediaCorp Eaglevision
Maiya Rahman Bingit Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Mastura Ahmad Bingit Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Nurul Akhmar Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Rahimah Rahim Tetap Anak Papa Thinkplate




Alias Kadir Bubur Masjid Air Katira Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Era Farida Bubur Masjid Air Katira Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Khairudin Samsudin Sinar Lebaran 2014 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Suhaimi Yusof R&D Shortman Films
Suhaimi Yusof Sinar Lebaran 2014 MediaCorp Eaglevision




Asraf Amin Belah Hati DV Studio
Faizal Rahman Rima Hatiku MediaCorp Eaglevision
Farhana M Noor Belah Hati DV Studio
Izyan Mellyna Walimah Sr 2 Oak 3 Films
Norhayati Malik Bingit Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision




Khairudin Saharom Sinaran Hati 2013 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Khairudin Samsudin Maintain Sr 2  Mediamorphosis
Khairudin Samsudin Te:Ra Seh 1.0 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Nurul Aini Kita Gerek Sr 2 Dua M
Syirah Jusni POP MediaCorp Eaglevision




Dalina Jaapar Kembara Kasih Filmat36
Hazlina Halim Terbit  DV Studio
Najip Ali Kita Orang Singapura Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Nurul Akhmar Jus Sr 6 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Rilla Melati Rudy & Rilla Sr 4 MediaCorp Eaglevision


Ahmad Sirhan Cobaan Kassim Selamat Dua M
Ahmad Sirhan SAM MediaCorp Eaglevision
Danish Putra Belah Hati DV Studio
Dayang Nur Balqis Danny Flipside Stories
Nyla Esman Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio




Belah Hati DV Studio
Bingit Sr 2 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Danny Flipside Stories
Mengejar Mentari MediaCorp Eaglevision
Walimah Sr 2 Oak 3 Films




Ingat Tak Mak DV Studio
Kasih Ibu DV Studio
Pesan Ayah Blue River Pictures
Raya Sempurna Flipside Stories
Tetap Anak Papa Thinkplate


King Juara Memasak Mediamorphosis
Kita Gerek Sr 2 Dua M
Maintain Sr 2 Mediamorphosis
SG Mania MediaCorp Eaglevision
Te:Ra Seh 2.0 MediaCorp Eaglevision




Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 MediaCorp Warna, Ria & Eaglevision
Projek Kasih 2013 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Projek Kasih 2014 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Sinar Lebaran 2014 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Viva Elektra MediaCorp Eaglevision




Di Hujung Pelangi Media Reel
Kembara Kasih Filmat36
Kita Orang Singapura Sr 1 MediaCorp Eaglevision
Percaya Lagi DV Studio
 Terbit DV Studio


Buli Baik MediaCorp Eaglevision
Kisah Kita MediaCorp Eaglevision
Mat Yoyo Berhari Raya MediaCorp Eaglevision
O.M.G DV Studio
SAM MediaCorp Eaglevision




Bingit Sr 2: Bayangan Sepi Nasir & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision
Bingit Sr 2: Fantasi Biru Sanif Olek & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision
Ingat Tak Mak Zulanan Ahmad DV Studio
Raya Sempurna Razi Salam Flipside Stories
Tetap Anak Papa Seriwahyuni Jaes, Diana Salim Thinkplate




Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 Fadila A. Wahid MediaCorp Eaglevision
SG Mania Zaharian Osman, Samri Badi MediaCorp Eaglevision
Sinar Lebaran 2014 Zaharian Osman, Fadila A Wahid MediaCorp Eaglevision
Te:Ra Seh 1.0 Fadila A. Wahid, Zaharian Osman MediaCorp Eaglevision
Viva Elektra Fadila A Wahid, Zaharian Osman & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision


Bingit Sr 1: Wajah-Wajah Amanah Mustafi MediaCorp Eaglevision
Bingit Sr 2: Aku dan Avatar Wan Firzaleenazrah MediaCorp Eaglevision
Ingat Tak Mak Haryani Othman, Janet Liau DV Studio
Pesan Ayah TT Dhavamanni,Manoj Prabhoda Chandran,Aidli Mosbit, Seriwahyuni Jaes Blue River Pictures
Raya Sempurna Razi Salam Flipside Stories




Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 Linilidia Abdul Hamid MediaCorp Eaglevision
Kita Gerek Sr 2 Ferlini Fandi, Aisyah Mohd Nooh Dua M
SG Mania Netty Fiona Othman MediaCorp Eaglevision
Sinar Lebaran 2014 Netty Fiona Othman MediaCorp Eaglevision
Viva Elektra Wan Firzaleenazrah MediaCorp Eaglevision




Di Hujung Pelangi Julianawarti Jumali,Seriwahyuni Jaes Media Reel
Jus Sr 6 Johari Aziz MediaCorp Eaglevision
Percaya Lagi Haryani Othman DV Studio
Rudy & Rilla Sr 4 Linilidia Abdul Hamid MediaCorp Eaglevision
Terbit  Haryani Othman DV Studio



Bingit Sr 2 Sofyan Daud MediaCorp Eaglevision
Cinta Ramadan Noor Azam Sheriff Flipside Stories
Ingat Tak Mak Faizal Ramli DV Studio
Raya Sempurna Noor Azam Sheriff Flipside Stories
Tetap Anak Papa Harrywanto Thinkplate




Belah Hati DV Studio Post DV Studio
Bingit Sr 2 Flashforward MediaCorp Eaglevision
Ingat Tak Mak  DV Studio Post DV Studio
Kasih Ibu DV Studio Post DV Studio
Mengejar Mentari  Flashforward MediaCorp Eaglevision




9 Nyawa Oak 3 Films Oak 3 Films
Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 Post Office MediaCorp Warna & Ria
Bingit Sr 1 Flashforward MediaCorp Eaglevision
Kembara Kasih Filmat36 Filmat36
Maintain Sr 2 Safiyuddin Razif Mediamorphosis



