Anak Wayang Promo…

I had given my word to a good friend of mine that I would be putting this promo up by the past weekend but as I had other commitments to look into, I could only upload this today. Apologies dear friend, hope you don’t hold it against me for not keeping my word. Anyway, I hope for those of you who have the time and would like to immerse yourself in a theatre production, then I suggest you keep the dates and times mentioned below free. Attached with this promotional poster is the synopsis of the production, which I have edited to give it an edgier outlook:


Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Ltd will be producing “Ának Wayang a dance theatre, as a tribute to all performing arts activists also known as “Anak Seni“, who have contributed in abundance, in the effort of promoting “Performing Arts” in Singapore, through dance, theatre and music.

Sri Warisan has invited Sri Mahligai, Sri Anggerik Bangsawan and Sriwana, names that are synonymous in the local traditional Malay dance and music fraternity, to collaborate in this grand production.

Initiated and conceptualised by Mr Adel Dzulkarnaen Ahmad and Marina Yusoff as the Script Writer and Director, the ultimate goal of Ának Wayang” is the assembly of the new-generation teams of the respective four traditional performing groups in one production, thus providing a platform and avenue to gain artistic experience and cohesiveness amongst them. They are our future and our hope; they are Singapore’s “Anak Wayang“.

Anak Wayang” portrays how the journey of an “Anak Wayang” begins and experiences, way back in the 1920’s. Beginning with scenes from the kampung / village to the Bangsawan era, the journey would then shift to the booming film industry back in the days of Jalan Ampas, highlighting the sacrifices made by “Anak Wayang” to be a full time performer in the 1950’s. For those of you who miss the days of yore, flashbacks depicting the Dondang Sayang club in the 1980’s would be a walk down memory lane to savour. Also in a surprising twist in scenes of the future, “Anak Wayang” will make inroads by going global & international, progressing and achieving success in the modern, technology era.

This production will also feature Shahril Wahid, a renowned theatre activist, dancer, presenter & Mediacorp Suria’s freelance artiste. Shahril came to the fore in the local Malay entertainment industry when he was crowned the inaugural Anugerah Skrin winner (Male Category) back in 2006. Since then he has played a variety of roles on television, of which the recent one as a handicapped and paralysed character in the drama series “Gerimis Di Hati“, has been touted as his best performance to date.