Ruffedge 20th Anniversary Concert – Live in Singapore Promo…

Graphics poster courtesy of Shiraz Projects

After the resounding success of their recent comeback at Life Centre Kuala Lumpur, whereby tickets to their concert on 4th August 2018 were snapped up within the first two hours it went on sale, legendary R&B group Ruffedge continues their journey back into the scene with another concert right here in Singapore!!! Billed as their 20th Anniversary Concert, this will be the first time in the group’s history that they will hold a concert for their fans here in the Lion City. When the group was last here for their mini showcase to usher in the Ramadhan Bazaar at Our Tampines Hub back in May, hundreds of fans turned up to watch them performed and many were left disappointed when they got to know that the concert in Kuala Lumpur was sold out. Fret not Singapore fans, cos thanks to Malaysian-based events company, Shiraz Projects, Ruffedge promises to rock the Zepp@BigBox arena with all their radio-friendly hits.

Ruffedge is made up of (from left): Azan, Amer, Cat Farish, Zain, Sein and Mode

(Photo courtesy of Berita @ MediaCorp)

This will be a personal milestone for me as well as I have never attended a show at this venue before, even though I did toy at the idea of attending Daughtry‘s recent concert there but personal commitments prevented me from doing so. Ruffedge‘s upcoming concert promises to be a two-hour affair beginning at 8:30pm. Fans and concert-goers can expect the group to sing their hits like “Bila Rindu“, “Tipah Tertipu“, “Da’ Bomb“, “Khayalan” and their newly-released single “Seperti Mereka“. Though I will not categorise myself as a huge fan of the group, I do appreciate their music and hope that their night’s repertoire will include the first single that I’ve come to know of their existence, “Tiada Lagi Cinta“, which was a collaboration with Singaporean Terry Lee, of Urban Xchange and Parking Lot Pimp fame. Other hits of Ruffedge that I like include “Marilah Bergoyang” (collaboration with Phlowtron), “Membebel” (duet with Bandi Amuk) and “Kerinduan” (duet with Jaclyn Victor). Hopefully all those songs will be performed that night and probably feature a local act to sing with them as well!!!

Tickets have already gone on sale from 7 August 2018 via and Tickets are priced at SGD225 (which includes the Meet & Greet), SGD145 (Diamond), SGD95(Platinum). For more information, do contact Shiraz Projects at +65 8163 9197 /+65 3165 1506 or via their website at

Ratu Episode 7 Recap…

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 497

The seventh episode of Mediacorp Suria‘s beauty-cum-talent competition, Ratu, saw its semi-final round eliminating two more contestants this past Tuesday, 8 January 2013. In my previous entry I had mentioned that four of them would be eliminated, but I must have missed the all-important information in the mediakit that we received during the media conference to introduce the sixteen contestants, whereby the Grand Finals will actually be graced by six of them. If it is any important indicator to you my dear readers, it just goes to show that I too am not free of making errors, overlooking the details and coming across as wayward in my initial assessments, but yet funnily enough no one else came forward to correct me. Makes me look a bit silly now. Oh well…

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 862

Trisno of Urban Xchange / Parking Lot Pimp fame was the guest artiste of the night…

So what do you think of the results thus far??? Are the six finalists justified??? I have been observing comments online that Nor Aishah Ahmad should not have been eliminated. I thought she did quite ok in general, the tribute she gave to her sister was extremely heartwarming. However, if there was one glaring mistake she made that day, it was to ask the judges to repeat their question, a possible indicator that she might not have been entirely focused. I did say in one of my previous entries, the judges are scrutinising and judging them through minute details like body language and other things like posture etc. Any trivial shortcomings displayed by the contestants would be penalised and eventually affect their total scores. My guess is, this was one of them.

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 149

Khairudin Saharom joined Nuraliza Osman and Hafeez Glamour on the judging panel…

Tiara Atyra, the other one who was eliminated did much better than the previous week, but somehow I think her answer did not quite resonate with the judges. By saying she likes an Audi car for its physical outlook, style and elegance, it could probably have given the judges the impression that Tiara favoured beauty on the surface rather than highlighting how a car could serve its purpose better. Maybe if she had answered a Toyota Estima or Chrysler Grand Voyager for example, she could have scored a bit more points as the car models mentioned cater for a big family, on top of looking classy. If it was me answering the question and I had answered a Lamboghini Gallardo (my dream car), people would also have the impression that I am quite the selfish person as the car only sits two people.

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 793

It has to be said, in a question-and-answer segment in a beauty competition, in general there is no right or wrong answer. Judges are more interested in hearing what a contestant has to say and learning a bit about their personalities and the way they think through the answers they give. It’s a psychological thing which I have no technical expertise nor background to explain further. The question-and-answer segments are the judges’ way of getting to know the contestants, not merely throwing random questions. This is where the contestants need to be aware of and I admit, is a big challenge for them to overcome. The challenges the girls face every episode could not be more daunting as some of them still look extremely uncomfortable in their high heels when they strut and do the catwalk.

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 989

Presenting the six finalists!!!

Adding a bit of wit to their answers is more than welcome, but not overdoing it and being mindful of their surroundings, situation and circumstances. I can more or less sympathise with Wan Anisah as I know she meant her answer that night as a joke, but it did not sound quite right in a competition, leaving guest judge Khairudin Saharom who had asked her what questions does she avoid answering, a bit stunned and perplexed. Maybe if it was said on a normal show, the audience would have laughed along and praised her for being witty and cheeky at the same time. Even though the finalists had been announced, post-show, a few of them wore disappointed looks on their faces as they reminisced the answers they gave during the question-and-answer segment.

Ratu 2012 Episode 7 2013-01-08 992

It was heartening to see some of the earlier eliminated contestants returning to support the show and their fellow contestants, proving the bond they share is not a one-off affair…

To the six finalists, time to forget about what could have been or what should have been done or said better. Use the experience of making errors to give off a better performance in the Grand Finals. Making mistakes is part and parcel of life and en route to success, one of the ingredients to a good recipe. Brooding over them will only affect your confidence level this coming Tuesday. Learn from it and you should be able to do well, not only for the current competition, but also for the future. The six finalists are deserving of their places in the Grand Finals on merit in my opinion, though deep down I thought that Elfiana Ismail would at least be one of them from my observations a few weeks ago, but the judges’ decisions have to be respected afterall. Before I end this entry, I would just like to congratulate Fatin Amira, Nur Aqilah, Shillah Marlysha, Suria Rahmanty, Wan Anisah and Wida Alisa on advancing to the Grand Finals stage!!!