Bingit Sr 2 Intan MediaCorp Eaglevision
Maintain Sr 2 Razinna Nuri Mediamorphosis
Sinar Lebaran 2014 Fatimah Mohsin & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision
Te:Ra Seh 1.0 Fatimah Mohsin & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision
Viva Elektra Fatimah Mohsin & Team MediaCorp Eaglevision




Belah Hati Belah Hati Composer: Zulanan AhmadLyricist:  Zulanan AhmadSinger: Sofia Arissa DV Studio
Bingit Sr 1 Mental Composer: Reyza HamizanLyricist: Reyza Hamizan / Tukang KataSinger: Eiss feat Tukang Kata MediaCorp Eaglevision
Mengejar Mentari Mengejar Mentari Composer: Sulaiman WahabLyricist: Nizam RahmanSinger: Maiya Rahman MediaCorp Eaglevision
Rima Hatiku Rima Hatiku Composer: Reyza HamizanLyricist: Reyza HamizanSinger: Rima Hatiku Cast feat Sezairie Sezali MediaCorp Eaglevision
Walimah Sr 2 Kini dan Selamanya Composer: Reyza HamizanLyricist: Reyza HamizanSinger: Ashmi Roslan and Izyan Mellyna Oak3 Films




Fir Rahman Code: L1
Hisyam Hamid Code: L2
Imam Shah Code: L3
Norman Ishak Code: L4
Syarif Code: L5


Farhana M Noor Code: W1
Mastura Ahmad Code: W2
Nadiah M Din Code: W3
Nurul Aini Code: W4
Wahyu Rahman Code: W5

Banting Film Premiere


(Graphics poster courtesy of Papahan Films)

Ok I know I promised you in the last entry that my next one would be my review on Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014. However, after attending the film premiere of Banting (or Slam! in English) this past Friday 24th October 2014 at the The Grand Cathay Cineplex, I have decided to prolong your wait for quite a bit as this movie takes precedence. Editing photographs I took the other night, which were less than a hundred, is much easier than going through 3500-odd photographs to be included in my entry. Hence you can regard this as sort of a filler entry before I speak about APM2014 again. Anyway I would first and foremost like to thank Papahan Films, especially Ms. Nurazleena Ramli, the person in-charge of the film’s publicity, for the kind invitation. In my ten years of entertainment blogging, this was indeed my first film premiere invite and I was honoured to attend with the missus.

So what is Banting all about??? Well, I will be paraphrasing this paragraph and the next, since I’m taking them out from what has been typed in its official website (Credits to Papahan Films). The film tells a story of a twenty-four year old Yasmin Muhammad (played by the likeable Izyan Mellyna) who barely has the most exciting life, with a strict mother and religious upbringing. Yasmin is also sick when she’s being judged all the time for wearing a Hijab or sees discrimination upon women who don it. She wonders if a Hijab girl will ever be able to do what most normal girls can do. Things change when Yasmin chances upon a professional wrestling gym and does the unthinkable: she secretly signs up as a wrestler!!! Soon, Yasmin is trading her Hijab for a mask and her awkwardness with unbridled high-flying moves as she becomes her alter-ego, the fearsome Zarith Blade!!! (The name Zarith is I believe, a tribute to director M. Raihan Halim‘s wife, Zarith Sofia

Banting Premiere 2014-10-24 037

The film cast and director seen here being photographed with guest-of-honour, Minister for Communications & Information, Mr. Yaacob Ibrahim

But “laying the smackdown” on people is not what Yasmin is meant to do in life. At least not according to her conservative and very strict mother, Halimah (played by the respected Mastura Ahmad). Yasmin hides her new passion from Halimah and for good reason. Halimah’s idea of having her good Muslim daughter clashes with the life of a professional wrestler clothes-lining and slamming people before a cheering crowd. Things take a precarious turn when Yasmin’s secret double life is threatened to be exposed. And Yasmin finds herself in her most important match ever: wrestling (a.k.a. convincing) her mother to give her the chance to keep her dream alive!!! Will she succeed??? Well, I will not divulge or give you any spoilers as the only way to find out is to watch the movie.

Honest-to-goodness, I am not good at reviewing movies. I’m also the kind who will pay scant respect to movie reviews unless I’m really sceptical of its storyline and need to read first before investing my money to watch it. So my views here might differ from those who watch movies looking at technical aspects and nitty-gritty details. As a watching audience, I want to be entertained, to have a feel-good factor even after the rolling credits are done and to smile just reminiscing about the movie. Banting ticked all three boxes in my list. I am also sure the rest who attended the film premiere, which was by the way, resembled a mini Pesta Perdana event with so many personalities in the local Malay entertainment scene in attendance, walked away with smiles on their faces and encouraging words being heard exchanged between them outside the theatre.

Banting Premiere 2014-10-24 035

It’s a wrestling movie, so a bit of fierceness being shown here by the film cast, producer and director along with Minister Yaacob Ibrahim

Banting in all honesty after watching it, is so close to my heart. I grew up watching wrestling, had great wrestling matches at the high jump mattress at Serangoon JC with my friends when we were in secondary school. I also used to wrestle my cousins on our respective beds and till now I still do practise some of the safer moves with my daughters and nephews. Up till this day, I religiously read the weekly World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW reports just to keep up with what is happening in the WWE. We all know the storylines and moves in wrestling are fake, even Banting revealed a bit of that, but it keeps us entertained, like a soap opera, willing the good guys on and wishing the bad guys would just shut up and lose. Banting tried to create that and the wrestling fanboy in me was suitably impressed to an extent.

I take my hat off to the wrestling girls played by Gloria Tan, Abigail Chay, Syaza Qistina Tan, Ashley Erianah and Joanne-Marie Sim, besides Izyan Mellyna of course. Wrestling is not easy for ladies and I sometimes detect how difficult it is, even for the professional ones in WWE to execute some of their moves. They did try to create a convincing outlook in their matches and some of the moves did look great and believable. The person or persons who trained them can take heart that these girls did their utmost best and done well. Not easy to look pretty and having to suffer bumps, cuts and bruises in the process. I’m sure during the course of filming, the girls have taken slight knocks and injuries from botching their moves, but this is all part and parcel of filming, especially action scenes.

