KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Event (Day 3)

Second outfit by Raffiey Nasir

I’m back again with another entry on arguably, no, make that THE wedding of the year between RIA 89.7FM‘s KC and Fiza O. The third day of celebrations, 21 October 2012, saw the couple sharing their joy with guests from the bride’s side, over at Customs House, situated in the vicinity of the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Appearing twice wearing outfits by first, Weddingku Gallery, and the second by Raffiey Nasir, the couple was a picture of pomp and regalia befitting their title as King & Queen for the day. Not even the early downpour and subsequent gloomy weather could dampen the spirits of those who came to celebrate along with the wedding couple.

First outfit by Weddingku Gallery

The event was equally as beautiful as the previous day at Serangoon Gardens Country Club and this was evident by the good organisation by all parties involved, as well as the likes of Rose Catering Services, Dessert Artisans and Madame H Creations pulling out all the stops in ensuring that guests were spoilt for choice on what to savour during the celebrations. To top it off, Malaysia-based Singapore artiste Imran Ajmain serenaded the couple with his haunting ballad “Seribu Tahun“, a song that is so apt for a wedding event and performed with so much emotion by the crooner himself.

Before I leave you with the photographs, here’s wishing all Muslim readers of this blog, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha… Have a smashing celebration and long weekend with family and loved ones… 🙂

KC & Fiza O’s Wedding Event (Day Two)…

First outfit by Weddingku Gallery

I know many are anticipating more photographs to be uploaded in this blog as well as my own personal Facebook account, but sifting through hundreds of shots (in the case of the third day, thousand-odd photographs) snapped, having to choose the best ones, edit, enhance and watermark them is quite a process which takes hours and days. I beseech your kind understanding to give me some time to post the photographs I have snapped during the wedding event of RIA 89.7FM personalities KC and Fiza O. I also have a day job, a family to commit myself to and that I have to strike a balance, more so as blogging is just a leisurely passion done on my own free time. But of course I do try to hasten as quickly as possible for your viewing pleasure just to please readers of my blog. 🙂

Second outfit by Hatta Dolmat

Day two of the wedding event was held over at the groom’s side at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, to be more precise, at the Kensington Ballroom last Saturday 20 October 2012. A meet-the-fans session was also planned at the Singapore Flyer vicinity. However due to some unavoidable technical glitches, the appearances of the newly-weds were delayed and some of the fans who had waited at Singapore Flyer were disappointed and left early. Still, about a hundred-odd well-wishers remained and were given their opportunity to snap photographs with the newly-weds who donned a stunning red outfit by Weddingku Gallery. Not to be outdone, they came back to Serangoon Gardens Country Club in the evening wearing a black ensemble by renowned Malaysian fashion designer Hatta Dolmat. I guess I will not bore you any further with my ramblings. Enjoy the photographs!!!

KC & Fiza O’s Marriage Solemnisation Ceremony…

As promised, here I am with photographs snapped during the marriage solemnisation ceremony of RIA 89.7FM personalities Abdul Karim Sadali (DJ Karim Champion) and Nur Hafiza Osman (Fiza O). It was a solemn and beautiful event held at the annexe building of Masjid Sultan on the evening of 19 October 2012. I will not be putting up video highlights just yet due to time constraints, so my next three entries will more or less be the same as this one with selected photographs for your viewing pleasure. For better quality video highlights, you guys might want to check out the Facebook page of CST Productions, the official videographers of the wedding event. I believe they have also put up some video teasers and those one-minute clips are already of excellent quality. So do look out for them when they are up and running.

The solemnisation ceremony left an indelible impression on me for the fact that there were a number of surprises. In an unprecedented and unheard of move, Fiza took the microphone just before the solemnisation began, choking back tears, thanking her parents and expressing her hopes of building a family as good as how her parents had brought her up. Fiza‘s father, Mr. Osman Shawkat Ali startled the groom momentarily when he posed two questions, if KC was ready to carry the responsibility of being a husband to his daughter and can he promise to look after Fiza for the rest of his life and not disappoint her. To his credit, KC remained poise and calm and answered that he promised he will. I, along with some of our close buddies like Warna 94.2FM deejays Dyn Norahim and Zan Sofiyan, were chuckling away by the side observing him being grilled that way.

But what impressed me the most was right after the solemnisation ceremony had ended and just before the groom went up to his bride to place the wedding ring on her finger. KC led the supplication of prayers for the blessings and well-being of their union, ceremony and those who attended. Not many grooms I know would even dare to do that, no matter how high profile they are or how well-versed they are at addressing a large audience. The pressure of a marriage solemnisation ceremony can be very daunting to most people, but I really take my hat off to KC for doing that. It shows that he is ready, he meant what he promised and a sign that he will definitely be a good husband, father and leader of his family.

Looking stunning in their wedding outfits designed by talented Malaysia-based fashion designer Raffiey Nasir, the bride and groom proceeded to leave the solemnisation venue on a ride on the FunVee Hopper Open Top Bus, which was waiting for them and their entourage along Beach Road. But before that, the groom had planned a small surprise for the bride. Walking towards Beach Road from Masjid Sultan along the Arab Street Mall and row of shophouses, the newly-wedded couple were greeted by a flash mob of strangers from all ages and race with a stalk of rose each. It was not your normal flash mob whereby you have dance performances and such, but it was a pleasant sight and gesture to behold, with curious onlookers snapping away with their camera phones.

The wife and I did not board the open-top bus as it moved along the city centre, and the entourage filming the “One In A Million” music video, which some of you might have seen via the CST Productions Facebook page. Actually we were invited to hop along, but because I had to rush over to Mediacorp TV Theatre for the live telecast of Muzika Extravaganza, I could not soak in the fun that those who boarded the bus had.  And so we left the scene once the bus had moved off, anticipating what was in store for the next two days of the wedding celebrations. You guys got to give me some time to edit photographs from Days Two and Three of the wedding event. I will definitely try to post them by end of this week or latest next week. For now, enjoy the photographs!!!