Banting Premiere 2014-10-24 043

Another “garang” pose, this time with the film poster backdrop in the background…

Other than the wrestling aspect of the movie, the film resonates with me because of the life being led by the lead character herself and her sister Nissa (played by Adlina Adil). Like the movie, I have two young daughters myself and it has probably given me an advanced glimpse of what the future might be in for me when they eventually grow up and be young women with their own dreams and aspirations. They will have their own interests and likes which will differ to or contrast with what we want or expect from them. We are also living in a generation where everything needs to be explained with logic and rationale, without being too strict and hard-handed, lest the kids will turn rebellious and lie at the first available opportunity. During our parents’ time, a raised eyebrow, a wave of the cane, a slight raise in tone of voice, a wag of the finger and a simple “No!!!” usually would do the trick. Now no more. And what’s more, I see some of the character traits of Yasmin (the younger daughter in the movie) similar to that of my younger one – Steely, determined, fiesty, independent and strong-willed.

A good movie needs to have a good balance in how the actors bounce off each other. I see a lot of that in this movie, from the leads right down to the supporting cast. I just find the Atok character played by legendary actor Osman Zailani, very endearing. It even made me miss my own late grandfather who defended me at the slightest opportunity when my father would flare up with me when I was younger. As for Fauzie Laily who plays Yasmin‘s BFF, Zaidy, words cannot describe how proud I am for my old friend at his achievement on becoming a film star. He brought his A-game in this movie and he has improved so much since his first stab at acting in “Teman Anugerahku” back in 2005. Watching him in the movie is just like knowing him in real life. The characters in reel and real life are just too similar, the jokes and teasings, as well as the sound advices, are what I have been accustomed to from knowing Fauzie since he was still the scrawny teen from Temasek Polytechnic. Oh by the way, I like that Fauzie looked a bit chubby in this movie. Hahaha…

Banting Premiere 2014-10-24 054

The lead actors in Banting: Fauzie Laily, Adlina Adil, Izyan Mellyna and Mastura Ahmad

While I do not need to wax lyrical on the likes of Mastura Ahmad and Adlina Adil, because we know what accomplished actresses they are both on television and theatre, I feel that as a relatively newbie in the scene, Izyan Mellyna has all the attributes to be Singapore‘s very own Sharifah Amani. I cannot describe in words why I feel this way, but if there is a reference point I can compare her to, then Sharifah Amani is the one. Ok I used the word “newbie”, but really Izyan is already an experienced hand in the scene having been a child star during the days of “Ya Alif” and also has theatre background. It’s just that television viewers have been warming up to her since the start of 2014 when Walimah, followed by TeRaSeh! 2.0, Di Luar Garisan 2 and Walimah 2 came along. Along with Nurfarhana M. Noor, Izyan Mellyna is the name and talent to watch in our local Malay entertainment scene. See them soar and progress over the years, they will only get better.

Banting, is not just your typical light-hearted comedy. It brings with it moments of anxiety, also tugs a bit on our emotions (yes some people I know cried at some of the scenes :P). Above all, it feels very Singaporean and relates so much to the average Malay family here, the challenges we face as a society, as individuals, having to chase our dreams and having to appease our older folks in matters sometimes beyond our comprehension or will. Then there are the conflicts of interests. Somehow, somewhere, for those of us who have watched this movie, we can relate to them and agree that at some point of time in our lives, we have been through those kind of situations before, whether to listen to our instincts and passion or stick to the tried-and-tested success formulas. Director M. Raihan Halim and his team at Papahan Films have done well to potray all that I have mentioned either directly or subtly in the movie.

Banting Premiere 2014-10-24 079

Executive producer Edmund D. Lim addressing the audience along with fellow executive co-producer and director, M. Raihan Halim, before the film commenced…

The film, which is brought to you by the same people who produced award-winning television shows like “Yazid Pakai Lampin“, “Mr. Perfect“, “Papa Rock” and “Step Puteri” amongst others, will hopefully usher in a new era of film-making and revive the local Malay film industry which has long been decimated since the demise of the Jalan Ampas studio. I will not go as far as to put undue pressure on M. Raihan Halim and declare that he is now the messiah of the revolution, but in a way, he has taken steps to break down the walls of barrier and shown fellow local Malay film-makers that it is possible to take the plunge and tread where others do not dare. He stands tall with his team from Papahan Films that such a move can be done. I share their pride at seeing their dream materialise and realised and I was honoured to have witnessed the momentous and ground-breaking occasion. Please do support and watch Banting when it is out officially at the theatres this Friday 31st October 2014 onwards and you will understand the same pride that most, if not all of us who came for the film premiere feel and share till now…

Konsert Ramuan Reminisced…

I know that most of you entering this site would expect to read something on the Anugerah 2011 Grand Finals this past Tuesday night. While it is tempting to type on something which is still so fresh in my head, it is not something that I do immediately after a show on a regular basis. Yes I was at the show live, but I always make it a point to watch it again via the Catchup site to listen to the contestants’ vocals once again for clarity sake. So you guys coming in here would have to wait till at least the end of the week before I put up my entry and share what I feel, with regards to the Grand Finals. First up is Konsert Ramuan, which was  successfully held at Goodman Arts Centre on 19th June 2011. The concert, as was mentioned in my promo a couple of weeks ago, was a fundraising affair in support of “Ramuan Rahasia“, a locally-produced film directed by award-winning director, Sanif Olek.

Hosts for the day – Junaidi Sali & Effandy Idris

It has been quite awhile since I last attended an event of such magnitude, which brought together an array of local acts to grace the stage with their different sets of styles, genres and ensembles. I think the last one I had attended was RIA‘s Birthday Bash in February 2010 where a cast of strictly local acts had graced the Republic Polytechnic’s Convention Centre stage. Even then the number of acts were not as many as this one. Here, all the acts, a total of twenty-five of them according to Sanif himself via his Twitter, came together for a common cause, a bond that unites them, a shared vision to see through a mission of realising the dreams of finally seeing our first true local Malay film on the silver screens. Oh how heartening it was to see everyone, from the mainstream to the indies, joining forces for one goal – To raise funds for the making and completion of Ramuan Rahasia.

Sanif Olek, the film director of  “Ramuan Rahasia” addressing the audience…

The timing of the event (11:00am) till evening (I had left at around 4:45pm not to know what time the whole thing ended) felt like a Malay wedding event. Besides being entertained by stellar acts, the event became a reunion of sorts amongst people who have not met in ages, just like a Malay wedding scenario. A lot of happy faces were seen, tired but satisfied looks by the organisers and people who had worked hard behind the scenes to make this event a success. Though the turnout could have been better, it was still a good start and I sincerely hope that it would have gone some way to ease the funding burdens. The event reminded me of the local music festival “Melayu Ada“, which was also organised by Cokelat Events & Production. This time round, they joined forces with Sanif‘s “Reeljuice” company and a number of good friends in the local industry.

Due to family and other commitments, I could not be at the event throughout and only reached the venue slightly before 3:00pm. By then, I had missed out on the performances of several artistes like Anugerah Planet Muzik nominee SleeQ, Projek Rentak 2010 winner X-Clusive, former Bhumiband vocalist Adha, and acts like Tujuh, Revolusi, Yunos Erksan and Asnida Daud amongst others. As I had planned to join up with the rest of my family members who were at City Square Mall for the Anugerah Finals Roadshow, it meant I missed out on watching acts I’ve not seen in a long while, most notably Roze Kasmani, Imran Ajmain, Klutz and Kraton. But I’m sure everyone who came enjoyed themselves and I was no exception. I enjoyed watching Dinodi making a rare live appearance and belting their haunting hit “Cinta Tragika“, but most people forget / do not know that they did record an album with excellent tracks other than that hit.

For $10 / $12 entrance fees, and watching so many acts performing under one roof, it was certainly value for money and proved that Singapore do not lack quality talents. They just lack the support from locals who are more in tune with what is across our shores and beyond. Or from my personal observations, the regular monthly wedding / halal food exhibitions at Singapore Expo have somewhat contributed to the decline in interest of watching paid concerts / shows / gigs amongst local entertainment lovers because they can watch them for free at these events. The only way for our local music industry to grow is if we make the time and effort to come down and watch them, regardless of entrance fees or buying their singles / albums and not downloading them illegally. It was heartening to see local acts, singers, bands, actors coming together and show their solidarity. It certainly bodes well for the local industry to have people fighting for one another. I leave you with a song specially composed and written for this fundraising effort and performed live during the concert by Anugerah 2004 winner, Aqmal. A lovely song for a noble effort. I hope you would help to contribute too as efforts are still ongoing. For more information, do drop by

Snapshots of Konsert Ramuan

One half of the wacky hosts – Junaidi Sali

 The other half – Effandy Idris

The supporters of local music…

Some of the items being sold at the flea market outside the event hall…

A new face on television thanks to the Kopi Bujang series – Raimi Liandy Safari (right) – manning the ticketing booth…

This hip-hop duo who call themselves “A-Phat“, reminds me of 90s group Nico from their dress sense and having a group member’s moniker as the name of the group…

Anugerah 2004 winner, Aqmal, never fail to wow me with his voice…

I did not understand a single word that the lead vocalist of A.U.M. sang that day (or should that be screaming???), but their music is infectious, I felt like headbanging along…

A comeback long-awaited – Dinodi

Shafyre‘s showmanship is top-notch. Like a true rocker…

Izzat Yusoff, lead vocalist of Shine, was another who did not disappoint. Another group that made me want to dance along to their reggae beats…

Zaibaktian came on stage to join Dinodi in performing the former’s hit “Dunia Yang Fana“. This song collaboration was made into a soundtrack for the “Mimpi Mekah” programme which aired on Suria last year…

Zax entered the earlier rounds of this year’s Anugerah 2011 competition. Though he was quite decent with his delivery, I just felt his rendition of “Seroja” was too similar to how Ace had performed during the recent semi-final rounds…

Sanif with Sani Hussin and Aidli “Alin” Mosbit, two actors who are part of the “Ramuan Rahasia” film…

Konsert Ramuan Rahasia Promo…

KONSERT RAMUAN is a music festival that brings together various Singaporean artistes, performing in solidarity to raise funds for Sanif Olek’s yet-to-be-completed feature film, RAMUAN RAHASIA. A total of 24 bands and solo acts will be sharing stage on Sunday, 19 June 2011 from 11am to 6pm at the Goodman Arts Centre (90, Goodman Road, S439053). Together, fascinating flea market with vendors selling eclectic products will add colour to the event!

KONSERT RAMUAN is only the first of a fundraising project series that hopes to create awareness about the film appeal for funds. Following this concert, a monologue ensemble, entitled MONOLOG RAHASIA, featuring established theatre/TV actors is already in the pipeline.

KONSERT RAMUAN tickets are already on sale @ $10 via Paypal ( and Zax (81137883). Tickets will also be available at the door on the event day at $12. Free entry for children aged 12 years and below.

For those interested to rent a table at the flea market, they may contact Zio at 90214934.

All proceeds from the concert will be channeled to the RAMUAN RAHASIA fund appeal.


RAMUAN RAHASIA is a feature film, directed by Sanif Olek that has abruptly stalled since late 2009 due to insufficient funds. To date, only 60% of its filming has been achieved.  The project is now racing to be completed.

 It is an endearing tale of hope blending spicy food, classic Nusantara Malay songs and love into a digestible contemporary platter. It boasts a stellar cast from Dato’ Rahim Razali to Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit, Rafaat Haji Hamzah, Keagan Kang, Aaron Aziz, Sani Hussin, J A Halim and many more.

Principal Cast:

  • Dato’ Rahim Razali
  • Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit
  • Rafaat Hj Hamzah
  • Asnida Daud
  • Keagan Kang

Supporting Cast:

  • Aaron Aziz
  • Marina Yusoff
  • J A Halim
  • Sani Hussin
  • Keatar H M
  • Shah Iskandar
  • Khalid Baboo
  • Aryati Tyeb Papar
  • Nina Halim
  • Aminah Ahmad
  • Hashimah Hamidon
  • Norsiah Ramly
  • Dalina Jaapar
  • Roslan Kemat
  • Abdullah Ahmad
  • Nurul Aini

Original story by Sanif Olek

Screenplay by Gene Sha Rudyn and Sanif Olek

For further details on the concert, please contact Azizah Zakaria at 94248514.

[For more details about the film, please visit]

The Wedding of Nick Mikhail & Nora…

This weekend marked another milestone in the life of local actor Nick Mikhail when he was betrothed to his sweetheart Noor Ashiqin or affectionately called Nora. For those who have been staying on another planet, this is the actor’s second marriage. I hope no one out there would be quick to judge on what happened to his previous one nor attack his personality as I’ve heard it all before over the years. Like any human being out there, we all crave for happiness, stability and longevity in any kind of relationship we commit ourselves into. Let’s all pray that Mikhail & Nora‘s union will be blessed with happiness, patience and much love and may they last a lifetime with beautiful kids in tow. Congratulations once again you both!!!

Snippets of the Wedding

The lavish spread… It’s whetting my appetite as I type…

Wirama were the performers at the event. One of their group members is none other than Izzat Yusoff of Soldadu fame…

Anugerah 2009 alumnus, Azhar Raz, performing “Gurindam Jiwa” with one of the resident performers of Wirama.

Some of the guests include the recent Pesta Perdana 11‘s Best Supporting Actor recipient, Sani Hussin and wife…

They were joined by his younger sister Rosita

Anugerah Skrin 2010 & 2006 winners, Erwin Shah Dawson and Shahril Wahid

Portrait of a happy family – Nurul Aini with husband Sofian Roslan and son, Shan Ehan

The groom arriving with his entourage…

Bracing himself for what’s to come over at the gal’s side…

The charismatic groom on his way to meet his bride…

The wedded couple with Marina Yusoff and family…

Pesta Perdana 11 Pre & Post-Show Reception Photographs…

After such a heady month of March where this blog had a post at a rate of every other day, it’s back to its normal hiatus stage. For those of you hoping to view photographs of the recent Rock Elektra event or wanting to read the latest happenings during the Anugerah 2011 auditions held at East Point Mall over the weekend before last in this blog, I have to apologise first and foremost cos I did not attend either events due to more pressing issues at work and at home. I would have loved to attend the latter to see the talents and potentials on offer but alas my schedule was a bit too tight for me to bring to you what went on over at East Point Mall. I know the topic of Pesta Perdana 11 is kinda stale by now, but I did plan a three-parter posting on it, with this being the icing on the cake. Since I did not attend Rock Elektra and the Anugerah 2011 auditions this past weekend, I hope this posting would more than make up for it and acts as a filler. The photographs are a selected few I’ve chosen for your viewing, since only my Facebook contacts are able to view the whole collection…

Roving host & Anugerah Skrin 2010 winner, Syirah Jusni looking splendour…

SleeQ and Fauzie Laily with Berita Harian‘s Entertainment Correspondent, Ms Hanim Mohd Saleh

One word to describe Azzah Fariha Samat & Silver Ang: Beautiful…

I will never fail to laugh in the presence of these natural comedians – Sufian Ahmad & Junaidi Sali

Renowned theatre activists, the husband-and-wife team of Haryani Othman & Khairul Famy Kassim…

Anugerah Skrin alumnus Shahril Kahar, Junaidi Sali & Erwin Shah Dawson…

“Slick” is the word to describe Helmindra J. A. Halim, Nick Mikhail & Fauzie Laily

Without them, our comedy scene is a tad poorer. From left: M. Saffri  A. Manaf, B.J. Kadir, Hamzah Adon (striped shirt), Zainal Ihim, Hussin Saaban & Mahadi Shor…

The faceless character in Kopi Bujang, Effandy Idris and wife Sabrina Ali

My uncle, Jasmani Basri, who came alone that night surprisingly…

Nadiah Mohammad with Erwin… They represent the future…

My favourite couple: Den Sabari and Huda Ali

Silver Ang, her chaperone and Sufiyan Safee

Award-winning stylist and director, Azni Samdin (right) with a friend…

Osman Sulaiman and Shahril Wahid did not win anything that night but they were winners in their own rights…

Broadcast journalist Raudha Osman, Shenthy Feliziana and Nadiah Mohammad

The VVIPs of the event…

The star of Delicatessen, Sufiyan Safee

Best Actor Award recipient, Rafaat Hamzah, revel in his win…

Two beautiful ladies – Sharon Ismail & Rilla Melati

The smile says it all… Congrats Fauzie… You definitely earned it…

A face not seen on our local television screens in a long, long while – Nuraliza Osman

Anugerah Skrin 2010 mentors Seri Wahyuni Jaes & Sani Hussin…

Shahridzuan Selamat and his good friend Sabreena

Another deserving winner – Nurul Aini

Mastura Ahmad along with Eaglevision‘s Netty Fiona, an unsung heroine behind the scenes…

Hyrul Anuar and ex-official blogger of the Singapore Idol 3 season, Budi Iskandar… Nice get-up guys…

Nurul posing with beloved husband Sofian Roslan

Another shot of my favourite couple…

Riz Sunawan clowning around with Keatar H M and Hamzah Adon…

The good people at Mediacorp Suria, Siti Zuraidah, Raudaa Razak and Budi Iskandar

The league of winners – Rosita Hussin, Suhaimi Yusof, Sharon Ismail and Sani Hussin

Fauzie and Nurul rounding off the winners’ league…






Pesta Perdana 11 Review…

Pesta Perdana 11 was a night full of emotions, as the local Malay entertainment industry celebrated the artistes who have graced the television screens over the past two years in their respective crafts, and honoured the unsung heroes working behind the scenes. Held on 4th March 2011 at the Mediacorp TV Theatre and televised live on Mediacorp Suria at 8:30pm, the night saw 27 awards given away, of which eight that fell under the Creative Awards category, were presented earlier in a separate, recorded segment prior to the event proper.

Not only were the winners emotional, notably the male recipients, the online community was abuzz with emotional comments being aired via Twitter and Facebook. I must say a majority of the online community did not have good things to say about the show, the common word being “boring”. Most did not state why they thought it was “lame” or “boring” (and these are two adjectives which are considered “tactful” in my opinion), but I get the impression that most of these comments were aired without giving much thought, nor doing some research to back their claims, which in turn resulted in emotional and irrational rants. I’ll give you a few cases in point but before I move on, I would like to apologise to bro Hafeez Glamour for taking some of these points off his list of contacts who commented in his status, with regards to the show, as I felt they were the ones who were a bit more expressive than others that I read elsewhere in Twitter and Facebook:

  1. Ader tak banyak bernyanyi banyak bebual Dan terima hadiah… Boring:) Gelagat artis cume HOS yg banyak ceriakan para penonton Dan para rumah yg menonton kaca tv:) not much lah this year last year lagi great:)
  2. winners pun very predictable..sepatotnye shahril menang instead of rafaat.. -_- gelagat artis? so OVER esp S.H.
  3. Ni kali yang angkat piala banyak yang step keluar air mata….satu start semua start….geli…..!!!
  4. btw… knapa eh Khairudin Samsudin not even in d list of nominees? He’s good… tapi tk pernah dpt apa2 award… he deserves recognition!
  5. Tahun depan jgn guna undi talipon…kerana banyak bakat yg lebih baik jatuh kepada bakat2 yg setahun jagung!!..
  6.  part magician, tak kena langsung untuk rancangan seperti ini.kalau setakat diselitkan dlm acara persembahan oklah.
  7.  mungkin pesta perdana harus buat 2 tahun skali… since negri kita ni kecik dan nak cungkil byk bakat dlm setahun pun tak kemana…
  8. I tau Personality Lelaki Paling Popular menang oleh Fauzie Laily oleh kerana dis is base on votes Ya lar fanatic plays apart tapi kesian… Najib Ali atau Suhaimi Yusof shud have won kerana dorang lebih terserlah Dari Fauzie Laily.surprisingly Personality wanita Paling popular Nurul Ain menang tk seharus nyer shud b Era Farida atau Masturah Ahmad.
  9. Rancangan hiburan tv terbaik pula haizzzz macam mana boleh hari raya? sungguh tak saya tak faham.
  10. Bila si Nurul tu tepuk2 bahu tu kan tak elok. kalau silap2 Bos anda tak terima, boleh kena sue court. hehehe. very sensitive. ada orng tak suka kena sentuh takut isteri orng tu jealous ke dan macam 2 boleh berlaku. jatuhkan maruahlah and so.Mungkin Host boleh mulakan lakunan saperti mencari suami hilang ke , merajuk ke tak dapat terpilih. reaksi kalau tak terpilih ke kan lebih elok dari tepuk bahu penonton.

The excellent hosts of the show (from left): Suhaimi Yusof, Nurul Aini and Najip Ali

My goodness!!! I had to stop at ten, lest I would have a field day correcting people. Honestly I dunno whether to laugh or to get angry with such comments. But I think certain things need to be addressed and corrected as leaving it bare for the world to see would not be a fair reflection on the show / artistes involved. First of all, this is an awards show for mainly those in the acting, hosting and production scene. As such, less singing was to be expected. I’m sure if one were to watch other countries’ similar award shows, they would note that singing performances are kept to the minimum. This event as most of us know, is a bi-annual event, which means it is held once in two years, I wonder why did people still comment that it should be done once in two years when it is already done in that manner for ages. Where have you people been???

The problem with television viewers and radio listeners in general is that, they prefer to view or listen selectively and afterwards form an opinion that suits what flashed across their minds in that instance they viewed or listened to something. Shahril Wahid and Rafaat Hamzah were both nominated in different categories. Why should there be a dispute when they are not even competing against each other for that particular award??? Likewise Khairudin Samsudin who was said to not have been nominated, I wonder if people actually bothered to take a look at the actual list of nominees which have been uploaded on Suria’s website for all to see, or they might have looked up / created their own fictitious list to suit their comments.

The multi-talented Khairudin was nominated afterall in the Best Actor in a Comedy Role for his performance at Sinar Lebaran 2010. And in case people forget, and I know most of you do, Khairudin had bagged the Best Actor Award before, for his role in Rahsia Perkahwinan at Pesta Perdana 2004. The Best Variety Series for the record was Anugerah 2009, not Sinar Lebaran (which won Most Popular Programme in this year’s Pesta Perdana edition) as was mentioned in the comments. I also do not understand where that commenter was coming from. Hence the reasons why I said that people practice selective hearing and viewing and comment without doing much thinking. Which is sad really cos intelligence and common sense go way out of the window. Or I wonder if people have a problem understanding the difference between “Popular” and “Terbaik” and how they are being judged???

The guest-of-honour, Dr Ng Eng Hen (centre), Minister for Education & Second Minister for Defence… 

What about the votes via sms??? It is afterall a popularity award and based on whose fanbase is stronger. It is not the same as those that are judged on merit. It’s unfair to deny these popularity categories from being awarded to their rightful recipients, simply because there were only two of them, for Male and Female personalities respectively. I mean, is it too much to ask for to be given away??? As for experience-wise, both winners of the popular categories have had at least half a decade’s worth of experience in the scene and no longer taking baby steps. I for one do not begrudge them of their respective wins as I felt they were utmost deserving, given their overall bubbly and friendly personalities which translate to a fanbase that worked hard to see their favourites win. In fact anyone who was nominated in those two popular categories deserved to win, because winning was in the hands of the voting public. Time and time again we’ve heard it all before, if you want your personal favourites to win, you should be doing the honours and vote as much as possible, rather than lament, bitch and complain at the end of the day.

The “issue” (if it can ever be called one) of tapping Mr Azlan Salim’s shoulders during the start of the show is something that a certain percentage of the community is fond of doing – creating something out of nothing. A mere tap on the shoulders will not get anyone into trouble and everyone, no make that most people, know that it was just an act. And nothing / no one decreeds that tapping another’s shoulders is wrong. It’s not like Nurul went over to Mr Azlan and caressed him or something. Whether the people who had their shoulders tapped knew anything about it beforehand or not, I’m sure it wasn’t an issue to them at all. So I really don’t understand why such dumb comments could appear from moral police out there. Don’t they have better things to scrutinise???

As for the “magic” theme, what else can be infused into the show to highlight the magical elements??? People love to comment and complain, but more often than not, they themselves have no answer nor provide alternatives to expand the creativity of the show. Personally I felt that this theme is something new and worth trying out. Yes, even though such an event is meant to be prestigious, we can’t expect everything to follow the style of the Oscars or Emmys. The producers were in a no-win situation, follow the route of the Oscars and they will be labelled as “copycats”. Going out of the norm and coming across as “childish” (another word used by viewers), they receive more flak for “disrespecting” the prestige element associated to it.

Suhaimi & Najip performing “Malam Gemilang” to kickstart the show…

As a whole and as an audience in the auditorium, I personally felt that this year’s edition was much better than the last in 2009. Not that everything was perfect throughout the night, of course there were flaws and that is to be expected from a live televised programme. I cringed somewhat at some of the award presenters who either did not plan their scripts and were just going through the motions or they were simply unprepared, giving the impression that they were thrusted into the limelight by force. I do not have to name who, but I’m sure viewers would note how boring some of the award presenters were. At least if you’re gonna be deadpan in front of the cameras, your saving grace should be your eye-candy looks.

The 30-seconds “rule” of speech-giving is a contentious issue that needs to be addressed before the next edition of Pesta Perdana comes around. After watching the show the other night, I could feel for the winners who wanted to share their gratitude to as many people as possible. For someone like Sani Hussin, a well-respected actor in his craft winning his first award in fourteen years, to beg the producers not to cut him off during his speech, speaks volumes that this rule needs to be tweaked or scrapped altogether. Perhaps they could extend it by another thirty-seconds and not be anal just to suit the stipulated airtime that the show needed to stick to religiously. The whole show can then be extended by another half an hour. Based on previous editions that ran up to three hours, I agree that that is a bit too long, but two and a half hours should do just fine. Few award shows end within a stipulated timing of two hours anyway. Why deny the winners their moment to express their feelings???

Looking at the monopoly of Eaglevision-produced programmes in the list of nominees for Rancangan Hiburan Khas Terbaik (Best Variety Special Programme) and winning the popular programmes in almost every edition, I think it is high time other production houses are given the opportunity to produce programmes like Sinar Lebaran and other similar programmes on a big scale. No matter how much we try to avoid the link, Eaglevision is under the Mediacorp umbrella and in turn will benefit from the funding that other production houses could only dream of. Also as was pointed out in the recent Berita Minggu article, special programmes of that magnitude would definitely rake in the viewers and translate to higher ratings. I know there is a competitive streak amongst the production houses but working together to lift the standards of our local programmes wouldn’t hurt one bit. At least we’ll have more ideas in terms of creativity and direction. Cast aside egos and rifts (if any) for the sake of the industry.

Najip and Suhaimi sharing a banter between them…

I observed as well from the various comments online how they got turned off looking at the way people like Sani Hussin and Rafaat Hamzah celebrated their wins. Give them a break people and let them revel in their wins cos they deserved every bit of it. Reading the comments left by people who only watch but mostly do not understand how the industry works, the hard work that these people do in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, the sleepless nights they go through just to bring you quality programmes on screens, it is unfair to deny them their moment of glory, no matter how they celebrate it. Yes this is not the Oscars or Grammys, but this is one show that our local acts get to be honoured and enjoy, our very own version, so why should we deny their winning expressions, no matter how overboard or “arrogant” they come across???

These are genuine performers who are in the industry not because of looks, not because of glamour, definitely not because of popularity. They work their socks off and sacrifice a lot of their time for their craft. This is why they are looked upon “in fear” and respected by the younger generation because they are damn good at what they do and how serious they are in their approach. Victory for them meant a victory for the theatre scene where their roots are firmly entrenched. I for one do not begrudge their achievements and the celebrations of my two mentors who guided me when I was involved in Muzika Cinta RIA back in 1998, even if I had hoped for Shahril Wahid to win the Best Actor in a Supporting Role title. I hope their wins inspire the younger cohort to up their ante in future productions.

As in any awards show, there will always be heated debates as to why this person won and how could another person lose out? The common one I’ve been observing is how did Sharon Ismail win her title of Best Lead Actress when Jorah Ahmad, an Anugerah Perdana Emas recipient lost out??? In the first place, the latter had said that if possible, she did not want to be nominated and was quite embarrassed about it, but still went ahead as she did not want to disappoint the producers. Anyway, there is no divine right for any special awards recipient to receive a Best Actor or Best Actress award afterwards. It doesn’t work that way. The nominees are there not to make up the numbers but because they deserved to be there on merit. The winner won because the judging panel felt that they had given better performances and left lasting impressions. I don’t think Jorah Ahmad not winning was a slap to her face, cos I’m sure she too would not begrudge Sharon of her win.

All in all, I think all the winners were deserved and should not be debated upon. Lest I forget, here’s a belated congratulations from me to all the richly-deserved winners. I believe that viewers out there need to learn to comment without having too much emotions instilled, without having too much stigma over locally-made programmes, without having too much prejudice against them, cos more often than not, it will cloud their judgments and in turn make them sound stupid rather than trying to come across as intelligent.

There will always be room for improvements on these big-scale events and rather than talk, I hope people would come forward and feedback the relevant people on how to make future programmes be better, better still if they could produce or contribute creative ideas. The small industry needs all the support from our own people. Reading comments that the show was boring and lame, in a way, showed that they still cared to watch and still bothered to comment. The challenge will always be to sustain winning over these eyes and hands from switching their remotes to another channel. Oh lest I forget, having the same person / production house nominated a few times in the same category also does not promote healthy competition.

They will always compare our shows with those across the Causeway or in the region, but they should also know the limitations that we have in terms of funding and support. We only have about half a million Malays in this country and to entice them to watch Suria itself is a challenge on its own. Compare that to the millions of viewers in Malaysia and Indonesia, we cannot compare the quality of their awards shows cos they have big sponsors and big players running the show. As such we have to lower our expectations and understand our limitations. Not everything you watch from foreign soil is the best. Lest we forget, we still have many talents in this country that deserve our utmost support. Do not practice the old adage of “Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah kelaparan…” Talk is cheap in cyberspace but actions speak louder than words…


Pesta Perdana 11 Roll of Honour


Best Lead Actor: Rafaat Hamzah (Kalimah Terakhir)

Best Lead Actress: Sharon Ismail (Ayah Kat Rumah)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Sani Hussin (Pinggiran Ramadan)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Rosita Hussin (Pinggiran Ramadan)

Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy Role: Suhaimi Yusof (Camy & Dee)

Most Promising Actor/Actress: Azzah Fariha (Timang)

Best Host: Rilla Melati (Jus Sr 1)

Best Young Star: Nazrul Fathmi (Kelas 6C, 1985)

Most Popular Male Personality: Fauzie Laily
Most Popular Female Personality: Nurul Aini

Best Drama Series: Gerimis Di Hati (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Best Variety Series: Anugerah 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Best Variety Special: Project Hope 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)
Most Popular Programme: Sinar Lebaran 2009 (MediaCorp Eaglevision)

Best Drama Special: Timang (DV Studio)

Best Info-ed Programme: Jalan Sr 3 (Oak 3 Films)
Best Writing – Variety/Info-ed: Jalan Sr 3 (Idzwan Othman)
Best Opening Title Design: Jalan Sr 3 (Idzwan Othman)


Best Children’s Programme: Kelas 6C, 1985 (Shortman Films)

Best Directing Drama: Ayah Kat Rumah (Sanif Olek)


Best Directing – Variety: Project Hope 2009 (Neng Hayati & Johari Aziz)


Best Videography – Drama: Timang (Ikhram Daeng)

Best Writing – Drama: Gerimis Di Hati Sr 1 (Amanah Mustafi)

Best Editing – Drama: Delicatessen (Fa’in Syah Bahar)

Best Image & Styling: Suria Elektra (Azni Samdin & Fatimah Mohsin)

Best Theme Song: Singapura Syok (SleeQ)

Anugerah Perdana Emas (Lifetime Achievement Award): S. Shamsudin

Pesta Perdana 11 Promo…

Pesta Perdana 11 will be a night of glitz and glamour for Suria as it celebrates the 11th edition of its prestigious awards show. The main objective of this show is to recognise, acknowledge and honour the best talents in the Malay television industry in Singapore. This year’s “Magic” theme will be visually captivating with entrancing performances and it will be telecast LIVE on Friday, 4 March 2011 at 8.30pm on Suria.

The mega event attracted more than 470 entries from local production houses who are vying for top honours in the fiercely contested programmes and performance award categories.  This is a positive increase of more than 100 entries as compared to the previous event. A new addition this year in the creative award category is Best Editing – Drama. A total of 26 awards are up for grabs this year.

Gracing this event will be Guest-Of-Honour, Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and 2nd Minister for Defence who will be giving away Anugerah Perdana Emas (Lifetime TV Achievement Award).

The two-hour show will be fronted by Suhaimi Yusof, Najip Ali and Nurul Aini who have won Best Host award in Pesta Perdana. These three multi-talented artistes have appeared in numerous Malay and English shows. Interestingly too, Suhaimi Yusof and Najip Ali are nominated in the Most Popular Male Personality category for the 10th time. Suhaimi also has the highest number of single nomination this year which include two nominations for Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy Role for Camy & Dee and Erlin Montel Sr 2.


Silver Ang who appeared as a single mother in drama U.M.M.I (Mother), is nominated in Most Promising Actor/Actress category. This is a third time for non-Malay actor/actress to be nominated in Pesta Perdana – past nominations include Henry Heng (Best Supporting Actor nominee) and Christina Wee (Best Lead Actress nominee) in Pesta Perdana 8 – both appeared in Tetangga (Neighbour), a heartwarming drama that features a multi-racial cast.

Both Nurul Aini and Mastura Ahmad are in the same categories, vying for Best Lead Actress and Most Popular Female Personality awards. Both have acted on Channel 5 and Channel 8.

Heartthrob Khairudin Saharom is nominated twice in Best Host category for Project Hope 2010 and Sinaran Hati Gemilang. Khairudin was last seen hosting The Big Shot on Channel 5.

Celebrity siblings, Sani and Rosita Hussin, are both nominated in the respective Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role categories. Sani last appeared in Okto’s Pulau Hantu.

The Top 3 production houses with the most number of Creative Awards* nominations are:

  • MediaCorp Eaglevision – 10 nominations
  • DV Studio – 6 nominations
  • Fine Cut Media – 4 nominations

*Creative Awards include:

1.     Best Directing – Drama

2.     Best Directing – Variety

3.     Best Videography – Drama

4.     Best Writing – Drama

5.     Best Writing – Variety/Info-ed

6.     Best Editing – Drama,

7.     Best Opening Title Design

8.     Best Image & Styling

This highly anticipated event also offers Suria viewers the opportunity to become judges as they vote through SMS for the Most Popular Male and Female Personalities respectively. Votes can be sent to 73388 in the format as follows:

PP <space> Artiste’s Code (eg. L1 or W1)

Voting started on 10 February 2011 and ends on 4 March 2011 at 10pm. The results will be based entirely on public votes.

Viewers can win tickets to Pesta Perdana 11 by participating in the contests via Suria’s social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter as well as Manja (March issue). Tickets are not for sale.

(All information, graphics and photographs are courtesy of Mediacorp Suria)

For the Pesta Perdana 11 list of nominees, please click here.


Merah Pawana Promo II…

Last week I gave a detailed promo on the abovementioned event. This week, I’m uploading various interviews by the main and supporting cast, the director, Mr. Najib Soiman as well as the mastermind of the show himself, Mr. Rafaat Hamzah. So without further ado, I present to you the video clips. All credits of the videos go to “ayid85“…


Merah Pawana – Teaser


Interview with Sani Hussin & Hatta Said


Interview with Noris “Wandy” & Farah Ong




Interview with Najib Soiman


Interview with Rafaat Hamzah

Merah Pawana – Trailer